UHJ hath been nullified and abolished !

UHJ members should return to their "native countries" and contemplate the writings of Baha'u'llah !
By Ron House

"We have erewhile declared - and Our Word is the truth -: "Consort with the followers of all religions in a spirit of friendliness and fellowship." Whatsoever hath led the children of men to shun one another, and hath caused dissensions and divisions amongst them, hath, through the revelation of these words, been nullified and abolished." (Baha'u'llah - Ref: http://info.bahai.org/article-1-3-2-26.html )


Axiom: The UHJ causes the children of men to shun one another. (There are occasionally many letters being sent to various NSAs ordering them to Shun certain people of their community, the NSA regularly takes away the Administrative Rights of certain individuals with the warning of Shunning, The facts are Baha'is claim to associate with all people with joy and fragrance and yet they secretly bust up families.)

Axiom: "Whatsoever hath led the children of men to shun one another...hath ... been nullified and abolished."

Conclusion: Therefore the UHJ hath been nullified and abolished.

I didn't say it, Baha'u'llah did.

Question & Answer from TRB !!! Please contribute with your answers....

Baha'i Social Activities

Question by : parodyrun...@gmail.com
In a majority Baha'i society, how would heretics and dissidents be treated? If for example, someone believed in Baha’ullah but not necessarily the UHJ, how would that person function in a Baha'i society? Would they be allowed in restaurants or hospitals? Would they have a different drinking fountain or worse. Would they be taken to court for calling themselves Baha'is?

Answer by : Wahid Azal (Renowned Azali)
In a, God forbid, baha'i state all dissidents and heretics would be rounded up and either permanently institutionalized (gulag prisons or psychiatric concentration camps), starved to death or disappeared.

Another Answer by : Ron House (Ex-Baha'i)
They would be shunned, their friends and family forcibly broken up, and they would be jailed, the jailers prohibited from talking to them.

Getting chummy with old mates!

"...Sir 'Abbas Effendi 'Abdu'l Baha had travelled extensively in Europe and America to expound his doctrines, and on the 4th December, 1919, was created by King George V. a K.B.E. for valuable services rendered to the British Government in the early days of the Occupation....." (This is written by the then British Governor of Occupied Palestine)

Abdul Baha's friendship with the Military Personals
Top Secret British Documents (For more details see : http://bahaisandbritannia.googlepages.com/home)

Top Secret British Documents (For more details see : http://bahaisandbritannia.googlepages.com/home)

Getting chummy with old mates!
The micro community of 5000 Baha'is; most of whom are Iranians, is one of the most dear Community to the government of UK. May be more dearer then the Jewish Community!

In 1918, the world was at war. The British fought the Turks for control of Palestine, and the British occupied Palestine in late 1918 at the Battle of the the Valley of Megiddo ("Armageddon").

Abdul Baha servant of the then Imperialist British Empire !

This is from the Haifan Baha'i Sources :

...on the prompt intervention of Lord Lamington, who immediately wrote to the Foreign Office to "explain the importance of 'Abdu'l-Bahá's position;" on the despatch which the Foreign Secretary, Lord Balfour, on the day of the receipt of this letter, sent to General Allenby, instructing him to "extend every protection and consideration to 'Abdu'l-Bahá, His family and His friends;" on the cablegram subsequently sent by the General, after the capture of Haifa, to London, requesting the authorities to "notify the world that 'Abdu'l-Bahá is safe;" on the orders which that same General issued to the General Commanding Officer in command of the Haifa operations to insure ‘Abdu'l-Baha's safety,...
The 'love' of the then cunning British Governors for Abdul Baha:

...Nor were the British authorities slow to express their appreciation of the role which 'Abdu'l-Bahá had played in allaying the burden of suffering that had oppressed the inhabitants of the Holy Land during the dark days of that distressing conflict. The conferment of a knighthood upon Him at a ceremony specially held for His sake in Haifa, at the residence of the British Governor, at which notables of various communities had assembled; the visit paid Him by General and Lady Allenby, who were His guests at luncheon in Bahji, and whom He conducted to the Tomb of Bahá'u'lláh; the interview at His Haifa residence between Him and King Feisal who shortly after became the ruler of Iraq; the several calls paid Him by Sir Herbert Samuel (later Viscount Samuel of Carmel) both before and after his appointment as High Commissioner for Palestine; His meeting with Lord Lamington who, likewise, called upon Him in Haifa, as well as with the then Governor of Jerusalem, Sir Ronald Storrs;...

He was knighted "Sir Abbas Effendi 'Abdu'l-Baha" by the British in 1920 by General Allenby.
Abdul Baha getting rewarded for his Services rendered to the British Occupiers and Killers.
The man holding the award is Mr. Badi Bushrui, the father of Soheil Bushrui, at the far right, the second man is Harlan Ober, and the woman next to him is his wife, Grace Ober, holding a white piece of paper in her hand.  Two men to the left of Mr. Ober, with his left hand in his pocket and a cane in his right hand, appears to be Dr. Lutfullah Hakim, who was, 43 years later, elected to the Universal House of Justice.
Getting chummy with old mates!
Eric Pickles MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government– pictured right – examines personal and historical items associated with ‘Abdu’l-Baha at a reception hosted by the British government for the Baha’i community, 28 November 2012.
5 December 2012 /13 Qawl 169 B.E.

