Viet Nam : Baha'i Community told to support national unity

BINH THUAN — Baha'i followers have been told they should better mobilise their community to maintain the nation's great unity and their solidarity with other religions.

The request was made by Duong Van Kha, representative of the Government's Committee for Religious Affairs, at the 4th national congress for the 2011-12 term of the Baha'i Community of Viet Nam which wrapped up yesterday in Phan Thiet city of the central Binh Thuan Province.

Delivering his speech at the event, Kha said the Vietnamese State had always respected the rights of its citizens to freedom of belief and religion and ensured that these rights were exercised in line with laws in Viet Nam.

The community should co-operate with local authorities to fight and prevent impostors who made use of the Baha'i faith to act against the law and the Chapter adopted by the Baha'i community, Kha said.

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Wahid Azal's "Ridvan" Message to the Universal House of Justice

19 Terms and Conditions for the Unconditional Surrender of the Haifan Baha'i cult

Now that the Baha’i cult has been thoroughly weakened, cut to minute size and is therefore hemorrhaging to an assured and well-deserved (and long overdue) death, I am hereby making the following offer to you Haifan Baha’is to unconditionally surrender, walk away, and save whatever you have left of your personal lives. I urge you to seriously consider this offer because if you don't, whatever else shall unfold will be on your own heads personally. Now that this demand has been spelled out, here are the 19 terms for your unconditional surrender:

1) The immediate dissolution of the ITC (international teaching center), the written and unequivocal dismissal of all haifan Baha’i continental board of councilor members and their underlings (Auxiliary board members, etc), to be followed by the immediate resignation without equivocation of all 9 members of the bogus and illegal universal house of justice based in Haifa, Israel;

2) The immediate and unequivocal dissolution of the entire infrastructure of the haifan Baha’i administration and bureaucracy globally - in every capacity and function - and the dismissal/dissolution of every national spiritual assembly, regional council and local assembly tied to your specific organization on the planet; as well as the immediate and unequivocal suspension of all activities under the name and rubric of the haifan Baha’i organization;

3) The immediate and unequivocal dissolution and suspension of all Ruhi Institutes globally;

4) The immediate and unequivocal relinquishment and full disclosure in writing of all assets, chattels, investments, funds, stocks, bonds, monies and otherwise belonging to the haifan Baha’i organization in Israel, North America, the United Arab Emirates, Europe and throughout the rest of the world; whether immediately tied or tangentially;

5) The immediate and unequivocal disclosure in writing of all subsidies and all monies and perquisites received by your organization since 1910 - in any capacity whatsoever - by any individual(s), entities or groups, governments or otherwise, not immediately tied to your organization, and specifically from the state of Israel since 1948;

6) The immediate financial and documentary auditing of your entire organization on all continents, beginning with the Baha’i world centre in Haifa, Palestine;

7) The immediate and unequivocal surrender of all legal and official documentation as well as letters and correspondences of your organization from the dates of 1871 to present;

8) The immediate and unequivocal surrender of all files and archives kept in any policing or surveillance capacities by the haifan Baha’i organization whatsoever upon individuals, whether these be files regarding rank-and-file members of the haifan Baha’i cult or those put out by it as well as those not;

9) The immediate and unequivocal surrender in writing of the full names, addresses, duties and capacities of all those serving under your Internet Committee based in the United States and spread out throughout the globe as well as the full unequivocal disclosure of the date of its establishment and any/all outside aid obtained;

10) The immediate and unequivocal surrender of the entirety of the archives of all texts and source documents (as well as artefacts) of a specifically scriptural and historical nature to a panel consisting of members of the Bayani community, the Reform Baha'i movement, the Orthodox Baha'i Communities - 1) Marangella and 2) Soghomonian -, the Baha'is Under the Provisions of the Covenant, ex-Baha'i academics of a reputable nature such as Denis Maceoin as well as those such as Margrit Warburg etc, and any others determined in consensus by the Panel;

11) The immediate and unequivocal disclosure of the facts regarding the fate of the National Spiritual Assembly of Iran circa 1979 and a complete explanation with documentation as to the reasons for the conspicuous silence of the so-called universal house of justice in world fora afterwards regarding the fate of this body;

12) The immediate and unequivocal release and publication of the Will and Testament of Shoghi Effendi to the worldwide Baha'i community;

13) The immediate and unequivocal and unhindered and unimpeded return of all documents, texts, scriptures, histories, papers and effects in your possession belonging to one Mirza Yahya Nuri Subh-i-Azal, which were illegally and fraudulently obtained by one Mirza Husayn 'Ali Nuri Baha'u'llah in Baghdad and Edirne in the 1860s, to the Bayani community;

