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A new Book in Arabic has been published by
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البابية والبهائية دعاة إنسانية أم عبادة ماسونية ؟
Does Babism and Bahaism advocates Humanity or worship Freemasonry?

Authored by : Dr. Said Abu Esaad

Parents Be Aware of “Baha’i cup of Tea” for Your Children

by Ravian Bilani

Following 15-day jail terms handed down to two Baha'is in Tashkent, one of the two, Timur Chekparbayev, who was subsequently expelled from Uzbekistan. The authorities accused the two of missionary activity and proselytism, following a police raid on a meeting for teenage Children.

Chekparbayev stated that these were not conversion meetings with young children and Jr. Youth but it was just to drink a cup of tea together. In response. Akram Nematov of the Justice Ministry told Forum 18 that "They can drink tea – that's not forbidden, but they must inform the Department when they HOLD RELIGIOUS EDUCATION WITH YOUNG PEOPLE."

It is clear that Mr. Chekparbaev arrived in Uzbekistan with the aim of propagating Baha’i Faith in the country, drawing on the support of generous donations from sponsors. By the way, the headquarters of the Baha’is operate in the open in Israel. Certain elements from that country find it very useful to use the Baha’i community to shatter the unity of the Muslim ranks, since the Jews see Islam as the main opponent of Judaism. It is also interesting that in the dawn of Baha’ism, Russia offered asylum to one of the leaders of this persecuted religion. And in Ashkhabad [Turkmenistan], one of the Baha’i communities was built.

Timur Chekparbayev carried out missionary and proselytizing activity without having the consent of the Uzbekistani authorities and the consent of the parents, it was in clear violation of the Uzbekistani law, and the rules governing stays in the country.

On the 24th of July of this year, Mr. Chekparbaev was arrested and sent to the court for holding yet another “meeting” in house 36 on Bayikurganska Street in the Khamzin region of Tashkent. The regional court gave him a rather lenient sentence: 15 days in prison followed by an expulsion from the country without a right to return.

Chekparbaev couldn’t carry out his proselytizing activity because Baha’i isn’t recognized as a religion by the world community. Therefore, this ideological sabotage had very clear goals that are connected to increasing the geo-political influence of Israel, and sowing confusion in the minds of millions of Uzbekistani citizens. It seems that such a decisive step taken by Mr. Akram Nematov will defiantly stop this sort of deceptive proselytizes activity aimed at destroying the unity and moral fabrics of Uzbekistan. It will also serve as a warning to all those who wish to test their luck based on the questionable field of false prophets.

The decision taken by Uzbekistani authorities should be an eye opener for the CIS Countries to counter the moral damage inflicted on the fragile souls on young people (by the way, Mr. Chekparbaev’s so-called flock included minors!).A constant vigil at this deceptive and Zionist created false and fabricated religion is the need of the time.

This is Zionism attempt of transferring the work of false prophet Baha’u’llah from their country to Muslim countries and take vital information of CIS and Middle East countries.

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Узбекистан: В Ташкенте пресечена «идеологическая диверсия» - выдворен казахский проповедник-бахаист

Хамзинский районный суд города Ташкента выдворил из столицы Узбекистана без права въезда гражданина Казахстана, 36-летнего Тимура Чекпарбаева. Такая участь постигла казахского гостя за активную пропаганду идей религиозной общины «Бахаи», со ссылкой на решение суда сообщают местные Интернет-СМИ.

«Со стороны кажется странным, как иностранец сумел за короткий срок сколотить серьезную религиозную общину, в которую вошли молодые люди не только из Ташкента, но и Джизакской, Бухарской областей Узбекистана», - пишет автор статьи на веб-сайте, курируемом Службой национальной безопасности Узбекистана. – «Однако в Узбекистане «миссия» проповедника идей религиозной общины «Бахаи» оказалась короткой. 24 июля сего года за проведение своего очередного «схода» в доме 36 по улице Байкурганской, что в Хамзинском районе Ташкента, господин Чекпарбаев был задержан и передан в руки правосудия».

Решением Хамзинского районного суда он был приговорен к 15-суточному аресту и депортации из Узбекистана без права повторного въезда.

«В принципе, у Чекпарбаева не было возможности официально вести миссионерскую деятельность ввиду того, что сама бахаи так и не признана мировым сообществом в качестве самостоятельной и официальной религии», - сообщает автор статьи. – «Таким образом, у этой идеологической диверсии имелись вполне четкие и ясные цели, связанные с усилением геополитического влияния Ирана, внесения смятения в души миллионов жителей Узбекистана. А морального урона, нанесенного неокрепшим душам молодым людей (кстати, среди так называемой паствы господина Чекпарбаева были и несовершеннолетние дети!) не восстановить так легко».