Dearly loved Friends

In an unprecedented event, the UK government through its Department for Communities and Local Government initiated and hosted a reception in honour of the UK Bahá’í community to celebrate the Centenary of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s visit to Britain.

The gathering was held on Wednesday 28 November, the anniversary of the passing of the Beloved Master, at Eland House in London and attended by Government Ministers, Members of Parliament, civil servants, and some 80 believers representing the diversity of the UK community. The reception was addressed by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, the Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP and the Minister for Integration, the Rt Hon Don Foster MP, who both spoke with warmth and appreciation for the contribution Bahá’ís are making to the betterment of their local communities. The Minister for Integration also quoted passages from the Writings of the Master, emphasising their ongoing relevance to the current needs of individuals and communities in the UK and the Government’s support in working towards their realisation.  A representative of the Bahá’í community also shared some remarks about the significance of the Master’s visit to Britain and the current work of the UK Bahá’í community.

The reception at Eland House represents a significant step forward in the Bahá'í community’s relationship with the UK Government and a full report of the proceedings can be found at http://news.bahai.org/story/932.

With loving Bahá'í greetings


Kishan Manocha
Secretary of External Affairs

Baha'is diminishing in The United Kingdom

The first one is believed to be the Return of "Jesus Christ" while the other one (Baha'u'llah) has claimed himself to be the "Sender of Prophets", the "God of Gods".
How have England & Wales changed in the last decade? Today we get a pretty good idea as the Office for National Statistics releases the first detailed results of the 2011 census. If you want to find out what religions Britons practice, how many of them are mixed-race, where they come from or whether they work, this is the place you can find out :


At one other place the blogger of "Heresy Corner" writes thus about the "OTHER RELIGIONS"

Officially, around 241,000 people in England and Wales listed their religion as "other" on last year's Census form, the results of which were released yesterday.  This doesn't include the 177,000 self-declared Jedi, who are counted separately (the Census people assume, for some reason, that it's not a proper religion).  In 2001 there were 390,000 Jedi Knights, who were put down as No Religion, as were people who called themselves atheists, humanists and even heathens.  This was problematic because many, perhaps most, "Heathens" are followers of Norse gods rather than atheists.  This year, following a campaign, Heathens were listed as "Other religion".  Otherwise, the figures were calculated in much the same way.

The total represents a big increase on the 151,00 Others in 2001 - even allowing for the misidentified Heathens.  It mirrors, almost exactly, the percentage increase in those of No Religion, which rose from under 15% to over 25%.  It's up by two thirds.  It's a smaller increase, in both absolute and percentage terms, than Buddhism has enjoyed - Buddhists leapfrogged Others to go from 144,000 to 248,000, an increase of 72%.  It also trails behind Islam, up 75%.  But Islam's increase can largely be attributed to immigration and birthrate.  It's dramatic when set against the huge fall in Christianity (down from 72% to 59%), the modest rise in numbers of Hindus and Sikhs and the flatlining Jews.


The Category "Others" also includes well-established faiths, some of great antiquity, others just about long-enough established to count as "proper" religions.  These can be broken down as follows:

Minority Indian religions:
Jain: 20,288
Ravidassia: 11,058
Total: 31,346

Baha'i: 5,021

Traditional Chinese Religion:
Taoist: 4144
Chinese: 182
Confucian: 124
Total: 4450
(I suspect that the majority of UK Chinese put themselves down as Buddhists or Christians)

Zoroastrianism: 4,105
Shinto: 1075
Druze: 515
Traditional African, Voodoo, Animist: 1290
Native American Church: 127

The grand total of "minor faiths" is 47,929: well behind the number of pagans and very similar to that for the religious freelancers.  No Mormons are listed, incidentally.  I assume that all the Mormons described themselves as Christians.

Finally, New Religious Movements, some of which come under the rubric of cults.  By far the largest (and certainly no cult) is Rastafarianism, with 7,906 adherents, more than the Baha'i, Zoroastrianism or all the traditional Chinese faiths combined.  The others that make the list are: Scientology (2418), Moonies (452), Brahma Kumari (442), Eckankar (379).  This brings a total of 11,597, or just 3691 if you exclude the Rastafarians.


Iran arrests 28 over links to foreign-based TV networks advocating banned Baha’i religion

Indian Iranian (Baha'i) Sama Sabet reporting for Noveen TV

TEHRAN, Iran — Tehran’s chief prosecutor says authorities have arrested 28 Iranians for alleged links to foreign-based TV networks advocating the Baha’i religion, which is banned in the Islamic Republic.

A Tuesday report by semi-official Mehr news agency quotes Abbas Jafari Dowlatabadi as saying intelligence officers arrested the members of “counterrevolutionary networks” in 10 buildings across the city of Tehran.

The detainees were in close contact with TV networks that advocate the Baha’i faith, Dowlatabadi said.

Source : http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/iran-arrests-28-over-links-to-foreign-based-tv-networks-advocating-banned-bahai-religion/2012/12/11/b4d635b4-439f-11e2-8c8f-fbebf7ccab4e_story.html
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