Dr. Albert Lincoln accepts the award from Akko Mayor for Planting Trees!!!??

Poor Palestinian Farmer
Israeli occupiers uproot hundreds of trees in West Bank farms.

And they awarded the Baha'i Community for longstanding contribution to the development and promotion of Acre. (Planting Trees and Maintaining Huge Gardens)


Dr. Albert Lincoln accepts the Award from Mayor Shimon Lankri (For Planting Trees).

Haifan Baha'i Hypocrite Albert Lincoln

Food for Thought : America is a Noble Nation and Standard-Bearer of Peace.

America Supports Homosexuals, Rebels and Baha'is
Abdul Baha says "It is a Noble Nation & Standard-Bearer of Peace"

Abbas Baha'i about America
Abdul Baha enjoying his life in America.

POLICE seized 42 cartons of beer when they raided a residential property in the Baha’i area.

This type of story appeared in 2007 also.
POLICE seized 42 cartons of beer when they raided a residential property in the Baha’i area, last Thursday evening.

Acting city police commander Vincent U’upwe said his officers also seized loose cans of chilled beer and mixed spirits.

Two suspects, a male and a female, were arrested.

A third suspect, according to Mr U’upwe, was identified but police cannot arrest her because she’s currently breast-feeding.

“But we will deal with her separately,” Mr U’upwe said.

Read full story here :

Ex-Baha'i scholar writes about the current condition of Baha'i Faith

Baha'i institutions : An instrument and not a substitute

Dear Friends,

Although Shoghi's writings are not Scripture, when it comes to the Administrative Order he is a source.

The following beautiful prose of Shoghi's describes what the purpose for Baha'i Institutions is. He as well clearly outlines what the limitations are and what the potential drawbacks of those institutions can be.

1) "I have already reiterated and emphasized that the administration of the Cause is to be conceived as an instrument and not a substitute for the Faith of Baha'u'llah, that it should be regarded as a channel through which His promised blessings may flow, that it should guard against such rigidity as would clog and fetter the liberating forces released by His Revelation."

The clear evidence that, for many Baha'is, the Administrative Order has become a substitute for the Faith of Baha'u'llah is that in many communities as many as 75% of believers are a part of that Administrative Order and the majority of the time that these individuals spend doing ' Baha'i ' activities are spent doing activities directly related to the administration of the institutions of the Baha'i Faith!

An Administrative Order myopia, a fixation on the " superstructure" of the Baha'i Faith has supplanted and now substitutes for the Faith of Baha'u'llah. That the resulting rigidity of that fixation has clogged and fettered the liberating forces of Baha'u'llah is directly shown through the lack of success of the current Administrative Order in sharing those liberating forces with humanity and their lack of success in even retaining the membership of the Baha'i Faith which has become increasingly cynical about a Baha'i Faith which has become the Amway of Religions.

A direct result of this fixation, in Canada, has been that people are leaving the Baha'i Faith as fast as they are joining; they are going into hibernation as Hosien Banyani secretary treasurer of the Canadian N.S.A.has publicly admitted. And no wonder! More and more mindless and mind numbing fixation on Ruhi # nth and the Baha'i A.O. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

As a result of this failure on the part of the Administrative Order to remain simply an 'instrument' it has become more important, for that Administrative Order to pad the membership rolls with thousands of people who are Baha'i in name only and would not even bother to put down on a census that they are Baha'i, than it is to provide the leadership which would make all Baha'is feel welcome in their religious community no matter what their cognitive style, be it conservative or liberal. In this lack of unitive leadership the Baha'i Administrative Order is an abject failure; as many people are leaving the Faith in disgust at It's current cultish drift as are joining because of an indirect attraction to the Faith of Baha'u'llah.

2) "the present restrictions imposed on the publication of Baha'i literature will be definitely abolished;"

Not only has this lifting and abolishing of restrictions on the publication of Baha'i literature not occurred, the situation has become even more narrow and restrictive than it was in Shoghi's day! With no end in sight! There is not even a Complete Works of Baha'u'llah available yet and it is doubtful with the current incompetence in Baha'i leadership that we will even see such a thing in our own lifetimes, this is nothing short of criminal!

