A letter from Wahid Azal to Adib Masumian

by Wahid Azal (Zulfiqar110) on Wed Aug 26, 2009 12:07 AM PDT

Adib, listen to your mother more often and your father. Both of these people have solid heads on their shoulders, and their advice, like the one your mother gave you, should be heeded like a precious substance as if it were the alchemical Elixir itself.

It is a shame that we have to stand on the antipodes of many issues because you are a basically good kid who, as far as I am concerned, is just being seriously misled by the agendas of an entrenched power clique and for its own sinister/corporate ends. But, please, whether you are aware of it or not, your name is indeed being actively promoted and bandied about by associates of the Baha'i institutions as a notary on many such questions. Your own presence online is also vast. And you know exactly how I know this. I was utterly disappointed to see your cooperation with Moojan Momen in libelling Negar Baha'i-Anselm, and even more disappointed to see your name associated with the Muslim Network for Baha'i Rights, which you and I both know is a thoroughly hokey organization, nay a racket, and possibly an international money laundering front -- as I and several other people are beginning to establish. I also noted several of your own below the belt sectarian characterizations and attacks on yours truly (and your defense of that deranged lunatic Badi Villar) -- and this sort of behavior is neither Bijan or your mother, but it is the conspicuous behavior of that woman and arch-demoness Susan Maneck, who you would do very well to stay well away from for your own sake before her type of poison works itself all the way into you.

Now as regards Debunking the Myths, there is a large amount of material you do not deal with and which you will at some point have to begin dealing with whether you like to or not. I urge you in your future endeavours not to be like Moojan Momen who deliberately omits information, sleights of hand or otherwise feigns a wooly silence on crucial questions of history and documentation and claims it as scholarship. You would do well to keep your distance from him as well. He is dishonest as dishonest comes.

Now unfortunately due to the unprofessionally stupid and basest speculatory manner in which some Iranian Muslim authors have dealt with such questions in the past, this does not necessarily make the issues of Baha'i (not Babi, but Baha'i) linkages to European (and especially 19th and early 20th century) colonialist agendas moot and invalid. Sophia and I have uncovered quite a bit of information publicly available in the British National Archives which problematizes the issue further than anyone has so far admitted (including the Fayzieh hacks) and raises quite a few eyebrows about what both Abbas Effendi and Shoghi Effendi were up to with the powers of Westminister. All of this information would have been available to Moojan Momen in the '70s and early '80s, but he deliberately did not deal with them. Juan Cole was actually the person who first notified me about the patently disengenuous and biased nature of Momen's overall Baha'i scholarship, especially on such questions. You don't need to fall into any such ideological traps and become yet another Momen or Maneck clone/drone.

Now I am not inviting you to leave the religion of your parents, but you would do well for yourself in significantly broadening your intellectual horizons over the next four years and more by reading and contemplating outside of the narrow Baha'i box you have been pigeon-holed into over the past 18 years. So I am urging you to expand your horizons beyond where you are at now. Never fixate your attention on one particular narrative. Never become the face or spokesperson for the bigger agendas of other people, organizations or otherwise. Think only for yourself. Reach your own conclusions, and reject all hand-me-downs as a matter of principle and personal intellectual integrity. The world is a pretty complicated, bizarre place and the line between the good guys and the bad guys will often blur and become murky -- and even shift altogether right before your eyes. Also understand that the path to Truth is incredibly difficult and full of heartache, since Truth is its own reward. Do these things, and I think in you we might actually find another Fereydoun Adamiyat or Muhit Tabatabai rather than a Baha'i version of that giant twit Falsafi.

And despite my articulated positions and present online vocation, kindly convey my love to your father, Bijan, and to your mother as well.

Mo'affaq va mo'ayyad bashi, javan!


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The deceptive conversion techniques of the Baha'is

1. Everyone to strive to memorize “Anna’s presentation” from Book 6 in full, thereby to raise his or her skills and abilities of direct and effective teaching to a new level.

2. The team will directly teach a total of 123 people using “Anna’s presentation” and the teaching album based on this presentation and to invite them to enroll in the Faith.

