Baha’is seek minority status in India

Press Trust of India

Right : One of the leader of Baha'i Group in India Mrs. Faride Vahedi (marked with red spot).
Left : Baha'is converting Indian Hindus just outside a Hindu temple.
New Delhi, Aug 22: Groups representing the Baha’is and Kashmiri Pandits have sought minority status for the two communities.

Delegations of the two communities today met Minority Affairs Minister Najma Heptullah with the demand that they be conferred with minority status, which has been so far given to Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and Jains, an official statement said.

“Heptulla met a delegation of the Jammu & Kashmir Vichar Manch. The delegation led by Manch’s president Sanjay Ganjoo met the minister seeking minority status for the Kashmiri Pandits,” it said.
The Baha’i delegation comprised Nelakshi Rajkhowa and Farida Wahidi.

The government has so far accorded minority status only to minority religious communities. Pandits are officially considered Hindus while the Baha’is share some Islamic beliefs but see themselves as a separate religious group.

Abdu'l Baha and Ku Klux Klan !

Video : The life of a Newly Converted Baha'i.

وزير الداخلية حسين المجالي : الأردن رفض ترخيص الطائفة البهائية

Interior Minister Mr. Husain Al-Majali refused to recognize the Baha'i cult in Jordan
Translation : The minister in front of the House of Representatives on Wednesday (02-07-2014) declared that his government has rejected the Baha'i appeal to grant their cult a Non-Muslim, minority "Religion Status" in Jordan. About other 11 christian sects he has removed 2 sects from the list and did not gave his decision about the remaining 9 christian sects.

Interior Minister Mr. Husain Al-Majali refused to recognize the Baha'i cult in Jordan. United States is again worried. See the condemnation of United States in its so called "Human Rights" report of this country. US is interested in having the Baha'i nets everywhere in the Muslim world. After gaining success in Indonesia, they are now behind Jordan and pressurizing the Jordanian Government to recognize this cult as a Religion.
If you are interested in the translation of the above text. Please help yourself with google translate. Thank you.

Following are the two links where Baha'is are teaching the Arab Muslims about the Holy Quran and Islam !!!!! They say, this way they are building a better society and establishing unity!! I say do this in Israel. Teach Zionist Israelis about Baha'u'llah and your universal peace!

Baha'i Administration in Egypt. From early days till the rise of Sisi.

The founder of Baha'i cult, Mr. Hossein Ali Nari AKA Baha'u'llah, passed from Egypt in 1868 when he was being taken for imprisonment to `Akká for his illegal and criminal activities in Iran, Iraq and Turkey. It was in 1896 when some of the Egyptians were converted to Mr. Nari's cult deceptively. During those days not much literature was available except there were some Persian Baha'is converting innocent people through "Tact and Wisdom". During the same years Local and National Spiritual Assemblies were formed for them. Read the below quoted text from Baha'i World - Vol. VII, that puts a light on how the Baha'is were perhaps considered as a sect of Islam until 1937 when suddenly by the order of Shoghi Effendi they felt that "the last link binding them to the old order has been broken".

In June 1956 public referendum approved Gamal Abdel Nasser as the president of Egypt and also the new constitution was approved. In 1960 all Bahá'í activities were banned by Decree 263 by the orders of  President Gamal Abdel Nasser - the great leader of Egypt. However, in 1963, there were still seven organized communities in Egypt. Some agencies give a number of roughly 2000 to 7000 Bahá'ís in Egypt.

They gained good popularity through various media stunts, one such was the Egyptian identification card case. Another was celebration of Nawruz (Baha'i Holy Day) at a Public Garden with combined males and females, singing, dancing and involving in some indecent acts that the Islamic culture of Egypt disapprove of. I think it was the same year when they gained enough publicity due to their Ruhi Curriculum and Children Classes that are designed to convert innocent people. The Egyptian Muslims sent their children to these classes thinking that these are some good classes and meant for Spiritual and Moral upliftment of their children. When they came to know of the reality they asked the Baha'is to stop their activities completely. Some of them asked them to go to Israel and teach the Jewish children. The Baha'is continued their activities and did not paid attention to the worsening situation. Ultimately it gave rise to violence and hatred. The Muslims asked the "Covenant Breakers" (Baha'is) to leave the town immediately.