3) "the whole machinery of assemblies, of committees and conventions is to be regarded as a means, and not an end in itself; that they will rise or fall according to their capacity to further the interests, to coordinate the activities, to apply the principles, to embody the ideals and execute the purpose of the Baha'i Faith."

No only has the Administrative Order and its institutions become an end in themselves and not a means, they have become the end all and be all. An end all and be all that a Baha'i is expected to be unquestioningly obedient to even when the enactments of that Administrative Order do not reflect the spirit and meaning of Baha'u'llah's revealed utterances!

4)"prayerfully watch lest the tool should supersede the Faith itself, lest undue concern for the minute details arising from the administration of the Cause obscure the vision of its promoters, lest partiality, ambition, and worldliness tend in the course of time to becloud the radiance, stain the purity, and impair the effectiveness of the Faith of Baha'u'llah."

That the tool of the Administrative Order and its institutions have superseded the 'Faith itself' is proven without a shadow of a doubt through the shallow display of self serving grandiosity and extravagance shown through those very institutions holding out the building of the Terraces as though it was a great Baha'i service to humanity; when it was in fact, clearly and plainly, only a misguided attempt to purchase worldly Baha'i prestige.

This proof is there for all of humanity to see and is only one of the more obvious examples of the current Baha'i Administrative Order's fixation on the limited unity of its own self interests; a fixation on ambition and worldliness which has greatly impaired the effectiveness of the Baha'i Faith to reflect the Faith of Baha'u'llah.

A person need only read an issue or two of Baha'i Canada or American Baha'i to see what the Baha'i Faith's current fixation on the: "minute details arising from the administration of the Cause", and on the apparatus of It's Own administerial institutions has done to spiritual and intellectual life in the Baha'i Faith - it has effectively been put on hold.

If you need more proof use your own two eyes, use your own heart and mind to understand the facts for yourself; don't use the interpretations of anyone else, including mine.

Wake up, smell the roses.

Wakey, wakey, rise and shine.

There is only us, we are them, 'as one soul'.

All the best!

Yours Larry Rowe

Source : TRB

119 Bahá’í Picnics are over!

More videos here : http://www.youtube.com/user/chantyloco/videos

The 119 conferences called by the Bahá’í Administration, the UHJ, for the Bahá’í Youth held in 119 cities carefully selected by the UHJ to measure its acceptability amongst the Bahá’ís, proved to be the nightmare for the UHJ as only 30% of participation were Bahá’ís and the rest were non Bahá’ís i.e. from the “wider community”. It is quite natural that any NGO announcing 3 day picnic at a picnic resort with free lodging boarding and luxury of mixing with fairer sex in the name of enhancing the collective capacity for service, for benefit to Mankind will be welcomed by any group of people. The “wider community” was no exception and did not failed to take benefit from the “sinking titanic”.

If this figure of 30% Bahá’í Youth attendance is true then the Bahá’í Administration is losing grip over the Bahá’ís which will result in gradual dismantling of Bahá’í Administration in the very near future. Bahá’í youths cannot be fooled for a long time and this 30% is the best proof of it. Bahá’í Faith is now a Paper Tiger which is being run by the paid executives, the Members of Universal House of Justice, the Counselors the ABMs etc. These officials have their Salaries, their Holidays and finally Retirement. There are no real Bahá’ís left in the Faith.

There was a severe Bahá’í discontent during the conferences as lots of efforts were directed to please the youths of wider community at the expense of Bahá’í money as UHJ sees these youths as potential Bahá’ís for the future as their deception process is ON. Now the UHJ is asking the Bahá’ís to pay for the non Bahá’ís attending the conference.

Another major reason for discontent amongst Bahá’ís was total neglect by the UHJ of the Bahá’í Agenda carefully drafted by the Bahá’í Youths to be discussed in these conferences. These agendas were the real things going in the minds of every Bahá’í and the UHJ failed to satisfy the needs of the Bahá’í Youths. The conference had only one agenda and that was to please the youths of the wider community for enrolling themselves as Bahá’ís.

