Baha'is desparate to expand their base in the Arab world.

Recently Baha'is have launched official websites for many Middle Eastern Arab countries aiming at gaining more Human Resource for their cult. The only Middle Eastern countries left are Israel and Saudi Arabia. Hope they will soon launch official Baha'i websites of these two countries also.

Baha'is have good base in the UAE and they have full freedom to practice their faith. They have an agreement with the government that they will practice peacefully and not try to convert any UAE citizen to their cult. This kind of agreement is also in force with the Israeli and Saudi governments. The only country where they create disturbance is Iran where they openly preach their faith and create conflict with the government authorities.

With the aim of spreading their faith in the Arab lands Baha'is organize an annual conference by the name of "American Arab Conference". The conference is actually "A Baha'i Conference to attract Arabs". This conference usually starts with the Message from the NSA of United States to the dignitaries, followed by brainstorming (brainwashing) lectures promoting the Baha'i cause. The guests / speakers participating are mostly Baha'is and Baha'i friendly personalities. The conference is projected as if it is a real "American Arab Conference". This is the 5th year of this conference.

Official Facebook page says 52 people are interested and 19 are going as on 29th June 2016 !

More details at

Till today Baha'is have gained noting fruitful by these type of conferences but their aim is high and they are working hard to expand their base in the Arab world. Baha'ism is considered a cult in the Arab world and most Arabs do not like Baha'is due to their stand on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, their hypocrisy and double standards of their leaders. Baha'is throughout the world are famous for their dubious behavior and acting against the interest of "Unity" under the garb of rosy slogans. For the already disturbed Arab world Baha'i faith is creating more problems by stepping its feet in these countries.

Please put a glance at the last years program.

Baha'is are not interested politics but they are interested in Arab Spring & regime change in some countries.
They talk of Equality of Men and Women while themselves not allowing membership to women in the UHJ.

May be the "exposed hypocrisy" of the Haifan Baha'is is one of the many reasons that their official website is blocked by the Internet department of the UAE government.

This year Mrs. Tahani Helmy and Ms. May Rihani (not in picture) have been given the difficult task of entertaining the guests.

Why Baha'is are persecuted in Iran and some other countries ?

The students of underground Baha'i university "BIHE" in Iran

The students of underground Baha'i university "BIHE" in Iran

It is actually PROsecution not PERsecution.

Putting aside all the propaganda and exaggeration that Baha'is spread about what happens to them or how they are treated in Iran; the answer to this question is very simple.

Baha'ism is not a simple religious entity where you keep your beliefs to yourselves. It is an ORGANIZATION where the adherents are required by their beliefs to participate in all matters of the cult in an organized matter taking orders in a hierarchical form from the highest in rank, the Universal House of Justice, down to the Local Spiritual Assemblies.

Any organization, and I repeat any organization in any country, must first obtain the necessary legal approvals in accordance with that country's laws for it to be able to start its activities. Baha'is have received no approvals whatsoever and their organizational activities are all illegal in Iran. When they are busted by the authorities for their illegal activities they go around claiming that they are being PERSECUTED FOR THEIR BELIEFS while in reality it is LEGAL PROSECUTION.

Funny thing is, the Israeli government does not allow them to have any activities in Israel and Baha'is happily oblige and never protest. Their persecution in Israel is so harsh that they are not even allowed to live in Israel (only allowed a short few day visit to visit their holy sites, and only IF the Universal House of Justice allows them), yet they never ever protest to this. This hypocritical behavior makes matters even worse for them in Iran because they are obviously making themselves a tool of the western governments against Iran by this attitude.

'Abdu’l Baha Wouldn’t Bathe for Months at a Time and How Baha’is Suppressed this Fact !

'Abdu'l Baha laughing at those taking bath in Turkish Hammam. Picture only for representation purpose.

Baha’u’llah has enjoined upon his followers to bathe once a week:

“It hath been enjoined upon you to pare your nails, to bathe yourselves each week in water that covereth your bodies, and to clean yourselves with whatsoever ye have formerly employed. Take heed lest through negligence ye fail to observe that which hath been prescribed unto you by Him Who is the Incomparable, the Gracious.”

