Two Official websites of The Universal House of Justice !!?

HAIFA, Israel, 30 March 2014, (BWNS) — A new official website of the Baha’i Faith has been launched providing general information about the (Haifan) Universal House of Justice – the international governing body of the (Haifan) Baha’i community – and making available selected statements and letters that have been written by it or prepared under its supervision.

Baha'u'llah never ordered a House of Justice without a Guardian.
According to some Baha'is this body is Bogus and invalid without a Living Guardian as its head.

This Website also has a Privacy Policy, which is really very ironic.
Looking at the activities of BIA it is very difficult for some Baha'is to believe in this.

There is also a Copyright Notice. This is again Ironic. They have already lost some court cases with this issues.

The First Official Website of Montana Based UHJ was :

Bab's Opium Trade in Bushehr and Collaboration with Sasoons

Sayyid Ali Muhammad Shirazi 
Sayyid Ali Muhammad Shirazi the founder of the deviant cult of Babism was born in the lunar month of Muharram, 1235 Hijra in Shiraz. His father’s name was Rida and his mother was Fatima Begam or Khadijih Begam. He started learning to read and write regularly in Shiraz. He missed his father when he was just a kid; so, he went to Bushehr port and was under the guardianship of his maternal uncle; He learned in one of Shaykhiyyih cult’s followers school for a period of time. When he became mature worked in Sasoon company which belonged to a Jewish capitalist in Baghdad with his maternal uncle. That company was merchandising opium in Bushehr and Mumbai ports. At the beginning of this cooperation, it was Siyyed Ali Muhammad’s duty to rub the opium; that is he must put the raw opium which was kept in big jars in the form of liquid on a special board rub it for hours in order for the liquid to change into hard and compressed bullets. Then he changed them into 20-gram roll in order to be sent to the office of  “Sasoon Commercial Firm” in Mumbai and to be distributed among the native people of southern Asia specially China with a low price according to the colonial policy of England. The famous Namazi family in Shiraz was distributing the opium in China and earning a great deal of money through receiving free opium from the Jewish people and distributing in the region.

Many experts believe that at least 10 hours working under the blazing sun of Bushehr port had med Sayyid Ali Muhammad Shirazi’s common sense and he had suffered from melancholia because he was claiming for dominance on the moon and stars. These note has been written in "The Russian Ambassador's Memoirs".

Seyyid Ali Muhammad Bab’s familiarity with the Jewish capitalist family

Sasoon company had important impressions on him and made him familiar with the great Jewish centers. According to some historians, the main bases of his claims for being the gate of Imam Mehdi or according to Shaykhiyyih belief his claim for the forth pillar were formed since these days and because of his relationship with these centers.

Seyyid Ali Mohammad Shirazi (Bab) was trained in his rudimentary education in Bushehr by a teacher called Shaikh Aabid who was a hardcore Shaykhi Cultist and was one of Shaikh Ahmad Ahsaee’s (the great leader and the founder of this cult) followers.

Farah Pahlavi’s narrative about Shah’s interest in Baha’ism

Farah Pahlavi, Shah’s wife mentions about Shah’s interest in nullifying Islam religion out of Iranian laws in her memoirs.

Mohammad Reza Shah’s life was full of ups and down. The last king of Iran had an unstable character. He was influenced by his intimate companions’ ideas and speeches according to his intimate companions’ narratives.

In this regard, Farah Pahlavi has said in an interview with the announcer of 24-hour Los Angles Radio about Shah’s religion and religious beliefs:

“Shah didn’t have religious beliefs; specially he was continually flattered too much at end of his government and he had extremely been irreligious and he was even eager to implement Hoveyda’s advice, “Hoveyda had asked the King nullify the formality of Islam religion and to let Baha’is be active extensively. But he was afraid of people too much to revolt against him. For this reason, he asked Hoveyda to provide the facilities for Baha’is to grow secretly.”

What are Ayyám-i-Há ? The Poetry of Tahirih Qurratu'l Ayn

Tahirih Qurratu'l Ayn
The first unveiling event in Iran after Islam was happened in Badasht region in Semnan province. Some Babis led by Muhammad Ali Quddus and Tahirih Qurratu'l Ayn were gathered in this place for two main reasons: first, saving Bab from Mahqu’ prison; Second, announcing the separation of Babism from Islam and obvious disagreement with it. In this place, Qurratu'l Ayn exposed her bare body quite against the teachings of Islam and the social condition of that time. She was the first woman who provided the facilities and opportunities on the social basis for expanding irreligiousness and giving liberty which were some of the Colonialist aims. Here we narrate a speech without any explanation and we let the readers judge. We just remind the readers that Tahirih’s belief is what the belief of Babism and Baha’ism today. Tahirih was the only woman in “Huruf-i-Hayy” group…

She said is Badasht gathering:
“Know that Muhammedan religion’s commandments have been abolished by Bab’s emergence. The commandments of Bab’s new religion haven’t been received by us and all of your worships such as prayer, fasting, tithes and the thing Muhammad has brought for you are null and vain… There aren’t any duty, commandment and forbidden acts today. We are in an interregnum now. Thus come out of loneliness state towards common accord and tear up the cover existing between you and women. Share them in your affairs and divide the duties between women and yourselves, after you gain fruition. Have intercourse with them. Take them from the houses to assemblies. Women are world’s life flowers. You must pick them up and smell. Because flower is created for being picked up and smelt. It isn’t good to save them and not to look at them. Smell them with utmost enjoyment. Flowers and blooms must be picked up and sent for friends.”