Please see this video :



EGYPT today ranks among Eastern nations as a center of modern civilization. Her cultured classes, aware of modern trends, are furthering her social progress along international lines. She demonstrates a new spirit of tolerance, greatly needed in a part of the world where religious fanaticism has not yet been relegated to the past.

Following the historic pronouncement in 1925 of the Muslim courts, which declared the total independence from Islam of the Baha'i Faith, the Baha'i Cause has spread widely throughout the country, and not only the principles but also the laws of Baha'u'llah have been firmly established. Today even matters of personal status, including marriage, divorce, alimony and the like, are subject in Egyptian Baha'i communities to the decision of the Spiritual Assembly, functioning on the basis of the laws of the "Kitab-i-Aqdas."

"Baha'is," declares a recently issued statement of our National Spiritual Assembly which is illustrative of the highly developed state of Baha'i Administration in Egypt, "according to the instructions of the beloved Guardian may under no circumstances refer cases to Muslim religious courts. Civil cases, however, may be referred to the courts involved, although the National Assembly prefers to have them considered by our own bodies. Cases involving Baha'is and non-Baha'is may be referred to Baha'i Assemblies providing both parties agree in writing to accept Baha'i arbitration. As regards criminal cases, all Baha'is are subject to the laws of the country."

Thanks to the valuable gift of an acre of cultivated land, presented to the National Spiritual Assembly by Sharubim Effendi 'Ubayd of Cairo and legally transferred to that body, the National Spiritual Assembly is entitled to all civil rights authorized by law. In order to give the Declaration of Trust permanent legal force, the amendments which were adopted subsequent to 1935, as well as a document empowering the above-mentioned donor to the usufruct of the land for a period of five years, are being legalized. However, the final official recognition of the Baha'i community by the Government is still pending, and at this writing we await the reply of His Excellency the Prime Minister to a renewed petition, duly approved by the Guardian, regarding this.

Current opposition to us is chiefly exercised by Muslims on religious grounds. Not long ago, when Malakat Khanum, beloved daughter of Mahmud Effendi Nochougati, passed away in Port Said on September 17, 1937, an event followed which exemplifies the current situation. At the request of Mahmud Effendi, the Local Spiritual Assembly resolved for the first time to conduct the funeral ceremonies entirely according to Baha'i rites. Non-Baha'i relatives of the deceased threatened that unless Muslim rites were observed, they would cause an uproar in Port Said and would take away the body by force. The Baha'is proving inflexible, the relatives then begged that the funeral procession should at least stop at the Mosque for prayers; again the Baha'is, realizing the implication of this, refused, and communicated with the Chief of Police, who provided them with an armed guard. Draped with a rose-colored cloth and covered with flowers, the coffin was borne through the streets of the city; musicians preceded the casket, school girls dressed in white and carrying red roses accompanied it, and the local Baha'i community and their friends followed. The streets were thronged with those who had come to watch the Baha'i cortege. Baha'i tablets were chanted at the grave, and later a great number of Muslims, Christians and Jews came to the Baha'i Center to offer condolences and listen to Baha'i prayers. The friends felt that the last link binding them to the old order had now been broken.

As present conditions are not favorable to an extended teaching campaign, Baha'is are being urged by their Assemblies to redouble their individual efforts along this line. Meetings, Feasts, studies planned by the Annual Conventions, are a continuous inspiration, and the number of declared believers is always on the increase. Our teaching activities will be greatly confirmed by the construction of the Haziratu'l-Quds in Cairo, a project encouraged by repeated donations from the Guardian and soon to be carried out. The visit of our beloved friend, Mr. F. Schopflocher of America, during the winter of 1937, also resulted in important teaching work; his speech at the Y.M.C.A. in Alexandria was published in the "Egyptian Gazette," and another article appeared in "La Bourse fegyptienne," which also published an article by our friend Mme. Gharzuzi.

