Ex-Lover of Baha'u'llah writes about the murders committed by the "New Manifestation!"

This article is the first in a series which has been compiled from the book “Kashful Heel” written by “Abdul Husain Aayati. He lived amongst the Bahais for 20 years and served them through these years. He was popularly known as “Awareh” which means the one who wandered about in love (of Bahaullah). After these years, he saw the corruptions of the Bahais first hand, renounced the Bahai Faith and finally reverted back to Islam. Thereafter he wrote the book “Kashful Heel” to reveal the true face and hypocrisy of the Bahais. The life history of Awareh is full of interesting events and episodes which outline the true face of the Bahais as revealed by an insider.

Professor E. G. Browne wrote a book about the Bahais known as “Materials for the Study of Babi Religion.” On page 7 of this book, he writes, “Bahaullah migrated from Baghdad to Sulaymania Kurdistan with his servant Abul Qasim in the year 1271 AH. His servant died on the way. He said that I have heard from Abbas Afandi that Abul Qasim was Hamdani and he went from Sulaymania to Hamdan as per the wish of Bahaullah. After having sold all his property in Hamdan, he was returning to Sulaymania and since Bahaullah knew that Abul Qasim had cash with him, he killed him”.

He said at another instance that the news of the murder of Abul Qasim was published in the newspaper. It was written in the paper that “Abul Qasim Hamdani is killed near Sulaymani and his head is cut off and his belongings have been taken away but his killer is not known.”

Abbas Afandi said at another place that, “We understood from the killing of Abul Qasim that Bahaullah was in Kurdistan.”

One of the Bahais said: “We can derive from all these saying of Abbas Afandi that the killer of Abul Qasim is the same person who betrayed Abul Qasim and convinced him that he should encash his property and should go to Sulaymanai but as soon as he reached there, he took him to desert of Sulaymania and put him to death and usurped his belongings and his cash.”

At another place he said, “Before Abul Qasim could meet Bahaullah, he was killed and his cash was stolen and his murder was portrayed as a normal death to Professor Browne who made many changes in the history under the influence of Bahais. Since many such huge murders were committed by Bahaullah and his sons, most of the Bahais have asserted that the killer of Abul Qasim is no one other than Bahaullah and it is not surprising at all!

Professor Browne has recorded another incident at page 10 of his book as follows, “Aqa Sayyed Ismael Zawareha left Baghdad and went to Kazmain in the year 1284 AH and committed suicide.”

The details of this story are given below.

It is well known among Bahais that Sayyed Ismael pleaded with Bahaullah that he should show him his holiness. Bahaullah refused by saying that he did not have the capacity to bear it but since he insisted, Bahaullah showed him his holiness as a result of which Sayyed Ismael committed suicide as it was unbearable for him. Some people believe that Syed Ismael was also killed by Bahaullah. They said that Syed Ismael wanted to cut off his relationship with them since he became aware of the wickedness of Bahaullah and his sons and hence he wanted to move to Kazmain so as to make atonement for his sins.

The Consul General of Britain who was residing in Baghdad gave protection to Bahaullah and suggested to him that he should go to India where he would easily find people who would follow his whims and ideas.

At another place he quoted an incident of Syed Mohammed and Mirza Reza at page no 52 of his book as follows, “Syed Mohammed Isfehani and Mirza Reza Qali Tafrishi and his sister opposed Bahaullah strongly. They collected many tablets and saying of Bahaullah and published many different articles in the form of copies among the people against him. After a lot of meetings and consultation, Bahais of Akka arrived at the conclusion of getting rid of them. Hence they called their helper Naseer Baghdadi known as Haji Abbas from Beirut to kill Syed Mohammed Isfehani but left their plan later on.

Haji Abbas whose real name was Naseer was well known for his wickedness in Baghdad and was loyal to Bahaullah and Abdul Baha. Abdul Baha, during his stay in Bagdad, preached to Naseer Baghdadi who was a man of 40 years at that time and Bahais themselves have asserted that Naseer or Haji Abbas was a staunch lover of Bahaullah and had brutally murdered several times on behalf of them. The first murder which was committed by Naseer was of Mulla Rajab Ali Qaheer who was the brother of the wife of Syed Bab in Karbala. Mulla Rajab Ali did not support Mirza Husain Ali (Bahaullah) and said that his uprising is against the laws of Babi, Naseer was therefore called to kill him in Karbala.

The detailed explanation of this incident is mentioned at page 220 of Prof Browne’s book. Bahais did not shun the plot of killing Syed Mohammed in Akka completely but rather they realised that since many of his companions were killed, therefore killing of Syed Mohammed could be a problem for Naseer. Hence they shunned the idea of killing him. Another reason of leaving the idea of killing Syed Mohammed is that since the calling of Naseer from Beirut was widely publicized, they realised that the situation was not appropriate for the same and hence they assigned the task of killing Syed Mohammed to somebody else.