Another cause of dissatisfaction amongst Bahá’í Youths were the propaganda organized by the UHJ against Iran. The representative of the External affair committees of the Bahá’ís spoke on the ways and means for how to degrade and defame Iran by contacting their respective governments and giving them false information about Iranian government mistreating the Bahá’ís.

Also a careful analysis will find juxtaposition between the rise of rebellious in Bahá’í Faith and different sects emerging amongst the Bahá’ís all claiming to be True Bahá’ís. The Bahá’í administration is avoiding these issues as they feel that they are not in a position to reply to these issues. As lot of covenant breaking has been done by the Bahá’í Administration itself.

The Bahá’í Administration should know that future analysis is a key tool for the improvement of the present situation and extending their lives for a few more decades. Their next picnics should incorporate:
  1. An awareness of demands by the Bahá’í youth of answering the unanswered question occupying the Bahá’í community related to the Central figures of the Faith that who was the Real Successor of The BAB.
  2. The reliability of UHJ based on Holy text whether this is the same UHJ forecasted by Bahá’í central figures Baha’u’llah and Abdul Baha?
  3. The safety of Bahá’í community not from Covenant Breakers but from abusive language used by the so called infallible members of UHJ.
  4. Other sensitive issues like, the Collusion amongst the Persian Bahá’ís to keep the Bahá’í Administration in their own hands and let the Bahá’ís of other communities work as slave for them nothing sort of renaissance of Past Iranian Monarchy overthrown by Iranians.
Source :

Oneness of Religion - Baha'is Hypocrisy !!!

(On behalf of the Universal House of Justice to an 11-year-old Baha'i, 18 April 1988. Published in the British Baha'i Journal, August 1988)

You have asked if Baha'is are allowed to celebrate Christmas. The answer to this question requires careful thinking so that the meaning will become clear. Since Baha'is believe in all the religions sent by God, it seems reasonable that they should celebrate Christmas and the other holidays of Christianity and other religions. But would this be sensible? There are at least two points to consider.

One point is that Bahau'llah, the latest Prophet from God, has brought us new Teachings for a new Day. With His coming we have a new calendar with new Holy Days. For example, the Intercalary Days and Naw-Ruz offer us occasions for gift-giving and celebration.

Another point to consider is this. If the Baha'is celebrated Christmas among themselves, people who did not know of their belief in Baha'u'llah might think that they were Christians. It could become even more confusing to people if, in addition, the Baha'is also observed the holidays of other religions. To avoid such confusion the beloved Guardian advised the Baha'I friends not to continue celebrating holidays like Christmas and New Year among themselves.

However, as you know, not everyone is a Baha'i. Many Baha'is come from Christian families who celebrate Christmas, there is no harm in such a Baha'i sharing Christmas with Christian relatives. Sometimes Christian friends may invite a Baha'i to join their Christmas celebration, this is all right because the Baha'is are taught by Baha'u'llah to be friendly with the followers of all religions. The thing to remember is that Baha'i families or Baha'i communities do not hold Christmas celebrations among themselves.

Baha’is do not Participate in Politics !?

Bani Dugal - The Baha'i Servant working in United Nations
'Only for the Rights of Baha'is of Iran'

I had the misfortune of attending a meeting organized by Universal House of Justice for DIPLOMATIC AND EXTERNAL AFFAIRS CONSULTATIONS in Acuto, Italy on 2-4 September 2011.

I was surprised to see that the whole atmosphere was dominated by Anti Iran feeling and very cunningly the UHJ had put forward the Persian Baha’is in forefront to act against their own country under the guidance of certain Western Powers hostile to Iranian governments.

The Universal House of Justice has initiated a series of international and regional gatherings to develop offices of external affairs in various parts of the world. The main agenda of this body was to change world opinion against Iran.

This three-day meeting addressed a range of matters pertaining to the external affairs work at the national level, including the nature and functioning of external affairs offices and various aspects of the different components of the work. The first and third days were devoted to plenary sessions on these subjects. On day two, participants came together in smaller groups – organized on the basis of either geography or stage of development of the external affairs work – to address the issues discussed in plenum in greater depth.