According to Baha’i scripture, Abdu’l-Baha wouldn’t bathe for months at a time. This act going against his father’s orders, has been censored and supressed in published works of Baha’is or simply distorted in the translation of Baha’i works into English. We will present here two such documents.
The first document is a distorted translation in the book Mahmud’s Diary:

“One of the servants asked why man is not thankful when in comfort. `Abdu'l-Bahá replied, `It is due to negligence. Otherwise one must be aware and thankful when immersed in the sea of bounties.' Then He said, `I have not had a good bath for several months.' The ship's attendant was then asked to prepare a warm fresh water bath for Him. Afterwards, He said, `I am much better now. For a long time I have not had leisure to take a real bath.'” (Mahmud Zaraqani, translated by Mohi Sobhani, Mahmúd's Diary: The Diary of Mírzá Mahmúd-i-Zarqání Chronicling `Abdu'l-Bahá's Journey to America, p. 15,

Pay attention to the two words “good” and “real”. These adjectives do not exist in the original Persian text of Mahmud’s diary. Abdu’l-Baha clearly states that he has not had a bath for several months and that he has not had leisure to take a bath for a long time. Two seemingly innocent words (‘good’ and ‘real’) have been added to this statement to hide the fact that Abdu’l-Baha had not taken a bath for a long time. This is the original Persian text for comparison:

«چند ماه است حمام نرفته ام. لهذا بملازم جهاز سپرده شد که حمام حاضر نموده قدری آب گرم شیرین نیز مهیا کرد. پس از حمام فرمودند خیلی راحت شدم. مدتی بود فرصت حمام نمی نمودم (محمود زرقانی، بدایع الآثار، ج1، ص 10)

The second suppressed document is in Persian and has not been translated to English but is available on the official Baha’i library here: The prominent Baha’i scholar, Ishraq Khavari, mentions the following statement from Abdu’l-Baha at the bottom of the page:

«ای دو یار عزیز هیچ می دانید که عبدالبهاء غرق چه دریایی است .. حال مصمم حرکت به فرنگستانم که شاید خدمتی بآستان نمایم.» (اشراق خاوری، مائده آسمانی، ج2، ص 83)

“Oh two dear friends, do you know in what sea Abdu’l-Baha is sinking .. now I am determined on journeying to the West so that I may perform service to [Baha’u’llah’s] court.” (Ishraq Khawari, Maidiyih Asimani, vol 2, p. 83)

As you can see in the image, a section from this tablet has been replaced with “..” After some serious digging, we finally found the original tablet in its uncensored form on page 162 of the 17th volume of the Iranian National Baha’i Archives ( ). An image from this tablet is provided below with the censored section marked in red:

This is what the original version reads:

«ای دو یار عزیز هیچ می دانید که عبدالبهاء غرق چه دریایی است قسم به اسم اعظم روحی لعتبه الفداء که یکسال است یکدفعه فرصت یافتم که به حمام بروم دیگر ملاحظه نمایید که چه اوضاعیست حال مصمم حرکت به فرنگستانم که شاید خدمتی بآستان نمایم.»

Oh two dear friends, do you know in what sea Abdu’l-Baha is sinking. I swear by the greatest name, may my soul be sacrificed for his shrine, that it is [now] one year that I have only had time to bathe once. See what a situation we have. Now I am determined on journeying to the West so that I may perform service to [Baha’u’llah’s] court. (Abdu’l-Baha, Iranian National Baha’i Archives [INBA], vol. 17, p. 162)

Abdu’l-Baha confesses that he hadn’t bathed for one year! It is totally understandable why the UHJ would want to censor this statement.

Indian Baha'is of Persian origin are involved in full scale moral corruption.

It seems that every Baha’i official, in the Baha’i Administration, is involved in immoral activities whether he is a NSA member, Counsellor, ABM, Children Class teacher, or simply, a card carrying Baha’i!

A new immoral activity has come into picture by a member of LSA of Nashik, Principal of Motiwala Medical College and the husband of ABM, Mrs. Afsaneh Motiwala.

The secret love of Mr. Farooq Motiwala with an employee of Motiwala Medical College has become a talk of the town, and it is no longer a secret. The love affair bloomed for more than a decade. Mrs. Afsaneh Motiwala was fully aware about the secret love, but she kept a nelson eye on the episode, as if her interest was more towards Motiwala College, as her property, than the principal of the college! The College staff, the Baha’i community of Nashik and the students of the college are all talking about this immoral relation, and one wonders what impact it will have on these young innocent minds.

