Who was Baha'u'llah? Why he was banished from every country?

Secrets of the Dead Prince: What Everybody Should Know

by MaryamJoon

That is Bahá’u’lláh’s real picture and the real history of Bahá’u’lláh.  You will see who this man really was.
  • (1)   Mirza Nouri (who later named himself Bahá’u’lláh) becomes one a follower of a self-proclaimed holy man who called himself the Báb; The Bahais acknowledge that the Báb's group was armed with weapons and engaged in serious crimes in Iran, such as murder and the drugs trade (opium).  * Incidentally, the “Báb” recanted his “prophet status” in documents that have been in the national archives of Iran for generations.  (In Wikipedia, the Haifan Bahai organization has changed the entry to falsely state: “His claim to Mahdihood  (being a prophet) was bold and unequivocal.”)  Folks, he recanted these statements in his own writings, they have been in Tehran’s archives for generations, but believe your fantasies.
  • (2)   In 1848, before the Bahai religion is created and before Mirza Nouri starts calling himself Bahá’u’lláh, he is arrested for swindling people in Amol in the province of Mazandran.  Bahais acknowledge that Mirza Nouri had not yet realized that he is “Jesus reincarnated.”  So, this guy has a criminal record before he is a “prophet” (not to mention his childhood criminal record).  Mirza Nouri does some jail time for his crime, including having his feet whipped as punishment, and is released. 
  • (3)  In 1850 the leader of a group Mirza Nouri joins orders for Nasser al-Din Shah of Iran to be assassinated and they make a failed attempt on the Shah’s life; The assassins and the leader are arrested and sentenced to death, and a warrant is issued for the rest of his gang, which includes Mirza Nouri (he still hasn’t started calling himself Bahá’u’lláh and the Bahai religion does not exist yet).  So in his adult life, long before he becomes “Jesus reincarnated” and long before the Bahai religion exists, Mirza Nouri already has serious felony offenses on his criminal record.  Regarding the assassination attempt on Nasser al-Din Shah: “[f]rom the outset there was no doubt as to the accomplices’ Babi commitment or their motives.  Two assassins were captured on the spot but the remaining manages to escape.  “The two survivors declared themselves to belong to the this faith (the Babi movement), that they were ready to die, and they had come to seek death in paradise.” (Nasir al-Din Shah and the Iranian Monarchy, 1831-1896, p. 207.)
  • (4)   In 1852 the police finally catch Mirza Nouri hiding in the village of Afchih (near Tehran) where significant opium business was taking place. He is charged with complicity in the attempt on the life of the Shah. 
  • (5)   On his way to prison, the people of the surrounding villages flock to the streets and demand his execution, but he is taken to Tehran to serve prison time. 
  • (6)   He serves four months in prison, his family pays a huge fine and the government agrees that he will be banished from Iran and give up his Iranian citizenship.  (At this point the guy is not even an Iranian citizen anymore.)  Mirza Nouri later claims that while he was in prison he realized that he was “Jesus Christ reincarnated.”  He is kicked out of Iran, and spends the next 40 years of his life living outside of Iran, and also gets kicked out of Iraq, Ottoman-Turkey, and Adrianople.  He gets kicked-out of everyplace he goes because he starts trouble, mostly from tricking religious pilgrims into giving him money and for other petty crimes, and he finally winds up in Palestine.
  • (7)   In April 1863, before leaving Baghdad, Mirza Nouri for the first time tells people that he is “Bahá’u’lláh” and “the Promised One” sent by God.  So, the whole Bahai religion is actually made outside of Iran.  The guy was imprisoned for nothing to do with Bahaism because nobody even knew what that was yet.  (See The Bahá'í Faith," Britannica Book of the Year, Chicago: Encyclopaedia Britannica. 1988, Noting that The Bahá'í Faith was established in 1866.)
  • (8)   There is plenty of evidence of how this guy sold his services to foreign colonial powers to try to undermine Iran, but there is no need to get into that here.  The bottom-line is that “Bahá’u’lláh” was a criminal even before he was even “Bahá’u’lláh.”  Mirza Nouri was basically the Massoud Rajavi of his day.  And I can find you 10 people in every major city (anywhere in the world) that say the same types of things he does.  You can also find those types of people in prison.
  • There is no way that the people of Iran will ever accept this “Bahá’u’lláh” character.  It would be like making Charles Manson, OJ Simpson, or Massoud Rajavi into a holy man.
Source :  http://www.iranian.com/main/blog/maryamjoon/secrets-dead-prince-what-everybody-should-know-0

Should the Bahá'ís replace UHJ By UHA ??!!!