The main points were addressed by Dr Farzam Arbab and Dr Firaydoun Javaheri, representatives of the House of Justice to the delegates of the meeting in Acuto. The central theme for all the three days was Iran and Iran only.

  1. Dr Farzam Arbab, and Dr Firaydoun Javaheri member of the Universal House of Justice;
  2. Representatives of Offices of External Affairs and National Spiritual Assemblies of Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Kenya, the Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Uganda, the United Kingdom, the United States.
  3. Bahá’í International Community Persian language spokespersons for Europe and North America;
  4. Representatives of the various Baha’i communities

The key address was by House of Justice members Mr. Dr Farzam Arbab, and Dr Firaydoun Javaheri which hinted that it is UHJ agenda of training Baha’is in every country to be in contact with their respective government to:
  1. Work towards defaming Iran as much as possible and pursue them to favor various motion initiated by the countries like US ,Canada and Britain favoring the Baha’is
  2. Pressurize their government to support economic sanctions against Iran
  3. While trying to achieve these two major goals, try to receive various benefits allowed by the respective government.
  4. Introduced Baha’i Faith to them
The excuse of meeting with the government officials should be the persecution of Baha’is in Iran and the imprisonment of 7 Yaran members of the Baha’i Faith.This should be done tactfully under the heading Mistreatment of Minoririties by Iranian Government especially Baha’is.

The members selected for this committee were advised to be Iranian Baha’i ladies so that more sympathy can be generated for the Baha’is. The condition of committee members to be Ladies was for obvious reasons.

The Points discussed were

1. How to build capacity to engage meaningfully in the diplomatic work?
An essential element of activity is “READING YOUR GOVERNMENT” – which should not be underestimated

2. Methods suggested were :
  • How well do you know your government and how can you get to know your government better?
  • What are the forces within society that impact your governments?
  • Do you know how your government operates?
  • Do you know the key players within government? And which of these individuals is actually receptive to the ideas we would want to present?
  • Do you know of any government officials who are dedicated to selfless service to their country rather than the promotion of self?
  • How can you build relationships with key individuals in government?
  • What are the resource implications of this?
  • How can you introduce ideas in a practical way?
  • Where are the spaces in which ideas are formed and debated?
  • How will you explain the principle of non-involvement in partisan political activity of Baha’is in light of your deeper involvement with governments of your country?
  • And how does your government view Baha’is? As a human rights NGO? Another small religious community?
  • How can you coordinate the work with other countries and Universal House of Justice? We will probably need to start small by working with a few individuals and engage others only as our capacity allows us
  • Load the National Baha’i sites of your country with Anti Iranian materials, Persecution of Baha’is etc.
As a conclusion, I could only understand that Acuto meeting was aimed to train future spies to work in interest of Baha’is in their country and work against Iran. So much for the slogan – “Baha’is do not participate in politics”

Source : https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/talk.religion.bahai/pO4efq4ASTQ

Baha'is should be treated Fairly!??

Human Rights in IsraHell
Baha'i Yaran in Iranian Prison
Throughout the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, around 800,000 Palestinians have been arrested by Israeli authorities, more than 10,000 of whom are women. Many of those female detainees were subjected to several forms of abuse, sexual in particular, but very few were willing to talk. On the eve of International Women’s Day, however, some decided to break their silence.

S.H., who refused to disclose her full name, was arrested for a few days to put pressure on her husband, also detained at the time, and extract confessions from him.

Read full story here:

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Israeli Abuse of Palestinian Children In Prison 'Systematic,' Says UN Report

Unitarian Baha'is Challange Haifan Baha'is

Why Baha’u’llah in his will and Testament appointed two Guardians at a time?

Baha’u’llah’s Will and Testaments
Verily God hath ordained the station of the Greater Branch [Muhammad Ali] to be beneath that of the Most Mightiest Branch [Abdu'l-Bahá]. He is in truth the Ordainer, the All-Wise. We have chosen ‘the Greater’ after ‘the Most Mightiest, as decreed by Him Who is the All-Knowing, the All-Informed.

