The Bahá’i Role in the Enemies' Conspiracies before the Triumph of the Islamic Revolution

The Bahá’is directly participated in all the Shah's crimes. The Shah's SAVAK, too, was directed by Bahá’is such as Parviz Sabeti. The Bahá’is did not give up their conspiracies after the triumph of the Revolution. Many of their treacherous leaders, together with the other criminals of the Shah's, went to Israel and Europe, taking with them the wealth of this oppressed nation. They are now actively conspiring abroad against the Islamic Revolution and have made large investments in this effort. The remaining few in the country have gone to the aid of affiliated political groups, and have, in particular, taken part in conspiracies such as coup d'etat, creating insecurity, bombings and especially espionage in favour of Israel and America. Most of them have been arrested by the Revolutionary courts and have been punished. Documents evidencing their connections with such groups as well as with the Palestine-occupying regime have been divulged and announced to the public through the mass media at various intervals.

Islamic Republic of Iran's position vis-a-vis Bahá’ism and the Bahá’is

All the Iranian people and the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran, based on their having sensed at close hand the uncountable crimes committed by the followers of this sect throughout their country's undulating history, as well as on the evidence provided by history and the documents, of which a handful was referred to hereinabove, consider Bahá’ism as a politico-imperialist platform. They neither have recognized the Bahá’i followers as a religious minority nor will ever permit the propagation of their nonsense and false reports which, due to the treacherous nature of this political party, would be a prelude to the premise of renewed penetration by American and Israeli spies into Iran.

Years of treason, duplicity, crime, corruption and bloodshed by the leaders of this treacherous party have been enough for our nation. Therefore, any effort by western governments and the enemies of the Islamic Revolution to exert pressure to allow these traitors to resume activity will be in vain. Just as it has removed one by one all the imperialists' espionage bases in Iran, the Islamic Republic is firmly determined with all its power to crush the Zionist espionage dens acting under cover of Freemasonry, Baháism, etc. Just as the conspiracies by the Great Satan during the heroic action by the Muslim students following the Imam's Line and the pressures by its western allies failed to have the least effect on our people's steel will, the ridiculous spectacles by Zionists and escaped Bahá’is and the outcry by the western press will not be able to aid the Bahá’is reared by them or to prevent the complete elimination of the negligible, crumbling organization of the leaders of this treacherous party.

However, such a firm position does not mean that the rights of the few uninformed and deceived followers of this faith who, under the influence of the many intrigues and economic pressures by its leaders, have joined Bahá’ism, will be neglected. Fortunately, as a result of the atmosphere of freedom prevailing in the Islamic community, the fair approach by the Muslim people of Iran, the revelations and guidance by the promoters of Islam, many of them, having recognized the imperialist nature of this mock faith, have returned to the bosom of the people and Islam. It is hoped that the very few remaining deceived persons will gradually realize the truth and will free themselves from the claws of this treacherous party reared by Zionism.

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