3. It is expected that 70 of these people will enroll in the Faith.

4. The newly enrolled believers will be asked to register themselves using a special form “New Believer Registration” and will be invited to join institute programme and other core activities.

5. The new believers and seekers who expressed desire to participate in Ruhi Institute Courses, will be registered using the form “Registration for Institute Courses” and the study circles should commence as immediately as possible. Intensive courses and study circles can be organized during the campaign so that by the end of campaign at least a number of people would have completed Book 1 and joined the team members in their teaching efforts by practicing their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

6. Those junior youth, both Baha’is and seekers, who expressed their desire to participate in the junior youth group activities, will be registered using the form “Registration for Junior Youth Programme” and the junior youth group activities should commence as immediately as possible. Intensive junior youth group activities can be organized during the campaign to proceed through several lessons of the first book for junior youth and a special gathering can be arranged for parents of these youth, at which the junior youth can share what they learnt and perform. The parents then will be invited to join the Faith and core activities.

7. Those children, both Baha’is and seekers, who expressed their desire to participate in the children’s classes, will be registered using the form “Registration for Baha'i Children’s Classes”. The classes can begin as immediately as possible and they can be held intensively during the campaign so that the children proceed through several lessons. A special gathering can be arranged for parents at which the children share what they learnt and perform and the parents are invited to join the Faith and core activities.

8. Make a series of visits to the newly enrolled believers, who have not yet entered the institute process, with the purpose of sharing with them deepening themes so that by the end of the campaign, at least a few themes have been shared with them.

9. Make a list of new believers, seekers who registered and began to participate in the core activities and make a plan of consolidating them and accompany them in their path of search and service.

10. The vision is that in this particular neighbourhood by the end of the cycle a new 'pyramid' will be raised among the new believers and seekers.

Was Shoghi Effendi homosexual?

by Wahid Azal

[Editors Note: Although all the existing evidence is anecdotal and so inconclusive, it should be noted that Ruhi Afnan, Shoghi Effendi's first cousin, made similar allegations about Shoghi Effendi's sexuality, as did Fayzullah Sobhi. The late US NSA archivist, Jackson Armstrong-Ingram, also confirmed the existence of longstanding rumors about Shoghi Effendi's homosexuality.]

Michael Zargarov (ex-Bahai)

August 22nd, 2009.

Greetings all.

About 20 years ago I was introduced to Mildred Mottahedeh at a conference in Arizona. Hand of the Cause Bill Sears introduced us because he knew I yearned to teach the faith in Eastern Europe, and he knew that Mildred had a particular interest there too. Later in 1990, at her suggestion, I pioneered to Prague, Czechoslovakia. I was there 18 months, and traveled from Prague to Russia, and to Alma Ata, Kazakhstan in order to visit with and help teach among long-out-of-contact believers. Still later, at various times, I was hosted for dinner at Mildred's sumptuous apartment overlooking the United Nations complex in NYC. Once in late 1992 I took Mildred to a concert of Beethoven's 9th Symphony at the Lincoln Center. On the way we stopped at a drugstore. When she came back to the car, Mildred showed me a gold locket which held hair from Baha'u'llah. She told me that Shoghi had given it to her when she WITNESSED his marriage to Ruhiyyih. Mildred and her husband bought a limousine for Shoghi to use, which he later loaned to Ben Gurion when "Israel" was established.

Mildred Mottahedeh had known May Maxwell since the 1920s. They were close confidants and best friends. Before Violeta Nakhjavani took over as "companion" to Ruhiyyih, Mildred held that honor.

Mildred and I were very close. She ASKED me if I "struggled with being gay". When I admitted that I did, she revealed to me that Ruhiyyih had intimated to her that Shoghi was homosexual himself, and hated himself because he "fell so short of what was expected of him as a member of Baha'u'llah' s family". Ruhiyyih told Mildred that their marriage had been arranged to "help" Shoghi "straighten himself out". (It is purely MY conjecture that Ruhiyyih was Lesbian. I just saw such a Bull-Dyke everytime I saw her, and her relationship with Violeta seemed obvious.) Mildred told me that she had revealed that long-held secret because she hoped it would one day help other gay baha'is to realize that they were not struggling alone; indeed that the "Center of the faith" had struggled against the same "affliction" . Mildred made me swear NEVER to reveal what I knew until AFTER her death. I kept the promise.