Although in the last will of Baha’u’llah, “The Book of My Covenant”, Abbas Effendi was willed as a favor on him to occupy a great position, whereby he was clothed with the role of his Father, and on him was hung all the glory of his Father’s house, yet God had chosen as a command from all knowing all wise, his brother Mohammed Ali Effendi Ghusne Akbar to occupy the same position, after Abbas Effendi. Now, why had God appointed both brothers to occupy the same position one after the other..? Because the knowledge of God realized that the first appointed one Abbas Effendi, will not perform the function of that position. So it was necessary to appoint the Second brother Mohammed Ali Effendi that the function of that Great position may be fully performed.

What is the function of that Great position..? It is to impart to mankind the message of the most High to free them from the bonds of ignorance, through the teachings which were revealed in the Utterances of Baha’u’llah.

And as much as Abbas Effendi is claiming Divinity, he was so busy in his own teachings to support his claims, that he could not pay any attention nor has any time to promulgate the teachings of the Father as his writings and epistles and those of his followers bear witness.

But his brother Mohammed Ali Effendi, who was chosen after Abbas Effendi, claims nothing what so ever for himself. He declared that he is no more nor less than a finger-post pointing to Baha’u’llah and to His teachings, which suffice the whole world.

The Difference between the two Branches
Ghusne Akbar Vs Ghusne Azaam
Mohammed Ali Effendi (Ghusne Akbar)
Abbas Effendi (Ghusne Azam)
He tried to save the faith by asking to have meeting with Abbas Effendi.
He refused all sort of communication with his brothers.
He took care of entire family of Baha’u’llah, and stayed with them.
He ex-communicated the entire family of Baha’u’llah and moved with his wife and children to palace of Baha’u’llah
He focused in teachings of his Father Baha’u’llah and spread the awareness of faith.
He kept aside teachings of his Father and was busy in bragging about himself.
He took care of ailing Aghsan Ziya”u’llah Effendi as per instruction of his father “to take care of Aghsan.”
He abandoned his ailing brother and not attended his burial ceremony even told his followers to celebrate the death.
When Abbas Effendi stopped there monthly expenses he took care of family and borrowed money from friends to feed the family of Baha’u’llah.
He stopped their monthly expenses and kept all money and gift which was pouring from all over the world for himself and his children.
He was humbly meeting all the guest who use to visit tomb of Baha’u’llah.
He use to asked the people not to meet his brothers, and used to uttered bad words about them.
He never uttered single bad words about Abbas Effendi.
He called them Violator, covenant breaker, Mole, black ship.
He saved the widow of Zia’u’llah Effendi.
He tried to abduct the widow of his late brother
He arranged livelihood and house for Khadimullah Mirza Agha Jaan a servant of Baha’u’llah.
He beat him and threw him out of tomb of Baha’u’llah bare headed and bare footed.
He kept teachings and Tablet of Baha’u’llah intact.
He modified and destroyed most of Tablets of Baha’u’llah.
He called himself as finger-post pointing towards  Baha’u’llah.
He declared himself as center of covenant, return of Jesus, interpreter and infallaible.
He respected the followers and helper of Baha’u’llah equally.
He supported to only those who praised him and accepted his claims.
He never excommunicated anybody in his entire life.
He excommunicated the entire family of Baha’u’llah.
He tried to resolve the issue through Lady Templeton, His Son Shua’u’llah, Qamar Behai, to sit and discussed the difference and have open debate in front of believers.
He refused all such invitation since he was aware that he will lose.

This is the reason we Unitarian Baha’is believe that Abbas Effendi failed in promoting the teachings of Baha’u’llah and created the hatreds and conflict in family and society, hence he was spiritually excommunicated and his brother Mohammed Ali Effendi became the leader of faith, as Baha’u’llah has predicted and nominated two of his Son as his successor, Abbas Effendi failed and Mohammed Ali Effendi succeeded.

For more details of his corruption readers can visit :


What Shoghi's Relatives say about him...?

