Haifan Baha'ism is very much a political organization whose agenda and foreign alliances are explicitly a threat...

By Nima Wahid Azal

Group of BIHE tutors
The Bahai Institute for Higher Education modelled itself on a similar scheme by Bna'i Brith and there is no doubt in the minds of those in the know that this thing is not as innocent as Haifan Bahai propaganda makes it out to be and that, as with everything else associated with the Haifan Bahai organization, the Bahai Institute for Higher Learning has solid connections with pro-Zionist organizations in the West as well as the state of Israel itself, all of whom are currently beating beating the war drums and using the Baha'i issue as a cause celebre and excuse to justify their belligerent policies. Now given that millions of dollars pour out from Haifa to professional lobbyists and North American foundations such as the NED (National Endowment for Democracy) to promote an exaggerated HR violation narrative re: the Haifan Bahais in Iran, I want to ask the following question: In the West, especially in Anglo-American countries such as the US, Canada, the UK and Australia/New Zealand, the rights of Muslims are increasingly being violated on a daily basis and Muslims are being characterized and victimized more and more in such countries in the same manner that Jews were once discriminated in Europe during the 1930s. Be fair, if a Salafist organization committed to the creation of an Islamist state in, say, Canada were to setup an Institute for Higher Education, how do you think the authorities in Canada would react? I remind you, Baquia, of the following public message to you by Ian Kluge on talisman9 in 2006

Conferences being arranged to pressurize Iran

The Haifan Baha'i apparatus in Iran and its activites are as much a national security threat to Iran as a Salafist organization committed to jihad and an Islamist state would be in any Western society. They are absolutely analogous relationships. Baha'ism's internationalism and globalist commitments are one; Baha'ism's own theocratic commitments are another as is the closest political proximity of the Haifan Baha'i establishment to the Anglo-American and Israeli estabishments, Washington/London lobbies, and specifically the North American foundation regimes such as the NED, AIPAC and the Project for a New American Century. Individual Baha'is by and large were left alone in Iran for a while, and the Baha'i community somewhat thrived during the Rafsanjani and Khatami years (1989-2005). The fact that an ad hoc NSA existed in the form of the Ma'arif-cum-Yaran in Iran until recently for all these years is proof. The fact that there was serious Baha'i investment pouring into provinces like Mazandaran (around Nur and Takur) is another. Now the fact is the Haifan Baha'i apparatus took serious liberties and reneged on promises and undertakings it had made to the state earlier, which is why once the hardliners took the presidency under Ahmadinejad the state clamped down again. But the fact remains that Haifan Baha'i ideology wishes 1) to convert Muslims to Baha'ism and 2) wishes to turn Iran into a Baha'i state.

Deceptively Converting Hindus in India, Just outside the Hindu Temples

Given this, Haifan Baha'ism, at least, is very much a political organization whose agenda and foreign alliances are explicitly a threat against the IR state and its national security (and, I would argue, any future post-IR state in Iran as well). Currently you people are expending millions of dollars in paying professional lobbyists to promote your human rights issues, and generally to promote your creed/cult in the corporate Western media. This promotion is done exclusively  because your organization and the propaganda it diffuses plays right into the hands of both Israel as well as those forces in Britain and the USA who wish to start a war against Iran. Your issues are not as innocent as you portray them. You are pawns in the 21st Century Great Game.

Source : http://bahairants.com/un-special-rapporteur-report-on-irans-human-rights-abuses-2146.html

Baha'i Rants is a bogus BIA surveillance site - By Wahid Azal

The site Bahai Rants, managed by multiple people going under the single handle Bacquia, is one of several scarecrow sites run by the Haifan Bahai authorities setup to mislead. Although its discourse pretends to belong the so-called liberal Haifan Baha'i faction, nevertheless - as repeatedly proven many times - the liberal Haifan Bahai faction is completely beholden to the agendas of the Haifan Bahai powers that be imposing the same ideological narratives and perpetrating the same forms of censorship and abuse under the transparent cover of dissent.