Nashik LSA member, Mr. Farooq Motiwala enjoying life. (Right - in Red Kurta)

Dr. Farooq Motiwala openly declared that Baha’i Faith and Aqdas permit having two wives. Even Baha'u'llah and Abdul-Baha were polygamous. He also gave the name of another Baha’i from Nashik who lived with two wives, and neither the National Spiritual Assembly of India, nor the Continental Board of counsellors had any objection to it. He said that Baha’i Administration encourages these things provided you keep on giving huge funds and a list of potential converts. He quoted an incidence from the late Universal House of Justice member, Mr. Hushmand Fatheazam, saying that once a wife complained to Abdul-Baha about the extra marital affair which her husband had with another lady. Abdul-Baha reprimanded her of her complain, and said “just mind your own business and not to bother about other's.”

The Local community of Nashik had strong objection about Motiwala’s behavior and they wrote letters to the Counsellor, Mr. Seiosansian, the NSA, and the LSA, to cause Mr. Farooq Motiwala to resign from the Assembly. But they did not bothered, as Motiwala is giving huge sum as donations, and Farooq has made compulsory for all the students of the college to do Ruhi curriculum.

The Baha'i Administration clearly ignored the directives of UHJ letter dated 23 April 2013, that said Administrative Sanction is must for such individuals, and not just their resignation:

“Should the conduct of a believer become so blatant as to attract the attention of the Assembly, it would want, after gaining a relatively clear picture of the issues, to offer loving, but firm advice to the friend involved. In most cases it is necessary, in the first instance, to determine to what extent the believer understands the Faith and its standards. Dispassionate counselling, not infrequently over an extended period, to assist the individual concerned in gaining an appreciation of the requirements of Bahá’í law is generally required. So, too, is patience needed, and he or she should be given sufficient time to bring about a change. The Assembly, often aided by the Counsellors or the members of the Auxiliary Boards, may have to help the individual, reflect on his or her particular circumstances, apply relevant principles, and explore available options. In deciding on what approach to take, the Assembly should be guided by the understanding that its objective is to assist the friends to draw closer to the Faith while taking care to protect the Bahá’í community from the negative influence of those who have no intention of adhering to its standards. When a believer demonstrates allegiance to the Cause and a willingness to rectify the situation, continued patience and loving guidance are in order. All throughout, of course, care is taken to ensure that an individual’s struggles do not become a source of backbiting or disunity in the community. In this the members of the community need to remember that they should focus their energies on their own spiritual development, and on overcoming their personal shortcomings.

Only in circumstances where a believer, ignoring all admonishments, persists in misconduct and knowingly and consistently violates the law, would it be necessary for the Assembly to consider applying administrative sanctions—this, after warning the individual of the consequences of his or her continued disregard for the teachings. ”

It looks like that the Universal House of Justice felt the danger of Mr. Farooq Motiwala continuing as the member of the Nashik Assembly and forced him to resign.

Source :

Baha'is stabbed Rafsanjani’s daughter in the back

Baha'i Faith and Hypocrisy are two faces of the same coin. If benefits are due, the Baha'is will deceive the friends and foes alike.

Recently the betrayal by the Baha'is was done to Ms. Faezeh Hashemi, the daughter of Ex-president of Iran Mr. Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. Who made a courtesy visit to temporarily paroled Baha'i leader Fariba Kamalabadi, with whom she apparently shared a prison cell in 2009. Fariba Kamalabadi, along with six other Baha'i colleagues of the seven-men ad-hoc Iranian Baha'i administration known as the Yaran, was tried on charges of espionage and spying for Israel, found guilty and sentenced to ten years imprisonment.

The whole episode was stage managed by Universal House of Justice. Faezah Hashemi was made to seat with a group of Baha'i women all unveiled with a picture of Abbas Effendi Abdu’l-Baha prominently displayed on the wall to the left of the assembled party. Although the visit of Ms. Hashemi was on humanitarian ground, the Baha'i Administration showed as if she being nearer to the Faith and due to this Iran is Losing Battle against the Baha'is. This is nothing but betrayal by deception.

