The hypocrisy of Haifan Baha'i cult

Baha'i International Community calls for release of Christian pastor facing death sentence

This time the Haifan Baha'i Supreme Body is officially interfering in the internal affairs of another country. This time under the pretext of supporting Human Rights. Although it is a known fact that the reason for supporting is something else. It seems that the BIC is under severe pressure from its Big Bosses. If the BIC is really truthful in its claims of supporting Human Rights, then why shout only on one country and ignore the other. There are so many atrocities being committed in and by the Zionist State of Israel against the Christians and Moslems but not even once the Haifan Supreme AO issued statements condemning these acts of violence and killing. So many Palestinians are being killed, their lands being occupied, so many acts of violence are being committed against the minority christian community in Israel. Why no word is being issued condemning Israel? Isn't this hypocrisy? This type of hypocritical behavior of Haifan Baha'i cult is one of the many causes of 'EXIT BY TROOPS' in the Haifan Baha'i cult.

Picture above shows just a single excruciating example of an innocent, defenceless old Palestinian lady being blatantly assaulted by intolerably intolerant young extremist, supremacist Israelis, in full and close up view of completely unconcerned, uniformed IDF soldiers.
  • Will the BIC condemn the burning of Mosque and persecution of Arab Muslim and Christian in Israel?
  • Will BIC ask the Israeli Government to return all the occupied Palestinian lands to its lawful owners and compensate their losses?
  • Will the BIC ask the Israeli and American governments to release all the innocent prisoners?
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Residents of Tuba-Zangariya inspected damage to their mosque caused by what the Israeli police said was arson. It was the latest in a series of similar assaults on mosques. - 3rd October 2011 - The New York Times.


  1. * Will the BIC condemn the burning of Mosque and persecution of Arab Muslim and Christian in Israel?
    * Will BIC ask the Israeli Government to return all the occupied Palestinian lands to the its lawful owners and compensate their losses?
    * Will the BIC ask the Israeli and American governments to release all the innocent prisoners?

    NO NO NO

  2. This is the reason why Iranians hate this BS cult! If the Baha'is start condemning Israel for all its wrong actions and support the oppressed Palestinians then why will Iran persecute them? Iranians know this fact that they will never ever condemn Israel because it is Israel that is providing 'food' to the Baha'is!

  3. 1) Bahá'u'lláh was deported to Palestine. And therefore The Bahá'í "headquarters" is in Haifa now. In Israel, we Baha'is remain silent, we must not proselytize or teach or ask for help from the state of Israel. We are no spies. Stop calling us Zionist spies!!! We never insult you.

    2) India has the largest national Bahá'í Assembly. We are not persecuted in India. The second largest is Iran, where it is bad. We are persecuted. It is a fact. The third largest is the U.S., where we will be persecuted by Christians in the future in terms of the prevailing trend.

    3) Iranian Bahá'ís are Iranians. Loyal. A part of of the people, the country and it's proud traditions. Obey the laws. They love Iran and they love the people of Iran. They are not enemies. We Bahá'ís with an European background wish we were free to visit this beautiful and historic country. This would bring Iran and Europe closer together, open to trade, tourism, etc. - we humans need to cooperate, and the Europeans might have something to learn from Shia.

    4) It's not just Iran that persecute Baha'i believers. Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, Colombia, Ireland, Russia, Belarus has also been noted.

    5) We always rever the prophet Mohammad, His revelations, the Koran and defend Islam against hate groups in the West, why why do you hate us?

    1. Stefan, Fuck your mother. Just because you joined some cult, doesn't mean you get a vote about Iran's policies. We don't have any assholes named "Stefan" in Iran. Focus on whatever country you live in cock sucker

    2. Dear Unknown,
      Abusive language is not a sign of literate person. Please mind your language from next time. Otherwise I will be forced to delete this type of comments.

  4. Hi Stefen

    1) Firstly this blog-post is not about why the headquarters of Israel are in Haifa? Why you Baha'is remain silent in Israel and why you cry in every other country that prosecutes you for violating the law of that land? Why your administrative bodies do not condemn the Israeli violations of the very basic Human Rights of Palestinian children and women? Will you as an individual Haifan Baha'i condemn the Israeli violations of international Laws and Human rights of those poor arabs?

    2) Yes, India has the largest Baha'i population but not 2.2 million. Please google the term "Indian Baha'i Census" you will learn the truth. Yes, I know that Indian government does not persecute you but it prosecutes you when you go against the laws. See the articles on Payam Shoghi, the Ex-Counselor who was involved in Fake Passport Scams and also read the articles on deceptive conversion in India where the Baha'is were taken into police custody for illegally reaching Ruhi Books to poor villagers. The Iranians are more clever so they do not give you the freedom converting other people. Most of the arrested Baha'is in Iran are those who are involved in illegal activities. Otherwise there are more than 300 thousand Baha'is in Iran living freely. Tell me how many are in prison? Exact figure with proof? Regarding the persecution of Baha'is in US, this is new to me.