Standing : Abdul Hossein Dehqan & his brother,
Sitting : Shoghi Effendi
Born in ‘Akká in March 1897, Shoghi Effendi was related to The Báb through his father, Mírzá Hádí Shírází, and to Baha’u’llah through his mother, Ziyá'iyyih Khánum, the eldest daughter of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá. From the early years of his life, Shoghi Effendi was greatly influenced by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, who provided much of his initial training. Shoghi Effendi would pray at every dawn for one hour in his grandfather's room and learned numerous prayers which ‘Abdu’l-Bahá encouraged him to chant. It was also ‘Abdu’l-Bahá who insisted that the appellation given to the child should be "Shoghi Effendi", ("Effendi" signifies "Sir"), rather than simply "Shoghi", as a mark of respect towards him. (Bahai kipedia)

Shoghi Effendi’s Marriage

Shoghi Effendi was born, according to Bahai sources, on March 3, 1896, after Baha’u’llah’s death in 1892. Shoghi Effendi was to marry his cousin Maryam, daughter of Sir Abbas Effendi’s son-in-law Mirza Jalal Shahid.

Shoghi Effendi backed out and married Mary Maxwell. Subject to verification she is the daughter of May Ellis Maxwell, nce May Ellis Bolles. Her husband was a comedian. He was not a Bahai. After marriage she transferred her residence to Montreal. God passes by, P. 237; 239;

She has never accepted family name of Shoghi Effendi she always maintained her family name Maxwell follower had given her title of Ruhiyyeh Khanum and Amatul Baha.

The Surname ‘Rabbani’

According to Mirza Muhammad Ali’s sources, to distinguish the issues of one Afnan from those other Afnan, Sir Abbas Effendi gave the surname of Rabbani to children of Mirza Hadi Afnan.

Shoghi Rabbani retained this surname until his appointment as the guardian of the Bahai cause under Sir Abbas Effendi’s Will and Testament, the Bahai World, 1926-1928, Vol. II, P. 84, in which he was designated as Shoghi Effendi. Effendi means Mister.

Secret activities of Guardian of Faith

Conversion of Funds for Private Use
Ruth White: The subject converted funds to his own use. The Bahai religion and its Enemy the Bahai Organization by Ruth White, the Tuttle Company, Rutland, Vermont 1929.

Ruth White says: “In the Autumn of 1919 I sent to Abdul Baha [i.e. Sir Abbas Effendi] an American Express Company check of Five hundred dollars and asked him to apply it to some of the many charities he was dispensing.

About four month after we arrived in Haifa as the guests of Abdul Baha. On the day before departure I asked Abdul Baha if he had received the check. Without a moment’s hesitation and very emphatically he said that he had not received it. He repeated this a number of times, and seemed indignant that it had not been turned over to him.

I discussed this with various members of the family of Abdul Baha, and one of the brothers-in-law said he would go to town and enquire about the matter. He returned and said there was no record of the check. When I returned to America I asked the American Express Company to look up the receipt of the check I had sent through their office, and on the back of it was the signature of the person who had received the cash. This person was Shoghi Rabbani [i.e. Shoghi Effendi].

I asked the American Express Company to Photostat this check for me, which they did. Herewith it is a reproduction of the check with the signature of Sh. Rabbani on the back. Here then is proof positive that Shoghi Effendi cashed out the check and also proof that the son-in-law [presumably Mirza Muhsin Afnan] who purported to enquire of the check did not do it at all. Otherwise, he would have ascertained in a few minutes from the office of the American Express Company at Haifa that the check had been cashed by Sh. Rabbani, as I had given the son-in-law the whole information, the date of sending, the name of sender, etc. All of which shows that there was collusion between the son-in-law and Shoghi Effendi. Circumstantial evidence also points to the fact that Shoghi Effendi used the money to go to Oxford University.

For immediately after cashing the check he departed for Oxford, this despite the fact that Abdul Baha did not wish him to go. Some may naturally ask: How could Shoghi Effendi have cashed the check unless he had authority to do so. This he may have had. Yet the fact remain that the proceeds were never turned over to Abdul Baha. My readers may, therefore, draw their own conclusions.”

The making of Shoghi Effendi

At the time of the passing of Sir Abbas Effendi in 1921, the only members of the Baha's family, unaffected by Sir Abbas Effendi's clutches , and were in good book  were Sir Abbas Effendi's full sister Sultan or Bahiyya Khanum, surnamed the supreme leaf (Waraqa-i-Bahiyya), Sir Abbas Effendi's wife lady Munira, Sir Abbas Effendi's four daughters, Sir Effendi's four sons-in-law.

