Every activity of the Baha’is is just for teaching the Baha’i faith

Baha'is always claim that the aim of their Social and economic development activities are for the betterment of the society, for the empowerment of women, to lift the levels of Jr. youth through moral education. But the reality is exactly opposite. When one reads the writings and the actual practices, we find that every activity of the Baha'is is directed towards one and only one goal and that is “Teaching the Baha'i Faith.”

One should not simply say that there is a lot of hypocrisy in the Baha'i Faith; rather, the Baha'i Faith is Hypocrisy personified. This hypocrisy is embedded in the foundations of the Baha'i Faith.

1- "Every activity... is for the purpose of teaching the Faith and confirming people."

The all-important thing of course is that every activity... is for the purpose of teaching the Faith and confirming people. Therefore you and the other Bahá'ís should watch the situation very closely. You should study those who attend the meetings, and when you find one who you feel would become a strong and active Bahá'í, then you should concentrate on teaching him. Thus, if you are able to confirm some souls, you will have rendered distinguished and outstanding service. Actually this is the goal of all such activities in all of the universities.

(From a letter dated 1 June 1955 written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual believer)


2- Gradually and Tactfully convert the people: Baha’i Guardian Shoghi Effendi

…the upper classes … need the right type of people to approach them, and a method that can suit their mentality. Our teaching methods should allow a certain degree of elasticity in establishing contacts with various types of individual seekers. Every inquirer has to be approached from his own angle. Those who are essentially of the mystic type should first be given those teachings of the Cause which emphasize the nature and value of spiritual realities; while those who are practically minded and of a positive type are naturally more ready and inclined to accept the social aspect of the Teachings. But of course, gradually the entire Message, in all its aspects and with the full implications it entails, should be explained to the newcomer. For to be a believer means to accept the Cause in its wholeness, and not to adhere to some of its teachings.
However, as already stated, this ought to be done gradually and tactfully. For conversion is after all a slow process.

(From a letter dated 28 December 1936 written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual believer)

3- Sacred obligation is to deliver the message to their fellowmen at once, and on as large a scale as possible.

There is so much suffering, such a great and desperate need for a true remedy and the Bahá’ís should realize their sacred obligation is to deliver the message to their fellowmen at once, and on as large a scale as possible. If they fail to do so, they are really partly responsible for prolonging the agony of humanity.

(Shoghi Effendi, Lights of Guidance, p. 127)

4- The UHJ in one of its message says:

The cornerstone of the foundation of all Bahá’í activity is teaching the Cause.

(The Universal House of Justice, Baha’i World Centre, March 3, 1977)

5- In a facebook post one active Haifan Baha'i states the following

Just a small reminder of what the House wants each and every single one of us to do NOW:

  1. Become friends with all of your neighbours on your street and in your neighborhood. Invite them over to cups of tea and get to know them and go and visit them in their house. Take them a food to enjoy together with your cup of tea.
  2. Host a children's class in your house and invite your neighbours children to all attend. You do not have to run it, u just have to host it.
  3. Host a REGULAR devotional gathering in your house. Invite your neighbours and their kids. Share prayers together from the Faith and from other sacred traditions to make it even more amazing. Try and get chants, kids prayer songs etc
  4. Help enthusiastic attendees setup regular devotional gatherings in their own homes AND accompany them in this. Help your friend to help their friends to run regular devotional meetings in their house. This process will multiply until the whole world is in a devotional gathering.
  5. Host a Junior Youth Class in your House. Invite the neighbours JYs. Once you are friends with neighbours you can tell them about the JY programme.
  6. Once the children and and JY start coming then offer to train their parents to become Childrens class teachers and JY animators.
  7. Train the new teachers and animators and help them start a childrens class and JY in their own home (if they are far away enough in the neighborhood).
  8. Accompany the new teachers and animators on their path of service towards spiritualising our new generation. Help them to do everything you just did i.e. to get them to eventually also train children class teachers and JY animators AND to accompany their new teachers and animators to setup JY programme and childrens classes in THEIR own homes. This process is now growing exponentially.
  9. Repeat Cycle.
This is all we have to do. This is all the house wants us to do. If we do this the whole world will become involved in a core activity. World peace will finally come. The words of God do the work for us. All we have to do is the logistics.

The time is now. Get up stand up for your right to live in a world which is at peace. We can have world peace in ONE generation. How exciting! Are not proud to be blessed with a concrete plan on how world peace can be achieved!? Nobody else is doing this! Only us! So time to get up and stand up for YOUR RIGHT to live in a world at peace.