Link of the Original Article :

Secretly Proselytizing Baha'is deported from Uzbekistan

by Ravian Bilani

The Government of Uzbekistan deported a number of Baha’is from the neighboring countries as they were secretly involved in propagation of Baha’i Faith. About 15 Baha’is were arrested by the religious ministry on information provided by local Mahalla committee that a full scale deceptive conversion was on its way in Tashkent Baha’i centre.

A similar incident was reported by government authorities in Samarkand in December 2008

Uzbekistan has recently been through the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) mechanism of the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council, and its response to recommendations was considered in Geneva on 27 July. An official responsible for registration of the Religious places in the capital Tashkent replied that "these are our internal issues, and you have no competence to interfere”.

Baha’is employ deceptive, unethical conversion techniques .Deceptive in the sense that the convert never understand that he has been converted and unethical because it is aimed at children and youths below 16 years of age. The mechanism is called as children MORAL classes and junior youth empowerment programme.

They use sophisticated unethical, fraudulent mind manipulation techniques to trap and convert innocent citizens. Baha’is are from an unethical and potentially dangerous, oppressive political movements with hidden agendas. The innocent, uneducated and downtrodden people are easy victims to such, brainwashing techniques and deceptive conversion practices.

Last year in Yemen four Baha’is were arrested by the Interior ministry for secretly propagation of Baha’i Faith. The three Baha’is of Iranian origin, Zia’u’llah Pourahmari, Keyvan Qadari, and Behrooz Rohani, were arrested in Sana’a, on the night of June 20, 2008. A fourth Baha’i, Sayfi Ibrahim Sayfi, was also arrested around the same time and faces the possibility of deportation to Iraq.

According to the source close to the group, the men were arrested and taken to the national security headquarters’ prison where they spent 40 days – most of the time in isolated cells – before being sent to Sana’a General Investigation Department.

Iran has also arrested a number of Baha’is many times for their secret conversion activity directed at children and Youths.

Iran did not see the Baha’is merely as an astray sect but considered it as an organization which despite claiming to be non-political is very political and therefore sought power to materialize their objectives. While from the very beginning the sect had been a tool of colonialist political powers toward undermining the beliefs and disrupting the national identity. The ties between the US policies and Zionism and the ties of the Baha’is with these two coupled with their objectives for domination over Iran is no more a secret. Baha’ism is a tool in the hand of the modern colonialism, weapon of the enemies of the country and a threat to the independence of Iran.

The world’s largest democracy India with all its secular credentials has come out with “Anti conversion law” in its 11 states so as to prevent this very secret sect from deceptive propagation.

According to a report published in India’s leading Newspaper, The Hindustan Times in July 2006, In a complaint filed in city court the members of National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of India has accused their colleagues of using impersonations and forgery managed to clandestinely penetrate into prohibited defense establishment of the country and get hold of classified documents and supplied to Israeli and Iranian spying agencies.

Link of the Original Article :

Бехаисты арестован в Узбекистане в обманчиво проповедь и превратить младших детей и молодежи

по Ravian Bilani

Бехаисты арестован в Узбекистане в обманчиво проповедь и превратить младших детей и молодежи

Ташкент - В отделе безопасности правительства Узбекистана во время обычной проверки арестовано 15 бехаистами для проповеди Вера Бахаи для детей и подростков до 16 лет. Эти дети из разных городов были доставлены бехаист центра во имя нравственного учения без согласия их родителей.

Дети были доставлены в реабилитационный центр, откуда они были переданы их родителям. Полиция зафиксировала всего разбирательство в камере. В последнее время страны СНГ ужесточение контроль над этой весьма обманчивы раздел, которых они обвиняют в связях с Израилем и уничтожая морально ткани общества. Христианский священник, также возражает против их в заблуждение пропаганды, и предупредил их не распространять какие-либо так называемые моральным учением христианским детей.