At the suggestion of the Guardian, this National Assembly requested 'Abdu'l-Hamid Effendi Ibrahim, an Alexandria believer and one of those three Baha'is who served the Cause in Ethiopia, to proceed to the Sudan and establish a permanent residence there. He reached Khartum, the capital, in May, 1937, and opened a tailor shop. His latest report gives us full details of the manners, customs and beliefs of the Sudan, and he assures us that through the confirmations of Baha'u'llah he will be able to establish the Faith in that land. In October, 1936, Dr. M. alih, present chairman of the Spiritual Assembly of Alexandria, visited the Baha'is of Tunis in compliance with the Guardian's request. The friends there made use of the occasion to study the Baha'i Administrative Order, and were supplied by this National Assembly with copies of our Declaration of Trust and By-Laws, also of Baha'i Laws on matters of Personal Status. Dr. Silih hopes to visit Tunis again in 1938.

The Baha'is are trying hard to gain recognition in Egypt. As usual they receive full support from the imperialist countries, the so called world powers.

Shoghi Effendi has given clear instructions to Baha'i leaders to take full benefit from the Turmoils and Political upheavals in the countries. With the recent changes in political atmosphere they became very active in Egypt and from a "Core Group" (A group like Yaran of Iran) they formed a "fully functional NSA" in Egypt. This new NSA is now going to create more disturbances in Egypt by its so called 4 core activities. This cult is now going to create more problems for a country that is already suffering. The government agencies and the people of Egypt should be careful of this cult, otherwise they are going to end up in the hands of their enemies.

Three members of the then "Egyptian Core Group" visited India.
From Left to Right are Shady Samir, Wafaa Hendy, Basma Gamal Moussa.

Indonesian Baha'i Pilgrims in Israel (Baha'i Indonesia di Israel)

Baha'i Akan Jadi Agama Baru Di Indonesia

The dead body of Bab was taken into these wooden boxes after his execution.

This Picture was taken by the officials of Russian Embassy.

The corporatization of Sourcewatch leads to bahai lobbying of Sourcewatch and deletion of SW entries

By Wahid Azal

In 2010-2011, due to incessant funding problems, the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), which at the time operated on a near shoe string budget and with barely a handful of volunteer staff and a single wiki site, bit the proverbial bullet and was bought out and financially restructured, i.e. corporatized. Up until early 2013 the articles and entries of the site Sourcewatch were left alone and moderation policies were fair and uniform across the site as they had been up to 2010-11. Upon the assumption of former Clinton administration insider, Lisa Graves <> to the CMD executive directorship(an administration we should recall that was quite friendly to the baha'is) articles and entries began disappearing one by one or are being indefinitely parked. As of this year, when a legion of the old moderators and contributors began leaving the site, Sourcewatch has been transformed overnight from a portal of independent media into yet another bully pulpit of twisted, deceptive and aggressive American neo-liberal foreign policy propaganda. It began with articles and entries being pulled from the site that were unfavorable to individuals and entities associated with the ruling Kievan junta which the Americans helped into power in Ukraine against a constitutional government earlier this year.

Now it appears that Lisa Graves, who is now heading the CMD (and all affiliates), has a history of doing shady business: and is now pulling all the entries and articles associated with the Haifan Bahai organization as well. They have began with these:

1. Baha'i Faith
Original Link (now parked)

Now at:

2. Baha'i Internet Agency
Original Link (now parked)

Now at:

3.Pat Kohli
Original link (now parked)

Now at:

4. Susan S. Maneck
Original link (now parked)

Now at:

Make no mistakes these articles and entries have been pulled because of direct lobbying of (and possibly financial remuneration by) Wilmette and Haifa of the CMD and Lisa Graves personally, since the North American system of political lobbying operates completely on the principle of graft. This is also another indication that beyond the ramping up of their propaganda against Russia, the USA is now going into another aggressive gear of anti-Iranian propaganda.

I put this information out here so that people are aware of what is going on.!topic/talk.religion.bahai/ufUx8hLVH1c

Abdu'l-Baha: Indigenous Americans are wild savage animals who lack reason and whose country should have been named after a white European

The most preached and most celebrated teaching of Baha’u’llah is the Oneness of Humanity. In this article we will show using quotes from Abdu’l-Baha how the Oneness of Humanity applies to the Indians of America.

