Baha'i who worked for the Imperialists and oppressors

Photo of 'Ayn ul-Mulk (son of Mirza Reza Qannad Shírází), who was a companion of Shoghi Effendi and the father of former Iranian Prime Minister Amir 'Abbas Hoveyda. He was the ambassador of Iran to Saudi Arabia and an important figure for the British occupying forces.

Some more details here:

Shoghi Effendi's properties in Iran

Mr. Esfandiari from the Ministry of Finance evaluated one of Shoghi Effendi's properties, the third leader of the Baha'is. According to official documents, a mansion in Tehran's 4th sector on Shibani Street was valued at 708,000 Rials at the time of Shoghi's death.

Another property owned by Shoghi Effendi is located in Tehran's 10th district on Briyank St., No. 61. This property includes a garage, warehouse, three houses, and three stores (butcher shop, electrical, etc.), totaling 2480 square meters. The value of this property at the time of Shoghi's death was 4,000,000 Rials.

Despite never setting foot in Iran during his life, Shoghi Effendi owned lands in the country. Mr. Esfandiari also reported that Shoghi Effendi earned an annual income of millions of Rials from farming and agriculture activities in Baba Salman village owned by him and leased to Falah Company for 6 years from July 1331 (Iranian calendar), with the appointment of Waliullah Varqa as a lawyer.

Apart from the above Shoghi Effendi also owned numerous properties in Madbor district and in Ghar village of Ray city (Tehran) and big plots of land in Mashhad also.
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