Recently, as I disputed the factual and political veracity of a UN report on the Baha'i human rights situation in Iran, my final message was tampered with, interpolated, whitewashed and edited by the editors of the site (going under the single name Bacquia) offering a message as mine which I did not actually author. After the editors did this, I was banned from the site.

This sort of criminal dishonesty, thuggery and bullying is a long established pattern of Baha'i behavior throughout its entire history and also proves the longstanding allegations made of truth-twisting, dishonesty, lying and psychological reversal tactics against the Haifan Baha'is leveled by the IRI or other nations or groups in the Global South as being fundamentally true.

Note especially that Haifan Baha'is are presently attempting systematically to turn any questioning of their exaggerated human rights violation narratives vis-a-vis Iran - narratives incessantly propagandized and repeated by the Western corporate media as a propaganda tactic to justify and rally for war with Iran (much like similar narratives rammed by the Western corporate media before the invasion of Iraq in 2002/2003) - as a thought-crime on the level which 'holocaust denial' is treated in some European countries.

The following below is my direct response to Bacquia and the whitewashed, interpolated and censored message posted by them in my name on Bahai Rants (also posted on TRB) which the site's editors will not post: http://bahairants.com/un-special-rapporteur-report-on-irans-human-rights-abuses-2146.html

Response of Wahid Azal that was deleted / edited by editor/s 'Baquia'

If you had a problem with the proof and evidence I submitted, pray tell, why did you edit out my quote from Sourcewatch (instead of completely erasing my response) and added a completely bogus quote from Susan Maneck to replace it with instead? That wasn't my message. This is Bahai Censorship at its finest and such is the height of sleaze and intellectual dishonesty, but all too typical of Baha'i unscruplousness across the board. It is also a statement of what the reality of Bahai "human rights" claims vis-a-vis Iran are really all about: a transparent political facade to mask the more sinister war-mongering motives of the racist Anglo-American/Zionist powers bent on military, economic, cultural and political genocide of 3rd world nations such as Iran.

Let me state for the record again, as much as I detest the present regime in Iran and believe the Revolution of '79 was a historic mistake, I actually believe their policy of containing your cult is quite reasonable. In fact, all things considered, the IRI has behaved quite humanely towards your organization as compared to other groups. But you cultists fly off the handle into your blood curdling groupthink whenever someone points this out and unashamedly asserts that your HR claims are bogus, largely politically motivated and for the agendas of others, and that you people actually deserve what that regime has meted out to your cult because you are dangerous and opportunistic 5th columnists to the longterm peace and stability of that nation - whatever regime or form of government happens to be in power. If these be words of hate and vitriol, so be it: I stand by every last word of it! Someone should've spoken this way about the Nazis in the early 1930s as well!

You then assert, "It is entirely possible that you or someone you know wrote that as a hatchet job to make the BIA look bad." The very existence of the BIA makes the BIA look bad and reveals the HBF as the paranoid, fascist organization and cult that it is. But if you have any concrete evidence to that effect that I did this, as you claim, rather than your own sour pussery, please go right ahead and post this evidence. I asked for this evidence from the moderators of the Bahai Forums myself and am still waiting on them to cough it up. The fact is, however, that you Haifan Baha'is perpetrate these things quite regularly against your ideological enemies but then hide behind psychological reversal games and victim role-playing as a dirty tactic of plausible deniability. Your editing out my quote with something else and whitewashing it with Susan Maneck basically demonstrated this. This, I submit, is also what the real story behind the Baha'i HR issue in Iran is all about. BTW how you also derived Subh-i-Azal from MrBlackSunshine is something I would like to know as well! Please enlighten...