It was in such circumstance that after the death of Sir Abbas Effendi, his will came to public in which Shoghi Effendi was inducted into office as Guardian of the cause under the terms of Sir Abbas Effendi's will and testament, for which no probate was taken out. Apparently an irregularity which set people wondering whether the will and testament is real…?

During his life span Sir Abbas Effendi had never declared him as his successor, since as per the Will and Testament of Baha’u’llah Mohammed Ali Effendi was suppose to take the chair of guardianship after Sir Abbas Effendi.

Pleading inability to enter upon the duties of his office forthwith to recover from the shock caused by the death of Sir Abbas Effendi, Shoghi Effendi withdrew his hand from the things, retired into solitude for a number of years, and left the actual handling of the Bahai affair in the hands of the elderly members of the Sir Abbas Effendi's family with Baha's daughter the supreme leaf as a titular head, who served as a mere rubber-stamp, master minded by Sir Abbas Effendi's wife lady Munira, "the she of Isfahan”.

On the one hand, the Father designates Muhammad Ali as “the Branch derived from the ancient stock, He whom god has chosen, the Most Great Branch, god’s proof among his creation, and the Sweet Savor of god between the heaven and the earth”, on the other hand, the son, Abdul Baha Abbas “the Center of the Covenant, the Most Mighty Branch, the Branch derived from the ancient stock”, brands Muhammad Ali as “the Center of sedition, a ferocious lion, a ravening wolf, a blood-thirsty beast,  and poisoner of others, a covenant-breaker, a kindler of discord, a shower of malice, a stirrer of sedition, a dishonor of god, and a temperer with the sacred writings”. Has  Baha’u’llah  erred in his divine judgment of Muhammad Ali ?

Shoghi Effendi came out of his retirement, took over the reins if the Baha’i administration, and demanded ready and implicit obedience from the servants of God, in default of which any servant of god was liable to excommunication or summary expulsion from the faith under same pretence and pretext. Shoghi Effendi brooked interference. His decisions were absolute and final and his words authoritative. As the divinely-ordained guardian all the faithful must obey him.

Shoghi Effendi the Play Boy

Subhi’s Payam-i Padar, PP. 143-146:
mentioned that Shoghi Effendi  to be a frequenter of men of magnificent physique and virility, a pervert who craved to be consorted with, a hermaphrodite requiring surgical operation to determine his sex.

Subhi  have been an eyewitness on several occasions to performance of such indecent acts and on one occasion particular occasion he states to have been challenged by the Shoghi Effendi  to put his manhood  to the test. 

“Shoghi Effendi was possessed of peculiar nature and habit which cannot be properly described; his manly disposition was inconsiderable; he was continually desirous of cultivating friendship, and associations, with robust men and youth!.”

“Shoghi Effendi, Dr Ziya Baghdadi and Subhi get up a party at night at Acre at which jokes were cracked. Subhi absented himself from the room on business. On return he found the couple in compromising circumstances “with Dr Ziya Baghdadi having committed an indecent act” …

Taken aback” Subhi said : “Doctor! What is this business you have been doing?” Shoghi Effendi turned the face toward me” and said: “If you are also a man, prove yourself a male!!”

“I have heard such remarks from, and have witnessed such scenes of Shoghi Effendi on several occasions.”
Shoghi Effendi may be categorized “in the category of “hermaphrodites” in whom opposite qualities are embodied….”requiring surgical operation for adjustment.

Shoghi Effendi has “no feeling, attachment or devotion” for father, Brother, Sister, mother or friend. He issues orders which no sane man would give.”

The Kashful-Hiyal (the Uncovering of Deceptions) by Abdul Husayn Ayati nicknamed Avareh, one-time chief Bahai missionary says

“it is not possible to categorize him as either male or female! Neither possessing feminine kindness and charm nor having mannish wisdom and sobriety! There are attachments in these kinds of people which is hard to find out. I am not aware if you have heard of that physicians lays down a man and by some medical treatment changes him to a female and vice versa. … I wish Shoghi had visited a physician in his youth and could be purified! That’s why you don’t see him having any attachment to his father or grief of his siblings; neither remembering his mother’s pains to raise him nor recognizing his true friends!

