Association of Abbas Effendi With Colonel Badri Beg

Abbud's House, where Abdul Baha kept the notorious prostitute.
This officer was a staff Colonel and associated with military & civil functionaries. He had a beautiful step daughter, the child of his wife by former marriage, who gathered young men around her.

Colonel Badri Beg hired a house at Haifa to spend the summer season there. He attended evening parties of the French Consul and leading members of the [Arab] Christian community. They engaged themselves in gambling.

The Most Great Branch [Sir Abbas Effendi] met all the [gambling] losses of the Beg, and provided for the upkeep of the [Beg's] house, and for the expenses of the [Beg's] step daughter. Thus the step daughter came to have plenty opportunity. She became familiar with a good looking Italian man. At night they met together and indulged themselves in love affair.

Some people became aware of the affair and advised the Beg to send the family to Acre. As the Beg himself had connection with the girl, and could not send her away from him. He disregarded the advice.

Eventually the Beg came to know about the affair and this roused his jealousy. One evening the Beg detailed two soldiers to go and deliver a message to the Italian young man on behest of the girl to come & see her at night. The house was unattended. The occupant had gone to Acre. As soon as the Italian young man came into the house & seated himself in the drawing room, the two soldiers appeared at the scene, caught hold of him, strangled him to death, stuffed up his throat with a long piece of rag, took him away and cast him into the sea.

In their hurry & bustle, they did not tie a stone to his foot to keep the corpse at the bottom of the sea.
In the morning his mother and relatives begun to search for the young man. Finally the young man's body was discovered near the sea shore, strangled to death.

The incident set people's tongue wagging. His mother and relatives raised a tumult in Haifa. They held Badri Beg responsible for the incident and brought an action against him and also against [Sir] Abbas Effendi because he came to Haifa after and frequented the Beg's house."

I realised that the allegation against the Most Great Branch [Sir] Abbas Effendi reflected on the whole family. By strong arguments and proof I applied myself to proving that it was impossible for him to have been involved in the matter. I called on members of the bereaved family to offer my condolences. I seised the opportunity to convince them that my brother [Sir] Abbas Effendi had not taken part at all in the matter. The mother of the deceased replied: "If he had not taken part in the matter, and had no connection with the girl, why did he take her to his own home in Acre?" I endeavoured as far as possible to exonerate the Most Great Branch [Sir] Abbas Effendi as the allegation reflected on the family as well as on Baha's name. But I did not expect that he would take her to his own house. I went to Acre to see what had happened. I enquired from the Baha'is and others. I found out that he had put up the notorious prostitute girl in his own house, the 'Abbud-House', which was the dwelling place of the Blessed Beauty [i.e. Baha], exalted be his power, before his ascension [i.e. death].