Open Letter to Ali Reza Maybodi

Dear Mr Maybodi,

I am writing in reference to one of your recent segments in order to express my disgust at your declining journalistic standards and contempt regarding your shameless public cheerleading on behalf of the Haifan Baha'i organization. It appears that you have sold out any integrity you once possessed upon the altar of the highest bidder: a situation that, alas, plagues many of your other colleagues in Tehrangeles as well, nay the entire Iranian emigre media establishment of North America as a whole - an establishment increasingly fixated on the most shallow and banal surface appearances which mirror the worst aspects of North American popular culture. It is people like yourself who again and again have given the lie away to the mullahs throughout these past 30 years thereby discrediting an opposition movement who could have potentially dispatched the infernal regime of the Khomeinist Islamic republic long ago. And the reason for this is because of a basic lack of integrity coupled with myopic greed and the cynical politicking that has become the veritable sickness of an entire generation of Iranians like yourself who are daily compromising any and all values whilst slowly being culturally lobotomized by the cancer eating away at all genuine Iranianity: that disease which is the soulless, Western and modernist reign of quantity over quality with its complete lack of all standards and total disregard of truth over the sound bite.

Now you may ask why I am so incensed at a segment aired by you that otherwise has received appalause and accolades, and my answer is this: you have blindly and uncritically repeated sectarian propaganda and complete historical fiction. But before I detail what these are, allow me to say a few words about myself to give you some context as to where I am coming from. I am a Bayani, what popular diction has labeled Azali, and I am proudly a former Baha'i who does not mince his words or pull his punches regarding this organization and creed. I was born into Baha'ism and on my maternal side they count six-generations of Baha'i adherents. My (estranged) extended family still remain adherents to this creed; which as far as I am concerned is not a religion at all, but a political movement and an NRM cult masquerading as one. I draw your attention to the following blog by myself which includes a compilation of factual information I have gathered that casts Baha'ism in a far less favourable light than what you have attempted to cast it in:

I also draw your attention to one of my own blogs, that includes some personal information about myself:

That stated, in your segment you claim that the Baha'i holy land is Iran. While this might be an attempt on your part to inordinately flatter your Baha'i audience and benefactors, it is in fact unfactual and incorrect. The Baha'i holy land is not Iran. It is Israel / Palestine. The reason why you might be under this erroneous impression that Iran is the Baha'i holy land is because of the possible misrepresentations made to you regarding the connection of Baha'ism with Babism (that is, the religion of the Bayan) -- a connection that in itself has been falsely appropriated by the Baha'is, but which in real historical terms is an outright lie and fabrication! Iran, and Shiraz specifically, is indeed the Bayani holy land. In fact Shiraz is scripturally considered to be the qibla by the people of the Bayan since it was there that the Essence of the Seven Letters, Siyyid 'Ali Muhammad Shirazi, the Bab (d. 1850), proclaimed his mission on May 23rd 1844 and revealed the first part of his commentary on the quranic Surah of Joseph (12), the Best of Stories (ahsan al-qissas).

Whether you are aware of the situation or not, Siyyid 'Ali Muhammad Shirazi, the Bab, before his death on July 8th 1850 appointed a successor in Mirza Yahya Nuri Subh-i-Azal (d. 1912). Until the mid-1860s the Baha'i founder and older brother of Subh-i-Azal, Mirza Husayn 'Ali Nuri Baha' (d. 1892), himself paid allegiance to the Bab's designated successor. But beginning in 1863 he decided to violently usurp the authority and succession invested in his younger brother and proclaim himself a new theophany or manifestation of God, thus founding Baha'ism. Now what happened next is something that if you are not aware of, you should be. As British orientalist E.G. Browne states in his annotated volume of A Travellers Narrative Written to Illustrate the Episode of the Bab, "All prominent supporters of Subh-i-Azal who withstood Mirza Husayn Ali's claims were marked out for death, and in Baghdad Mulla Rajab Ali "Kahir" and his brother, Hajji Mirza Ahmad, Hajji Mirza Muhammad Reza, and several others fell one by one to the knife or bullet of the assassin" p.359. "As to the assassination of the three Ezelis, Aka Jan Bey, Hajji Seyyed Muhammad of Isfahan, and Mirza Riza-Kulli of Tafrish, by some of Beha's followers at Acre, there can, I fear, be but little doubt...the passage in the Kitab-i-Aqdas alluding (apparently) to Hajji Seyyed Muhammad's death...proves Beha'u'llah regarded this event with some complaisance" p.370. On the murder of one Aqa Muhammad Ali of Isfahan in Istanbul (who first bore allegience to Husayn Ali and then went back to Azal) by one Mirza Abu'l-Qasim the Bakhtiyari, Browne quotes the words of Mirza Husayn Ali Nuri addressed to the latter, "O phlebotomist of the Divine Unity! Throb like the artery in the body of the Contingent World, and drink of the blood of the Block of Heedlessness for that he turned aside from the aspect of thy Lord the Merciful!"

I won't tire you with further details of what Bayanis know as the Direful Mischief (fitna-i-saylam). You can read any further details for yourself if you wish at and follow the links provided there. But what should be obvious by now, and a fact detailed by numerous Western and Iranian scholars alike, is that there is no direct, filial connection between Baha'ism and Babism/the religion of the Bayan, and that Baha'ism is largely a violent schism of the former. As such given this fact the claim that Iran then constitutes the Baha'i holy land becomes more than a little probelmatic, especially since the Baha'i qibla itself is claimed as being Bahji in Acre Israel/Palestine.