You also say, "And then you write some more unsubstantiated smears and innuendo about someone who works at GS in London." There is not one iota of smear or innuendo in the SourceWatch article on Zain Latif. All of the info on him was compiled from the public domain and from his linkedin account. You may also wish to Google *City of London* and educate yourself a little (*hint* the City of London does not refer to metropolitan London. It refers specifically to its financial district, the Square Mile, which functions as a state within a state, with its weird medieval rules and pageantry, and its complete unaccountability to Westminister. Let me suggest you read this article:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/oct/31/corporation-london-city-medieval . Note as well that the Baha'is have had a long and intimate relationship with the power brokers of the City of London since the early 20th century. Shoghi Effendi even boasts about it in God Passes By regarding Abbas Effendi's visit with the Lord Mayor of London, who is the political chief of the City of London and not metropolitan London). But your visceral reaction to my pointing out Mr Zain Latif's career, whose story has been posted by Steve Marshall on Baha'is Online some time ago as well as other official Baha'i sites, says volumes. It says you Baha'is are mighty sensitive about the fact being pointed out publicly that you cultists are quite cozy and initimate with the worst financial criminal institutions on the planet such as Goldman Sachs because such things detract from your propaganda narratives and smokscreens regarding HR in Iran.

That said, since 2008 we have meticulously documented the connections and linkages of the Haifan Baha'i organization with the globalist elite and Anglo-American establishment, from the Tayebi's in the security industry to Zain Latif in finance and more. Hundreds of entries now appear on SourceWatch documenting this. People like you can scream your plausible denials and play your censorship games until you are blue in the face, but the facts remain that your organization is precisely what it has been characterized as in the non-Western world: lackies of Western neo-colonial policies in the Global South. The evidence irrefutably demonstrates it.

Please also note that we have also submitted links to the Baha'i related SourceWatch articles on TRB since 2008. Intellectual laziness by those who cannot be bothered to look up this fool-proof evidence, when it has been submitted over and over again publicly, is not evidence of the absence of this well documented evidence. It is just evidence of the intellectual dishonesty of Haifan Baha'is who, despite all their platitudes regarding tolerance and human rights (which is just hot air), get their knickers in giant multiple knots and drop all pretenses of being anything but the fascists that they are whenever such evidence is publicly submitted.

That said, since you have seen fit to censor me from your site like the good Baha'i apparatchick that you are, I am posting a copy of this response message on TRB. You fascists will not have the last word about anything as long as people like me walk and breathe on this planet, so kindly take your final platitudes directed at me in your last message and....

With warmest non-Baha'i vitriol

Nima Wahid Azal
Source : http://groups.google.com/group/talk.religion.bahai/browse_thread/thread/ae4a65768c0bcaa2#

Five clear lies of 'the most great Hypocrite' Abdul Baha

In this article I want to point out some of the predictions of the so called ‘Great Baha’i Leader’ Abdu’l Baha which never came true. All those predictions proved that he was a Fraud and a Great Liar.

Abdu'l-Baha in St Paul Minneapolis 1912
Abdu'l-Baha kissing Sarah Farmer Green Acre
Abdu’l Baha narrated in the book “Some Answered Questions” (Mofavezat) in the Chapter 11: Commentary on the Eleventh Chapter of the Revelation of St. John, page No.29 & 30.
“In each cycle the guardian and holy souls have been twelve. So Jacob had twelve sons; in the time of Moses there were heads or chiefs of the tribes; in the time of Christ there were twelve Apostles; and in the time of Mohammad there were twelve Imams. But in this glorious manifestation there are twenty-four, double the number of all the others, for the greatness of this manifestation requires it.”
It is clear from the above that Abdu’l Baha believed that the successors of the past prophets were twelve in number and the successors of Baha’u’llah will be Twenty Four as the manifestation of Baha’u’llah is a glorious manifestation. Abdu’l Baha himself was the first successor and he himself appointed the second successor and the guardian of Baha'i Faith in his life time to Shoghi Effendi. He has written in “Will and Testament” in many places in different manner. He has stated very clearly about the guardianship and different stations of Shoghi Effendi in his Will. Among all those stations the very important station is the Permanent Headship of the Universal House of Justice. Means the Universal House of Justice will always be headed by the Guardian of the faith. And remaining twenty two guardians, who will succeed to Shoghi Effendi, will be from the male children of Shoghi Effendi. Refer the Will and Testament of Abdu’l Baha:
“O my loving friends!  After the passing away of this wronged one, it is incumbent upon the Aghsan (Branches), the Afnan (Twigs) of the Sacred Lote-Tree, the Hands (pillars) of the Cause of God and the loved ones of the Abha Beauty to turn unto Shoghi Effendi--the youthful branch branched from the two hallowed and sacred Lote-Trees and the fruit grown from the union of the two offshoots of the Tree of Holiness,--as he is the sign of God, the chosen branch, the Guardian of the Cause of God, he unto whom all the  Aghsan, the  Afnan, the Hands of the Cause of God and His loved ones must turn.  He is the Interpreter of the Word of God and after him will succeed the first-born of his lineal descendents. 