(ص 77 – 76) « حال حسب الوعده مختصری از احوال و اخلاق بدری بیک و مصاحبتش با غصن اعظم می نویسم ... من جمله این بدری بیک چون میر آلای ارکان حزب بود و با افراد عسگریه و ملکیه مخالف بود ... تفصیل این که بدری یک دختری از شوهر اولای زنش داشت یعنی نا دختری او بود و چون منظری زیبا داشت جوانان را دور خود جمع میکرد ... بیک مذکور در حیفا منزلی گرفت برای صیفیه و شبها با قنسول فرانسه و بعصی از بزرگان طائفه مسیحیه شب نشینی میکردند و به قمار بازی مشغول بودند و همه خسائر بیک مذکور را غصن اعظم میدادند و همچنین مصارف آن دختر و بیش را. دختر مجالی واسع بدست آورد با جوانی زیبا طلیانی الفت نموده شبها جمع میشدند و بعشق بازی مشغول بودند این کار کار عشق است دخلی به دین ندارد دختر مسلمه جوان مسیحی، بعضی مطلع شدند و به بدری بیک نصیحت کردند عائله را به عکا فرستد ولی چون خود او به این دختر علاقه داشت و نمیخواست از خود دور کند نصیحت ناصحان را اهمیت نداد تا آنکه از عالقه دختر به جوان طلیانی مطلع شد غیرتش حرکت کرد یک شب دو نفر از عسکریه را میفرستد برای جوان از لسان دختر پیغام میدهند شب بیاید در منزل کسی نبود رفته بودند به عکا آن بیچاره می آید به مجرد وصول و جلوس در سالون آن دو نفر داخل میشوند و او را میگیرند و خفه میکنند و جل زیادی در گلوی او میکنند و میبرند به دریا می اندازند از عجله سنگی به پای او نمی بندند که در قعر دریا او را نگاه داشته باشند فردای آن روز مادر و اقرباش عقب او میگردند بالاخره او را خفه کرده در کنار دریا پیدا میکنند چون اکثری علاقه او را به آن دختر داشتند ... او را نصیحت میکردند ترک کند ولی دختر مجال نمیداد قول ناصحان تأثیر نماید و او را به جاذبیه که داشت جذب مینمود قال و قیل فوق العاده در حیفا بلند مادر و اقرباش قیامت بر پا کردند و بدری بیک را مسئول نمودند و اقامه دعوی کردند و همچنین عباس افندی را چون خیلی می آمدند به حیفا و منزل او میرفتند این نگارنده دیدم اتهام غصن اعظم عباس به جهت همه عائله بدست بدلائل و براهین قویه اثبات میکردم که ممکن نیست در امر او مداخله کنند حتی چون یکوقتی ما در منزل آنان نشسته بودیم و بسیار محبت میکردند رفتم به تعزیه آنان به مناسبت اقناح کردم که ابداً برادر عباس افندی در آن امر اشتراکی نداشتند مادرش گفت اگر اشتراکی نداشتند و با دختر علاقه نداشتند چرا دختر را به منزل خود در عکا بردند ... این نگارنده به قدر امکان چون به جهت عائله و اسم جمال مبارک بد بود برائت غصن اعظم عباس افندی کوشیدم ولی گمان نمیکردم که او را منزل خود ببرند رفتم به عکا ببینم چه شده سئال از بعضی بهائیان و غیره نمودم معلوم شد در منزل خود که منزل عبود مسکن جمال مبارک جل شانه بود قبل از صعود دختر فاحشه مطروده را منزل داده اند
From : The Memoirs of Badiullah [The Most Luminous Branch (غصن انور) ] Baha'u'llah's Youngest Son

The Israeli Zionist War on Palestinian people and the role of Baha'is

I have changed the title of this post. The original title of this post is "The Israeli Jewish War on Islam in Palestine" and it is located here :

Why I changed the Title ?
•  The Israel is a safe heaven for Baha'is. Baha'is enjoy total freedom while Muslims and Christians are suffering.
•  The holy places of Baha'is are Tax Exempted and protected by the IDF. While the holy places of Muslims and Christians are being damaged.
•  Lands of Muslims and Christians is being confiscated by the Zionist regime but the lands owned by Israeli Military are being awarded to Baha'is for their holy places.
•  The Baha'is do not involve in politics but they condemn Human Rights violations. Where are the statements of UHJ condemning the Human Rights and International Laws violation by the Israeli Regime?
•  The unconditional support by the Israeli Zionist regime to the Baha'is and the visits paid by the Israeli leaders to the Baha'i holy places is a proof of their co-operation with each other.
See this :
•  The Baha'is involve with all types of evil politicians but they do not involve in politics!!!

Conclusion :

The Baha'is are the most deceptive people on this earth. So they are banned in many countries. They do not condemn the atrocities done to Muslims and Christians by Zionist Regime. They say they believe in 'separation of religion and state' but they fully support the Jewish Zionist State. They also want to bring a totalitarian Universal Government (NWO) ruled by the 'infallible members' of the UHJ sitting in Haifa. They want to rule the whole world!!! and the Zionists also have the same agenda! And they both support each other. SO THEIR ACTIVITIES MUST BE SEVERELY MONITORED in each and every country.

Now, please read the article

by Khalid Amayreh on 12/24/2011

As Israeli Jewish terrorist attacks on mosques in occupied Palestine are assuming a phenomenal frequency.

Israeli Jewish SettlersIndeed, with the Israeli government and security establishment doing next to nothing to put an end to this wanton and unprovoked terror, a huge fire is being started in the region.

In religious wars, all sides are usually variably culpable and blamable. However, in the occupied Palestinian territories, Jewish fanatics bear nearly 100% of the blame.

Their attacks against mosques are not provoked by similar Palestinian attacks against Jewish religious places. In fact, Jewish terror groups readily admit that arson attacks against mosques are meant to embarrass the Israeli occupation army.