Там были новости из разных стран, что бехаисты пытаются превратить младших детей и молодежи в заблуждение своих четырех основных видов деятельности.

1-молитвенный Встречи
2-исследовательской круг
3-Детские классы
4-Juniour молодежи

1-молитвенный Встречи
Бехаисты предполагается собирать их друзья и соседи и родственники сотрудников, и есть молитва заседании. Эти молитвенный встречи ничего, кроме обмана во имя Бога, как цель этих встреч заключается в том, чтобы получить ПОТЕНЦИАЛЬНОЕ Преобразует на следующем этапе, который имеет ИССЛЕДОВАНИЕ круг. Это следует рассматривать как тяжкое предательство всего человечества во имя Божие.

После бехаисты есть достаточно связаться с обманными молитвенный заседаний они должны начать с изучения их круга. Исследовательская круг из семи книг курса называют Рухи Книги. В этих книгах морального учения заимствованы из различных религий и получил имя Святого бехаист писанина, приписывая эти учения на Бахауллы. В течение этих семи книг контакт изменения его вера в бахаизм. Это, несомненно, не кружки, а процесс преобразования путем обмана.
Бехаисты осознали, что мобилизация бехаисты сделать проповеди в больших количествах будет привлекать внимание, не бехаисты, особенно государственных учреждений Поэтому Рухи класс лучше.
После семи книг завершил он является высшей и Рухи предполагает научить этих книг на других людей т.е. получить преобразования путем обмана. Естественно цепь обмана реакции. А большинство людей, принявших бехаистскую веру, не из-за верят в Бахауллы, но просто из-за их невежество.

Некоторые моменты из книги Рухи

Рухи Книга 2

1-Передача знаний о бехаистской вере

2-'Walking путь службе "Это происходит в каждой личности и учение о вере Бахаи

3 - "Сервис для других" есть не что иное, уча их вере Бахаи и конвертирования их.

4 - "Первый акт сервис" делает новый конвертировать сильнее, посетив дома вновь преобразует

5-Третий блок представляет бехаист убеждения

6 - Преподавание в писаниях Бахауллы является нашей особой активности

7 - Жертвоприношение означает "учить Вере Бахаи".

Очень удивительно эта премия обучения не существует и для израильтян.

3-Детские классы
(Способ увеличения бехаист населения без каких-либо помех)

Бехаистам подчеркнув, слишком много, начиная от морального классы с не бехаист детей.
Совершенно очевидно, что дети не могут понять скрытые повестки за эти курсы, и они станут бехаисты легко без каких-либо протестов. Более того призываем родителей быть также подходом согласиться бахаизм.

Некоторые моменты из Рухи Бк 3
1-студенты должны приобретать духовные качества, то есть он должен принять Бахауллы.

2-преподавания детям "бехаист образ жизни".

3-Попытайтесь форме привычек, которые являются частью Бехаистского образ жизни

Каждый урок начинается с бехаист молитвы. В нем нет ничего, но бехаист учения, Бехаистского молитвами и бехаист писанина в верхней части его; это сделано для детей из соседней друзей, родственников и коллег.

Почему, не бехаист детей будут учить слова Бахауллы и Абдул Баха и запомните бехаист молитвы. Да потому, бехаистов считает, что все бехаиста или еще не бехаиста.

4-младших классов молодежи
Для детей в возрасте 11 до 15 лет, бехаисты имеют молодежи младшим классам. Здесь они также распространяются о бахаизм во имя нравственного учения и преобразовать молодежи.

