The Orchestra at the recent National Convention of Bahai’s of India (2010).

More often than not, we see that the National Convention of every country is an orchestra in which the members to be elected are predecided. The recently concluded elections to the NSA of India are a further proof to this principle.

So what exactly happened in this election? Eight members of the previous assembly were reelected. For the ninth member, it was declared a tie amongst Mr. Sohail Mohajir, Mr. Sunil Oliyai and Mrs. Shireen Malahati. It is no coincidence, but selectively all are of Persian background. The delegates were then asked to break the tie and elect the ninth member from these three members only. Finally, as reported, Mrs. Shireen Malahati was elected.

The process by itself was not conducted in a transparent manner and in a fashion befitting a democratic process of election. There was no disclosure of how many votes each members received. How many votes did the 9th member receive? And by how many votes was the tie was broken? This is a complete violation of a democratic election, in which as claimed by the Baha'is, the number of votes polled by each member should be declared too.

By conducting this orchestra the Universal House of Justice has clearly tried to convey to the Baha'is that “The elections are true elections because a member like Mr. Sohail Mohajir who is related to UHJ member, Mr. Payman Mohajir can not be re- elected”. Interestingly last year too, Mr. Sohail Mohajir was not elected and Mr. Ahmed Ansari was made the sacrificial lamb and asked to resign to make a way for Mr. Sohail. Let us see what is the policy of UHJ this year.

The process seems to be one of selection and not election because for the ninth member all the three members were Persians. The two were first timers. In this way, the UHJ has given the indication that who are the tenth and the eleventh member in the waiting list. An indication to the delegates that if any of these nine members fall away from the grace of UHJ then whom they should vote for.

A new policy of UHJ, “preparation of pool of names” a hidden way of nomination of candidates.

The UHJ, through the counselor present in the national convention, has instructed delegates to prepare a pool of names to whom they can vote. These pure souls are then asked to write the names of about 20 to 25 members for whom they have to vote. During this so called spiritual atmosphere the incumbent members keep on moving in front of the delegates to remind them lest they forget. So it does not take much effort to understand the preparation of pool of names is nomination of candidates.

All the NSA members were present during the preparation of pool of names and during the deepening sessions, the delegates commented upon the behavior of the outgoing members but with no result.

It is very true that there are some Baha'is who never worked and will never work for the Faith. What they want is let others work. They can only order for work and be in the position of authority. One cannot go against the prescribe norms because this is what the UHJ wants.

A delegate at the National Convention India (2010)

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A Letter of NSA of New Zealand to its members

16 December, 1996

To the Baha'is of New Zealand

Dear Baha'i Friends

Lamentable Situation Calls for Loyal Response

With heavy hearts, the National Spiritual Assembly announces to the Baha'i community that Ms Pauline Smith, of Masterton, has broken the Covenant and been expelled from the Faith by the Universal House of Justice. Ms Smith has unfortunately not heeded the guidance and warnings she has been given over a period of some months, and has decided to maintain contact and association with known Covenant-breakers, who are some of the relatives of Shoghi Effendi, and in particular, Ms Parvine Afnan Shahid.

Ms Smith, who had known about the Faith for some years in New Zealand, went to the United Kingdom where she continued learning about the Faith from believers she met there. While in England she also happened to meet the family of Covenant-breakers and became friends with them. Ms Smith later became a Baha'i in England and, soon afterwards, returned to New Zealand (in 1995). Since then, there have been attempts by the institutions of the Faith to counsel Ms Smith about her association with Ms Shahid, who intends to come to live in Masterton from early 1997. The Universal House of Justice says:

"It has been determined that Parvine Shahid, who is the granddaughter of the notorious Covenant-breaker Nayyir Afnan, is infected with the spirit of Covenant-breaking and should be treated as a Covenant-breaker."(1)

Friends wishing to know more about the history of Ms Shahid's family should refer to a book by Mr Adib Taherzadeh, entitled *The Covenant of Baha'u'llah* which provides full information about this matter. A four page summary of relevant details is being sent to all Local Spiritual Assemblies and groups, and is available from the National Office on request.

A fundamental principle of the Faith is that no believer can have any contact or association with a believer who has been deemed by the Head of the Faith to break the Covenant, whether by correspondence, telephone, or in person. Strict adherence to this rule is obligatory. The essential reason for this is to preserve the unity of the Baha'i Faith. It is because of division within themselves that the religions of the past have not fulfilled their purpose to unify mankind. For a further elaboration of this principle please see the attached extracts from a letter of the Universal House of Justice dated 9 December 1996, to a believer in Masterton [not supplied].

