Baha'i Awakening in India !

Baha'is are very famous for Writing Open Letters to prominent people throughout the world. They are very concerned for the suffering Humanity. They Love all and they believe in the unity of Religion and people.

This is a story from India which will hopefully serve as an eye opener for many.

Baha'i Awakening in India
I am an Indian Baha'i and a Journalist by profession. Almost on a daily basis I hear about the “oppression of Baha’is in Iran”, which saddens me. But what makes me question things is this:

Out of all of the oppressed peoples of the world, from South America to Chechnya, from Iran to the First Nation peoples of North America, why is that so much attention is given to seven people in Iran? I am not saying that persecution requires a high number of people for it to be persecution, but they act as if Baha’is are the only people being persecuted in that country. In the past twenty years, about two-hundred Baha’is have been executed by the State. That is a serious human rights crime, but does it really warrant a war, sanctions, and massive death for the entire Iranian population, while other countries that are allies of the United States kills groups of people in the thousands? And when non-Baha’is question Baha’is why they don’t speak out against the oppression of other groups of people, they basically say that it’s not their job.

I went to the Baha'i House to ask for a Condemnation Letter for the Mass Rapes of Women in India, because I saw that the whole of humanity was pouring out the sympathy for the Braveheart Nirbhaya who was also raped by many, the Baha'i Administration was silent on the whole issue.

The reply which I received was “we believe in reforming and betterment of the society and moreover we do not interfere in politics.” I was shell shocked at the hypocrisy of this Iranian Baha'i lady who called this a political issue and wanted every Indian to stand on their toes for the 7 Baha'is imprisoned in Iran.

Which would be a “fair”, albeit selfish answer if it were not for the sheer fact that the Baha’i institutions call on non-Baha’is to speak out on behalf of Baha’is? But when the tables are turned, the Baha’i institutions don’t want to hear it.

It left for me no time in concluding that the most hypocritical people on earth are these Baha'is who manipulate everything of the Baha'i Faith to suite them. Whether it is Holy writings or Baha'i Funds. They ridge elections, they exaggerate census, manipulate Baha'i money, Insult the Indians, they create martyrs to collect money.

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Participants of Baha'i Spiritual and Moral Programmes in Africa.

What goes around comes around: use of the Greatest Name effectively banned in Malaysia

Baha'i Trademarks !!!??
In November, 2006, the heterodox Baha'is, those presently headquartered in Wilmette , Illinois, brought a legal action seeking to prevent the Orthodox Baha'is from using the Greatest Name, among other things. The Greatest Name is "Allah-u-Abha" (God is All-Glorious) and its variants, and is considered one of the most sacred names and symbols of the Baha'i Faith. After years of battle in the United States District Court and an appeal before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, the Orthodox Baha'is finally prevailed in 2011.

Nearly 10 years since the Wilmette NSA took its legal action, there is another similar legal problem arising in Malaysia and this time it is the Malayasian government outlawing the use of "Allah" by anyone who is not a Muslim.

This effectively outlaws the use of the Greatest Name by Baha'is in Malaysia.

It is unfortunate that, in their zeal and fanaticism to try to prevent the Orthodox Baha'is from using the Greatest Name, they did not see that this very same zeal and fanaticism would soon be turned against them in the same way. Perhaps now the Baha'is will see the folly of their attempts to coerce religious faith against others. We can only pray that the fog of ignorance and prejudice might lift from their eyes.