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Lecture by Aabed Khan Qare in Uzbek

Lecture on Baha'i Faith by Uzbek Speaker
Mr. Aabed Khan Qare

Ali Sina is a Baha'i doing taqiyya

by Zulfiqar110
on Mon Aug 10, 2009 01:55 AM PDT

Yes, the person hiding behind the alias Ali Sina and the website faithfreedom.org is indeed an Iranian-Bahai living in Canada. In 2002 when I started to post to the old Jebhe Melli board (Mr Masoud Kazemzadeh here was there at the time, he might remember the incident) I found a whole plethora of posts by Ali Sina there where he was outright and quite unashamedly lauding Abbas Effendi as the greatest figure of the 20th century. When I queried him as to why as a claimed secularist he didn't chose Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela or even Ghandhi, but Abbas Effendi, he went quiet and then when I pressed the matter further he and his goons began attacking me over there in identical terms as I and the other Baha'i naysayers here are now being attacked. I then went over to his website faithfreedom.org to initiate a dialogue and found that the Baha'is there were getting an inordinate amount of preferential treatment from Ali Sina, and that anyone who attempted the same sort of deconstruction of Bahaism as was being done to Islam over there, would soon find themselves run out of the site.

Towards the end of 2003 I obtained a private email from a correspondent who had likewise been kicked off faithfreedom.org for questioning its then outright pro-Neo-Conservative and ultra-Zionist political platform, claiming to me to know who Ali Sina was in real life and that Mr Sina is in fact a Baha'i. I pressed the individual to give me a name, but they refused and then stopped writing me altogether after I pressed the matter.

This pattern of doing taqiyya by certain rabidly (even fascist) anti-Islamic Baha'is is one we even witness here in the person of Faramarz Fatteh and similar aliases. Most non-Baha'i Iranians can't detect what's going on at first. But ex-Baha'is such as myself have a nose for such duplicity and we see it from miles away. The project that Ali Sina represents also fits the Haifan Baha'i agenda because the Baha'is have a stated objective of one day turning Iran into a theocratic Baha'i state which they call the Baha'i Commonwealth. In order to accomplish this task they see their first goal as to first discredit Islam and Muslims - or any facet of Islamicate civilization, for that matter - by associating and lumping everything under the rubric of Islam and Islamic with modern Islamism and fundamentalism. In this scheme even Sufis and Isma'ilis are their target, as I first found out to my utter shock and horror on Ali Sina's site. In other words, we are talking about kulturkampf, i.e. the term the Nazis designated when justifying their attempts to completely Aryanize Germany. What's going on here and with Ali Sina is precisely what this all is, kulturkampf.

I agree that many individual Baha'is are good people just as many Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus or Buddhists are good people. Note I was raised and grew up in this community until before my 25th birthday when I formally withdrew from it, in disgust and, yes, there are countless good, well-meaning people amongst them whom I have extremely fond memories of. The problem is the Stalinist groupthink of the organization itself, especially its leadership apparatus and those who represent it in any capacity (like the buffoons here), not to mention the corrupt political culture driving it all which turns otherwise good people into completely blind monsters and dangerous ideological ignoramuses of the worst sort. The mentality of the organizational Baha'i cadre is not unlike the Hezbollah of the early years of the revolution and the current supporters of the regime.

But that said, the Haifan Baha'i organization is a cult and does have a sinister political agenda which I don't believe anyone in good conscience can remotely support. Also note that anyone who remotely criticizes (even politely) this agenda is subject to a barrage of the most malicious (sometimes even downright criminal) abuse imaginable, where the Baha'i attackers will stop at nothing. I have seen many good people damaged by thisand I have made it one of my goals to stop these people in continuing such behavior by exposing them far and wide. As such with blind, ideologically driven individuals such as these one is no longer in polite company, but in a war with often opportunistic and extremely dangerous fascists.

Please read this article on Sourcewatch on the Baha'i Faith and follow its links.
Finally, to the anonymous poster: My agenda is to combat Fascism and Stalinism in whatever form it manifests itself: Islamic, Baha'i or otherwise. This agenda also entails that people like me are not going to sit back and see another repeat of the past 30 years in Iran whereby one group of tyrants are replaced with another. That is my political agenda as well the agenda to keep alive the flame of Iranian esoteric spirituality (whether in its pre-Islamic, Islamic or post-Islamic forms) from those whose explicit agenda is to extinguish this flame for the cause of their own selfish power-lust and self-aggrandizement, be they the IRI, the MKO or the Baha'i UHJ!