Over the next few months the National Spiritual Assembly will implement, in collaboration with the Arm of the Learned and working through the Local Spiritual Assemblies and assistants, a systematic deepening programme on the Covenant aimed at every believer in New Zealand. In the meantime, the friends are urged to rededicate themselves to study of 'Abdul-Baha's Will and Testament, and to familiarise themselves with guidance regarding firmness in the Covenant, which is found in such publications as *Lights of Guidance*. All communities were recently sent a copy of a publication entitled *The Power of the Covenant* which consists of a set of three booklets. This provides further reference material for any questions you may have about this matter. Audio cassette tapes on the subject of the Covenant are also available from the Audio-Visual Unit. The National Spiritual Assembly urges you to make a concerted effort to study deeply the subject of the Covenant, individually and in groups.

Meeting this challenge represents a new stage in the growth of the Faith in New Zealand. These words of a letter written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi provide reassurance of the progress that comes from a crisis:

"He urges you not to be discouraged or depressed, but rest assured that Baha'u'llah will assist you. Every set-back this Cause receives is invariably a means of ensuring a future victory, for God will never permit His Faith to be put out or uprooted."(2)

As the believers strengthen their understanding of the Covenant and more faithfully adhere to its provisions, such firmness will not only increase their own understanding of Baha'u'llah's Revelation and provide protection for our national community, but will also give additional impetus to deepening our commitment to achieving the purpose and goals of God's plan.

We are fully conscious of the distress and shock that many believers will go through as a result of this severe test and we do not underestimate the severe challenge this poses.

The Universal House of Justice says:

"We are confident that the dearly loved New Zealand believers will not allow this lamentable situation to deflect them from their meritorious endeavours to further develop their Baha'i community and to maintain its unity."(3)

Be assured of the ardent prayers of this institution for your reassurance, comfort and strength of faith.

Warmest Baha'i love

Suzanne Mahon

enc: Extract from a letter of the Universal House of Justice to an individual believer, 9 December 1996

1. From a letter dated 12 December 1996 from the Department of the Secretariat, Universal House of Justice, to the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of New Zealand[.]

2. From a letter written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi, dated 26 January 1950 to the Local Spiritual Assembly of Panama, quoted in The Compilation of Compilations: Volume l, #323.

3. From a letter of the Universal House of Justice dated 12 December 1996 to the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of New Zealand.

My Story - by Robin

I became a Baha'i in 1974, spent six years overseas pioneering in the Falkland Islands and Africa before returning to the U.S. From 1983 I was essentially an isolated believer in Northern Nevada, and it took a long time for fundamentalism, IPG and the "New Culture" in the Baha'i Faith to catch up with me. During all the years since 1974 a number of questions and problems with the Faith and my experience in it and life began to come up but I dealt with them in a way that allowed me to remain a Baha'i. But when I was finally pushed into a corner by fundamentalism in the Faith, all these questions came up demanding to be answered and I realized that there was nowhere in the Baha'i Faith that I could exist any more. In 2007 I began moving out of it and seeking another spiritual path that I could be in harmony with. I found, once I was outside the Faith, that God was a lot bigger, kinder and more accepting than I had ever thought as a Baha'i and that it was the intent of the heart that mattered.

I don't believe this Divine Springtime that is so obviously taking place in the world can be contained in any one Faith, set of beliefs or organization. That includes the Baha'i Faith, even if it does reform itself and become more liberal. In my opinion, a multitude of spiritual paths exist because each of them has something unique to say about the Divine, and provides some insight that the others don't, or don't do as well. People are a diverse bunch; there is no way that everyone will find the Baha'i Faith an attractive avenue to God at any time in the future. To me Unity in Diversity means that we realize that all efforts to reach God will work and contribute something to the spiritual life of the planet.

I agree that the Faith has painted itself into a corner. But it seems to me that in large part this has been a natural consequence of trying to implement what Abdu'l Baha considered important. Teaching was one of these - Tablets of the Divine Plan, "If the teaching work is not carried out, all support will be cut off." Another is the central idea that the Baha'i Faith is the revelation for this Day, and that all other spiritual paths are darkened horizons. This has led to many bad fruits, such as separating the world into Baha'i and non Baha'i, an attitude of arrogance toward non believers, and a parochial, restricted outlook on the world. Because teaching was given such emphasis, it has steadily grown and swallowed up the Faith to where it is not a spiritual path any more, but mainly a machine whose sole aim is to gain new converts.

There are so many things I could say, but I won't here, at least not in this letter. I don't know if the Faith will reform itself or not, but I wouldn't count it out just yet. Christianity has a dismal 2000 year history of making all the mistakes that the Faith is trying out now, and has nevertheless been very successful and shows no sign of going away any time soon.

regards to all,


The judgment of government of Iran spoilt the Grand Party for the UHJ

The Supreme body of Haifan Baha’is (UHJ) expected death sentence for Yaran. The judgment of government of Iran spoilt the Grand Party for the UHJ.