Dr. Farzam Arbab, the Master Manipulator
Universal House of Justice is now "Universal House of Arbabs"

Dr. Farzam Arbab has been serving as member of Universal House of Justice (UHJ) since 1993. Prior to this he was a member of the International Teaching Centre (ITC) since 1983. He is the controlling force behind the UHJ elections and present activities of the Bahá'í Faith.

He was a member of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Colombia and a Continental Counselor before being appointed to the International Teaching Centre (ITC).

Even after getting elected to the Bahá'í apex body – the Universal House of Justice, Dr. Arbab was not satisfied and wanted to get his full family on the Apex bodies and tried to control the Faith from all angles.

Since his election/selection in the Bahá'í Apex Body, he started his task of cleansing the Bahá'í organization from the Iranian Bahá'ís having Mullah culture. Like Hushmand Fatheazam and Ali Nakhjawani.

Slowly and steadily he took control of UHJ by introducing Ruhi culture. He saw that any one opposing Ruhi agenda is shown the way out of the Bahá'í Faith. These tentacles of Ruhi culture spread out throughout the world and resulted in expulsion of many devoted Bahá'ís like Feroz Anaraki, Jamshed Fozdar, Fredrick Glaysher, Juan Cole etc.

Mr. Arbab went to launch his own Ruhi brigade with Firaydoun Javaheri, Payman Mohajer and very recently Shahriar Razavi; these three Iranians are well known for the pro Ruhi culture and his own son in Law Mr. Gustavo Correa.

The Ruhi books are only developed for name sake without much matter and content and even after its introductions in many countries ENTRY BY TROOPS which was supposed to happen has not taken place and instead in many cases there is MASS EXIT FROM FAITH.

Mr. Arbab after hijacking the Bahá'í Faith finally ruined a massive Baha'i Encyclopedia that cost the faith several hundred thousand dollars; He introduced inaccuracies, and delayed its publication indefinitely. Arbab is not a professional editor and knows nothing about making an encyclopedia, and never even bothered to learn Persian. The Baha'is got extremely annoyed at him for putting his fingers into something he knows nothing about and ruining it, wasting enormous amounts of money and bullying and insulting the previous devoted Baha'i editors as crass materialist humanists?

Mr. Arbab introduced spying and shunning culture in Bahá'í Faith. He shamelessly bullied and threatened Bahá'ís Due to his arrogant behavior many Bahá'ís were hearted broken and left the faith? Lives were destroyed over this idiocy.


In furtherance of his goal to control the UHJ and Bahá'í Faith Mr. Arbab created FUNDAEC in early 1970s within a worldwide program called at the time "Education for Development." as a Bahá’í-inspired organization, According to Gustav Correa, director of FUNDAEC in 2002, it was originally inspired by a quotation from Bahá'u'lláh - "Baha'u'llah talks about man as 'a mine rich in gems of inestimable value.' He says that 'education can, alone; because it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit therefrom.These is all cheating the FUNADEC was created to control the Bahá'ís and Bahá'í Faith. It is now headed by Mr. Gustav Correas. Is it a coincidence that Gustav Correas is the close relative of Dr.Arbab and now member of the UHJ?

FUNDAEC finally took control of Socio Economic development in Bahá'í Faith (OSED).

Social and Economic Development

The Baha'i Office of Social and Economic Development, an agency of the Baha'i World Centre in Haifa, Israel, monitors the progress of development programs worldwide, provides advice and support, and facilitates collaborative undertakings with like-minded organizations.

Efforts to promote social and economic development play an important role at the local and national levels of the Baha'i community. Most of these take the form of small-scale educational, health, economic and environmental projects.
These projects range from simple tutorial schools to college-level courses and from village agricultural and health education projects to participation in major reforestation programs. The majority of these projects operate at the grassroots level, relying on local resources and coordination.

Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity (ISGP)

The Bahá'ís say that there should be a dialogue of Science and Religion, and their Relationship. It was precisely with these thoughts as they claim that the Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity, known as ISGP, took up as its initial task the promotion of a discourse on science, religion, and development. ISGP,

Very surprisingly Dr. Haleh Arbab the sister of Dr. Farzam Arbab is the Director of the Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity (ISGP).