14) The immediate and unequivocal return of all the properties of Bahji to its rightful owners, namely, the descendents of Mirza Muhammad 'Ali ibn al-Baha' and Mirza Badi'ullah ibn al-Baha';

15) The case one Hozhabr Yazdani (NOW DEAD) to be thoroughly examined for his execution of state sanctioned and protected criminal activities on behalf of your organization in Iran from the years 1953-1979;

16) The immediate and unequivocal disclosure in full regarding the criminal hawala networks operated by members of the haifan Baha’i organization throughout Asia, the Middle East, South America, Europe, North America and elsewhere, and an explanation with documentation regarding the nature of such activities and especially the names, addresses and capacities of those persons involved with these criminal hawala networks;

17) The immediate and unequivocal disclosure of all documents and papers regarding the unexplained murder of one Dan Jordan in New York City in 1982 as well as the immediate and unequivocal disclosure of all documents and papers regarding the suspicious murder of one Hedi Ma'ani in New Zealand;

18) The immediate arrest and criminal prosecution of misters Peter Khan, Alan Waters, Stephan Hall, Manijeh Rayhani, Robert C Henderson, et al., including their various staff, helpers and agents;

19) The immediate opening of the fake and disputed shrine on Mt. Carmel to an independent team of international scientific examiners expert in forensic scientific analysis in a completely uninhibited scientific determination involving the exhumation of the body claimed to be that of Siyyid 'Ali Muhammad Shirazi, the Bab, and its free and unfettered scientific determination as to whether this body in fact be that of the person claimed;

a) No individuals either haifan Baha’i or peripherally tied to the Baha'i religion (from any denomination) may serve on this team of scientific forensic experts;

b) An independent and impartial team shall serve as an oversight committee to the work of the scientific team in question which shall report on a daily basis to the aforementioned panel above on the status of the work;

still continued….. please ‘google’ for further reading

21st April - More than 100,000 hits on my Scribd page

I am celebrating the 21st of April not a day of Ridvan of course, but the crossing of 100 thousand counts on my scribd page only in 2 years. The more Baha'i administration is stopping its members from the critical stuff the more they are reading it.

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Pedophile teacher of a Baha'i School spoils the life of a Mentally ill student

Original news can be found here Starnieuws

Translated from Dutch by Google

March 29, 03:00

Sjerome S., Dutch teacher who is accused of unacceptable acts with underage children in the country, denies the allegations. "What is going on here and all the publicity surrounding it has nothing to do with a desire to protect children. The aim is to destroy me, "he says to Star News.

S. by his employer, the Baha'i community, relieved of his command. "In the interests of the children it is good that there is an investigation," said S.. "I know I've touched any child, but we also know that there are crazy people walking around who do," he says. He finds that the allegations and all the publicity that comes with him gone and have caused enormous damage now demanding rehabilitation.

MP Hugo Jabini (Mega Combination / NDP) who last week asked parliament attention to this matter, says not at all surprised about the denial of Season: "No pedophile will admit that he is guilty of indecent acts with children . The information that now comes up gives me the assurance that this man has not behave properly and responsibly as well. In his denial he mainly calls are not free, "says Jabini. The MP has now made contact with the mother of a mentally disturbed women that S. a child. According Jabini women will find it is still a very serious matter that Sjerome had a sexual relationship with her mentally disturbed daughter and also has fathered a child with her that he would not care.

Cynical conversations

Faced with the facts, interviews with two interns, his voice on the tape, the suspicions of teachers and other incriminating allegations, says S. that manipulation of this material. He does not deny that discussions and decisions have had to have done. "But these statements were part of a bit cynical and philosophical conversations. I can not imagine myself on that basis of that terrible things will be blamed, "he says. The act by which he is a ten year old girl with his arm around her shoulders, would have presented to one of the trainees he does not deny. "I thought I was a tourist in a few days and had built a good relationship so beautiful had conducted interviews. I did not know it was an intern, "he says.

The teacher accused of sexual abuse says that one of the trainees irritated him immensely with this case and asking questions. "I then replied that indeed it is normal in the interior. How we do it here but I have said. Later I understood the friend who interns that I should not have teased him because he does not understand this stuff, "says S.. He reacts a little surprised about the existence of the tape conversations in both the villages in the Upper Suriname region, and from conversations recorded in Paramaribo. One of those calls in Paramaribo is a disagreement between him and the intern who first gave publicity to this case.

The human rights office of Star News Moiwana has previously announced that it is indeed an investigation into this matter. Moiwana is planning the first content to discuss with the authorities. S. said of any call to be aware, at least not on the accusations. "I have spoken with that organization about what it might mean for domestic and other matters," says S.. Star News on Tuesday he promises to come to Paramaribo. "I think about it to myself to give to the police, because I hear that to me is being sought. I therefore can stop by for a further conversation, "says S..

