On 200th Birth Anniversary of the Bab, here is a gift for the Baha'is.

Finally the sketch has been found.

Dead bodies of the Bab and Anis

Once I told him that it appears from the Maqalih that following the martyrdom of the Bab, the Russian Consul arrived and sketched a portrait of the Blessed Body. I asked [Monsieur Nicolas] to investigate through the Consul and see if that portrait had survived.

[Monsieur Nicolas] volunteered to investigate. He went to the Russian Consulate and found two documents related to the Blessed Cause. One was a report about the day of the Bab's martyrdom and the other concerned the martyrdom of three persons: Aqa Mirza Ahmad Khurasani, Mirza Mustafa Kashani and one dervish.

...[Monsieur Nicolas] failed to find the portrait of the Blessed Body.

The Russian Consul told him: "This portrait belonged to someone and he took it with him."

We forgot to enquire about the name and birth place of the [Russian] Consul at that time. It may have been possible to obtain the portrait from his family.


Note :

Above picture has been copied from the Russian book, that can be purchased from here.

The book can be downloaded free from here.

The 'Pen of the Most High' learns calligraphy in his childhood!!

Calligraphic exercises by Baha’u’llah in his childhood

Baha'is believe :
Where we must acquire learning, the manifestation possesses innate knowledge. Here we are not referring to knowledge of the revelation itself, which begins at a particular point in the life of a prophet which we have come to associate with some outward sign, such as Moses’ seeing the burning bush, Buddha’s experience under the Bo tree, Christ’s baptism in the Jordan, Muhammad’s visions in the desert, the Bab’s vision of the Imam Husayn, and Baha’u’llah’s vision in the Black Pit of Tehran. Well before they begin their ministries, even during childhood, the prophets demonstrate that they possess a knowledge they have not acquired from any earthly source. In effect, their education is acquired before birth into this physical reality.

And this is what Baha'u'llah's sister says about him :

The Mirzā (meaning Bahā’u’llāh)...., from the beginning of his life to when he came of age—because the means were at hand and because of the gathering of the companions—was engrossed in studying and endeavored in homework. He wouldn’t disengage from learning the rudiments for a moment. After studying the rudiments of Arabic and literature he inclined towards the science of philosophy (ḥikmat) and mysticism (`irfān) so that he might benefit from these. It was such that he would spend most of the day and night socializing with high statured philosophers and the gatherings of mystics and Sufis. When it was blown in Seraph’s Trumpet of Appearance (meaning when the Bāb made his claims), he (meaning Bahā’u’llāh) was a man who had seen most of the words and phrases of the mystics and philosophers and had heard and understood most of the signs of the appearance (of the Mahdi) . . . after returning from Badasht and after the Shaykh Ṭabarsī Fort war was over, he was engaged day and night in socializing with great Islamic scholars and followers of mysticism . . .
-'Izziye Khānum (Khānum Buzurg), Tanbīh al-nā’imīn, pp. 4–5

Mishkin Qalam - A Baha'i who attained a higher level of 'Spiritual Comprehension'!!!

There are those who have attained to the highest levels of spiritual comprehension (a`la marátib-i `irfán) while others are different therefrom. For example, one person envisages the Unseen the Transcendent, the Inaccessible One (God; ghayb-i maní` la yudrak) in the Person (haykal) of the Manifestation (of God; zuhúr) without making any distinction (fasl; or division) or connection (between them; wasl; or union). Others there are who recognise the Person (haykal) of the Manifestation (of God, zuhúr) as the Appearance of God ([Himself] or theophany, zuhúr'u'lláh) and consider the commands and prohibitions of the Manifestation (of God, zuhúr) to be identical with such as originate with the one True God. These two positions (maqám) are both acceptable before the throne of God. If however, the supporters of these two positions should contend and quarrel with one another in their exposition of the two perspectives, both groups are, and hath ever been, rejected.

- Baha'u'llah's tablet to Jamal-i-Burujirdi


The new film "Dawn of the Light" is everything wrong with the Baha'i Faith!

by trident765 (a Baha'i who is shadow-banned on /r/bahai)

Last night I went to Feast, and they played this new video commissioned by the Universal House of Justice called "Dawn of the Light". A few months ago they played another video called "Light to the World", which was extremely boring. When "Dawn of the Light" started playing, I realized it is was the same style of video as "Light to the World". And yes, "Dawn of the Light" was more of the same boring shit. Here is a link to the "Dawn of the Light" video:


"Dawn of the Light" is a video that has no point or substance. None of the speakers say anything important or interesting - it's just empty lip service to the Baha'i Faith. The reason none of the speakers say anything of importance is because what they say is not the point of the video. The point of the video is to convey an image of the Baha'i Faith, and the filmmakers do this primarily by appealing to the senses: Visuals of nature, architecture, and scenes of young people playing the ukelele and singing about harmony. The substance of what the speakers say is an afterthought.
Instead of making a thought-provoking video that would encourage people to take the action to improve the Baha'i community, a pointless video is made of people talking about unity and harmony. I think Abdul Baha would have hated the video, because Abdul Baha hated the sort of pointless idle talk that was abundant in the video. Abdul Baha says:
All over the world one hears beautiful sayings extolled and noble precepts admired...But all these sayings are but words and we see very few of them carried into the world of action.
If we are true Bahá’ís speech is not needed. Our actions will help on the world, will spread civilization, will help the progress of science, and cause the arts to develop. Without action nothing in the material world can be accomplished, neither can words unaided advance a man in the spiritual Kingdom. It is not through lip-service only that the elect of God have attained to holiness, but by patient lives of active service they have brought light into the world.
Today the Baha'i Faith is a religion of purely lip service and zero action. Baha'is talk about how great the Baha'i Faith is - that's all modern Baha'i communities consist of. All talk and no substance. Baha'is never take action to build the Baha'i Civilization outlined in the books. Baha'is do not even THINK about how to take the action to build the Baha'i Civilization.

Indian NSA begs for funds.

17 September 2019
All Regional/State Bahá’í Councils in India
Dearly loved Friends
Greetings to you from the National Spiritual Assembly. It is heartening to note the great progress that is being made in the achievement of the goals of the Five Year Plan. Some regions/ states have not only achieved their goals but have also taken up extra goals, seeing the potential for further growth. As a result the goal for the number of clusters where a program of growth has become intensive is now increased to 706 in India. It is also gratifying to note that as a result of the tireless labors and many sacrifices of the friends everywhere, there are now a good number of clusters which have reached the third milestone in their stage of growth.
Friends, as you all know, these much cherished developments have great financial implications, with budgets of Councils and the various agencies of the National Spiritual Assembly increasing substantially over the years. Inflation has also impacted expenditure leading to increase in the budget. As a result, the annual budget of the National Spiritual Assembly for 2019-20 has seen a 19% percent increase.
The National Spiritual Assembly has always been striving for financial self sufficiency and in order to continue to be self sufficient, the flow of contributions to the National Fund must also see a commensurate increase. Therefore the National Spiritual Assembly in it’s recent meeting decided to request all the Regional/State Baha'i Councils to encourage the Local Spiritual Assemblies in their region to contribute a part of their Funds regularly to the National Fund so that we continue to achieve self sufficiency at least in the administrative expenses.
The beloved Guardian emphasized that "As the activities of the Indian Bahá’í community expand, and its world-wide prestige correspondingly increases, the institution of the national Fund, the bedrock on which all other institutions must necessarily rest and be established, acquires added importance, and should be increasingly supported by the entire body of the believers, both in their individual capacities, and through their collective efforts, whether organized as groups or as Local Assemblies. The supply of funds in support of the National Treasury, constitutes,.........the Life-Blood of those nascent institutions which you are laboring to erect. Its importance cannot surely be overestimated.....".
It is the ardent hope of the National Spiritual Assembly that the believers across the country will arise sacrificially to support the National Fund. Every believer should have confidence that his spiritual progress in the World Order of Baha’u’llah will largely depend upon the measure in which he proves in deeds to support materially the divine Institutions of the Faith. Contributions to the Fund constitute, in addition, a practical and effective way whereby every believer can test the measure and character of his faith and prove in deeds the intensity of his devotion and attachment to the Cause.
In the light of the above, the National Spiritual Assembly anticipates that with your loving encouragement, all the Local Spiritual Assemblies In India will sacrificially and generously support the National Fund on a regular basis and will help the National Spiritual Assembly in it’s efforts to achieve and maintain financial self sufficiency. We look forward to receiving your plans in this regard.
Be assured that untold blessings shall no doubt crown your every effort directed to this end.
The National Spiritual Assembly will offer prayers at the House of Worship that your devoted endeavors may draw Confirmations of the Blessed Beauty.
With loving Baha'i greetings,
Dr. Nayson Olyai

An open letter to Kenneth Bowers from a Persian Baha'i

Mr. Kenneth E. Bowers
National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of the United States

I have just read your letter/warnings regarding the activities of one Ms. Bahareh Moghaddam, who you feel is trying to deceive and misguide the Baha'is of Iranian descent by sowing the 'seeds of discord'. Well, you may or may not be right in your analysis, but as a sincere and third generation Baha'i, I wish to mention that before breaking into pen please follow the principle that Ignorance sometimes is a Bliss (i.e you could have ignored her). Now I am sure many Baha'is will take a chance to connect themselves with the 'misguided soul'.