She was born in Iran, educated in the United States, and lived in Colombia, South America from 1982 to 2005. In Colombia she worked with the Foundation for the Application and Teaching of the Sciences (FUNDAEC), and from 1995 to 2005 served as Rector of Centro Universitario de Bienestar Rural, a Colombian university she helped found in 1988. Currently Dr. Haleh Arbab lives in Haifa, Israel, since June 2005

Today Bahá'í Faith is controlled by the RUHI BRIGADE, Dr. Arbab and his family.
Unless the Bahá'ís wake up to this reality soon, it will be too late and few members of Arbabs family will be in the UHJ and probably we will have to rename it as UHA i.e. "Universal House of Arbab".

Dr. Arbab has made the Bahá'í Faith a family run business and his Bread and Butter.

Source : https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/talk.religion.bahai/VHdFhjLdaWY 

Baha’i Child Rape Court Case - Implications for Iran

by MaryamJoon

You only have to know three names to understand this story: (1) Remey, (2) Abdu'l-Bahá, and (3) Jensen.  The U.S. court’s opinion rejecting the appeal of the Baha’i leader’s rape conviction is below.  And as you will see Remey sought to design a Baha’i building in Iran.

Charles Remey:
Charles Remey was a prominent American Bahá'í, with a close relationship with one of the central Baha’i holy figures, Abdu'l-Bahá, and was one of the people that organized his family’s trips to the U.S. and looked after them. Remey was also an architect within the Bahá'í leadership. He designed the Australian and Ugandan Bahá'í House of Worship which still stand today and are the “mother temples” for Africa. Upon the request of Shoghi Effendi, Abdul Baha’s son, Remey made designs for a Bahá'í House of Worship in Tehran. Remey was also a member of what is called ‘Nine Hands of the Cause’ (the Baha’I leadership) elected as the authority until the election of what is called Israel’s ‘Universal House of Justice’ in 1963.

Remey was well-liked by`Abdu'l-Bahá and worked with him:
Abdu'l-Bahá praised Remey’s efforts and character in a a writing (called a “Tablet”) to Corrine True, published in the Bahá'í newsletter “Star of the West” in August 1920.

What follows is one of the many examples of `Abdu'l-Bahá’s affection for Remey:
"Praise be unto God, that the model [of the structure] made by Mr. Bourgeois was approved by his honor, Mr. Remey, and selected by the Convention. His honor, Mr. Remey is, verily, of perfect sincerity. He is like unto transparent water, filtered; lucid and without any impurity. He worked earnestly for several years, but he did not have any personal motive. He has not attachment to anything except to the Cause of God. This is the spirit of the firm and this is the characteristic of the sincere." (Star of the West. Volume 11, No. 9, p. 139)

 Abdu'l-Bahá in 1921 stated the following about Remey:
"I have adopted you as my son. You have to appreciate this favor very much indeed. One should see that you are living according to the requirements of this sonship. You should be aware of your responsibilities. My prayers will help you. I always pray for you."    (`Abdu'l-Bahá to Remey, 1921: Final Visit in Tiberias, Folio 2, "A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land: Reminisces of the Master, 1921", pp.127-129)

Remey & Jensen:
Remey’s close associate was a man by the name of Dr. Leland Jensen, (“Local Bahá'í Leader dead at 81”. August 8, 1996. Missoulian p. B2).   Remey and Jensen implemented a scheme to use children, sexually, to lure people to the Baha’i movement.  During the three Iranian eras (Qajar, Pahlavi, and IRI) there were similar complaints, and there were similar complaints during the 1940s and 1950s by India’s and Pakistan’s Parsi (Zoroastrian) Community.

Click here to read complete article on www.iranian.com :

Persian Baha'is call Western Baha'is Idiots

These are united Baha'is and they will unite the world and bring "new world order"!!!

