Baha'i activities in Yemen.

Baha'i youth of Zambia
Baha'i youth of Iran

Baha'i youth of India
Baha'is of United States

On August 10, armed soldiers raided a multi-day youth event and arrested and detained 60 men, women and children. The event was organized by the Yemeni Baha’i community and sponsored by the Nida Foundation for Human Development, and was held at the Jud Organization building in Sana’a. It featured a nonreligious, nonpolitical program focused on moral and educational efforts to serve the Yemeni community. Roughly half of the attendees were Baha’is.

The soldiers who carried out the raid were with the National Security Agency, and the attendees at the event described the raid as befitting of an attack on the headquarters of a militant group about to undertake a coup. Of the 60 people arrested and detained, 38 were men and 22 were women; several of them were children between the ages of 10 to 15. The detainees, including the children, reported harsh treatment.

Later that evening, girls under 18 years old were released. On the following day, August 11, all but three of the remaining women were released on bail; two men were also released. On August 16, 11 more individuals were released. As of today, 23 men and three women are still in prison. This incident signals an escalation in the targeting of Baha’is in Yemen. Prior to the raid, a single Baha’i, Mr. Hamed bin Haydara, was the only Baha’i in detention in Yemen.

Baha'is doing an "act of service" in Sana'a - Yemen
Baha'i youth "serving" oppressed Yemeni people

Baha'is "Serving" Local Yemenis

Baha'is "Serving" Yemeni youth
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Latest Indian census exposed the myth of 2.2 million Baha'is

Why Baha'is lie ? 

B'Coz they follow 'Abdul-Baha.

Six months ago several newspapers in the United States quoted Abdul Baha saying that there were 2 million Baha'is in the world. 6 months later he is quoted as saying he has ten million followers !!!

This high number is further strengthened by a quote from another newspaper several days later in which Abdu’l-Baha claims he has converted several million people to Baha’ism himself:

"... claims to have converted several million people, including Christian, Mohammedans and Jews to the Baha’ism faith..."
Now the official Indian Baha'i community on its website claims that there are over 2 million Baha'is in India

While recently released (2016) "Data on Religion" by the Census Department of Government of India states the Baha'i population as 4,572. Baha'is consider 'Abdul-Baha as their role model so this not astonishing.

Recent census shows Baha'is exiting by troops - at least in India.

Farzam Kamalabadi - another Baha'i named in Panama Paper Leaks

Farzam Kamalabadi, is a Persian American Baha'i who has lived in Shanghai since 1992. He is brother of Fariba Kamalabadi, one of the seven imprisoned Baha'i leaders of Iran.

He is world-renowned American strategist and investor.

As one of the very few foreigners widely recognized by both the Chinese media and government leadership, in 1993, he established the Future Trends International (Group) Corporation, a China-specialist US corporation engaged in investment and trade, project implementation, media relations, and government lobbying.

Millionaire Kamalabadi's name leaked in Panama Papers.

Baha'i Millionaire Kamalabadi in Kuwait

He is also known to have been giving millions of dollars as funds and "Huquq" to Haifa Based Universal House of Justice of Baha'is.

The Three faithfuls

Denis MacEoin (Ex-Baha'i), Sen McGlinn (not a BIGS) & Steve Marshall (Ex-Baha'i)

UHJ members "sharing faith" (?) with Druze people in Yarka, Israel (occupied Palestine).

The news item does not says that this was a teaching program, but it is hard to believe UHJ members not teaching others when getting an opportunity. Baha'is are desperately looking for new members due to dropping memberships and resignations. May be they are trying to gain more members from this area in Israel.

Ayman Rouhani, right with a Druze believer.

UHJ member Firaydoun Javaheri with Druze believers

The Zionist (anti) Babi - Baha'i scholar plays "Baha'i Card" to spread his anti-Iran and pro-Israel BS.

Denis McEoin appeared on the Rebel Media -
Denis McEoin is a former Baha'i "who left the Faith in the 1980′s as a result of the infamous clashes that occurred between academics and various persons within the Baha’i institutions at the time."

Here is N. Wahid Azal's comment on this video :

Denis MacEoin produced great scholarship on Babism, Baha'ism and Shi'ism during the 1980s. After losing his job from the University of Newcastle-on-Tyne -- thanks to the meddling of the Baha'is from behind the scenes -- he went on to write even better fiction under the pen names of Daniel Easterman and Jonathan Aycliffe. Since the last decade, as MacEoin has aged, he has moved from being a socially conscious gentleman-scholar (who one would have once called a man of the left) to becoming a pro-Zionist apologist hack who is now publicly peddling NeoCon propaganda, fictions and agitprop without the least bit of shame. His politics now are the dirty, rightwing imperial politics of the same bunch of war criminals who daily commit genuine human rights abuses (nay, genocide and holocaust) against the indigenous population of Palestine: the same people who brought regime change, chaos and mayhem in the Middle East since 2011 and who are the same social engineers and puppeteers behind the assorted Salafist Islamist death-squads such as IS which have been unleashed on the hapless populations of the Mid East and North Africa. It is truly a shame that a man of such intellectual acumen and distinction such as he who once stood against the entire Baha'i establishment and their bullying should now be reduced to acting as a megaphone hack and stooge for pro-Zionist and NeoCon lies, agitprop and black propaganda such as those peddled by the Gatestone Institute he is now a part of -- and which is on full display in this video. MacEoin needs to seriously soul search and figure out where he went wrong. He didn't go wrong when he told Baha'i authorities to lump their NRM cult in 1979. He went wrong when as the years rolled on he didn't have the courage of his original convictions and instead went on and joined the propaganda arm of the zioNazi war machine in Britain.

Shame, Denis. Shame, shame, shame, shame, shame.....

Another comment by N. Wahid Azal

"...have been subjected to unwarranted arrests, false imprisonment, beatings, torture, unjustified executions, confiscation and destruction of property owned by individuals..., Destruction and desecration of burial sites, denial of employment, denial of government benefits, denial of civil rights and liberties, and denial of access to higher education..." Sounds like you are talking about African-Americans, Native Americans and Latinos in the USA. Moreover, what you detail above are what native Palestinians are subjected to -- and far worse -- by your criminal Zionist patrons in the illegal, racist, apartheid European colonial settler state occupying Palestine since 1948. Have you Haifan Baha'is once advocated for the rights of the indigenous Palestinians? Never.

One more comment by N. Wahid Azal

Among people of weak or otherwise ambiguous moral fiber, as the adage goes, money talks... The utter lies and agitprop black propaganda that Denis MacEoin is uttering against Iran in this video is either as a consequence of remuneration by his Zionist patrons, or the other alternative explanation is that Denis MacEoin has fully and completely lost his mind and is now certifiably delusional.
McEoin's page on Youtube
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