A Report

The Supreme Authority of the Haifan Baha’is, ‘Universal House of Justice’ (UHJ) has been identified with trying to derive mileage out of sufferings of followers. Unbelievable but true, this news has been leaked out from internal sources! The recent sentence of 20 years imprisonment to the 7 Baha’is, accused of spying in Iran, came as an unpleasant surprise to the UHJ! While the UHJ was preparing to derive global mileage, as there were all indications that the government of Iran would deliver a death sentence, the verdict has spoilt the party for the UHJ.

Inside sources say that the UHJ cannot digest this reality still. With planned publicity success on previous occasion, where a young Baha’i girl (Mona) was sentenced to death in Iran, the UHJ did not expect the events to turn so distasteful. In the death of Mona, the UHJ spotted a unique propagation opportunity. Mona Schools, Mona Teaching Projects, Mona Classes, Mona Funds etc spread in her memory all over the world! It was like celebrations at the death of a small kid.

Such spirit is unique to the teachings of the Baha’i Faith, strictly governed by the UHJ. While other religions and societies would prefer to observe mourning and try to overcome unpleasant memories, the UHJ prefers to campaign for Baha’i beliefs on such occasions.

There are reports that UHJ even steps out and maneuvers situations to worsen the crises. Directions are forwarded to believers under investigation, to challenge authorities, admit and support violations of law of land. The innocent followers, enthused by such messages, continue the course of conflict with the authorities. Little do they realize the repercussions and the fact that they are being used as pawns. Pity the innocent followers!

The UHJ has also been accused on other occasions of dumping-off follower, when it does not see a potential. The UHJ follows the policy of “USE AND THROW”. Take the example of Mr. Timur who is a respectable Baha’i who when deported from Uzbekistan for Proselytizing, was declared an Iranian Agent by the mouth pieces of Universal House of Justice, ‘Muslim Network for Baha’i Rights’.

Insiders say that the entire UHJ is run with secrecy and shrewdness that would put to shame the intelligence of the best of countries! It is not a surprise that insiders fear to speak out against the UHJ or the Faith due to fear of reprisals.

A staff Reporter

Shocking disclosure by “BAHA’I NEWS INDIA”

The recent monthly circulation of Indian Baha'is, The BAHA’I NEWS INDIA, ISSUE VII JULY 2010 has revealed shocking facts, through an article titled “Preparations of Government of India Census 2011”, These are summmarised as under :

1. There have been rigorous conversion activities over the past fifty years by the Baha’i Faith.

2. These conversions was accelerated with the construction of the Lotus Temple at Delhi and with the visits of Hands of the Cause Dr. Rahmatulláh Muhájir, and Amatu'l- Bahá Ruhiyyih Khánum.

3. Though the Baha’i records of the data on Baha’i population shows that one time it had crossed two millions yet the Census of India reports of 1971, 1981, 1991 and 2001 show only a fraction of the total number Baha'is throughout the country. This means that the census department of India fumbled four times to give accurate number of Baha'is. Just to cite an example, Baha’i census figures in 1991 was 5575 and in 2001 it was 11,324 against 2.2 millions claimed by the Baha’i administration.

4. Through the article we understand this is largely due to illiteracy and lack of distinct identifying characteristics of rural Indians. Does it not mean that conversions were done deceptively without an individual ever knowing that he has accepted the Baha’i Faith? Does it
also not indicate that the Baha'is have been targeting rural Indians (mostly in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh) for the past so many years?

5. The article suggests that Baha’i Faith members display Baha’i Faith identification stickers in their houses so that the official GOI census official can enter the religious identity accurately. This is a very big accusation against both the individual being interviewed and the GOI census official! Are both these so gullible that one will forget to declare his allegiance to the Baha’i Faith and the other will record it based on stickers/posters on the wall! Is it not some sort of racist discrimination practiced by the Baha’i Faith governing body, many of them being of Iranian origin. Should we tolerate such an assessment of our fellow countrymen!

6. The article suggests that the Baha’i Faith machinery will attempt to contact government officials from highest level down to Panchayat level. Is this not some sort of influencing the government officials in performance of their duty? Should not serious action be taken against the Baha’i Faith for this?

7. Lastly, the article silently threatens the readers that giving wrong information to the census department is punishable!. Do we need to learn this from scoundrels who have always used deception to inflate numbers, perform conversion activities and get government concessions? In fact the action should be taken against the Baha’i administration for misguiding the world since last so many years.


Dear readers, I have worked for Baha'is for many years. Never even in their exaggerated record the Baha’i population reached even the figure of 20,000. Everybody at the top is absolutely convinced that there is gross exaggeration in the Baha’i population in India and elsewhere in the world, but nobody wants to accept publicly because of fear of sanctions from the Universal House of Justice. Moreover the Baha'is claim that 40% of world Baha’is resides in India, which is just 11324. Is it not easy now to assess World Baha’i Population? Let someone also open the can of worms on authentic world Baha’i population!


Posted by Ravi Kumar
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