Allah'u'abha all and may we fill our cups with the blessings which rain down~

According to a prominent Baha'i historical figure, the formation of Israel was "a most remarkable bloodless revolution occurred, when 4,000,000 Moslems fled and 1,000,000 Jews marched in and began tilling their ancestral soil, and a new nation was born."


May 18. On this date in 1954, Ruhaniyyih Ruth Moffett arrived in Israel. She described the founding of that country six years previous as "a most remarkable bloodless revolution occurred, when 4,000,000 Moslems fled and 1,000,000 Jews marched in and began tilling their ancestral soil, and a new nation was born. Today the blue and white flag with the star of Bethlehem flutters proudly over the world'' youngest democracy --"" nation as eternally old as yesterday, as eternally young as tomorrow". Phonex-like, from the ashes have risen again to build a new homeland, to develop the most stupendous, life-salvaging operation ever undertaken in the whole history of mankind, and to fulfil the promise of the Ages!"

At 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, May 18, the Royal Sabena glided along the runway to the first stop in Brussels, Belgium, after the long transoceanic flight. There the same plane was reconditioned and flew over Europe, and Brindisi, the tip of the heel of Italy, over the Ionian and Mediterranean Seas, and arrived in Athens, where the plane was again reconditioned, and arrived at 10:30 p.m., May 18, 1954 at the airport at Jappa, Tel Aviv, Israel. This is the modern miracle, to travel thousands of miles from Chicago to Tel Aviv in only thirty nine hours!

As the Royal Sabena plane winged its way toward Israel, Ruhaniyyih wondered how it would look in comparison with when she saw it before - a desert land filled with rocks, sand, thorny bushes and confusion, and where everyone seemed to be against his neighbor. As the approaching lights of the Holy Land again came into view, her heart was filled with joyful and reverential expectancy and she thought to the words of the song, "Israel - The Land of Promise Welcomes You".

As she gazed meditatively at the approaching lights of the Holy Land, the panorama of history seemed to unroll before her mind: of how Palestine was peopled by cave dwellers in about 3500 B.C.; of how Abraham was led to this land, and God made a covenant with Him, "that in the seed of Abraham shall all the nations of the earth be blest"; of the Cananites, and later how Moses led the Israelites out of bondage, and for forty years in the wilderness, and Joshua led them to the Promised Land flowing with milk and honey; how the Jewish people built up the land but turned away from God to gods of their own making. Then Saul became the first king and established a civic kingdom, but he died. David became the king unifying the kingdom and calling them to return to God: and David died and was called to his fathers. Solomon, his son became King. He expanded the kingdom, and to this day, the glory and unity of his kingdom is still sung. But Solomon died and the tribes became divided. Then the Assyrians in 1722 B.C., destroyed Damascus and Israel and took the tribes into captivity, and they became scattered. After the Babylonian invasion in 586 B.C. the remaining tribes of Judah were taken into Babylonia and scattered. Alexander the Great captured Palestine in 332 B.C. The coming of Jusus, the Christ, had a profound effect on the history of this land, which became a noted center of pilgrimages.

Under the Moslem dominion from 636 A.D. for four centuries, and the long period of the Christian Crusades, one lasting 100 years, there was much destruction and a little progress. It was under the control of the Ottoman Turks from 1516 until the first World War, then it cecame a mandate of Great Britain, under the League of Nations. "The White Paper" gave the promise that the doors of Palestine would again open to her people. Many outbreaks of violence have occurred between the Jews and Arabs, which have caused this land to become on of the danger spots of the world. After World War II, the Jews began returning in large numbers, until today there are about 1,465,000 Jews, gathered from 75 countries, 125,000 Moslems, 40,000 Christians, and 16,000 Druzes in Israel.

On May 14, 1948, a most remarkable bloodless revolution occurred, when 4,000,000 Moslems fled and 1,000,000 Jews marched in and began tilling their ancestral soil, and a new nation was born. Today the blue and white flag with the star of Bethlehem flutters proudly over the world'' youngest democracy --"" nation as eternally old as yesterday, as eternally young as tomorrow". Phonex-like, from the ashes have risen again to build a new homeland, to develop the most stupendous, life-salvaging operation ever undertaken in the whole history of mankind, and to fulfil the promise of the Ages!