The description of killing Syed Mohammed and his companion have been recorded at page number 55 as follows. Seven persons were selected to kill Syed Mohammed.These 7 persons killed Syed Mohammed and Mirza Qali on 12th Zilqad 1288 AH. The government of Akka caught hold of all Bahais along with Bahaullah and his sons and Aqa Jaan Kashani who was known as Khademullah. They imprisoned Bahaullah and Mohammed Ali Afandi in Shahwardi and Abbas Afandi in Bandar Abbas and Mohammed Ali Qali in some other place but they chained severely Khademullah and other Bahais in prison. After 6 days of imprisonment they sent 7 killers of Syed Mohammed to Bandar Abbas and the other 26 Bahais to Shahwardi. They were imprisoned for 6 months and 6 days. It was decreed that some of the 7 killers should be imprisoned for a period of 7 years where as others should be imprisoned for 15 years.

It should be noted that this history was narrated by Mirza Jawad Qazwini who was one of the supporters of Bahaullah to Professor Browne. Though he turned away from Abbas Afandi after the death of Bahaullah, but when he narrated this history to Professor Browne, he was enumerated as one of the obedient lovers of Bahaullah at that time. Hence he was aware of most of the realities which he has written and this was frequently the cause of the displeasure of Bahais since they wanted that such history should not be written. Rather, it should be overlooked. Bahais even removed most of the realities from my book “Kawkabud Durrih” inspite of my disapproval. They brought about many changes in my book due to which it is now not reliable in front of me. This was the cause of annoyance between me and their chief as I wanted my book to remain untouched whereas they wanted to make changes in it. Inspite of so many changes which they have made in my books there are still such famous murders and killings that none of the Bahai is reject it. Bahais and their sons were very ahead in crime. Abbas Afandi was himself involved in such types of killing and used to give orders on behalf of his father.

Abbas Afandi was involved in killing of Syed Mohammed and due to this reason he was called by Bahais as Maseeh and Syed Mohammed as Dajjal since Dajjal would be killed by the sword of Hazrat Esa. The motive behind this was that they wanted to designate the title of Esa to Abbas Afandi. After few days they realized that such type of narration is funny therefore they left it. Two more people, Mahmud Khan and his friend were secretly killed in Akka by them. Mohammed’s body was hidden in the foundation of the wall and their bones were discovered some distance away. They did not take an old friend of Bahaullah, who was a doctor along with them and she had signed on the board which was lying there and had borne witness that these two people died of cholera and due to the epidemic of cholera nobody reached to bury these body. Therefore these people hid these two bodies at this place.

Aawarah said that he himself heard that she had taken 1,000 tuman to give this witness and after few years when she was no longer young to enjoy her youth, she revealed the reality to her near and dear ones. It can be seen as to what extent Bahaullah and his supporters can stoop to achieve their purpose. How many people he has killed and how many thefts he has committed. He sent money to Akka for committing other such types of corruptions and all such money was sent from Iran to Akka since the beginning. Such money was used in committing different corruptions or it was used as a bribe to so and so judge to so and so witness and some money was used on American and Jewish girls. Some money was kept in a bank as a provision for the future and some money was used in purchasing and making buildings.

There were many such people who were fond of Abbas Afandi, his brother and their chief earlier but later on when the reality was revealed to them and they wanted to show it to the world or wanted to disclose their real faces, they used to bear the same consequences (difficulty) as was met by Syed Mohammed and his companions. Such people were either killed by the sword of Mirza Abbas Afandi or his statements against them were made ineffective by them. Fortunately if person, like Awarah was saved from their conspiracy he used to disclose all their realities to the other follower of Bahais.

Abbas Afandi followed the same way for a long time. If any of his followers wanted to say anything against him, he was scared of him and therefore refrained from saying anything against him and Abbas Afandi never allowed him to sit in the circle of his friends and used to make fun of him in the presence of others. In this way Abbas Afandi humiliated that person and also discouraged others from saying anything against him. But if, anyway, any of his tricks did not work, he did not desist from exaggerating himself. For example, if any of his followers turned away from him and may be living peacefully in any other city but Abbas Afandi used to say as follows regarding him, “What a humiliation he is facing!.”

Sometimes he used to take the support of the Ayat of Surah Taha: 124, “Whosoever keep away from my remembrance, his sustenance would be cut off” to prove his point and his followers who were not aware of that person used to think that this is the revelation of Almighty and used to think about that person he might be begging alongside road or that his head and body may be afflicted by leprosy. And if coincidentally anybody see that person in a good state other Bahais would reject it by saying as to who knows better whether he or Sarkare Akaa (Abdul Baha)? They said that Aaka had informed them in the Tablet revealed to him by Allah that such person was humiliated and that he was afflicted by disease. Then how it was possible that other could see that person in a good position and in a honourable state? Ultimately that person had to revert back from what he had seen and he had to curse himself thousand times that what he had seen was mistaken.

(Ref: Kashful Heel Pg 705-714)
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