اسناد خیانت عبدالبهاء به بهاء الله و بهائیت The prohibition of kissing of hands

Baha says in Aqdas, “Surely the kissing of hands is prohibited for you”. So far so good. Now read further…

Abdul Baha writes in ‘Makatib’, volume 3, page 408, “That radiant man, Abdul Wahab Babi stood up and started dancing happily in front of Baha, kissed his hands and then departed”. Not only this but in ‘Badaaiul Aasaar’, volume 2, page 31, 211, 340, it is mentioned that Abdul Baha’s hands were kissed. If the kissing of hands rule was not applicable to Baha and Abdul Baha then it should have been mentioned explicitly therein. Or should mere mortals remind them to practice what they preach. Abdul Baha went a step further than this father and even had his feet kissed. In ‘Badaaiul Aasaar’, volume 1, page 367 it is mentioned that people on seeing Abdul Baha used to fall at his feet.

But still all this better than getting one’s body kissed as Tahirah ordered people in the conference at Badasht. (For reference, please refer the article on Tahirah available on the site :

Bahais have prohibited people from kissing hands, but yet they are ordered to circumambulate the graves of Baha and kiss it. They are even allowed to circumambulate the leaders and prostrate before them. In ‘Badaaiul Aasaar’ volume 1, page 401, we find that, “When Abdul Baha was about to leave from one place to go to another, old and new Bahais came to visit him. They started crying looking at his face. They began to circumambulate him and prostrated before him”.
Americans kissing Abdul Baha's Hands

حسینعلی بهاء دست بوسیدن را حرام کرد؛ لیکن روشن نیست که این حکم همگانی است یا ویژه مردم است و سران بهائیت را در بر نمی گیرد.
حسین علی نوری در کتاب اقدس می نویسد: «قد حرّم علیکم تقبیل الایادی فی الکتاب هذا ما نهیتم عنه من لدن ربّکم العزیز الحکّام . لیس لاحد ان یستغفر عند احد توبوا الی الله تلقاء انفسکم انّه لهو الغافر المعطی العزیز التّوّاب.»
در کتاب تقریرات کتاب اقدس می خوانیم: «حرام شده است بر شما بوسیدن دستها. پیشوایان دینی و علمای اغلب ادیان مختلفه ای که امروزه در عالم هستند، یکی از شئون آنها این است، که دست خود را در معرض بوسیدن مریدان خود قرار می دهند و منتظرند که مریدهای آنها بیایند و دست آنها را ببوسند. در این امر مبارک می فرمایند، دست بوسی ممنوع است و در کتاب الهی حرام شده است. بوسیدن دست نفوس به هر عنوانی که باشد. این نهی از طرف پروردگار عزیز و حکم کننده است.»۱
 در یکی از فیلمهایی که از سفر عباس افندی به امریکا تهیه شده است، دیده می شود که برخی از هوادارانش دستش را می بوسند و او نیز نه امتناعی می کنند و نه دستش را پس می کشد، نه اعتراضی می کند و این یعنی اینکه خود عباس افندی نیز به احکامی که پدرش وضع کرده احترامی نمی گذارد، حال چه انتظاری از دیگر پیروان بهائیت باید داشت…
از آنجا که او  نمونه بارز تعالیم پدرش است و درباره خود می گوید: «نام من عبدالبهاءست. صفت من عبدالبهاءست. حقیقت من عبدالبهاءست. نعت من عبدالبهاءست. رقیّت به جمال قدم [بها] اکلیل جلیل من و تاج وهّاج من است.»  به نظر می رسد برداشت کنونی بهائیان از کتاب اقدس یا توضیحات کتاب تقریرات نیاز به بازنگری دارد؛ زیرا باور بهائیان، مرکز عهد و میثاق از خطا پاک و مبرا هستند در حالیکه در حقیقت چنین نیستند و نمونه بارز آن همین رویداد است که  عباس افندی  دست خود را برای بوسیدن دیگران دراز می کند.
۱. تقریرات کتاب اقدس، ص ۹۳.

Abdul Baha tasting America

Spiritual Kissing on Baha'i Pilgrimage

Kissing Feet

An Ex-Baha'i Iranian President kissing hands of Reza Shah

There are some more Baha'i kisses. Please visit
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