پرسشهایی درباره خرافات بهاییت - مصطفی حسینی طباطبایی

"پاسخ به چند پرسش در شناخت بهائیّت " عنوان دومین مصاحبه آقای فلاحتی با آقای دکتر عباس امانت در برنامه "صفحه آخر" در صدای آمریکا بود. آیا حسینعلی بهاء تحصیل علم نکرده بود؟ درباره نثر و نظم حسینعلی بهاء ، آیا تغییر شرایط زندگی انسان ها نیاز به پیامبر جدید و تجدید دیانت را به همراه دارد؟ آیا ادیان وابسته به شرایط اجتماعی هستند؟ نمونه هایی از احکام در دیانت بهایی، چرا میرزا حسینعلی بهاء و پیروانش دست به ترور زده اند؟ شکسته شدن خاتمیّت پیامبر اسلام ص توسط بهاییت، اختلاف آیین باب و آیین بهاء در چه حدی بوده است؟ اختلاف حسینعلی بهاء با برادرش میرزا یحیی که جانشین علیمحمد باب معرفی شده بود بر سر چه مسائلی بوده است؟ درباره پیشگویی های که هیچ گاه تحقق نیافت، مسئله دخالت نکردن بهایی ها در سیاست، دخالت سفیر روسیه تزاری در آزادی حسینعلی بهاء.

Turkish PM Erdoğan: Turkey rejects false prophets

January 26, 2014

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has described Islamic Scholar Fethullah Gülen as a “false prophet” without naming him, which comes as the latest move in the dispute between the government and the Gülen’s Movement.

“Interregnum era will pass and treasons will disappear. This civilization has rejected the false prophets, false scholars just as a body rejecting a virus,” said Erdoğan at an event titled as “Islamic Culture Service in 100 years,” at Haliç Congress Center in Istanbul on Jan. 25 organized by the Religious Affairs Directorate.

The AKP has repeatedly accused Gülen’s movement of orchestrating the probes in an attempt to topple its government. Erdoğan has denounced the existence of a “parallel state,” referring to Gülen’s followers who are known to hold key positions inside the police and the judiciary, allegedly taking decisions upon the movement’s orders. (Contd....) 

An Open Letter to Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan by an Ex-Baha'i

Hon. Prime Minister,

I am sure that you certainly know about the Baha'i cult that was established in Iran some 170 years ago.
The founders of this so called religion created much problems for the then government of Iran which was not ruled by Mullas or Islamic fundamentalists. Due to these fake prophets (Bab and Baha'u'llah) thousands of innocent people lost their lives. They wanted to topple the then government and establish their rule. They were miserably failed and the then government banished them to different countries. Some of them came and settled in your country. They are the proponents of a NEW WORLD ORDER that will be established in the near future and ruled from Haifa, Israel under the guidance of UHJ which has 9 male members. (They believe this body to be infallible and supreme). They have created many NGOs in different countries and they try to influence the governments of every country by their tactics. They receive guidance / orders from UHJ (Supreme Body) from time to time. They believe politics to be evil but they maintain good relations with the same evil politicians for their benefit. They have penetrated many government offices and slowly working to establish this NWO. They have been banned in many countries. Their missionaries deported from many countries and they have been caught red-handed converting innocent children and their parents under the garb of Moral and Spiritual Education.

Hon. Prime Minister,

I request your kind self for the betterment of Turkey and its interests to please keep a strict watch on the activities of this Cult. They are operating in various areas of Turkey making fool of the people under various "Feel Good" slogans like Unity, Equality, Education, Moral & Spiritual Youth Programmes.

Many of them have migrated to Keyseri and are very active in that part. They have converted many people to their cult deceptively.

Some Iranian Baha'i Refugees in Kayseri, Turkey
I request your office to please visit these websites for further information and take appropriate action :

With best wishes to you and your country,

Iran - US Warming : Look who is not Happy

Positive developments in past few months, after the moderate regime in Iran has taken over, in Iran-US relationship has indeed offended some. The world heaved a sigh of relief as the two nations sat across the table to commence a historic compromise. The thaw in relationship after 35 years of Cold War can indeed be termed as historic. Misunderstanding is getting resolved one by one. Both sides have started acknowledging the others position.

There are certain sections though, who have opposed this since day one. One of which is a nation (Israel) and the other a recent faith (Baha’i Faith). It is more than a coincidence that the two are taking same stand. Both Israel and Baha’i Faith have benefited tremendously from the long Cold War. Israel on its part has hyped the fear of a nuclear Iran to stock pile its own weapons (including nuclear arsenal) and getting a most-favored status from US. The rise of Israel in the past 35 years as power in the Middle East is mainly due to the attention it has received by the propaganda machinery it deploys.