The original Farsi speeches of Abdu’l-Baha which were uttered in America were published by the Iranian National Institute for Baha’i Publications in the Second volume of the book Khatabat (speeches) in the year 127 Badi`. The book can be found on the official Baha’i library at:

and can be downloaded using the following links:

 On pages 112-113 Abdu’l-Baha is cited as uttering the following statements:

«شماها بايد خيلی ممنون کلمبوس شويد که چنين مملکت عظيمی برای شما کشف نمود از اغرب غرائب آنکه او کشف کرد لکن بنام امريک مشهور گرديد بايد فی الحقيقه اسمش کلمبيا باشد و حق و عدالت اين بود.» (افندی، عباس {عبدالبهاء}. خطابات. تهران: مؤسسه ملی مطبوعات امری، 127 بدیع. ج 2، ص 112-113)
“You must be very thankful to Columbus for discovering such a great country for you. It is the most strange thing that he discovered it but it became known as America. In reality, it must be called Columbia and this would be right and just.”

Abdu’l-Baha asks the audience to thank Columbus for discovering this country for them! Are the natives of America not regarded as humans and this land is only regarded as discovered when a white European first sets foot on it? Has Abdu’l-Baha forgotten the brutal massacre of the Indians by the white men and is only concerned that the white settlers should thank Columbus that he has discovered such a “great land” for them?!

Abdu’l-Baha speaks these words in a manner that one would be inclined to believe that no natives existed on this continent and if they did, they had no rights at all, not even the right to choose a name for the land they lived in and it is “right and just” to name this land after the first white man that Abdu’l-Baha believes set foot on it. Is this how the Oneness of Humanity is implemented in Baha’ism? 

He then continues:
«هر کائنی از کائنات نا سوتيّه و لو هر چه فائده داشته باشد لابد مضرّتی هم دارد لکن بايد نظر کرد که آيا فايده يا ضررش بيشتر است. حالا اگر چه از اکتشاف کلمبوس ظاهراً عالم در مشقّت و تعب افتاد مثلاً اگر کلمبوس کشف امريک ننموده بود کشتی بزرگ مثل تيتانيک ساخته نميشد و اين همه نفوس غرق نميگشت لکن اين ضرر ها بالنّسبه بمنافع هيچ است»
“Any creation from these earthly creations, no matter what benefits it has, will inevitably cause some harm, but we must see which is greater: the benefit or the harm. Even though by Columbus’ discovery (of America) the world apparently suffered from hardship and languishment-for instance if Columbus had not discovered America a great ship like the Titanic would not have been built and all these souls would not have drowned [!!!!]-but these harms compared to the benefits are nothing.” 

Abdu’l-Baha claims that the discovery of America had benefits and caused some harm. We would expect Abdu’l-Baha to refer here to the hardships endured by the American Indians after white man plundered it, but no, Adbdu’l-Baha believes that a more suitable example is the drowning of a very small number of white Europeans and American settlers in the Titanic. And he believes this disaster was so great that it warrants him to refer to it as a hardship and languishment that the world suffered!

This is not all the story. In the same book on pages 236-7 he utters the following words:

«اين قطعه زمين آمريک چه بود جنگل بود زمين خالی بود و اين به مقتضای طبيعت بود پس چه چيز او را آباد کرد عقول انسانی پس ناقص است عقول انسانی اين نواقص را کامل نمايد بعد از آنکه زمين بود جنگل بود حال شهرهای آباد شده پيش از آنکه کلمبوس بيايد امريکا چه بود عالم طبيعت بود حالا عالم انسان شده اگر عالم طبيعت کامل بود بايد همان طور باشد. حالا ملاحظه کنيد که اوّل تاريک بود حال روشن شده اوّل خراب بود حال آباد شده جنگل بود حالا بوستان شده اوّل خارستان بود حال گلستان گشته. پس ثابت شد که عالم طبيعت ناقص است و ظلمانی اگر طفلی متولّد شود او را تربيت نکنيم بر حال طبيعی بگذاريم چه می شود شبهه ئی نيست بی ادراک و جاهل می ماند و حيوان خواهد بوددر اواسط افريقا ملاحظه کنيد که مثل حيوانات بلکه پست تر از حيوانند پس ملاحظه نمائيم که تربيت الهی در عالم انسانی چه کرده. عالم طبيعت عالم حيوان است.»
“What was this piece of land (called) America? It was a jungle, it was an empty land. This was due to (the work of) nature. What caused it to flourish? The reasons of the people. Thus (nature) is imperfect and the reasons of the people make it perfect. Previously it was an (empty) land now it has become (full) of prosperous cities. Before Columbus came it was the world of nature now it is the world of humans. If the world of nature was perfect it should have been like that (from the beginning). Pay attention that first it was dark now it is illuminated, first it was ruined now it is prosperous, first it was full of thorns now it is full of flowers. Thus it is proved that the world of nature is imperfect and dark. If a child is born and we do not nurture him and we abandon him in his natural state what will happen? Without a doubt, he will remain ignorant and without cognition and he will be an animal. Look at (the inhabitants of) central Africa who are like animals and even inferior. Thus we can see how divine nurturing influences the world of humanity. The world of nature is the world of the animal.

