The Bahá’i Role in the 50-Year Crimes of the Annihilated Pahlavi Regime

This section demonstrates part of the documents and reports acquired from SAVAK concerning the Bahá’is' collaboration with the regime. The original documents are respectively provided at the end of this section.

A. The connection between Bahá’is and Reza Khan

During the rule of Reza Shah, there did not exist a strong intelligence organization, such that a document on the Bahá’i connection with the regime might be divulged. However, confessions by a Bahá’i leader in this respect cleared everything up: According to a SAVAK report, at a meeting of the Nafhatollah Publishing Commission in Shiraz on 31.3.1350 (June 21,1971), Mr. Massihollah Rohani said: "At the time of Reza Shah and Seyed Noureddin, we were plundered, but Reza Shah, very dismayed about this affair, secretly killed off some Muslims without the Ulema's knowledge. Since he was a real Bahá’i and always supported the Bahá’is, the unveiling of women was done in conformity with Bahá’u’lláh's rule and logic." (Exhibit No. 17)

B. The connection between Bahá’is and the deceased Shah

The major part of the organizations of the Shah's damned rule, particularly SAVAK, was managed by Bahá’is. As an example, suffice it to look at the following list of names, all of whom were Bahá’is:

  • Hoveyda, the Shah's 13-year Prime Minister as well as Minister of the Imperial Court and Minister of Finance;
  • Mehri Rasekh, Farah's boon companion;
  • Gen. Abdol-Karim Ayadi, the Shah's special physician, who held 23 high-ranking government jobs;
  • Gen. Ali Mohammad Khademi;
  • Gen. Sani'ee, Minister of War;
  • Habib Sabet and Hojabr Yazdani, two major economic supports and two financial arms of the Zionists in Iran;
  • Mansoor Rohani, the Shah's minister for 13 years;
  • Mrs Farokhrou Parsa, Minister of Education and holder of tens of other jobs;
  • Shapour Rasekh, the Shah's sincere advisor;
  • Hossein Amanat, the famous capitalist, designer and executor of the Shahyad Monu­ment;
  • Parviz Sabeti, Director of Internal Security of the Shah's security police;
  • Lili Amir-Arjomand, trainer of the Shah's children.

It is obvious that the Shah's crimes were mostly committed by such influential persons. This fact, which is not a secret to anyone, is well-supported by the Bahá’is' own admissions as well as by the documents of SAVAK which tried very hard to cover up the Bahá’is' role in the government. SAVAK's document Ref. 3H/20299 dated 29.8.1357 (Nov. 20, 1978) reads": ... Mr. Ra'oofian (a Bahá’i leader in Shiraz) has said: Mr. Amir Abbas Hoveyda, supported by the Universal House of Justice (in Israel) and by Kambala in Africa, governed Iran for 13 years, during which period the Bahá’i community achieved considerable progress, and influential Bahá’i persons occupied important positions in Iran and transferred the country's funds abroad." (Exhibit No. 18).

SAVAK'sdocument Ref. H/765dated 20.2.1350 (May 10,1971) reads:"... In a speech at the Bahá’i meeting in Dehbid, Mr. Azizollah Bampoosian, referring to the Prime Minister's attendance at the Bahá’i community on the occasion of the Ridván festivities, spoke of the Government's co-operation with Bahá’is in provincial towns." (Exhibit No. 19).

SAVAK's document dated 7.3.1347 (May 28,1968) concerning a speech by Mr. Abbas Aqdas at the Bahá’i Commission reports as follows:"... H.E. Assadollah Alam, Minister of the Royal Court, has been very kind to us, particularly H.E. Amir Abbas Hoveyda (a Bahá’i and of Bahá’i parentage); may they both be junior headmen of the Bahá’is." (Exhibit No. 20).

SAVAK's report Ref. H8/10871 dated 20.5.1350 (Aug. 11, 1971): "... Beit-ol-Adl, the House of Justice, has given instructions to the National Assembly in Iran that the Bahá’is resident in Iran should fully participate in the ceremonies of the 2500 years monarchy and see to it that the Bahá’is celebrate the occasion with more splendour than the other religious minorities." (Exhibit No. 21).

SAVAK's document Ref. H/19496 dated 7.11.1351 (Jan. 27, 1973) concerning the Bahá’is' meeting in Col. Shabab's home and the speech by Mr. Ardeshir Master: "The late Col. Shabab was an officer of the security organization (SAVAK). While he served with SAVAK in Shiraz, he helped the Bahá’is of Shiraz very much (He was the former SAVAK chief in Khorramabad). Then Col. Shabab's father said: A few years ago Shahanshah Aryamehr decided to issue instructions for formal recognition of Bahá’ism. However, Qamal Abdul-Nasser, the Egyptian President, found an excuse and said that the Shah of Iran had become a Bahá’i... The Shah of Iran follows the same path as did His Holiness Bahá’u’lláh'." (Exhibit No. 22).