You also claimed at the beginning of your segment that Baha'is are Iran-lovers. Generally that might be true with individuals, but as far as the official ideology of the creed itself is considered that is categorically untrue. From a young age Baha'is are systematically encouraged (nay, brainwashed) to identify themselves as Baha'is before anything else. That means that all Baha'is define themselves as Baha'is first and whatever follows, be it Iranian or otherwise, only secondarily afterwards. In a situation such as this, whatever individuals themselves feel, I do not see the consistency of any statement posited that makes Baha'i tout court Iran-lovers. It makes a segment of the Iranian Baha'i community Iran-lovers, but not Baha'is as a whole because the ideology of the organization itself does not encourage it at all. Rather it frowns on it, and, furthemore, the Anglocentric tonality of this establishment's entrenched elite is conspicuously anti-Iranian. Also, and as a matter of course, the overt globalist ideology of Baha'ism mitigates precisely against specifically being an Iran-lover, whatever individual Baha'is might say, feel or do otherwise.

Next, throughout your segment you ridiculed and lampooned the notion of the British imperialist connections of Baha'ism, as if these are merely allegations without substance. I wonder what you make, then, of the following two declassfied British cabinet documents from the teens and twenties of the last century which demonstrates a direct connection (obtained from the British National Archives under UK freedom of information legislation):

Moreover, I wonder what you make of the following statement made in the Handbook of Palestine published by the British High Commission for Palestine itself in 1922 regarding the 1919 knighting of Abbas Effendi:

"...Sir 'Abbas Effendi 'Abdu'l Baha had travelled extensively in Europe and America to expound his doctrines, and on the 4th December, 1919, was created by King George V. a K.B.E. for valuable services rendered to the British Government in the early days of the Occupation....."

Certainly such facts and information are not merely wild conspiracy theories fabricated by the fertile minds, the mercurial and over-active imaginations of mullahs and Islamists. Rather these are the prima facie statements of the British government and establishment Itself.

I won't go any further into historical and interpretative distinctions about such issues. I am merely highlighting such information to point out that you either do not know what you are talking about, or that you have specifically been courted by the Baha'i establishment to make favourable statements in the media about them completely denuded and divorced from all contextual and historical reality whatsoever. In such a situation, lately, you are not alone. Yet being actively wined and dined by an organization does not mean that one must sacrifice ones objective (and in your case, journalistic) integrity completely. As a journalist - if that is what you are - you must be doubly vigilant and do your homework that much more intently. But here you haven't.

Finally, I wonder what you make of an organization who issues such directives as the one below:


A Document Prepared by the Universal House of Justice
January 29 2001

Protection of the Cause (pp. 15-16)

Although deepening the friends' understanding of the Covenant and increasing their love and loyalty to it are of paramount importance, the duties of the Auxiliary Board members for Protection do not end here. The Board members must remain ever vigilant, monitoring the actions of those who, driven by the promptings of ego, seek to sow the seeds of doubt in the minds of the friends and undermine the Faith. In general, whenever believers become aware of such problems, they should immediately contact whatever institution they feel moved to turn to, whether it be a Counsellor, an Auxiliary Board member, the National Spiritual Assembly or their own Local Assembly. It then becomes the duty of that institution to ensure that the report is fed into the correct channels and that all the other institutions affected are promptly informed. Not infrequently, the responsibility will fall on an Auxiliary Board member, in coordination with the Assembly concerned, to take some form of action in response to the situation. This involvement will include counselling the believer in question; warning him, if necessary, of the consequences of his actions; and bringing to the attention of the Counsellors the gravity of the situation, which may call for their intervention. Naturally, the Board member has to exert every effort to counteract the schemes and arrest the spread of the influence of those few who, despite attempts to guide them, eventually break the Covenant.

The need to protect the Faith from the attacks of its enemies may not be generally appreciated by the friends, particularly in places where attacks have been infrequent. However, it is certain that such opposition will increase, become concerted, and eventually universal. The writings clearly foreshadow not only an intensification of them machinations of internal enemies, but a rise in the hostility and opposition of its external enemies, whether religious or secular, as the Cause pursues its onward march towards ultimate victory. Therefore, in the light of the warnings of the Guardian, the Auxiliary Boards for Protection should keep "constantly" a "watchful eye" on those "who are known to be enemies, or to have been put out of the Faith", discreetly investigate their activities, alert intelligently the friends to the opposition inevitably to come, explain how each crisis in God's Faith has always proved to be a blessing in disguise, and prepare them for the "dire contest which is destined to range the Army of Light against the forces of darkness.

I don't know where you come from, but in my world such words as the words above are the words of the worst sort of fascists and totalitarian monsters.

I bid you farewell.

Wahid Azal
Queensland, Australia
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