Pay attention how he explicitly states that America only became a world of humans after Columbus discovered it and it was after this discovery that this land flourished by the use of human reason! Apparently, the native Indians were considered non-humans that lacked any reason at all and reason only arrived on this continent when the white men set foot on it and then used it to make America flourish!

He states that before the arrival of Columbus, America was a “world of nature” and he claims at the end that “the world of nature is the world of the animal.” Do these statements show anything but Abdu’l-Baha’s beliefs that the native Indians that had not been nurtured in accordance with Abdu’l-Baha’s standards are animals. He explicitly utters this belief and even claims natives such as Africans are even inferior to animals: “If a child is born and we do not nurture him and we abandon him in his natural state what will happen? Without a doubt, he will remain ignorant and without cognition and he will be an animal. Look at (the inhabitants of) central Africa who are like animals and even inferior.” 

He then claims that “Thus we can see how divine nurturing influences the world of humanity.” This is while Columbus did not bring any sort of divine nurturing to this land, rather he brought with him death, misery, and destruction for the natives. Furthermore, Columbus brought what we might refer to as modern civilization (albeit a modern civilization that held no value for the Indians and their culture). Civilization does not fall under the category of “divine nurturing” for there are many civilized countries today that are empty of divine teachings. 

One is amazed how Abdu’l-Baha allows himself to divide American history into post- and pre-Columbus and state that as soon as Columbus discovered this land it was transformed from an animal world to a human world, from darkness to illumination, from ruins to prosper, and from thorns to flowers.

An official Baha’i translation exists for this quote in the Promulgation of world peace, p. 311:
“Before the coming of Columbus America itself was a wild, uncultivated expanse of primeval forest, mountains and rivers—a very world of nature. Now it has become the world of man. It was dark, forbidding and savage; now it has become illumined with a great civilization and prosperity. Instead of forests, we behold productive farms, beautiful gardens and prolific orchards. Instead of thorns and useless vegetation, we find flowers, domestic animals and fields awaiting harvest. If the world of nature were perfect, the condition of this great country would have been left unchanged. If a child is left in its natural state and deprived of education, there is no doubt that it will grow up in ignorance and illiteracy, its mental faculties dulled and dimmed; in fact, it will become like an animal. This is evident among the savages of central Africa, who are scarcely higher than the beast in mental development. The conclusion is irresistible that the splendors of the Sun of Truth, the Word of God, have been the source and cause of human upbuilding and civilization. The world of nature is the kingdom of the animal.”

Pay attention how a lot of the problematic statements have been left out of the translation or watered down .For example where Abdu’l-Baha uses the words “he will be an animal” it has been translated to: “it will become like an animal” or where Abdu’l-Baha says Africans are “like animals and even inferior,” the official translation is: “who are scarcely higher than the beast in mental development.”
The final quote we will mention is Abdu’l-Baha description of American Indians on page 19 of Some Answered Question:

These Arab tribes were in the lowest depths of savagery and barbarism, and in comparison with them the savages of Africa and wild Indians of America were as advanced as a Plato. The savages of America do not bury their children alive as these Arabs did their daughters, glorying in it as being an honorable thing to do.”

So there you have it: Abdu'l-Baha views indigenous Americans as wild savage animals who lack reason and whose country should have been named after a white European. Baha’is call this the “Oneness of Humanity”!

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