Execution of Bahá’is

It is essential that we clarify our position vis-a-vis the rumour concerning "execution of Bahá’is in Iran for believing in Bahá’ism" which is spread by the world's imperialist newsmongers.

We do not expect anything else from the imperialist propaganda octopus. It was these same news media which explained away U.S. crimes in Vietnam, Nicaragua, El Salvador and all over the Third World, the murders and open aggressions by Britain and France against the people of India, Algeria, Morocco, Ireland and hundreds of other spots, as well as the savage bombardments by the Quds-occupying regime in Lebanon and their seizure of the homes of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. These very news media glorified 50 years of crime, thievery and plunder by the Shah's regime in the name of struggle to achieve great civilization. It is these same media that are now conducting a full-fledged campaign against the Islamic Republic of Iran, justifying Saddam's aggression against our Islamic home-land. And it is these same blatant imperialist media which have presented Massoud Rajavi, the terrorist, and Bani Sadr, the traitor, as progressive liberals, shed tears of pity for the death of terrorists, and instigate the world public opinion against us. It is therefore only natural that they should take advantage of the execution of a few spies and conspirators as a pretext for further attacks against the Islamic Revolution.

However, we address here the communities which unfortunately receive their news through this same imperialist news network, and based on this entirely false and spiteful propaganda, make protestations against the Islamic Republic as to why Bahá’is are executed merely for believing in something. We hereby clearly declare to all the free thinkers of the world that all these reports are utterly false, and there has not been a single instance in Iran where a person has been executed or even imprisoned or indicted on charges of harbouring certain beliefs. This practice is based on an explicit principle of the Constitutional Law which provides:

"Inquisition into people's opinions shall be forbidden, and no one shall be offended or brought to account merely for having a certain opinion." - Article 23 of the Constitutional Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

But it is natural that in Iran, like any country in the world, no one will be allowed to commit espionage, treason or conspiracy, regardless of his religious or political beliefs. All the Bahá’is, who have been condemned to imprisonment or death by the Revolutio­nary Courts, and who number but a handful, have been persons, who had key roles in public slaughters and were the major elements in holding the regime during the Shah's time, such as Hoveyda and..., or who were involved in plots to overthrow the Islamic Republic system after the triumph of the Islamic Revolution, or persons who mostly spied for Israel, the usurper, and strengthened the Quds-usurping regime with their material and moral assistance, transferring millions in foreign currency to the Israeli banks at the present sensitive circumstances.

Last word and final stand

The last word is that:

1. The Islamic Republic of Iran considers “Bahá’ism” as an Imperialist affiliated political party.

2. The Islamic Republic of Iran has never recognized this faith and its followers as a religion, religious minority or an official, legal party, nor will it ever do so for the following reasons:

a. The faith's being originally forged by Russian spies;

b. Sabotage activities, creating civil clashes in Iran and disunion between Muslims in Islamic countries;

c. All-out assistance to Britain in defeating an Islamic empire, creating colonial rule in Islamic countries and their separation;

d. Propagation of corruption, prostitution and sin in the Iranian community;

e. Direct participation in most of the Shah's crimes, slaughter and torture of Muslims, and management of the dead Shah's hellish SAVAK;

f. Economic exploitation of Iran during the Shah's regime;

g. Collaboration with the counter-revolutionaries through:

(i) participation in conspiracies and overthrowing plots,

(ii) weakening the economy,

(iii) transferring foreign currency abroad,

(iv) economic and moral assistance to international Zionism after the triumph of the Revolution.

3. Under the Constitutional Law, as long as the followers of the Bahá’i faith do not perpetrate espionage, offend the people's properties, propagate corruption, interfere in the fundamentals of the Islamic Republic, or have relationship with the Palestine-occupying regime, all their rights will be protected like an Iranian citizen, no one will be allowed to offend them, and they may be guided only by admonishment and words of wisdom. But those leaders and members of this-imperialist party who try to apply the old imperialist objectives and continue their relationship with Israel and the domestic and foreign enemies of the Revolution, will be dealt with severely in accordance with the Constitutional Law.

4. Let the imperialist communities and the western world's news media, which endeavour to pressure Iran in this connection, know that: Just as none of their active and propaganda conspiracies has been effective, this time, too, they will not be the least successful in all the clamour, especially that the supporters of this treacherous party in Iran are quite negligible and unmentionable, and Bahá’ism is the most hated imperialist faith in the eyes of the Iranian people, and the Islamic Republic will continue to the end its course of independence and freedom, God willing.

There is no victory but with God.

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