The sacred and youthful branch, the Guardian of the Cause of God, as well as the Universal House of Justice to be universally elected and established, are both under the care and protection of the Abha Beauty, under the shelter and unerring guidance of the Exalted One (may my life be offered up for them both).  Whatsoever they decide is of God. Whoso obeyeth him not; neither obeyeth them, hath not obeyed God; whoso rebelleth against him and against them hath rebelled against God… The mighty stronghold shall remain impregnable and safe through obedience to him who is the Guardian of the Cause of God.  It is incumbent upon the members of the House of Justice, upon all the Aghsan, the Afnan, the Hands of the Cause of God to show their obedience, submissiveness and subordination unto the Guardian of the Cause of God, to turn unto him and be lowly before him.  He that opposeth him hath opposed the True One, will make a breach in the Cause of God…

O ye beloved of the Lord!  It is incumbent upon the Guardian of the Cause of God to appoint in his own life-time him that shall become his successor that differences may not
arise after his passing.  He that is appointed must manifest in himself detachment from all worldly things, must be the essence of purity, must show in himself the fear of God, knowledge, wisdom and learning.  Thus, should the first-born of the Guardian of the Cause of God not manifest in himself the truth of the words:--"The child is the secret essence of its sire," that is, should he not inherit of the spiritual within him (the Guardian of the Cause of God) and his glorious lineage not be matched with a goodly character, then must he, (the Guardian of the Cause of God) choose another branch to succeed him. The Hands of the Cause of God must elect from their own number nine persons that shall at all times be occupied in the important services in the work of the Guardian of the Cause of God.  The election of these nine must be carried either unanimously or by majority from the company of the Hands of the Cause of God and these, whether unanimously or by a majority vote, must give their assent to the choice of the one whom the Guardian of the Cause of God hath chosen as his successor. 
This assent must be given in such wise as the assenting and dissenting voices may not be distinguished (i.e., secret ballot). 

Will and Testament of Abdu’l Baha, page No.11, 12 & 13.
By paying attention to the above writings of Abdu’l Baha it is clear that all these things are the hidden news (Akhbar e Ghaibi) from Abdu’l Baha as well as the constitution of the Baha’i Faith. The following results can be derived from the above text:
  1. That in the life time of Shoghi Effendi who was the Guardian after Abdu’l Baha, the Universal House of Justice will be established. And it must be established.
  2. That the Head of the Universal House of justice will be Shoghi Effendi and the members of UHJ who are the pillars of the cause of God should obey Shoghi Effendi and whoever disobeys him, disobeys the God. And Shoghi will rule over the Universal House of Justice while all the member of UHJ will be under him. Means Shoghi had the right of dictatorship.
  3. That Shoghi will have a male child and his child will also have male child. Progeny of Shoghi will continue.
  4. Guardianship after Shoghi Effendi will be fixed by his Will and it is incumbent upon him to appoint guardian in his life time.
  5. That the guardianship must be in the male child of Shoghi Effendi means he should have first child as male and not the female (Because the women are having no right to be the member of Universal House of Justice then how they can be the head of the UHJ). And if his glorious lineage not be matched with a goodly character then must he (the guardian of Cause of God) choose another branch of Baha’u’llah (Aghsan) to succeed him.
God proved all these forecast wrong.

Shoghi Effendi died and Universal House of Justice could not be established. He died in the year 1957 in London and UHJ was established in the year 1963. This was the first lie of Abdu’l Baha.

There should be a head of the Universal House of Justice and must be the Guardian of Cause of God. Universal House of Justice of Haifa established without the guardian. This was the second lie of Abdu'l Baha.