The attacks are perpetrated under the slogan “Price Tag” every time the Israeli army moves to dismantle a Jewish settlement outpost.

So why is it that the Palestinians and their places of worship are attacked, not the Israeli army?

Well, it takes a thoroughly sick mind to rationalize, even glamorize such attacks, but the Israeli settler camp never faces a shortage of virulence, mental depravity and mental sickness.

We are talking after all about the worst of the worst that racist, Talmudic Judaism could breed, people who view the rest of mankind as subhuman.

The practical implications of such a venomous ideology are enormous and absolutely nefarious. If non-Jews are subhuman, then their lives must be worthless, have no sanctity and expendable.

Think not I am making an exaggeration as it is difficult to exaggerate the evilness of these racist thugs who spend a lifetime demonizing and dehumanizing humanity as they celebrate their Chosen-people or Master-race status.

Unfortunately, the Israeli government and security establishment are giving these criminal-minded thugs a free rein to gang up on virtually unprotected Palestinian civilians, torch mosques and churches and vandalize olive groves throughout occupied Palestine.

It is very hard to buy the Israeli government’s argument that these terrorists are a marginal group. But even if they were a marginal group, this wouldn’t minimize the gravity of their terrorist actions.

The Nazi Hitler Youth was once viewed as a marginal group. However, the world saw what that “marginal” group was able to do during Kristalnacht in November, 1938.

Hence, the question begs itself whether the Israeli government should wait until the so-called hill-top “troublemakers” morph into a Jewish Hitler Youth.

Unfortunately, the Israeli government, the most fascist ever, can’t be given the benefit of the doubt.

In the final analysis, the suspected connivance and obvious leniency with which the Netanyahu government treats these despicable criminals, along with the mind-boggling reluctance to prosecute them raise many hard questions about the nature of that government.

One Israeli writer, when asked recently why the government didn’t exercise its legal authority to arrest and try Jewish terrorists who attack Muslim and Christian holy place, said a venomous snake wouldn’t bit its own tail.

There is another worrying dimension to this obscenity, namely the virtually complete absence of real condemnations of these terrorist acts by Jewish leaders in Israel and abroad.

Jewish leaders in Europe and North America wouldn’t wait a minute to condemn the slightest anti-Semitic attack on Jewish targets, even if this target happened to be a lone Jewish grave in an isolated village in Eastern Europe .

Even remarks or even slip-of-the-tongue jokes are castigated and people are made to pay a price.

However, when fellow Jews carry out outrageous acts of terror, arson and vandalism against mosques and churches, we see that these same Jewish leaders become speechless as if the acts of terror took place in a different galaxy.

The Jewish leadership must realize that the orphans of Kahana and thuggish terrorists of Gush Emunim are more than trouble makers. They are in fact criminal fire-starters whose pyromania could burn Jews as well as non-Jews.

Hence, Jewish leaders must have the necessary courage and rectitude to admit that Jewish terrorism is a two-lane street and that Muslims won’t stand idle if their peaceable holy places continue to be torched and vandalized in the most blatant and unprovoked manner.

Of course, it would be naïve to expect verbal condemnations by Jewish leaders to stem the tide of Jewish settler terror against Muslim and Christian holy places.


( / 25.12.2011)

Baha'i Faith and Al-Qaida

“John Ricardo I. "Juan" Cole (born October 1952) is an American scholar, public intellectual, and historian of the modern Middle East and South Asia. He is Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan. As a commentator on Middle Eastern affairs, he has appeared in print and on television, and testified before the United States Senate.

Cole became a member of the Bahá'í Faith in 1972 as an undergraduate at Northwestern, and the religion later became a focus of his academic research. He resigned from the faith in 1996 after disputes with Bahá'í leadership concerning the Bahá'í system of administration.”

The Baha'i faith stands for universal love, for tolerance, and for a separation of religion and state.  The need for religious leaders to let politicians do the ruling is a key value stated over and over again in Baha'i scripture.

Unfortunately, a weird Baha'i sub-cult has arisen.  It structurally resembles al-Qaida, and differs from al-Qaida only with regard to methods, not ideals.  It does not usually employ violence or terrorism (though persons with this mindset have beaten up friends of mind).

And, most frighteningly of all, it has taken over and subverted the main institutions of the Baha'i faith.

