Exhibit No. 4


During the war the Arabs were less frequent in their raids. They were afraid, if they ventured too near, that they might be seized and carried off into an unknown life—that of the soldier, the idea of which was a terror to themselves, and indirectly a cause of tranquility to the villagers.

Preparation for war conditions had been made by 'Abdu'l-Bahá even before His return to Palestine, after His world tour. The people of the villages Nughayb, Samrih, and 'Adasiyyih were instructed by the Master how to grow corn, so as to produce prolific harvests, in the period before and during the lean years of the war.

A vast quantity of this corn was stored in pits, some of which had been made by the Romans, and were now utilized for this purpose. So it came about that 'Abdu'l-Bahá was able to feed numberless poor of the people of Haifa, 'Akkaa, and the neighborhood, in the famine years of 1914-1918.

We learned that when the British marched into Haifa there was some difficulty about the commissariat. The officer in command went to consult the Master.

"I have corn," was the reply.

"But for the army?" said the astonished soldier.

"I have corn for the British Army," said 'Abdu'l-Baha.

He truly walked the Mystic way with practical feet.

Exhibit No. 5

pages 299-300

... After the end of the war, officials of the British government extended their appreciation for the valuable services rendered by His Holiness `Abdu’l-Bahá towards the residents of the holy land in reducing the pains of the people of the land. This appreciation and gratitude was expressed in the form of presenting him with the title of "Knighthood" and the special Order, which was done in ceremonies which took place at the residence of the British ruler in Haifa, attended by dignitaries from different nations and sects, including Gen. Allenby, the British commander, accompanied by his counterpart in Bahji, King Faisal, who later ascended to the Iraqi throne, and Sir Herbert Samuel, later entitled Viscount Samuel of Carmel....


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