Having given my advice to you regarding the Enemies of Faith, I have some very rough and tough questions to ask. You may forward it to Beloved Universal House of Justice for its explanation.

We, Persian Baha'is are concluding that PERSECUTION is something which is destined to us. We face persecution in the country where we pioneer, we face persecution in our own country and now we are facing persecution in our own Faith by fellow Baha'is.

Dear Secretary, we see a very systematic persecution of Persian Baha'is in the Baha'i Administration. It looks like there is systematic cleansing of Persian Baha'is from the Baha'i Administration.

The representation of the Persian Baha'is in the Universal House of Justice has gone down tremendously, and they are being replaced by unskilled, ignorant Baha'is.

The ITC has been cleansed of many Persian Baha'i except Muna Tehrani. The number of Persian Bahai's as counsellors have come down drastically and the story is not different for the ABMs.

They were asked to leave their place of pioneer where they had established themselves, gained respect, involved themselves in Teaching of the Faith and then asked to settle in some other parts of the world. This is nothing but humiliation and harassment.

The case of Baha'i Scholar Mr. Ahang Rabbani has not been forgotten. After working for 15 years at the World Centre, he died Heart broken.

The way Mr. Ali Nakhjavani was hunted for his misunderstood statement resulting into ignorant Baha'is daring to ask him that why he gave such a statement?

A sincere Persian Baha'i in India was threatened by one of the members of UHJ that he should come in line with the UHJ or face severe consequences.

Jamshed Fozdar and Firoz Anarki were on the brink of being declared Covenant Breakers but some better reasoning prevailed on the UHJ and they stopped from doing such an atrocious act.

There are some misguided Baha'is who are making fake sites in the name of sincere Baha'is for defamation.

A Norwegian Baha'i sent to India made the life of Persian pioneer miserable in India. He was an arch enemy of Persian Baha'is.

Wife of a well-respected former counsellor wanted to attend a Baha'i programme but was refused permission. It was well evident that she was accused of being siding with Persian Baha'is.

The Late Mr. Hasan Sabri along with Isabella Sabri made fun of Persian Baha'is and use to call them KHAR (donkey) and used to say that Persian Baha'is are misguiding other Baha'is.

Many sincere Baha'is were asked not to enter any other countries else face consequences!

We see that if a non-Persian Counsellor retires from his post, he is immediately offered another post in his own country, but if the counsellor is a Persian, and that too a pioneer, never this opportunity of service had been offered to him or his experience used for promotion of the Faith.

A retired counsellor wanted to attend a conference in a foreign country at his own expense but was denied permission by the NSA of that country.

I don’t understand how just for expressing one's feelings about injustice, is categorized as 'sowing the seeds of discord'?

Source : https://www.reddit.com/r/exbahai/comments/d6ek93/an_open_letter_to_mr_kenneth_e_bowers/

This is how the Baha'is believe in "the independent investigation for truth"!

September 17, 2019

To the American Bahá’í community

Dearly loved Friends,

The history of our precious Faith has been shaped by a continuing interplay of crisis and victory, where every onslaught of hate, enmity, deceit, and calumny has been followed by strengthened unity, triumph, prestige, and growth. Over the past few years, campaigns of misinformation against the Faith have continued in what are futile attempts to distort the message of Bahá’u’lláh and misrepresent the Bahá’í community.

The National Spiritual Assembly has learned of recent, subtle activities on the Internet of an individual opposed to the Faith who introduces him- or herself as “Bahareh Moghaddam.” This person attempts to present him- or herself as a Bahá’í sympathetic to the Plans of the Universal House of Justice, then subsequently questions the Supreme Body’s authority and tries to sow the seeds of doubt in the hearts of believers of Iranian descent. In messages to individual Bahá’ís and in posts on social media, this individual gives the impression of being very familiar with the institute process and praises the Bahá’ís for their involvement in it, and then gradually shifts the focus to that of questioning the House of Justice, attempting to invalidate its guidance and undermine Bahá’í institutions.

Falsely posing as a Bahá’í, this individual has sought friendship with Bahá’ís on social media platforms. He or she is most active on Facebook and Telegram, while some posts have appeared on Twitter and Instagram.

The National Assembly urges the believers to ignore any posts by “Bahareh Moghaddam” or any attempt on his or her part to connect with them. It is not inconceivable for individuals such as this to appear using a different identity to deceive and misguide the friends. We have full confidence that the beloved friends are keenly aware of such tactics used by enemies of the Faith and will act appropriately by simply ignoring their vain attempts to promote doubt and suspicion within the Bahá’í community.

Should you have additional questions, you may contact our Persian Public Information Office at persian@usbnc.org.