Also see this unity exercise http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UytTT0dcy3U

Practicing religions in Pakistan

Woman of Non-Muslim Kalasha tribe in Pakistan (Reuters)
Christians in Karachi, Pakistan (Reuters)

Hindus celebrate their festival in Karachi (Reuters)
Muslim prayers in a Mosque (Reuters)
Baha'is celebrating Noruz in Pakistan (bahaiculture.blogspot.com)

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دلیل قرآنی بهائیان بر نسخ اسلام

از آن جا که بهائیان، پیامبر معظم اسلام صل الله علیه و آله و سلم را به عنوان پیامبر الاهی پیشین و قرآن را به عنوان کتاب آسمانی گذشته قبول دارند، در برخی توجیحات خود، به آیاتی از قرآن کریم و گفتار پیامبر اکرم صل الله علیه و اله و سلم استناد کرده و آنان را پشتوانه خود قرار می دهند.
لیکن از آنجایی که کتاب آسمانی و پیامبر الاهی پشتوانه کج رهان نمی شود، پیوسته از کرده خود پشیمان می شوند که از جمله استدلال بهائیان به این آیه شریفه است: «یُدَبِّرُ الْأَمْرَ مِنَ السَّماءِ إِلَى الْأَرْضِ ثُمَّ یَعْرُجُ إِلَیْهِ فی‏ یَوْمٍ کانَ مِقْدارُهُ أَلْفَ سَنَةٍ مِمَّا تَعُدُّونَ؛  امور این جهان را از آسمان به سوى زمین تدبیر مى‏کند؛ سپس در روزى که مقدار آن هزار سال از سالهایى است که شما مى‏شمرید بسوى او بالا مى‏رود(و دنیا پایان مى‏یابد)»۱
بهائیان می گویند: مراد از امر در این آیه، دین و مذهب و تدبیر به معنای فرستادن دین و عروج به معنای برداشتن و نسخ دین است. از این رو، هر مذهبی بیش از هزار سال نمی تواند عمر کند و باید جای خود را به مذهب دیگری بدهد و طبق قرآن پس از گذشتن هزار سال، مذهب دیگری خواهد آمد.
در پاسخ به این ادعا بیان چند نکته ضروری است:
۱. در هیچ منبع مستندی، کلمه امر به معنای دین و مذهب نیامده است، بلکه به معنای فرمان آفرینش است؛ مانند آیه شریفه: «إِنَّما أَمْرُهُ إِذا أَرادَ شَیْئاً أَنْ یَقُولَ لَهُ کُنْ فَیَکُونُ؛  فرمان او چنین است که هر گاه چیزى را اراده کند، تنها به آن مى‏گوید: «موجود باش!»، آن نیز بى‏درنگ موجود مى‏شود!»۲
در این آیه و آیات فراوان دیگری مانند: آیه ۵۰ سوره قمر، آیه ۲۷ سوره مؤمنون، آیه ۵۴ سوره اعراف و … امر به معنای امر تکوینی بکار رفته است، نه به معنای تشریع دین.
۲. کلمه تدبیر نیز درباره آفرینش و سامان بخشیدن به وضع جهان هستی به کار می رود، نه به معنای فرستادن مذهب.
بر این اساس، هرگز در آیات دیگر، کلمه تدبیر به معنا یا حتی درباره دین و مذهب به کار نرفته است، بلکه کلمه تشریع، یا تنزیل و یا انزال به کار رفته است.
۳. آیات پیشین و پسین آیه مورد بحث، مربوط به آفرینش جهان است، نه تشریع ادیان؛ زیرا در آیه قبل، از آفرینش آسمان و زمین در شش روز سخن گفته شد و به عبارت دیگر شش دوران بود و آیات بعد از آفرینش انسان سخن می گوید.
ناگفته پیداست که تناسب آیات، ایجاب می کند که این آیه هم که در وسط آیات آفرینش واقع شده است، مربوط به آفرینش و تدبیر امر آن باشد.
۴. تولد سید علی محمد شیرازی معروف به باب، در سال ۱۲۳۵ هجری قمری و شروع ادعایش در سال  ۱۲۶۰ بود و با توجه با آغاز دعوت پیامبر معظم اسلام صل الله علیه و اله و سلم، فاصله میان این دو، ۱۲۷۳ سال می شود نه هزار سالی که بهائیان مدعی آن هستند و ۲۷۳ سال اضافه بر ادعای خودشان می آید.
