Exhibits - from other books

Exhibit No. 14

"God Passes by", vol. 2, pages 125-126

...Colonel Sir Arnold Burrows Kemball, the then British Consul General in Baghdad, having sensed the eminence of His Holiness Bahá’u’lláh, wrote him a friendly letter, proposing his sovereign government's acceptance of protection. Upon meeting His Holiness, he committed himself to send any message from His Holiness to Queen Victoria. He even suggested to arrange to relocate His Holiness to India or anywhere else he wished. His Holiness declined this offer and preferred to reside in Ottoman territory rather than move in another direction. Finally, during the last year of His Holiness's stay in Baghdad, the city governor, Nameq Pasha, affected by His Holiness's magnanimity, went to meet him to convey his respects.

Exhibit No. 15

"Ma’idiy-i Asmani" (Heavenly Feast), pages 43-44

Chapter 59

Several letters were received from Tehran, stating that the French Embassy officials insisted that some missionaries pay attention to African countries, such as Tunisia and Algeria, and that officials of the French Government would extend their utmost assist­ance to convert the people of the region. From my contemplations on this subject I concluded that the individual able to achieve this mission is not available, unless Your Holiness pay a visit to the region, if possible, to realize and achieve such an objective.

Exhibit No. 16

"Akhbar-i Amri-yi" magazine, No. 10,1340 (1961), page 601

Even though, presumably, establishment of the World Bahá’i Centre in the Jewish State of Israel may, in itself, be regarded as apparently nonsensical, the holy lady most emphatically states without any doubt that we belong here. His Holiness Báb, who was martyred in Iran, gave us the good news that this will be our home. On the other hand, we believe as much in the Jewish faith as we do in other religions. Even if we are to weigh the advantages, I prefer to have the world's newest religion grow in the world's ne­west country. Indeed it should be said that our futures are interlinked like a chain.

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