SAVAK's document Ref. H/15272 dated 29.9.1350 (Dec. 20,1971) reports Mr. Hack-aki's speech at the Shiraz Assembly as follows: "... Some people from the Royal Court secretly come to Shiraz to visit the Holy House (the Bahá’i shrine)" (Exhibit No. 23).

According to a SAVAK document, Iran's Bahá’i Assembly's notice dated November 13, 1967 reads as follows:"... As it has been already notified to H.E. Sabet, the representa­tive of your Assembly, this Board agrees to present the proposed gift to His Imperial Majesty. Needless to add that you will be advised of the outcome in due course." (Exhibit No. 24).

By the order of the Shah, Alam, the Minister of the Royal Court, presented Mr. Habib Sabet (an Iranian Bahá’i leader) a Commemoration Medal on the occasion of the celebrations marking the 25th centenary of the founding of the Iranian kingdom.

Relations of Bahá’is and usurping Israel under the protection of the Shah's regime.

SAVAK's 7th Office General has made the following comments on the relations between Iranian Bahá’is and Israel: "In view of Israel's recognition in 1972 of the Bahá’i sect as a religion, it appears that the Israeli government, by demonstrating friendly signs towards the sect, is endeavouring to exploit the Bahá’i minorities in other countries, especially in Iran, for political, intelligence and economic purposes." (Exhibit No. 25).

Document Ref. 20/1465 dated 10.5.1346 (Aug. 1, 1967): "According to information received, over the past month, about RIs. 1,200 million has been collected by the Iranian Bahá’is who intend to remit this sum ostensibly to the House of Justice in Haifa, but their real intention in remitting this sum is to aid the Israeli army..." (Exhibit No. 26).

Referring to the Iranian Bahá’is' aid to Israel, SAVAK's document Ref. V/300/20995 dated 1.11.1348 (Jan. 21,1970) reads:"... and the Bahá’i manufacturers now use Israeli parts." (Exhibit No. 27).

The document Ref. H/6063 dated 9.1.1350 (March 29,1971) reports as follows on Mr. Shadmani's speech at the meeting of the Bahá’i District 16 in Shiraz:"... America, Israel and our capitalists have penetrated Iran, and their profits are transferred to the charity fund." (Exhibit No. 28).

The speech by Mr. Hossein financial member of the Ministry of Finance and former deputy director of the Gendarmerie Accounting Dept., was reported by SAVAK as under:

"Owing to the secret deal to sell Iranian oil to Israel, which was accomplished by the will of Amir-Abbas Hoveyda, Israel has given him 140 thousand square metres of land in occupied Palestine." (Exhibit No. 29).

In another commentary on the relations between Israel and the Bahá’is, SAVAK has said:"... Since only Israel has recognized the Bahá’i faith and... therefore, [the Bahá’is] try to extend huge financial assistances to that country in order to aid the Israeli economy." (Exhibit No. 30).

A message by the International Bahá’i Council concerning good relations with Israel reads: "It is of the utmost pleasure and pride that our godly friends learn of the progress in the construction of the building called "Ala" in Mount Carmel, as well as ... development of relations with the officials of the Israeli government (Exhibit No. 31).

In a cable, Moshe Dayan thanked Mr. Ali Khademi for the gift he gave him during his visit to Israel.

According to a SAVAK report, at a meeting of the Bahá’is on 7.3.1347 (May 28, 1968), Mr. Abbas Aqdas said: "... The Israeli Government was recognized as the world champion in the 1967 war. The activities and progress of us Bahá’is is that we have a spy in every office and ministry in Iran. Once every week when the projects prepared by the government [of Mr. Hoveyda] are reported to Shahanshah Aryamehr, reports on the projects reach the Bahá’i Assemblies. For instance in the contractor group, the Iranian Bahá’i cadre submit their reports every day to the Bahá’i holy assembly on the Iranian army, how weapons are imported into Iran and how the parachutists are trained." (Exhibit No. 20).

According to the SAVAK report Ref. H/9864 dated 27.7.1347 (Oct. 19, 1968) on the meeting of the Shiraz Bahá’i Assembly, Mr. Ahad, one of the attendants at the meeting, instructed the invitees: "Don't deposit your monies in Iranian banks. Transfer them to Israeli and British banks."


  1. You sound like a typical, small minded, prejudiced, bigoted, supremely backward Iranian...similar to the ones that recently proposed that women cause earthquakes...your IQ must be only 1

  2. No to Haifan BahaismFebruary 13, 2011 at 3:15 AM

    'Anonymous' you are a Brain washed, ruhiized, Haifan Baha'i cultist. and your IQ must be even lesser than 1

  3. This article must be written by a true P.I.G. (=Prejudiced Ignorant Gambler)

  4. Pirouz, This is what Baha'u'llah taught you. You are using the same language that Baha'u'llah used for his brother Mirza Yahya. I think you are much polite.