The Baha'i Administration blew this incidence out of proportion through their international contacts. The UHJ sent Messages to National Assemblies to publicize the incidence. This forced the Ex-President to denounce her visit and reprimand saying ‘she had made a big mistake that had to be rectified.’ The Ex-President described the Baha'i faith as "a deviant sect", which "he disavows and have always done".

Baha'is are master of betrayal. By this way they created a rift between a father and daughter and tarnished her image amongst her own countrymen. At the same time they put the position of Mrs. Kamalabadi under severe pressure restricting the possibility of her any further release in future.

Iran Human Rights watch reported thus :

Inmates at the Women’s Ward in Evin Prison have been told that their furloughs (temporary leave) have been canceled and that they will no longer be able to send letters to relatives, a source told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

The measures appear to be collective punishment in retaliation against prisoner and Baha'i leader Fariba Kamalabadi’s high-profile meeting on May 13, 2016 with former Tehran MP Faezeh Hashemi during Kamalabadi’s furlough.

“When Fariba Kamalabadi’s five-day furlough ended, the family asked the Tehran prosecutor for an extension, but his representative refused and said the reason was the meeting between Fariba and her former cellmate [Faezeh Hashemi],” the source told the Campaign.

  • This also gave Iran's religious establishment to denounce the Baha'i Faith as a heretical sect. This opportunity was gifted by UHJ to the Iranian authorities.
  • In the Message of UHJ dated 24 May 2016 , the Baha'is worldwide are ordered to propagate the matter against Iran and keep informing the UHJ based in Haifa Israel about the development. The Message undoubtedly confirms that the Baha'is are working under the supervision of Israel.
  • The Baha'i administration also created a fake Ayatollah Masumi Tehrani to create problems for Iranian Baha'is. The UHJ is only interested in filling their own pockets irrespective of what situation the Persian Baha'is are going to face in their country.
  • Sometimes back they betrayed a Pakistani International journalist Ms. Asma Jehangir using her name in denouncing the Government of Iran for persecuting the Baha'is. Very soon she realized the treachery of Baha'is and she dissociated herself from Baha'is.
  • The Baha'is do not spare sincere and devoted Baha'is by writing to them threatening letter and making Blogs in their name for sowing seeds of discord amongst the Baha'is.
  • There is deception in their every action and saying. They say JYSEPs are for imparting spiritual / moral knowledge to Baha'i youths but the fact is that these programs are a cause of immorality, envelopment and extramarital affairs amongst the Baha'is.
  • The list of deception goes on and on. It seems this has become the part of their faith to deceive people and make sure they trap other “useful ones” into their cult.
  • The Baha'is worldwide are getting aware of this plot of UHJ and have started distancing themselves from such administration. A Baha'i teacher Ms. Ruth white has observed the same attitude which she penned in her book ‘Is Baha'i administration enemy of Baha'i Faith.’
Alongside your own efforts, the Bahá’í International Community United Nations and Brussels Offices will be undertaking complementary initiatives at the international level. - Haifan Universal House of Justice

The Message of UHJ dated 24 May 2016

You are asked, through your Offices of External Affairs, to meet with your government contacts, appropriate non-governmental organizations, and individuals of influence and bring to their attention the recent action taken by the authorities in Iran against the largest non-Muslim religious minority in the country. They should become fully aware of the extent to which a widespread, coordinated, and systematic attack has been orchestrated by the Iranian authorities against a segment of its own citizens. They can be asked to consider whatever action they deem appropriate—from making a public statement to privately contacting the government of Iran, or any other action that they might consider would ameliorate the situation. While the media will not be the focus of your endeavours, those whose support you seek will naturally be free to make approaches as they wish. This campaign to incite religious hatred against the Bahá’ís has originated from the highest offices in that land. It is of added concern that the month of the Muslim fast will begin soon, a time in which religious fervour can be more easily aroused in Iran. Background materials that may be of use in its work will soon be supplied directly to your Office of External Affairs.

Alongside your own efforts, the Bahá’í International Community United Nations and Brussels Offices will be undertaking complementary initiatives at the international level.

Kindly keep the Universal House of Justice and the Bahá’í International Community United Nations Offices apprised of the outcome of your efforts in this matter. The House of Justice will offer prayers in the Holy Shrines on your behalf for bountiful confirmations from Bahá’u’lláh on all your endeavours.