Israel has managed to hood-wink the world and created an Iran phobia. Now, as the world today has started looking forward to a safe and secure world, Israel is feeling nervous. Israel is so possessed of the attention it has been receiving from the US, that it is not able to tolerate any other nation, least of all Iran to warm-up with US.

Israel has started a media campaign stating that Iran’s intention is bad. Israel has floated an idea that Iran’s intention does not match words and that Iran would continue its nuclear weapons programme in the ensuing period that the negotiations happen. Israel hopes with this idea it would turn the peace process upside down. The world now realizes how dangerous the ideology of Zionism is.

Equally damaging is another propaganda machine called Baha’i Faith (a recent faith about 125 years old) which has been carefully nurtured by Israel. The highest authority of the Faith is located at Haifa, Israel as are its major places of visitation. Baha’is enjoy special privileges in Israel and in US. The Baha’i Faith is being used by Israel to divide the Muslim society in Iran. The Faith has suspicious ways of operation and is under surveillance in many countries. The Baha’i Faith has been banned in many countries due to its nefarious spying activities. It is clear to certain countries that the Baha’i Faith is an extended arm of Israel.

The Baha’i Faith has over past 35 years raised the slogan of concern about human rights violation in Iran against their community members. Such sympathy has been generated in Western countries (US in particular), that massive aid is showered on members of the Faith. Today members of the Faith hold important positions in countries like US, UK, Australia, Norway and Netherlands. No other group of refugees has got such attention as the Baha’i Faith. The false propaganda has benefited the Baha’i faith tremendously.
Any case of a Baha’i arrest for crimes committed, and established by the legal process in Iran, are used to generate tonnes of sympathy. Other communities facing discrimination to far greater extent are not even looked upon. This is again due to the Zionist propaganda machinery available at its service.

Both Israel and Baha'is are not interested in a strong and united Iran. They look towards a weak and crippled Iran. Hence fresh sanctions against Iran are celebrated in both the quarters. The world has started realizing what they had been believing all these years was due to false media propagation, and that the threat to world peace today is from Israel and the Baha’i Faith.

As we hope that the negotiation process between Iran and US should progress, we would be seeing more frustration being expressed by Israel-Baha’i axis. Their survival depends on a weak Iran, and they would not mind a third world war to meet their ends. Lets hope that the world unites to uncover the evil intentions of Israel-Baha’i axis and take steps towards repairing the damage that has been done by the two over three decades.

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US protected Sharon from prosecution for war crimes: Analyst

A political analyst says the United States has shielded former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon from prosecution for his war crimes, particularly about the massacre in Sabra and Shatila, Press TV reports.

It is important to remind that there was a serious initiative in 2002 by the government of Belgium to investigate the massacre in Sabra and Shatila where Sharon oversaw and planned those 143 hours of slaughter and that case was going forward, Franklin Lamb said.

    “But as we now know it was Donald Rumsfeld at that time the Secretary of Defense in Washington that saved Sharon from that appointment with justice by threatening Belgium to pull NATO out of Brussels in Belgium if they continue with that trial,” he added.

The political commentator believed that holding Sharon accountable for his criminal acts was not in the interests of any big power and said, “That's not new in the sense that we regularly deal with tyrants.”

    “So I think forever, in memory now, the name Ariel Sharon, his punishment in a sense, is that he's condemned for eternity in history and whatever his situation in an afterlife. So that's a kind of justice, but I can see that it's weak,” Lamb pointed out.

Sharon, known to many Palestinians as ‘The Butcher,’ died on Saturday at the age of 85.

He died at Sheba Medical Center near Tel Aviv, where he had been in a coma since 2006, when he was hit by a stroke.

Sharon led the Israeli regime into a war with Lebanon in 1982 and was responsible for the massacre of hundreds of Palestinians at Sabra and Shatila refugee camps outside Beirut, after his forces allowed allied Lebanese militias into the camps.

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