1) Al-Qaida believes in the destruction of secular, civil governments and replacing them with a fascist theocracy.

Baha'i theocrats believe in the destruction of secular, civil governments and replacing them with a fascist theocracy.  Ian Semple, a member of the Baha'i Universal House of Justice, has for decades cast scorn on civil governments and spoken of his dream of a future when Baha'i Institutions will rule in their stead.

One pilgrim wrote,

"I recall being in Haifa in the '70s ('72 and '78) and hearing long talks about this from Ian Semple, on how the world was destined to be ruled by houses of justice and there will eventually be no distinction between church and state, with rather snide and smug comments about how at last the world will finally get it right and have God and Government fused through the power of the Baha'i covenant."

Note that this is the opposite of what `Abdu'l-Baha says in the Treatise on Leadership:

Ian Semple also put out a letter from the Secretariat of the UHJ:

"As for the statement made by Shoghi Effendi in his letter of 21 March 1932, the well-established principles of the Faith concerning the relationship of the Baha'i institutions to those of the country in which the Baha'is reside make it unthinkable that they would ever purpose to violate a country's constitution or so to meddle in its political machinery as to attempt to take over the powers of government. This is an integral element of the Baha'i principle of abstention from involvement in politics. However, this does not by any means imply that the country itself may not, by constitutional means, decide to adopt Baha'i laws and practices and modify its constitution or method of government accordingly."

In this passage he basically argues for a Nazi-like tactic of getting elected democratically and then abolishing democracy.  By the way, the Islamists (with al-Qaida links) tried this in Algeria, and the democrats and secularists fought back, embroiling the country in a civil war that has cost 100,000 lives.  This is the sort of conflict between theocratic Baha'is and the rest of society that Semple is urging on the world.  At that point would the Baha'i theocrats refrain from violence?

2)  Al-Qaida wishes to reestablish the Islamic Caliphate as the One World Government.
Baha'i theocrats substitute the House of Justice for the Caliphate and envision it ruling the world.

3) Al-Qaida despises parliamentary democracy as corrupt, money-driven and unrepresentative.  It wishes to overthrow parliaments and institute authoritarian religious rule instead.
Baha'i theocrats despise parliamentary democracy and wish to substitute their religious institutions, which are not freely elected, for civil government.  Long-time Baha'i leader Firuz Kazemzadeh said in 1988:

"If somebody is dissatisfied with a local assembly, he is not prevented from appealing to the NSA . . .  It is something else when whispering campaigns or petitions are sent around for signatures objecting to the activities of the institutions.  That also may be something which is countenanced by American democracy but has nothing to do with the Bahaullah and Baha’i Faith.  We must always remember that our institutions are an unusual and unique combination of theocracy in the best sense of the term with democracy.  The institutions of the Baha’i Faith have not been created by us, the institutions have
been created by God.

Actually, Kazemzadeh's version of the Baha'i institutions has been created by Kazemzadeh.

4) Al-Qaida establishes cells throughout the world to work for theocracy, and recruits innocent Muslims at mosques.
Baha'i theocrats have secret cells within the Baha'i community, and recruit Baha'is at deepenings and other events into their twisted world-view.  Many "Auxiliary Board Members" and Assistants are secret theocrats who play dirty tricks on ordinary Baha'is to force them out of the Faith.

The Ian Semple / Kazemzadeh theocratic ideology aims at destroying American democracy.  It aims at gutting the Constitution and abolishing Congress in favor of Kazemzadeh's weird, secretive, authoritarian way of ruling.

5)  Al-Qaida demands absolute obedience from its recruits, and no dissent is permitted.

Baha'i theocrats demand absolute obedience to "the Institutions" and tolerate no dissent.  Kazemzadeh told a group of Baha'i intellectuals, "the word dissent implies separating oneself from the activities of the group and putting oneself outside the mainstream of the community, and that is contrary to Baha'i practice.

You can't disagree with the NSA.

The dangers to the pristine Baha'i faith, with its values of tolerance, allowing the expression of diverse points of view, and firm commitment to the separation of religion and state, of this theocratic cult that has taken control of the community cannot be overstated. Moreover, it is a threat to the whole world.

Now that we have seen where such authoritarian theocracy leads, on September 11, I call upon all Baha'is to step back, reread the scriptures, and adhere to the real values of our religion.

