Bahaism, the Penis Tree, and the Origins of Jesus

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Shaykh Ahmad Ahsa’i was widely regarded a heretic by Shia scholars. Baha’is try to portray him as one of the forerunners to the Bab and Baha’u’llah who was hated by the Shia clergy because of his connections with the Babi and Baha’i creeds that they claim were prophesized in his writings. He is held with great respect and esteem by Baha’i figures and their followers and is praised greatly in Baha’i literature.

When one reads through the books of Shaykh Ahmad, it becomes evident why he was labeled as a heretic and rejected. Although he was a originally a Shia scholar himself and abided by Shia scripture, he later deviated and started uttering statements that even though were sometimes based on accepted Shia literature, were many times based on his own personal beliefs.

In this article we will translate a section of his book Jawami` al-kalim. The book is a lithographed manuscript held at the National Iranian Library Archives with the number: 1329670 distributed by Sulayman Khan ibn Shamkhan Afshar in 1273 AH (1856-7 AD), Tehran.  The section being translated is from pages 150-151 of the section called Risaliyyi Qatiffiyya. Scans of the pages used can be found at the end of the article:

"مسئلة: ما الوجه فی تولد عیسی من غیر اب و هل الجنین من ماء الرجل ام من ماء المرءة او منهما او تارة کذا و اخری کذی؟
اقول: الم تعلم ان الله علی کل شیء قدیر. اراد ان یبین لعباده قدرته و کیفیة تولد آدم علیه السلام. و الاب انما یکون سببا للتولد لاجل نطفة التی هی فی صلبه و لیست هی نفس المنی و لکن المنی حامل للنطفة التی هی روح الحیوة المعبر عنها ظاهرا بالرائحة لانها لازمة للرائحة و هی التی تقع من شجرة المزن و من هذا کان اهل شهر زنان کلهم نساء و لیس فیهم ذکور و انما یحملن من شجر فی بلادهن یکون فی اصل الشجره غصن کهیئة ذکر الرجل و له رائحة کرائحة منی فتمضی المرءة و تستعمله فتحمل ببنت و ذلک للرائحة و لما اراد الله سبحانه اظهار قدرته ارسل جبرئیل الی مریم و نفخ فی جبینها او فی فمها علی اختلاف روایتین لهواء رائحته رائحة المنی فتولد منه عیسی علیه السلام.

The following question is asked:
“Question: What is the rationality in Jesus being born without a father and is the embryo (created) from the father’s water (semen) or the mother’s or from both of them or sometimes from one and sometimes from another?”

This is how Shaykh Ahmad Ahsa’i responds:
“I say: Do you not know that God is capable of doing anything. He intended to show His servants His power and the way that Adam was born. The father is the cause of birth because of the sperm that is in his loin. And that is not the sperm itself, rather the semen holds the sperm that is the spirit of life that crosses from it and appears with a smell, for the smell accompanies it [the translation of this last sentence was rather tricky and there might a better alternative]. And this is what falls from the Muzn tree and it is because of this that the inhabitants of the City of Women are all women and there is not a single male among them. These women are impregnated in their land by a tree. In the root of the tree there is a branch shaped like a man’s penis and it has an odor that smells like semen. The women will go (to the branch) and will use it and they become impregnated with a (baby) girl and this is caused by the odor. When God wanted to make manifest His power, he sent Gabriel (the Archangel) to Mary and he blew the air of its odor (from the tree) and the odor of the semen on her forehead-or according to a different narration in her mouth-and Jesus peace be upon him was born like that.”  

Basically, this is what Shaykh Ahmad is saying: There is a city filled with women that impregnate themselves using a penis which grows on a tree. When God wanted to create Jesus He sent Gabriel to the penis tree in the City of Women and he took from it what smelled like semen and he blew it on Mary’s face and that is how Jesus was conceived!

These are the beliefs of one of the forerunners to Baha'u'llah.

Note 1: The lack of fluency in the Arabic text is also obvious in the English translation.

Note 2: The language of the aforementioned text is Arabic except for the section “Share Zanan” which is purely Farsi and translates to “The City of Women”. Shaykh Ahmad could have easily used the Arabic words “Madinat al-Nisa” but he doesn’t which might imply that he believes this city is in Iran and has a Farsi name. 

Note 3: According to the text, Shaykh Ahmad claims the tree causes the women to only have baby girls and no boys. It is strange that when Mary is impregnated by this tree she conceives a boy, Jesus!

Note 4: ‘Nutfa’ and ‘Mani’, two Arabic words used in the text, can both mean sperm or semen. In the translation, Nutfa has been translated to Sperm and Mani to Semen.

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How do Baha'is convert innocent and ignorant people of Non-Muslim, Third World countries ? This has much to do with South Carolina.