He commands things that are not wise, and excuses that are far from rational. All this because of the same root problem.

Awara’s Kashf-al-Hiyal, Vol. II, 2nd impression, PP. 84-85 and P. 166; Vol., III 3rd impression, PP. 212-213:                             

“The command of Allah shall be executed” (a quote from Quran), forty days after Abdul’baha was passed, mourning time was over, and grooming and happy time had arrived for Shoghi! And Shoghi, you don't know who Shoghi was! The same Shoghi who if all accusations before his adolescence (with all proofs and evidences!) are wrong, those after his adolescence are true! Because hundreds of students who were studying in Beirut are witness that he had no inclination towards his studies and his only passion was to sell theater/movie tickets to ladies and his only concern was to attract ladies’ hearts and dance with them. Finally and because of all these intends, he failed in his studies and scabies appeared on his hands, so he was wearing Chamois leather gloves and treating them for a while!

Shoghi and with that you knew who Shoghi was! The guy who failed to get a diploma in Oxford as well as Beirut! The same Shoghi who his classmate asked him why don’t you pay attention to your studies and he replied:” what is studying all about? To find a piece of bread and mine is already prepared ” And the same Shoghi who during his first and last speech in London, for an audience of 16, Miss Rosenberg stood up and said: beloved Shoghi, sit down! People have no desire to listen to you and they have fallen asleep!” this old lady of 70 years, took the dice from hand of Shoghi and spoke”.

Kashful Hiyal Vol 2 page 84-85 second edition

“if one has seen  Mr. Shoghi Effendi has entered a private shower together with the son of Mirza Baqir Shirazi at the morning  call to prayer(Azan) and followed them and has seen again what he saw, he used to  say sense (eye) make errors in sensible (seeing) and you saw is wrong?”

His Achievements

He started dominating his house hold and miss used the Baha’i fund as he likes irrespective of his marriage was fixed with one of his cousin he married American lady, when he crossed all limits his house hold like his Father, mother, Bahaiyeh Khanum when objected he Walking on footsteps of his Grand Father Sir Abbas Effendi, he ex-communicated the entire linage of Baha’u’llah and cleared his path, even to his mother who played vital role in making him Guardian of faith.

Death of Shoghi Effendi an end of era of Guardianship

As he was mystery of God even his death remain mystery till today, here we can analyze with circumstantial evidence which show his sudden death was planned and he was poisoned.

In the beginning of year 1957 Shoghi Effendi was feeling sick as per advice of his doctors and his Wife he agreed to go for complete checkup in England he reached London with his wife on 20th October 1957 and they stayed together in one hotel during one week of their stay in London hotel suddenly Shoghi effendi was diagnose with Influenza it was time when the 10 years crusade plan was being drawn with the consultation of John Frabie (who was hand of cause of God and secretary of NSA England) and Hasan Balyouzi Afnan (who was member of NSA of England) , but it was not clear who will be head of faith after him, Marry Maxwell who was present and was aware of conspiracy was keeping tab on deteorating health of Shoghi Effendi and asked him that is there any pain in your body, Shoghi replied no, only in my finger, he said I am feeling tired she without through check up from doctors took medicine and gave to Shoghi to eat and in same night he passed away. Marry Maxwell knowing the gravity of situation had telegraphed Baha’i world that guardian is very sick, although he was dead.

Thus he left the world without appointing any guardian for the faith, although it was instruction from His Grandfather that every guardian should appoint his successor during his life time, and it was prophecy of Sir Abbas Effendi that this dispensation will have 24 guardian, the eldest son of each guardian will be the successor, Shoghi Effendi was child less for above mentioned reason, the prophecy of Sir Abbas Effendi  fake. A playboy guardian lived a lavish life style of a homosexual used the money of Baha’is, disobeyed the teachings of his grandfather and rested in peace in London.

Source : http://bahaileaders9.blogspot.de/
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