Ruth J. Moffett was born on January 19, 1880 and met ‘Abdu’l-Bahá on a train platform in Chicago in 1912. After attending one of his lectures, she became a Bahá'í and became active in service in 1919. Her teaching efforts took her throughout the Americas, Europe, Egypt and the Near East. The Greatest Holy Leaf (Bahiyyih Khanum) named her Ruhaniyyih, conoting spirituality, joy and beauty. Ruth J. Moffett died on July 5, 1978.

UHJ admits to withholding part of the will of Baha'u'llah

The holograph of the Kitāb-i-‘Ahd is now preserved in the Archives at the Bahā’ī World Centre. No further information as to the circumstances of its revelation, editing or publication is currently available to us that cannot be found in published accounts. As can be seen from a comparison of the English translation authorized by the Universal House of Justice with the published Persian text, a reference to the wife and family of Bahā’u’llāh (‘ḥaram va āl allāh’) has been rendered collectively as ‘members of the Holy Household’. The holograph of the Kitāb-i-‘Ahd contains a passage in the nature of a postscript praising Mīrzā Ākā Jān, directing the friends to show respect to him and expressing the hope that he join ‘Abdu’l-Bahā in upholding the standard of loyalty. The postscript was not included as part of the Will by ‘Abdu’l-Bahā when He circulated it during His lifetime, and this approach was continued by Shoghi Effendi. The House of Justice, likewise, has decided not to circulate it.

-UHJ, source: https://bahai-library.com/pdf/b/buck_ioannesyan_russian_will.pdf, pp. 39-40

This seems to correspond with the version by Mirza Muhammad Ali:

After the said followers heard the will and left, Ghusn-i-A‘zam sent for me from where I was sitting in the adjoining room and then for the first time I read the will of our Great Father Baha’u’llah. I observed the last part of the will was covered with a dark paper so that no one could read it. But as I raised the will to read it, which was written on two pages, the dark paper which was not stuck slipped. Ghusn-i-A‘zam said, “It shall not be a secret from you, only I do not wish as yet that the believers should read it and know its contents [i.e. the hidden part].” I read it all, and it (i.e. the part covered) was regarding Khadim and his services, and at the end addressed both Ghusn-i-A‘zam and the Khadim enjoining them to be faithful to Him. (...)

The hiding of the last part of the Book of My Covenant caused me uneasiness and great surprise, as a will is written for being spread and for carrying out its contents, and hiding it is contrary to the intention for which it is written. But under the circumstances I kept silent and did not raise an objection, hoping that later on it (i.e. the entire will) would be produced and the station of Khadim ordained in the will be made known, so that Baha’u’llah’s wish in this respect be known to everyone, and that all may know that none shall be deprived of the recompense of their services, and the forty years service of Khadim be not lost and considered as vain.

This incident is mentioned as well by Mirza Aqa Jan and Mirza Jawad Gazvini. In the 1930s did Mirza Muhammad Ali state the contents of the hidden part referenced the station of Abdul Baha and Mirza Aqa Jan. 80 years later this was confirmed by the UHJ.

How can they decide which part of the will of Baha'u'llah can be published and which be forgotten? The point of a will is that everyone knows the deceased person's final wishes. Why won't they publish it?

One of the things that made me start questioning the infallibility of Abdul Baha

Several years ago I made the mistake of attending a Cluster Reflection Gathering. The meeting was something like 5 hours and consisted boring discussions about the institute process, and they played an extremely boring video about the institute process called "Light to the World". This gathering stands out in my mind as being one of the most boring meetings I have ever sat through in my life. But they promised pizza at the end so I kept telling myself it's not too bad because at least I would be able to enjoy some pizza at the end.

The gathering came to its conclusion and then they started bringing out the pizzas. There were like 10 boxes. "Oh boy," I told myself, "I hope one of these is a meat lover's pizza". I looked through the boxes, and 1 of them was a cheese pizza, and the other 9 we're vegetarian. They made the pizzas all vegetarian so that "everyone could enjoy it". Not me though, I only like the pizzas that have meat on them. I ended up just not eating anything there.

After going home I started thinking "Why is there so much vegetarian crap at Baha'i gatherings? The Baha'i writings don't advocate vegetarianism do they?" But then to my horror I found this quote by Abdul Baha:

"What will be the food of the future?" "Fruit and grains. The time will come when meat will no longer be eaten. Medical science is only in its infancy, yet it has shown that our natural diet is that which grows out of the ground. The people will gradually develop up to the condition of this natural food."