Moojan Momen is a prominent Baha'i author.
Baha’is actively engage in proselytizing missions that are utterly against the investigation of truth. In these campaigns—that continue with great force today—illiterate masses in third world countries that have no means of investigating the truth whatsoever, are converted to Baha’ism under the disguise of education and humanitarian relief. Moojan Momen, the prominent Baha’i author, explains this by writing:
Missionary endeavour on the part of Middle Eastern and Western Bahā'īs had led to the establishment of Bahā'ī communities in several parts of the non-Muslim 'Third World', initially among the Western-oriented urban minority. Conversions of larger numbers began in a few isolated areas in the 1950s and spread during the 1960s to most parts of the 'Third World'. The results were dramatic. As Bahā'ī teachers learned to adapt their message and missionary techniques to the situation of the unschooled masses of Third World peasants and urban workers, they completely transformed their religion's social base. Now, the great majority of Bahā'īs in the world are drawn from the popular classes of the non-Islamic Third World. Even in the well-established Bahā'ī communities of North America, recent infusions of minority group members (Blacks and Amerindians) has led to a significant change in the social base of the membership . . . By the late 1960s, a great increase in the number of Bahā’īs had occurred. Conversions of large numbers of tribal or peasant peoples in various parts of the Third World had begun . . . Most of the flood of new Bahā'īs were poorly educated, and many lived in rural and tribal areas with which effective communication was difficult to sustain.[1]

Baha’i missionaries would convert people from undeveloped countries who lacked the tools and means of investigating the truth to Baha’ism. This resulted in the twenty-fold increase of the Baha’i population in about 30 years.[2] Is there any pride in this attitude, especially from a creed that claims all people must be given the chance to independently investigate the truth?

[1] P. Smith, M. Momen, The Baha'i faith 1957–1988: A survey of contemporary developments, Religion 19 (1989), pp. 63–91: 
[2] See the table in the same article.

Baha’is OUTNUMBER Jews in South Carolina ?!!!

Courtesy of the ASARB

... By the mid-1980s, there were over 20,000 (Baha'is) on the rolls in South Carolina, more than in any other state. But, Stockman (Robert Stockman, the foremost historian of the Bahá’í Faith in America) acknowledges, 30 years later just 4,500 of the 17,500 members in the state currently recorded in the national Bahá’í database have good addresses. “All we can say about the other 13,000 is that they are not active enough as Bahá’ís to update their address when they moved.”

So is the Bahá’í Faith the second most populous religion after Christianity in South Carolina? The 2013 American Jewish Yearbook lists the state as having fewer than 14,000 Jews. Given what Stockman has to say, I’m prepared to stick to my original claim that Judaism is the (very distant) second most populous religion there. Still, a significant portion of those 13,000 Bahá’ís listed but without updated addresses — many of them low-income African Americans who could be missed by phone surveys – may still consider themselves members of the faith.

Source :

The NEW LIE - 17,559 BAHA'IS in South Carolina (Year 2010)

Surprisingly, 10 years ago, in the year 2000 there were 17,586 Baha’is in South Carolina
See :

The website of American Census Department shows a completely different picture of the Baha'i Faith in America.

Table 75 of 2008 Census
When it comes to "Baha'i Faith" it is very difficult to believe in Numbers. They have always deceived, always lied.

For more on this topic please see :

In the future (When Baha'i WO is established) UHJ may have to "Wage War" against an opposing country, against an aggressor...

Baha'i Scholar delivering a talk on "Why women are not allowed to be the members of UHJ."

  …..we understand the House of Justice will not always be the way that it is now. One day the House of Justice will be ruling administrative body for the entire humanity. That’s why it is the Universal not the International or the National…. And at that point we don’t know what kind of decisions they will have to make. They may have to Wage War against an opposing country, against an aggressor, against some nation or people who arise against another nation or people…

Listen to the video here (Goto 21:42)

An Open Letter to Haifan Baha'is

by Jeffrey Goldberg

You are not a Baha'i ! Says the UHJ
I was recently contacted by one of my brothers in the Baha’i Faith who is a member of the organization whose leaders presently sit in Haifa and Wilmette. Let’s call him “Bill”. That

As the Master taught us, we must not regard anyone as our enemies. We must show kindness to everyone. People need guidance and education; not condemnation. I do not consider Bill my enemy simply because he believes otherwise than me. I don’t think Bill considers me an enemy either.

In his communication to me, I received condemnation, but I think he was trying to help me.  He wrote that I was “out of touch”.  I had fallen for “this complete garbage” referring to my conviction that a Guardian only can lead the Baha’i Faith (one of the fundamental tenets of the Faith according to Shoghi Effendi).