With loving Bahá’í greetings,

Department of the Secretariat

cc: International Teaching Centre Bahá’í International Community,
United Nations Office, New York and Geneva
Bahá’í International Community, Brussels Office
Offices of External Affairs of the National Assemblies of Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada (Ottawa and Toronto), France, Germany, India, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States

Source :

Iranian Baha'i writes an open letter to The Universal House of Justice

To the Universal House of Justice,

Having carefully studied the message of the beloved House about the Baha’i teachings, issued to the attention of one of the Friends of Iran by the Secretariat on Jan 19, 2015: I would like to respectfully acknowledge the House with the following:

Though I was not the addressee of that message, I found the answers to some of my concerns. Yet some of the Friends' questions still remain. I write this letter with the hope that those Divine Trustees, through their kindness and patience, may respond with a clear and simple message, one without any ambiguity nor any references to any previous messages. The questions are as following:

As far as I am aware, before the difficulties began for the Friends of Iran, including the imprisonments, that exalted House acknowledged it has personally undertaken the responsibility of conducting and leading all teaching activities in Iran; and with the assistance of the Appointed Boards, tried to develop and establish Devotional meetings, study circles, and other core activities, according to the goals of the 5-year plan, so as to accelerate the process of the “Entry by Troops”.

Sending qualified youth to Turkey, Malaysia, the Emirates and India to receive training regarding Teaching Techniques, and getting experiences about the SED activities has been one of the most important activities of the Auxiliary Boards in Iran, an activity that still continues today.

Therefore, the claim that currently teaching the Faith in Iran is not “organized”, and is being carried out according to an individual’s personal initiative, is far from the truth. Even such personal initiatives, because they are wrought with inexperience, are characteristically excessive and without requisite wisdom. Thus the Iranian authorities assume it is directed by the Baha’i administration itself. This will, in turn, put more pressure on and increase the persecution against the defenseless Friends of Iran.

As you are well aware, religious states are particularly sensitive to the teaching activities of minority groups. But since obedience to the state is a clear and unalterable principle of the Baha’i Cause, teaching the Faith in Iran, individually or through organized programs, if done without the consent and permission of the ruling government, flies in the face of those Baha’i principles. As such, these activities, cannot be confirmed by the House.

The recommendations of the Guardian of the Cause, for freedom of belief, personal conscience, keeping the faith, and resisting efforts to change the Faith , are clear. Our religion cannot be taught in such a way that would be opposed and prohibited by the government, and that would disregard the relevant social context. This is done at the risk of increased conflict with the authorities and governments.

We should note that the teaching of the Faith, while important, is less of a priority than preserving the Holy Cause itself. If teaching endangers the foundations of the Faith, or becomes a reason for the persecution of the Friends, it should, at least temporarily, be suspended.

The highly respected House, due to its absence from Iran, and a lack of direct connection with the community, does not possess enough information about the Baha’i community of Iran (while some even incorrectly claiming that it does not actually care that the foundations and principles of the Baha’i Cause are endangered in Iran). So certain vitally important decisions must be made, accounting for the general conditions the community faces in Iran, and the attitudes of both the state and the people of this country.

In “9 Years in Akko” the Master is asked about teaching in such conditions:
Is it not true that the Exalted Beauty—may I be sacrificed for His Friends—had ordered that the Faith be practiced wisely? It means that we should act having considered the requirements of the day. Each day, presents a certain requirement. For example, once teaching was confirmed, it was seriously insisted on. But today, teaching is not confirmed, whereas the stability of the souls is necessary. Then he pointed to a building and said “the Covenant-Breakers destroyed the foundations of this building. It is not wise to make another flow on it. Wisdom requires us to prevent others from destroying this building. Very soon, we will witness the fortification of this building. Then I will order teaching to resume. For the time being the deepening of souls is a priority…”

Currently the very existence of the Baha’i Faith is in danger in Iran. Most of the Baha’is have left the country, and others are planning to leave. The Yaran and many other Friends have received relatively long prison sentences. Some international steps taken by the UHJ against the Iranian government, and some very unwise public statements and interviews by some of our wealthy yet careless Friends, all of whom, it must be stated, reside abroad, have given the necessary pretense to the enemies of the Cause. These enemies of the Cause introduce Baha’is as treacherous and insufficiently Iranian (indeed anti-Iranian), and present us as having enmity towards Islam. This has caused many to perceive Baha’is within Iran as a fifth column that solely serves certain foreign interests, who cause tension and upheaval, and cannot bear the peace and progress of the Iranian nation. Under such tragic conditions, what would it even mean to mobilize the Friends to teach, to speak out against the Iranian government, and the beliefs of the majority of the Iranian people?