Renovation of National Baha’i Center in Suriname

by Baquia

The National Baha’i Center in Suriname requires renovation and the Universal House of Justice has assigned the task of raising the necessary funds (€13,000 or appx. $18,000 Canadian dollars) to two National Spiritual Assemblies: Netherlands and Canada.

The choice of the Netherlands is understandable considering that Suriname was claimed as a colony by the Dutch in 1667 and only gained its independence on November 25 1975. Dutch is still their official language.

The choice of Canada however is puzzling. There is no connection between the two countries other than Canada being a wealthier nation that can afford to support the renovation effort.

But if that is the only criteria that makes sense, the Universal House of Justice could have easily asked any number of countries that are wealthy to send them the funds. Why not the US? Japan? Germany?

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Bahai temple in Haifa reopens after $6 million renovation

Work on the UN World Heritage site lasted two-and-a-half-years and included covering the temple's dome with 11,790 new gold-glazed porcelain tiles.

By The Associated Press Tags: Israel news

Followers of the Bahai faith unveiled their newly renovated holy site on the coast of Israel on Tuesday, drawing attention to one of the Holy Land's lesser-known religions.

The renovation of the Shrine of the Bab, a UN-designated World Heritage site, lasted two-and-a-half-years and cost $6 million dollars, according to the Bahai leadership.

Bahai shrine Haifa - AP - 12/4/2011

The newly renovated Bahai Shrine of the Bab and the gardens is seen in Haifa, Israel, Tuesday, April 12, 2011.

The structure has been refitted and strengthened to withstand an earthquake, and the building's dome - the most distinctive feature of the landscape in the Mediterranean port city of Haifa - has been covered with 11,790 new gold-glazed porcelain tiles.

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Abdul Baha’s aunt Reveals

It is obviously clear that members of a family are more familiar with the events that happen in a family. The serial of writings you are now going to read refers to the statements of Miss Izzatu-l-hajieh (the grand sister of Mirza Husainali Nuri) in her book named; Tanbih-u-Naemeen (warning to the sleep).

In her book which is a reply to the statement issued by Abbas Effendi, she reveals some of the characteristics of Baha'u'llah and the riot he guided.

One of the most important features of all prophets is their illiteracy which is in part one of the proof of their prophecy. in this way Bahaism also think that Mirza Husainali was illiterate(1).

She extremely denies this and says that he begin learning Arabic and literature in childhood and also continued in adolescent, and he was coming and going with mystics and philosophers (2).

Another fact that she says is that in spite of believing to the Bab and his book (Bayan) in which Subh-i-Azal had been chosen as his successor, Baha'u'llah, because of high love to power, began to plot and act against his brother (subh-i-Azal) in order to defeat him and in this way what a massive slaughter he arranged. She says nearly about eighty persons (Azalis) were murdered (3).

Then he began to collect whole document (so that these documents cannot be used by others) referring to Bab's will, that introduced Subh-i-Azal as his successor (4) and because of this he committed huge crimes, as a result a lot of Bab's followers left him.

1-Maghale shakhsi sayah p:87&116
2-Tanbih-o-naemin P:6-7
3-Tanbih-o-naemin P:7-8
4-Tanbih-o-naemin P:14

She believed that Baha'u'llah had collected the whole versions of Bayan in order to imitate it in his writings and deceive the people, secondly to destroy the whole verses of bayan in order not to be within their reach and thirdly to destroy Bab's will about Subh-i-Azal (1) and of course in this way he used the policy of dissension.

In fact he payed a great deal of respect to Subh-i-Azal, for instance he never sit without his brother's permission or in another move he offered one of his daughters (Abdul Baha's sister) as a gift to Subh-i-Azal and insisted him to accept her as his servant but Subh-i-Azal refused (2).

She then refers to a series of Bab's letters about Subh-i-Azal and even a letter to Baha'u'llah (3) asking him to obey Subh-i-Azal and she makes a conclusion with three probabilities about Baha'u'llah:

1. Baha'u'llah never believe in Bab and he wanted to see the consequence of Bab's motion in order to benefit it.

2. First he accepted Bab but later because of high mania of sovereignty he apostatized.

3. He absolutely denied all prophets and their missions, refused God and considered all the signs of God as fiction. (4)

to be continued....

1-Tanbih-o –naemin P:17
2-Tanbih-o-naemin P"20
3-Tanbih-o- naemin P:28-31
4-Tanbih-o- naemin P:21

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Little editions have been done to the original article.
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