Examples of the Bahá’is' sabotage activities :

SAVAK's document Ref. H/7779 dated 23.4.1347 (July 14, 1968) reads: "... Col. Aqdassieh (the Bahá’i) said ... When I was in the army, I used to respect the Bahá’i soldiers, noncommissioned officers and officers. But if a Muslim person made a complaint against another, I had him whipped. We are informed that Shahanshah Aryamehr is a Bahá’i and..." (Exhibit No. 32).

SAVAK's document Ref. H/7596 dated 18.2.1350 (May 8,1971) reports as follows the statements made by Mr. Loghmani, the Bahá’i: "... We now have explicit instructions from America and London to promote dressing and building fashions as well as the women's being unveiled, so that Muslims shall take off the veil from their faces. ... In Iran and other Muslim countries, offend the Islamic nations as far as possible by applying fashion and propagation.... Weapons and ammunitions are manufactured by our youths in Israel. These Muslims will finally be annihilated by the Bahá’is, and the world of His Holiness Bahá’u’lláh will be promoted." (Exhibit No. 33)

Quoting a Bahá’i employee of the National Iranian Oil Company, SAVAK has reported: "... We Bahá’is avenged the destruction by Muslims a few years ago of the Haziral-Quds in Tehran on the Feizieh School in Qom... We not only avenged the past, but continued the Bahá’i issue as far as land reforms." (Exhibit No. 34).

The document Ref. H/14409 dated 31.2.1357 (May 21,1978) reports Mr. Massihollah Rohani's statements as follows: "... We Bahá’is are originally Iranians, but our intelli­gence and intellect are attached to the authorities in London and the Universal House of Justice (in Israel). By taking advantage of the situation and through propagation, we make the clergy apprehensive towards the government. With these riots in the country, the nature of the clergy is revealed and is not acceptable to the modern community, as they have proved to the people that the clergy is synonymous with saboteurs and communists." (Exhibit No. 35)

According to SAVAK's document Ref. H/6736 dated 30.2.1347 (May 20, 1968), Mr. Adab, Deputy-Governor of Bank Melli, speaking at the Bahá’i Assembly, said:"... As long as I am in Bank Melli, I shall endeavour to recruit our required personnel from our bretheren. Also, as far as possible, I shall torment and cause the inconvenience for the Muslim employees in respect of salaries, fringe benefits and allowances." (Exhibit No.36).

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