If the teaching of the Baha’i Faith is an essential duty of each and every Baha’i faithful, then why did the Blessed Beauty instruct Abdul-Baha’ to fast for an entire month in Akko prison just like the Muslims? Abdul-Baha and his friends followed this order in the prison of the tyrannical Ottoman Empire until 1909. He fasted—without eating at dawn or sunset for so long that his holy body had become frail and weak.

Why did Baha'u'llah give such an order? Was the behavior of Abdul-Baha simply a propaganda tool, or was it somehow an attempt at teaching of the Faith? Or rather was it a means for protecting the community itself? From this incident, one of many, we can conclude that at times, it is more important to protect the foundation of the Cause of God and the Friends than to practice the prayers, to teach, or any other such activities.

The Trustees of Baha'u'llah in the Holy Land have the right to be angry, and object to the acts of the Iranian government, and consider it entirely cruel, biased, despotic, and unjustifiable, and to consider it an enemy of the Baha’i Cause. But, as far as I know, Baha’is within Iran are not allowed to oppose such a government and give statements against it. On the contrary, the Friends are instructed to obey these very governments, without any protest or anger, even if they are despotic, unaccountable, and unlawful. Obedience to only those just and lawful governments is an incontrovertible and uncontroversial. It wouldn’t require any special decree nor increased efforts, like the obedience to unjust governments do.

Here I will enumerate some relevant passages from the scriptures:

Baha'u'llah has stated:
“No one is permitted to commit any action that is contrary to the view and policy of the Heads of the country.”

Abdul-Baha has also stated: “Anyway, according to the clear wording of the Blessed Beauty, may I be sacrificed for His friends, none may do, a single or general action, without the acceptance and permission of the government. And if anyone commits slightest action without the consent and permission of the state, has actually opposed the Blessed Cause, and no pretense will be accepted from him. This is the Divine instruction, and not the play of the children. So no one is authorized to evaluate the case with his own reason, and act upon it.”

The Beloved Guardian stated:
“The essential and main principle that should be attended is the obedience to the governing state, in the country that we reside. When an authoritarian government comes to power, we should not oppose it, on the grounds that we do not like it…

We should be obedient in all respects, unless a breach of a spiritual principle – like the neglect of the Divine Cause- is at issue.”

The above 3 examples, from the holy words themselves, indicate clearly the principle of non-involvement in politics and obedience to the ruling government. Unless, of course, that infallible Center issues a new directive, and declares the previous holy words and scriptures null and void.

When the Iranian government does not tolerate the teaching of the Cause, and in fact opposes it, as it tries to stop all such activities through various political and social pressures, why should we insist on these activities? Why should we invite non-Baha’is to our devotional meetings and study circles, considering how much it provokes the anger of the authorities and the fanatics from among the larger Iranian population, all of which primarily results in more difficulties for the members of the Baha’i Community?

The message dated January 15, 2015, states that, if ordered by government officials to legally bind themselves to stop their teaching activities, you permit the Friends to acquiesce and sign any papers in this regard.

If by this message you mean that the Friends should give a commitment and honor that commitment, then this results in a necessary contradiction. Because in another part of that same message, you have warned the Friends to not abandon any religious rule that will cause the Baha’i Faith to be uprooted. Now, if by this permission you really intend for the Friends to render empty promises in order to avoid, temporarily, the authorities and to later continue in their teaching activities, this would be a direct condoning of deceit and dishonesty, and would be contrary to the holy scriptures and the sacred Baha’i teachings.

If this permission is given in order to reduce the restrictions on the Friends, and allow them the possibility of studying in Iranian high schools and universities, then why do you not try to solve the problems at a more fundamental level, and help to put an end to any and all future arrests, imprisonment, or prosecution? Moreover, we must be aware that such agreements don’t just involve the signing of a document; rather they necessarily result in further undesired consequences, including certain duties and responsibilities that must be promised and fulfilled.