بین خودمان بماند، سران بهائیت با یک حساب سر انگشتی عجولانه پیش خود گفته اند: حضرت مهدی در سال ۲۶۰ به امامت رسید و علی محمد نیز ۱۲۶۰ شروع به بیان ادعاهایش کرد، این فاصله هزار سال است و یک جوری به آن هزار سال سوره سجده بچسبانیم شاید درست شد. لیکن فکر این را نکردند که:
أ. حضرت مهدی دوازهمین پیشوا و پاسدار اسلام است و دین و مذهبی جدیدی نیاورده تا ادعای نچسب آنان تایید شد.
ب. علی محمد باب خود ادعای امام زمانی داشته ( که در پست های گذشته به آن پرداخته و رد آن را نوشته ایم)، پس چگونه مبدا مذهب ادعاییش هزار سال پس از زمان امامت حضرت مهدی عج الله تعالی فرجه الشریف می تواند باشد.
ج. اگر بر فرض بخواهیم امامت حضرت مهدی عج الله تعالی فرجه الشریف را نادیده بگیریم، باز معادله بهائیان به هم می خورد چون پیشوایان اسلام، دوازده نفرند نه یازده نفر و این پیوسته در اخبار شیعه و سنی به صورت متواتر و معتبر موجود است و همه بر وجود و ظهور قطعی حضرت مهدی عج الله تعالی فرجه الشریف متفقند.
و …
۵. فاصله هیچ یک از ادیان گذشته هزار سال نبوده است؛ مثلا فاصله میان ظهور حضرت نوح علیه السلام تا حضرت ابراهیم علیه السلام ۱۶۰۰ سال و فاصله حضرت ابراهیم علیه السلام تا حضرت موسی علیه السلام کمتر از ۵۰۰ سال است و فاصله حضرت موسی علیه السلام تا حضرت عیسی  علیه السلام، بیش از ۱۵۰۰ سال است؛ نیز فاصله میان حضرت عیسی و ظهور پیامبر معظم اسلام  صل الله علیه و اله و سلم، ۵۷۰ سال بوده است و حتی یک نمونه وجود ندارد که فاصله یکی از ادیان و مذاهب گذشته با آیین پس از خود، هزار سال باشد.
۶. با مطالعه کتب تفسیری جدید و قدیم این نکته نمایان می شود که هر یک از کتب تفسیری، احتمالاتی را درباره این آیه بیان کرده اند، لیکن هیچ یک درباره تشریع ادیان سخن نگفته اند؛ به عنوان مثال، در تفسیر مجمع البیان که از مشهورترین تفاسیر اسلامی به شمار می رود و نویسنده آن در قرن ششم هجری می زیسته است، اقوال گوناگونی در تقسیر آیه فوق ذکر شده است؛ ولی هیچ یک از دانشمندان مسلمان، قولی نقل نکرده که مبنی بر تشریع ادیان باشد.
۷. کلمه عروج به معنای بالا رفتن است نه به معنای نسخ و نابودی ادیان. در هیچ کجای قرآن کریم، عروج به معنای نسخ دیده نمی شود. این واژه در پنج آیه از قرآن کریم آمده است که سه مورد آن در سوره مبارکه حدید است و هیچ یک معنای نسخ نمی دهد؛ بلکه درباره ادیان، همان کلمه نسخ یا تبدیل و امثال آن به کار رفته است مانند آیه ۱۰۶ سوره بقره.
اساسا ماهیت و چیستی ادیان و کتب آسمانی به گونه ای نیست که پس از پایان عمر به آسمان عروج کنند، بلکه اصول آیین نسخ شده به قوت خود باقی است و تنها شکل و شیوه عبادات دگرگون و عمق معارف آنها بیشتر شده است. مثلا اصل توحید و نبوت و معاد که از اصول هر دینی است باقی است و تنها آداب نماز، روزه و مانند آن تغییر می کند.
۸. و در پایان شایان ذکر است که اگر بهائیت، آغاز ظهور خود را پایان دوران ائمه اطهار علیهم السلام به حساب می آورد، باید توجه داشت که پیشوایان معصوم اسلام علیهم السلام، دوازده نفرند نه یازده نفر و اگر بنا را بر باور آنان بگذاریم که سید علی محمد باب شیرازی را امام دوازدهم می دانند، باید آغاز این هزار سال را از سال ۱۲۶۶ قمری بگیریم که در نتیجه می بایست سال میعاد بهائیت و ظهور پیامبرشان، ۲۲۶۶ قمری باشد یعنی حدود هشتصد و خرده ای سال دیگر.
پس تا سال ۲۲۶۶ قمری سکوت کنید، در آن سال ادعای خود را مطرح کنید…
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