Baha'is arrested in Uzbekistan for deceptively preaching and converting the children and Junior Youths

by Ravian Bilani

Baha'is arrested in Uzbekistan for deceptively preaching and converting the children and Junior Youths

Tashkent - The Security department of Government of Uzbekistan while on routine Check arrested 15 Baha'is for preaching Baha’i Faith to the children and junior youth below 16 years. These children, from different cities were taken to Baha’i centre in the name of moral teachings without the consent of their parents.

The children were then taken to a Rehabilitation Centre from where they were handed to their parents. The Police recorded the whole proceedings in a camera. Recently the CIS countries are tightening the grip on this very deceptive sect whom they accuse of having links with Israel and destroying the moral fabrics of the society. The Christian priest have also objected to their deceptive propaganda and warned them not to impart any so called moral teachings to Christian children.

There has been news from different countries that Baha’is are trying to convert the Junior Youth and Children by their deceptive four core activities.

1-Devotional Meetings
2-Study circle
3-Children classes
4-Juniour Youth

1-Devotional Meetings
Baha’is are supposed to collect their friends Neighbours relatives and Co-workers and have a prayer meeting. These devotional meetings are nothing but cheating in the name of God as the purpose of these meetings is to get POTENTIAL CONVERTS for the next stage which is of STUDY CIRCLE. It should be regarded as the gravest BETRAYAL OF THE HUMANITY in the Name of God.

2-Study Circles
After Baha’is have got sufficient contact with the deceptive devotional meetings they are supposed to start with them Study circle. Study circle is a seven books course called as Ruhi Books. In these books moral teachings are taken from different religions and given the name Baha’i Holy writings, attributing these teachings to Baha’u’llah .During the Course of these seven books the contact changes his Faith to Baha’ism.It is certainly not study circles but a process of conversion by deception.
The Baha’is have realized that mobilizing Baha’is to do preaching in large numbers will attract the attention of non-Baha’is, especially governmental agencies therefore a Ruhi class is a better way.
After seven books are completed he is a Ruhi Graduate and supposes to teach these books to the other people i.e. to gain conversion by deception. Naturally a chain deception reaction. A majority of the people who have accepted the Baha’i faith is not due to the believe in Baha’u’llah but due their sheer ignorance.

Some points from Ruhi books

Ruhi Book 2

1-Imparting knowledge about the Baha’i faith

2-‘Walking the path of service’ That is going to every individual and teaching about the Baha’i faith

3-“Service to other” is nothing but teaching them the Baha’i faith and converting them.

4-“The first act of service” is making the new convert stronger by visiting the homes of the newly converts

5-Third unit is introducing Baha’i beliefs

6- Teaching the writings of Baha’u’llah is our special activity

7- Sacrifice means “teaching the Baha’i Faith.”

Very surprisingly this bounty of teaching is not there for Israelis.

3-Children’s classes
(A way to increase Baha’i population without any hindrance)

Baha’is are emphasizing too much on starting moral classes with non Baha’i children.
It is clear that the children cannot understand the hidden agenda behind these courses and they will become Baha’is easily without any protest. More over the parents call also be approach to accept Baha’ism.

Some points from Ruhi Bk 3
1-The students should acquire spiritual qualities i.e. he should accept Baha’u’llah.

2-Teaching children “Baha’i way of life.”

3-Try to form habits which are part of Baha’i way of life

Every lesson starts with Baha’i Prayers. It is nothing but Baha’i teachings, Baha’i prayers and Baha’i writings at the top of it; it is made for the children’s of the neighbour’s friends, relatives and co-workers.

Why non Baha’i children should be taught the sayings of Baha’u’llah and Abdul Baha and memorize Baha’i prayers. Yes it is because the Baha’is believe that everybody is A Baha’i or not yet Baha’i.

4-Junior Youth classes
For children of age 11 to 15 years, Baha’is have Jr. Youth classes. Here also they propagate about Baha’ism in the name of Moral teachings and convert the youths.

Link of Original Article :
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