--Abdul Baha, in response to a question

After reading this I just kind of begrudgingly accepted that the Baha'i Faith advocates vegetarianism. But a few weeks later I found this quote by Baha'u'llah:

"Eat ye of that which God hath made lawful unto you and do not shun meat. God hath, as a token of His grace, granted you leave to partake thereof save during a brief period. He, verily, is the Mighty, the Beneficent. Forsake all that ye possess and hold fast unto that which God hath purposed"


After finding out Baha'u'llah said this, I became viscerally upset at Abdul Baha for teaching against this. I began to question if he was really infallible.

Covenant-breakers live longer

The shrine of Subh-i-Azal in Cyprus

Subh-i-Azal: Died 81
Mizá Muhammad Ali: Died 83
Majd'ud Din: Died 99
Charles Mason Remey: Died 100
Joel Marangella: Died 95

Abdu'l-Bahá: Died 77
Bahá'u'lláh: Died 74
Shoghi Effendi: Died 60

It isn't just about the so-called Guardian dying at a relatively young age. In fact, he.....​ 
•  Died suddenly of Asiatic Flu,
•  Died in London, not the Baha’i World Center,
•  Died in the middle of the Ten Year World Crusade (1953-1963),
•  Left no will and testament,
•  Had appointed no successor, and
•  Had expelled from the Baha’i Community, often for trivial reasons, EVERY ONE OF HIS BROTHERS, SISTERS, AND MALE AND FEMALE COUSINS!

God loves Abdul Baha?


Click to enlarge

How the artificial breaking up of the Baha'i communities ensures that incumbents never get unseated from the NSA

Ever since 2005 the Baha'i communities have been broken up into unreasonably small jurisdictions (called "communities"), and it is rare to meet Baha'is outside of these jurisdictions, even though they might only be a short drive away. While these small jurisdictions existed before 2005, they were ignored in some aspects, and it was common for Baha'is to hold Sunday gatherings whose attendees were not restricted to the boundaries of the jurisdiction, so you got to meet with more Baha'is on a regular basis. But today the Baha'i administration antagonizes any kind of regularly occuring intercommunity activities, so you only get to meet with the Baha'is in your jurisdiction.

Personally I hardly know the names of any Baha'is outside my jurisdiction, because I never see them. But the few people I do know outside of my jurisdiction are the "appointees" such as Regional Council Members, Auxiliary Board Members, and the like. These people from the appointed arm have duties in all jurisdictions, so all Baha'is know them.

One time at a Unit Convention (I believe it was in 2018), I witnessed something very rare in the Baha'i Faith: There was a very intelligent man who understood all the problems of the Baha'i administration, and attacked several of the NSA members by name, and attacked the system itself. He was someone with a long history in the Baha'i Faith, who had even served as a delegate decades ago. I never heard a long-standing Baha'i attack the Bahai administration so bluntly and so intelligently. Hearing his attacks of the Baha'i administration was a major turning point for me because at that point I still had faith in the Baha'i administration, and hearing him was what made me start questioning it.

Years later, I wanted to vote for him to be the delegate, but there was a problem: I did not know his name. The only people outside of my community whose names I knew were appointees of the Baha'i administration, and lo and behold they were the ones who were elected to be the delegates.

So if the system is one where electors of the NSA (i.e. the delegates) are very heavily likely to be people the NSA appointed, the electors are likely to be content with the NSA, and not vote to unseat any of its members.


Dear friends, how can we accelerate the process of entry by troops? 😂


Ridvan Message 2022


The highlight:

Since we addressed our 30 December 2021 message to the Counsellors’ Conference, National Spiritual Assemblies and Regional Bahá’í Councils have been earnestly assessing the possibilities for intensifying the process of growth in the clusters within their jurisdiction during the Nine Year Plan. We feel it would be helpful, for the purpose of gauging the progress made over time, to view the Plan as unfolding in two phases of four and five years’ duration, and National Assemblies were invited to consider the advances they expect to see in their respective communities by Riḍván 2026 and then by Riḍván 2031. This exercise also involved a re-evaluation of cluster boundaries, and the outcome of these adjustments is that the total number of clusters in the world has risen by a quarter and now stands at over 22,000. Judging by the forecasts received, it is estimated that, by the end of the Plan, a programme of growth at some level of development will exist in around 14,000 of these clusters. From among them, the number where the programme of growth could be considered intensive is projected to climb to 11,000 over the same time period. And of these, it is anticipated that the number of clusters where the third milestone has been passed will rise above 5,000 by 2031. Without question, to make such advances will entail colossal effort over the entire duration of the Plan. Yet we find these to be worthy aspirations towards which to strive, for they represent an ambitious but serious appraisal of what lies within reach.