This was the time when Baha’is divided in to different sects. Charles Mason Remey proclaimed himself the second guardian of the Baha’i Faith and wrote to Baha'i World that the Universal House of Justice should be established in his (Charles Mason Remey) guardianship. After his demise, group of Mason Remey divided into many groups but a major group of Remey is spread throughout the world and even in Inida. Head of this group Joel Bray Marangella lives in Australia. Many people have claimed as successor of Remey. Internet is the best source to know the details.

Shoghi Effendi died without a child (male and female). When his first born could not come into existence then what about his lineal descendents? This was the third lie of Abdu’l Baha.

Shoghi Effendi died without appointing his successor. Thus the disputes started among the Baha'is. Some of them like the goats and sheep attached with them, and gave their milk and skins to the Haifa and some of them scattered here and there and some of them joined Mason Remey, Jamsheed Maani, Neal Chase, Joel Marangella, Jacques Soghomonian and others. Presently there are seven or eight sects of Baha’is. Shoghi died without appointing his successor. This was the fourth lie of Abdu’l Baha.

In short the Wills of Abdu’l Baha humiliated and insulted him completely after about 45 years and made clear to everybody that he was a fraud and a big liar. All his commandments about Shoghi Effendi remained aside and establishment of Universal House of Justice caused the disputes and sects instead of unity and peace.

Surely God punishes and humiliates the liars.

Abdu’l Baha forecasted twenty four successors of Baha’u’llah. It ended with the first successor only. This was the fifth lie of Abdu’l Baha.

Fazil-i-Mazanderani in his book “Amr-u-Khalq” tried to darn and justify the fifth lie of Abdu’l Baha and wrote:

“The twenty four holy souls which are “Adilla-i-Ism-i-Azam” are 19 souls, 18 Huruf-i-Hayy (Letters of Living) and one is Primal Point (Bab) and five souls are hidden in Malakoot-i-Asrar. Wisdom demands not to mention it. It will be mentioned later.

(The title "Letters of the Living" (Huruf-i-Hayy) is used specifically to refer to the first eighteen followers of the Bab who became believers in his Revelation. Abdu’l Baha and Shoghi Effendi are not from Letters of Living).

It is surprising that Fazil e Mazanderani had included the Bab and eighteen Huruf-i-Hayy among the twenty four successors of Baha’u’llah while according to Baha’is Bab himself was a Manifestation. He was the Forerunner of Baha’u’llah. His advent was before Baha’u’llah and his cycle was ended before him.

He thought that by changing the word of guardians and holy souls (Ausiya and Asfiya) used by Abdu’l Baha as “Adilla-i-Ism-i-Aazam” will confuse the people and hide the lies of Abdu’l Baha.

Why he had hidden Abdu’l Baha and Shoghi Effendi along with those five souls? We do not know who will inform to the Baha’i World about those three souls after the death of Fazil-i-Mazanderani? In fact darning the words of Abdu’l Baha is to lessen the eloquence of the words of Abdu’l Baha.

Anyway from the above it is clear that whatever Abdu’l Baha forecasted all those forecasting became the cause of his humiliation. And guardianship could not continue even after the darning and justifications of Fazil-i-Mazanderani. Today Baha’is are fighting in this matter.

I hope the callers of “Independence Investigation of Truth” will independently investigate the truth.

Baha'is claim the ownership of disputed land near Baha'i Temple of Chicago

There's some dispute about whether the expanding lakeshore in front of Wilmette's Baha'i Temple is owned by the Baha'is or the state. (Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune)
March 22, 2012 | By John P. Huston, Chicago Tribune reporter

No one disputes that a small stretch of beach along Lake Michigan in Wilmette has grown larger in the past 40 years.

Once just a sliver of sandy shore, it's now about 2 acres, thanks either to a natural accumulation of sand or perhaps some man-made help. Whatever the cause, the rare new chunk of real estate on the North Shore became controversial when a Wilmette Park District official said it would enhance the potential acquisition of the lease to an adjacent boat harbor by the district.

But officials with the Baha'i faith, whose temple rises in front of the beach property, insist the land isn't the Park District's to take — it's long been theirs, they say, and they have no desire to give it up.