Juan Cole

Source :

Baha'i Children (Moral) Classes for sowing the seed of Bahaism !

The BCCs or the Baha'i Children Classes are open to all the children. Children of all the religious backgrounds are invited to attend these classes. The Baha'is say they are conducting these type of classes for the betterment of Human Society, to inculcate moral and spiritual values in the children. To the non-Baha'is they say this is just a Moral Education Class, we don't teach Baha'i specific material to children as all the religions are one and are from the same source. We do not 'convert' or try to convert the innocent children to this faith. Here is an example of how the children are being lured and how the seed of Bahaism is being sowed into their 'clear' minds. The same type of classes were held in Egypt, Indonesia, Kurdistan, India and Iran when the Government authorities caught them 'red handed' and punished them for proselytizing.

The Baha'is are worldwide renowned for their hypocrisy and deception.

Please See all the videos and read all the links.

What they teach in Baha'i Children (Moral) Class :

Children Moral Classes in Shiraz, Iran :

Teaching Baha'i writings and prayers to Hindu Children in India

Baha'is arrested in India for Illegally teaching Baha'i faith to villagers

Deceptively teaching Muslim children in Egypt, that sparked violence later.

Deception in Indonesia, Baha'is arrested for breaking the law of Indonesia

Baha'is arrested and deported from Uzbekistan for deceptively teaching the children

25 Years Celebration of Lotus Temple, New Delhi, India

A Report by Sama Sabet for Novin TV. Sama Sabet also speaks about the activities of Baha'i cult in India. How the Baha'is manage to convert the Indian Hindus and what are their future strategies. How they run different Baha'i classes for various age groups and what they teach in those classes. All that she says is half truth. Please visit these links for actual information :

First listen to Sama Sabet then read the above blogs.

Some of the titles of Baha’u’llah – compiled by Shoghi Effendi


Below are the titles of this horrible man ! Can you believe this !?
• the "Light and the Splendor of God,"
• the "Lord of Lords,"
• the "Most Great Name,"
• the "Ancient Beauty,"
• the "Pen of the Most High,"
• the "Hidden Name,"
• the "Preserved Treasure,"
• "He Whom God will make manifest,"
• the "Most Great Light,"
• the "All-Highest Horizon,"
• the "Most Great Ocean,"
• the "Supreme Heaven,"
• the "Pre-Existent Root,"
• the "Self-Subsistent,"
• the "Day-Star of the Universe,"
• the "Speaker on Sinai,"
• the "Sifter of Men,"
• the "Lord of the Covenant,"
• the "Tree beyond which there is no passing."

(Shoghi Effendi, God Passes By)

Farkhondeh Mahmoudnejad (Mother of Mona) died in Esfahan

It is said that more than 1000 Baha'is attended the funeral in Esfahan, Iran.

Ruled the 'Baha'i World' for 42 Years - Ian Semple is no more !

Like Ghadafi Ian Semple occupied the Baha'i Supreme Seat for 42 Years !
Ian C. Semple occupied the seat of "Universal House of Justice" for 42 years. He died on 1st December 2011. He became a Baha'i when he was young. He was an NSA member, then he was selected by his seniors to serve as an ABM, then he was pulled up to ITC, then finally to UHJ. Now he is 'enjoying' in Abha Kingdom with his friend Peter Khan and his 'like' Ghadafi.

Here is a good article written by Juan Cole (an ex-Baha'i scholar) about Ian Semple :

I am producing some extract here, full text is available on the above link :

Al-Qaida believes in the destruction of secular, civil governments and replacing them with a fascist theocracy.

Baha'i theocrats believe in the destruction of secular, civil governments and replacing them with a fascist theocracy.  Ian Semple, a member of the Baha'i Universal House of Justice, has for decades cast scorn on civil governments and spoken of his dream of a future when Baha'i Institutions will rule in their stead.

One pilgrim wrote,

"I recall being in Haifa in the '70s ('72 and '78) and hearing long talks about this from Ian Semple, on how the world was destined to be ruled by houses of justice and there will eventually be no distinction between church and state, with rather snide and smug comments about how at last the world will finally get it right and have God and Government fused through the power of the Baha'i covenant."

Note that this is the opposite of what `Abdu'l-Baha says in the Treatise on Leadership:

May God do justice with Ian "Sample"
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