So the brand new cycle of plans and inauguration of a new epoch of the Divine Plan means.......

Doing core activities to tick the IPG box in X number of clusters by five years time. Just like every plan since the 90's.

Very epic, thank you UHJ.

Also I like the wishy washy wording of "the number where the programme of growth could be considered intensive". So they could also not be considered intensive? What the hell is this nonsense!

As societies experience stresses of various kinds, the followers of the Abhá Beauty must stand out more and more for their qualities of resilience and rationality, for their standard of conduct and their adherence to principle, and for the compassion, detachment, and forbearance they demonstrate in their pursuit of unity.

For all these delusions of the Baha'is "standing out" I can guarantee you much like the past 200 years 99.99% of the world does not know or care about the Baha'i Faith and an even greater percentage could not give two stuffs about the 'Institute Process'.

Time and again, the distinctive characteristics and attitudes shown by the believers in periods of acute difficulty have prompted people to turn to Bahá’ís for explanation, counsel, and support, especially when the life of a society has been upset by peril and unforeseen disruptions.

Can anyone name even ONE time anyone has turned to the Baha'is like this? I know people say stuff like "In the Solomon Islands the President asks the Baha'is to make all his decisions for him" at the Feast where nobody can really be negative without being public enemy No. 1 but is there literally a single independently verified source which suggests a government official has ever even acknowledged the Faith without being lobbied by the external affairs committee? I'm not counting Heads of State visiting the Baha'i gardens in Israel personally as that seems more like a tourist trap type thing.

The Baha'i Faiths actual record when the "life of society has been upset by peril" is doing jack shit in the USA during the civil rights era, doing jack shit in South Africa during apartheid, doing jack shit in Chile under Pinochet (other than meeting with him), doing jack shit in Nazi Germany other than begging Hitler for attention (and in the case of Adelbert Muhlschlegel literally joining the Nazi Party).

In times of social peril the Baha'is have a proven track record of sitting on their hands and dying on the hill of apolitical non-involvement and holding a bunch of committee consultative meetings to advance the process of learning about advancing the grassroots of expanding the nucleus of entry by institute troops blah blah blah.

Moreover, we are conscious that the greater the friends’ efforts to promote the Word of God, the stronger the countervailing forces they will encounter, sooner or later, from various quarters. They must fortify their minds and spirits against the tests that are sure to come, lest these impair the integrity of their endeavours. But the believers know well that whatever storms lie ahead, the ark of the Cause is equal to them all.

This makes me think of this from an article on tell-tale signs of a cult:

Unreasonable fear about the outside world, such as impending catastrophe, evil conspiracies and persecutions.


If Pentecostal Christians can go around handling snakes and speaking in tongues without much more than people laughing at them I'm pretty sure Baha'is in the West are completely fine. Most Baha'is seem to think people not bowing to the authority of their 'Central Figures' and not using hagiographic language is being persecuted and hate speech though so maybe this is what the House is talking about and it isn't apocalyptic doom cult rhetoric. I must say "Drink the Kool-Aid" wouldn't be out of place at the end of that outburst though.


Baha'is are idol worshipers

Baha'is do not resist the idolatry of the Baha'i administration because they are weak. They are afraid they would be declared "Covenant Breakers" if they were to practice their religion as Baha'u'llah instructed them to. So they play along with the idolatry, speak of the UHJ and its plans with a god-like reverence, and speak of the Institute Process like it some kind of a divine gift (e.g. "the Institute Process that the House of Justice has given us"). There might be some Baha'is that understand that this idol has been the source of so many delusions (e.g. "Entry by Troops", "community-building", which despite being purported to be outcomes of the Institute Process, are nowhere to be found in the Baha'i community in real life), but they do nothing to resist it because they are weak. The time has come for a strong one to appear and shatter this idol.

طوبی لقويّ کسّر اصنام الاوهام باسم ربّه مالک الانام

Blessed is the strong one who shatters the idols of delusions in the name of his Lord, the owner of the worlds


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