  5. Bab in Arabic Bayan says "upon becoming powerful my adherents should burn all books except mine even if those book are printed (in Arabic sentence he says Wa Lao kana Chapa)" well he should have said Wa lao kana tabaa because chapa is a farsi word. In his book called Sahife Adlie he mentions the SHia 12 emams including the 12th emam exactly the way shia says and Bab even says my soul be sacrificed for them as they were higher than bani isreal prophets. One of the 3 wives of Bahaullah was 8 years old at the time of marriage. Bahaullah in his books and Bab in his Lohe claim to be the God. I can write more but this is enough for a truth searcher.

  6. Regardless of the Bahai individuals or community and their support for the Shah, it is nonetheless unjustifiable to deny the legitimacy of the existence of the Bahai faith as a faith. If someone wants to follow the Bahai faith, then the government should not stop them and should not deny them access to university, jobs, &c as a result.

  7. I just know that the Sun doesn’t need to be worried of other stars and planets. If an idea is right, it will shine as the Sun does. Many years I have been searching about various religions and I know that the first and most important sign of not being right “Haq” is trying to reject others to prove your own righteousness. If you are truly right, you don’t need to be worried of anything. So show love in what you believe in, not poison and hatred.

  8. Dear Pejman,

    Thank you for coming here and commenting. There are many SUNs and all are giving light to other planets. But your Cult is actually a Moon that reflects the light from the SUN and innocent and illiterate ones think that the light of Moon is its own. Your cult has nothing new to offer. I or any other Baha'i critic, ex-Baha'i really have nothing to worry. Read the article 'Baha'i faith is a Sinking Titanic' (although i personally don't believe it to be a 'Titanic' also). My only aim is to show the world that bahaism is a cult like so many other cults. It has a lot of problems. A very dark history, blood and violence, Sects and Racism (Persians / non-Persians), scandals, corruptions & falsehood which they hide from new comers
    I just want to show the facts through my blog. That's all.
    I try to prove all my points with valid Proofs and References.
    May God bless you and show you light.
    I pray for you.
    Best Regards

  9. Dear Naser,

    Thank you for the reply. I have read some of the posts. I would like to know what your final goal is by spending so much time and energy. Let's assume you are right! What do you have to offer as a replacement?

    I would love to read more about your opinions, believes, ideas as a path of life or replacement instead of rejecting others, putting labels on them, etc. That's what I meant in my previous posts but you continued replying my comment the same way. I believe your precious energy will be much more helpful in offering new ideas and thoughts instead of accusing others. Don't you think so?

    Thank you for your time and prayers,

  10. My Dear Pejman,

    As I said in my earlier comment that my only goal is to show the other side of the Baha'i Cult. I am not here to guide you or anybody else to some other religion. See my posts... by complete blog is a dedication to your cult and its leaders. I do not promote any religion / cult whatsoever.

    The Baha'is are engaged is a severe deceptive propaganda about their 'feel good cult'. Teaching about Love, Morals and Ethics and themselves engaged from High Level to ground level (UHJ to Assts. of ABMs) in corruptions, scandals and moral - ethical bankruptcy. I want to show this picture to those engaged in Independent Investigation of truth.

    For my claims I present some blogs here :

    You guys hide all the real things from a new convert :

    1) You say we don't have clergy. - But you have clergy (Counselors), Religious Police and Spies (ABMs and their Assts.) - I can prove everything that I put here.

    2) You say We believe in equality of men and women. While what I saw when I was a Baha'i for 20 years - that the women were being exploited in the name of religion. Instead of deserving respect and dignity. They were misused as objects of Fun and Entertainment.

    3) There is really backbiting everywhere. Normal people even backbite the Counselors, ITC and UHJ members. Leave aside backbiting their own community members.

    4) There are Election scams, Financial scams, Sexual Scandals and so much other things in this small community. If it grows just imagine what it will bring to this beautiful world.

    5) There is hypocrisy everywhere. Every person of this community is a Hypocrite (like Baha and Abdul Baha) except a very few who are really very good people but these type of good people never remain for long time. They come and go... they very soon leave this cult when they gain experience..

    That is the main reason why this cult is not growing. You yourself know it has become like a stagnant water with lot of garbage. Show me the government census of any country where the Baha'is have been counted. Let's see the figures of Baha'is from governmental sources.

    Don't ever feel that I am wasting my time. I have more than 250 Pageviews each day. And I gain more and more energy when I read your history, the writings of your leaders. The way they behaved with covenant breakers, the way they treated their opponents, their families. The way they changed their history. And the way they portray themselves in front of this world. The way they work against Iran. The way they serve the agendas of Oppressive Countries.

    My heart starts bleeding when I see you hypocrite people and it fills with more and more hate when I see some baha'i talking of love and peace. I still attend Baha'i gatherings and still have Baha'i, Azali, Shiite and Shaykhi Friends.

    Best wishes to you for your independent investigation of truth. I reached here through "real independent investigation". I wish you all the best in your journey. But remember the journey must always keep going.



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