I remember a few years ago the respected governing body let Baha’is present themselves as Muslims when applying to Iranian universities. This was in order to allow Baha’i youth to receive higher education in Iran. Yet, at the time of this permission, some of the Friends opposed it, seeing it as a denial of their faith. There is an essential question here which must be asked: Which of the two choices, denying the Baha’i youth of their religious identity or ceasing public teaching of the Faith, is more destructive and harmful?

In the next part of the message, the prohibition of teaching in the holy land is repeated, a prohibition decreed by the statement of Baha'u'llah, who said: “The Baha’is residing in the Holy Land should abstain from any teaching in Israel.”

The prohibition of teaching the Baha’i Faith in Israel is not only compulsory for the Baha’i residents of Israel, but also according to the message of the House, DD 23.6.1995, no teaching is permitted to any of the citizens of Israel – whether or not they reside in Israel. In a part of this message we read:
The House of Justice has not asked the friends to avoid contact with Israelis. When you discover that a person you are in contact with via IRC is an Israeli, you should feel free to maintain friendly contact, but you should not teach the Faith to him…in keeping with a policy that has been strictly followed since the days of Bahá’u’lláh, Bahá’ís do not teach the Faith in Israel. Likewise, the Faith is not taught to Israelis abroad if they intend to return to Israel.”

Here, the issue isn’t the prohibition of teaching the Faith in Israel or to an Israeli. Yet we see that there is such a prohibition for the Friends in Israel, who suffer no pressures nor persecution. Why do we disregard this wisdom in the lands of Iran, which is the epicenter of such persecution?

Now, if teaching the Faith began in Israel, despite the state’s lack of willingness or consent, in so far as it is run according to the religious laws and sensibilities of its citizens (just as it is in Iran) it seems to me that the respected members of the House would be subject to similar pressures and persecution as the friends in Iran are, or would even be obliged to leave that country.

As a humble member of the Baha’i Community, I propose that all teaching be stopped for 2 to 3 years in Iran. Since the administration here is not active — with the Yaran actually being imprisoned and absent from the community, there is a current state of hostility towards the faith, we must commit to this suspension so as to rescue the Friends from these various pressures and to put an end to the claims of the authorities. If that hiatus was successful in decreasing the persecution against Baha’is, then it should be continued in a more systematic manner and for a longer period. But if we witness no changes in the behavior of the Iranian authorities, then we can revert to the force of public opinion once again.

One final point I would like to humbly make is a reminder about the special status and significance of Iran, the sacred cradle of the Cause of God. The Universal House of Justice, as the highest governing Body of the great Baha’i Community, is responsible for solving the problems of the Friends in Iran, consolidating their civil rights, re-organizing the national Baha’i administration, and taking the necessary steps to free Baha’is from prison and secure their trampled rights. I believe the only way to achieve the above goals in the short term, is to have sincere dialogue with the Iranian authorities, and to cultivate good diplomatic relations with them. No progress will be made, nor any goals achieved if we are in constant contention with a strong state like Iran. Eventually, even these current pressures and prosecutions could become more severe and systematic, if the current intransigence is kept.

On the other hand, having hope solely in the words and actions of foreign political actors and international bodies is decidedly not sufficient. Even if we attain any measure of success in the short-term, any such progress may be reversed and even serve to harm us in the long term, such as through further “legal” restrictions placed on the community.

It is very clear that in the beginning, any negotiation and discussion with the Iranian government will be very difficult, or even seem impossible. But the valuable experiences of the House, who could utilize either qualified Iranian or non-Iranian advisers, and a sincere good-will may help the success of these discussions. However, if the UHJ does not begin this initiative today, and waits for some more desirable time in the future, it may see that it has waited too long for any of its desired results to be attained.

I sincerely hope that the respected House finds these comments and suggestions useful and applicable. If, for any reason, they were deemed inappropriate, I request your abounding forgiveness, and pray for your guidance.

I apologize for the length of this message, and humbly request your prayers when visiting the holy shrines.

With the Warmest Baha’i Greetings,
Kaveh Kholousi

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