    3) The very basic Baha'i belief is that the Haifa Based UHJ is the supreme master of all the Baha'is throughout the world. He may be an Iranian but he must obey completely and unconditionally to the Haifa Based UHJ. So they have dual loyalty, first towards the UHJ and then to their respective countries. This is very dangerous. Please read the article by Mr. Juan Cole who is an Ex-Baha'i and a scholar of your faith. He proves that the "Baha'i faith of today" resembles very much to Al-Qaida and is going on a very dangerous path. It is also a severe threat to the US democracy. The Baha'is are free to visit Iran, there is absolutely no problem for them to visit this beautiful country. Mr. Sen McGlin who is also a Baha'i (but his voting rights taken by the UHJ) visited Iran many times. You can also come. I did not get what you mean by this "Europeans might have something to learn from Shia."

    4) No country persecutes Baha'is. It only prosecutes them when they go against the laws. When they consider the Commands given by the UHJ to be superior then the laws of their respective lands. Just stop converting people deceptively and you are free to practice whatever you want.

    5) Believing in Bob and Baha'u'llah is insulting Prophet Mohamed. Baha'u'llah was a "Covenant Breaker" so we hate him. Just like you and your pseudo manifestations who hate "covenant breakers"

    I hope I havn't left anything unanswered. Thank you

  5. LOL!
    this blog is so full of shit and hate, trying to explain whhy you hate and trying to make other hate with you.
    Your mind is so close and your lack of love so big that you can be right or wrong or non, but in the eyes of God, im sure you are a scumbag for bringing hate to the world instead of love. You and your blog sucks. Your religion and the rest are perfecly fine, the problem is who is each one following that religion. I know bahais and they are in general pretty peaceful. I dont know many muslins but the internet seems to be full of muslims who hate. Try to find out a bahai blog about hateing the others. What a jerk

    1. Yes it is full of shit, because it is about your Cult. The 'Baha'is are peaceful'!!!!. You are not aware of their history and you know very less about this cult. This is a 'feel good' cult that is trying to spread in America and Europe. God willing every country one day will follow Iran and Israel by not allowing them to convert its citizens deceptively.

    2. The Bahis are a 5th Column. They are the worker bees of Zionism. They are wretched liars and a danger to Iran.

      Fuck the all.

  6. I'm an Iranian and I hate ARABS. Iranians are stupid for supporting palestinians Arabs, Arabs want all Iranians dead, They want to change the Persian gulf to Arabian gulf! khak to sareh harchi Irani keh mighe ma felestino doost darim.

    1. You are most likely a Jew -- That's what Jews do: They group all Arabs together. Syrians don't want to change the name of the Persian Gulf, Tunisians, don't ...

      This why Jews and Bahais are liars and manipulators.

    2. The only Arabs who hate Iranians are those Gulf Arab rulers and their sheeple, like the Saudis, Qataris, UAE, Omanis, Kuwaitis, etc, who also hate the Palestinians, the Bahraini Shi'a, the Qatifi Shi'a, Pakistani and Indian guest workers, Sudanese guests workers, and all other oppressed people around the world, since those Arabs are hand in glove with Zionism and the Western powers. Those Arabs in Lebanon in the frontline of resistance against the Zion-Nazi Beast or those Shi'a Arabs in Iraq certainly do not hate Iranians nor are they interested in changing the name of the Persian Gulf to the Arab Gulf. Only the Saudi/Gulf Arab hypocrites do.

  7. Well i only can say that the baha'is are a mob of hypocrits.l was once a baha'i and spoke my mind and no one knows me anymore.What a bunch of morons who look down on anyone who has a different standart of morals.I would say roud those bastart up and ship them off to Afganistan and let the Taliban deal with them! My

    You are welcome to comment,Jamas

    1. Dear James,
      Thank you for your email.
      I totally agree the Hypocrisy matter, however I do not agree on sending the Baha'is to talibans to wipe them off. I believe one day they will all return to their original beliefs. The Jewish Baha'i will become Jew again, those from Christian Backgrounds will become christians and those few from Muslim backgrounds will also come back. I feel it is our responsibility as Ex-Baha'is that we create awareness and make the atmosphere more cool from them to return. I have a few Ex-Baha'i friends who have returned back to the fold of Islam and are very happy and they enjoy being muslims again after their return. Infact they are more stronger and they have very deep understanding of this dirty cult. Thank you for sending me your email address. I do not correspond through email. However if you have some material that can be put-up on this blog, please share with me. You can send me your experience when you were a Baha'i and what made you feel that this is a Bogus Cult? Please share it. My email is : naser.emtesali (at)


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