More here :

Kitab-i-Aqdas - The first translated Elder-Miller Version

The Elder-Miller Version of the Baha'i "Book of Laws" is the earliest, the first, and the most honest.
Baha'is pride themselves on having an authentic religion unchanged by man. Not much point to that if you don't even let people read the original texts. After hiding their embarrassing scripture for 120 years, the Baha'i administration commenced to change it through agenda-driven mistranslation. They also turned a short work -- only 74 pages in the Elder-Miller translation even with all their notes -- into a 320 page behemoth of spin-doctoring and explanatory apologetic. But the Elder/Miller version shows what the simple text originally said.

The Elder & Miller translation was the first time the Baha'i Faith's mysterious "Most Holy Book" was presented in English. The Baha'i administration ignored it because it did not contain the necessary translation distortions to keep it from damaging the religion's reputation and keep membership growing. They successfully directed the attention of the Baha'is away from it until, a few years after it's publication in 1961, most enrollees believed the administration as they continued to say "It hasn't been translated yet."

An excerpt from Original Kitab-i-Aqdas
This "revelation" by the Baha'i founder Baha'u'llah is believed to have been completed by 1873, thus 139 years have already passed and Baha'is are still not using rose water or wearing sable. (See below.) Baha'is believe their "Most Holy Book" was God's guidance to mankind for the next thousand years.

The Elder-Miller translation is a more accurate and direct translation than the one belatedly offered by the Baha'i administration 120 years late. The latter, "The Kitab-i-Aqdas: The Most Holy Book,"  contains definite obfuscations, dressings, and distortions designed to protect the fortunes of the Baha'i Faith and preventing the book to cause a drastic falloff in membership as the text reveals a great disparity between the original message of the founder and what later came to be sold as "The Baha'i Faith." It is an important resource in the continuing saga of Baha'i efforts to both obscure and alter their own original foundations and texts.

Elder and Miller were two English orientalists and Arabic scholars, Elder an author of an Arabic grammar who had spent many years in Persia and  interviewed early Baha'is and Babis. It is the first English translation, done by non-Baha'is, because the Baha'i administration refused to do it. I am fortunate to possess an original first edition hardcover copy of the rare 1961 book (shown here). It's old enough to be printed in hot lead type. Why is it rare? Because Baha'is sought to suppress it, as they have often done with other books including the writings of their very own ostensible prophet-founder, The Bab.

Elder and Miller's agenda was to make available an important religious work of the east for the Royal Asiatic Society that was, unaccountably, still unavailable in the west. Thus their translation became the first translation available in the west. Earl elder remarks on this oddity in his preface:

"Anyone who studies Baha'ism learns very soon of the volume sacred to those who profess this religion and known as "The Most Holy Book." Of this book Baha in his Will said, "...reflect upon that which is revealed in my book the Aqdas." And his son and successor 'Abdu'l Baha said in his Will, "unto the Aqdas everyone must turn."  Yet, strange to say, although the teachings of the Baha'is have been widely proclaimed in Great Britain and America, only fragments of al-Kitab al Aqdas have been translated previously into English."

Read a detailed study here : http://bahaiface.com/Bahai_Faith_Kitab_i_Aqdas_Most_Holy_Book.html

تبليغ بهائیت به کودکان و جوانان در شیراز ایران، هندوستان، مصر و اسرائيل

Why the Baha'is are 'teaching' Children and Junior Youth in Shiraz (Iran) although their Supreme Haifan Body 'apparently' asked them to halt all the activities in that country. (In this video you can also see prominent Iranian Baha'is meeting with Counselors in Dubai)

The Baha'is teaching the children in Egypt although deceptive conversion is banned in Egypt.

Baha'is teaching their faith to non-Baha'i children in the BCC that is open for all and they say that they are taking moral classes and not teaching their faith.

The Baha'is teaching Baha'i prayers in their moral (Conversion) classes in India. Although deceptive conversion is banned in India and many times the Baha'is have been warned and taken to the police.

Video of counselor Gloria Javid can be viewed here :

Baha'is teaching in Israel. Although officially it is banned to teach there.

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