The prayers of the National Assembly accompany you always.

With loving Bahá’í greetings,

Kenneth E. Bowers Secretary

National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of the United States

Source : https://www.reddit.com/r/exbahai/comments/d5qd4d/online_enemy_of_the_faith/

Baha'i administration wasting Huquq'u'llah on proprietary software!?

Recently i received an e-mail about recruitment for the Baha'i World Centre, which concerns me a lot:


Executive Assistant

The two primary roles of the Assistant are to support the project manager and to serve as the office administrator. Work includes direct communication with local consultants and contractors, tracking project schedules, documentation of progress of the projects, drafting memos and reports, general secretarial duties and basic accounting. Knowledge of MS Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint is necessary, as well as experience in secretarial, administrative, and or project planning roles. Strong organizational abilities, confidence in decision making, creative problem solving skills, and interpersonal skills required.

"Knowledge of MS Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint is necessary"? - it's really weird Bahá'í World Centre asking for knowledge about software from Microsoft, and shamefully without any mention to alternative libre software (and better) like LibreOffice or OpenOffice - are Huqúqu'lláh funds wasted on crappy, obscure, expensive and proprietary software like from Microsoft, when there are lots of far better options? i really can't understand this situation...

This is also about very basic ethics principles - in my oppinion, a religion and community against oppression must be against the opression from proprietary software developers, simply boycotting them.

I hope, in a close future, the whole Bahá'í community, administration centres and alike, Bahá'í schools, etc., could see the importance the software libre is, for the freedom and flexibility they provide, and how they help users on being far more skilled and productive

From my viewpoint, and from what i readed from him, i truly believe that Bahá'u'lláh would be a truly software libre enthusiast these days, and would be very ashamed on seeing any single Bahá'í place using these obscure proprietary software from Microsoft and alike. Surelly he wouldn't allow any kind proprietary software on a Bahá'í institution.

What do you all think about this? And how soon everyone thinks this situation be reviewed and fixed?

And seeing that transparency is very important in situations like this, how can we verify that no Bahá'í place are using proprietary software, paid from the Huqúq'llah from each Bahá'í member?

Source : https://bahaiforums.com/threads/bah%C3%A1%C3%AD-administration-wasting-huq%C3%BAqll%C3%A1h-on-proprietary-software.8322/

Why NGOs and Unions Should Use OpenSource?

IMDB User Reviews : "The Gate - Dawn of the Baha'i Faith" (2018)

Read the reviews here:

Robert C. Henderson and the misuse of Baha'i National Fund

NSA-US 2019

Robert C. Henderson was/is (don't even know now) a member of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the U.S. Has been for over 35 years I think. For decades he served a Secretary of the NSA-US, meaning the only paid full-time position on the NSA-US. Everybody should know that the power base is not with the President or Chairperson but with the Secretary. He is the guy who writes the checks, has control of the funds, works at the National Baha'i Center in Evanston Illinois every day and has a full-time staff, paid apartment, utilities paid, travel expenses paid.

Anyway, way back in 1998 I discovered that Henderson was using "National Baha'i Fund" to finance a young black women, who was not his wife, with an apartment and travel expenses. She worked at the Baha'i Office of Public Affairs in washington D.C. Now, what is that? Sounds like a Baha'i PR office right? What is was, she was the political liaison. Meaning, her job was specifically to advance CEDAW which was a project of Planned Parenthood International, to make abortion on demand worldwide. So, these young attractive black woman, was being paid an excellent salary, apartment, travel expenses, to travel around with the leader of Catholics for Pro-Choice and to "lobby" Democratic congress members to support CEDAW, which sought to overthrew any and all legal restrictions to abortion, worldwide. She was funded out of the Baha'i National Fund, thanks to Dr. Robert C. Henderson.

Of course, I was attacked horribly for revealing this, and Henderson's office called various Baha'is saying "This man is a covenant-breaker" which in fact THAT WAS A BIG LIE, because only the Universal House of Justice can declare someone a Covenant-Breaker, and they never did! So, Henderson sent out a smear campaign, which worked extremely well. Of course, when the other Members of the NSA-US discovered that Dr. Henderson WAS in fact using the Baha'i National Fund to financially support his "pet" and their "pet project" (a Democratic Party inspired pro-choice international treaty), funds which were supposed to go elsewhere, they were not happy.

Unfortunately, the NSA-US decided not to fire Henderson from the NSA-US, but to simply vote him out of office as Secretary of the NSA-US. He remained a member of the NSA-US, but without control of any funds. It was decided it would be "best for the Cause in America" that the facts regarding all this be covered-up, but that Henderson was "out of power" and no longer had direct access to any Baha'i Funds.

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