Bill concludes with this warm blessing: “Thank God you and your small, tiny nothing of a group will never last and you'll be only be a small obscure footnote in some dusty book in a forgotten section of a small library in Missoula, Montana, or where ever it is you and the 10 other crazies hang out...Wake up!!!”  (Bill seems to be unable to distinguish between the Orthodox Baha’i Faith of which I am a member, and the Baha’is Under the Provisions of the Covenant that originated in Missoula). Bill obviously takes comfort in the larger numbers of his group despite the fact that his group is miniscule too, compared to other religions, and despite the false inflated numbers released by the group. I have nothing to do with the BUPC, but do not confuse Bill with the facts. I care not how many people agree with my beliefs, and Bill doesn’t get this. Truth is not subject to a democratic vote, It is Truth regardless of how many believe, and falsehood is still error no matter how many people spout it.

Again, I believe Bill sincerely is trying to help me awaken, and his evident lack of kindness is derived from frustration that I do not see things as he does. It has been my experience that the ones who are always trying to convert others, like Bill is trying to do for me, are not sure themselves. They do not have a firm conviction of the truth of their beliefs. As a result, they take comfort from the fact that others believe the same as they do, and it is intolerable for them to see someone else who believes in “error.”

It is so intolerable for them, in fact, that they must constantly attempt to convert them or condemn them as heretics. I do not share this feeling. I am totally satisfied in my own religious beliefs and I care not at all what anyone else believes.  I am willing to share what I know and what I believe with others, but what they ultimately believe is none of my business. This is because my faith does not need validation from any other person.

The fanatical venom displayed by the heterodox Baha’is against the Orthodox Baha’is is mirrored perfectly in how the Muslim leaders in Iran regard the Baha’is.

This article about the holocaust of Baha’is in the Republic of Iran quotes Khamenei on this oppression: “All the members of the deviant Baha’i Sect are infidels and unclean (1), all should avoid food or other items that have been touched by them. It is incumbent upon the believers to combat the deception and fraud of this misguided sect… In case they have come into contact with anything, the proper cleansing process must be observed… All believers should confront the trickeries of the misguided Baha’i sect and prevent others from becoming misguided and joining them… any sort of interaction with this deviant sect should be avoided.”

How interesting that Khomeni (Please read it Khamenei at remaining places), as the leader of the Shi’ite Muslims in Iran, expresses a similar sentiment to how Bill feels about me and my fellow “crazies”.  Just like Bill, Khomeni cannot tolerate the fact that people believe differently from him, and he feels compelled to oppose and demonize the Baha’is on trumped up charges.  The article details the outrageous atrocities committed by the fanatical Muslims in Iran against innocent Baha’is. The difference between Bill and Khomeni is largely on the power they have to influence people. The heterodox Baha’is tried hard to silence us with their shunning tactic, and many years of battle against us in federal court, but they were powerless to silence us. If they had the power, they would do anything to stop us.

Their desperate need to obtain validation by converting others and condemning the infidels is a common archetype in religious history. I submit to you that both Bill and Khomeni are suffering from a spiritual aridity that equates religious belief with spiritual attainment, which seeks to control and convert others into that same belief, and which rejects true spirituality and free thinking in others as dangerous. It is time now for all of us to grow up and be civil.

Here was my response to Bill:

“All the Haifan Baha'is ever have done is to meet my questions and statements with derision and personal animosity and attack. Just as you are doing. Is this the proper attitude of a Baha'i?  Whatever happened to independent investigation of truth?

“No member of your organization has displayed the courage and integrity to question the source of the authority claimed by the people in charge of the organization. If they had authority, nobody would have any problem responding. But because they have no authority and have hijacked the Faith from the true authority, any evaluation of their authority is forbidden and so you accept them blindly.

And then you have the audacity to contact me and tell me I am out of touch!”

I would say the same thing to Khomeni.  The evil he attributes to the Baha’is is nothing more than a mirror projection of his own darkness. He is more dangerous than Bill because he has power, but they are the same in their irrational and fanatical hatred and intolerance.

All of us, whether Muslim or Baha’i, and whatever religious organization to which we belong, are the children of the same God. If we are loving to one another, despite our differences, we are living as servants of God. If we show hate to one another, this is simply satanic. Hatred is not of God and we must put this behind us.

group considers me an enemy simply because I do not accept the authority of its leaders, I have been shunned and sued by this organization to try to silence me and prevent me from calling myself a Baha’i (and it is obvious that it did not work). That is why it was surprising to hear from Bill.

Source :

Shrine of Bab witnesses a rare protest by Palestinians.

In LAS VEGAS, out of 8 LSA Members - 5 are persians and 2 Egyptians

Members of the Las Vegas Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is, clockwise from lower left, Aleda Nelson, Mojdeh Sahihi, Shari Mashhood, Huri Hosny, Foad Moazez, Mojgan Moazez, Parvez Rohani and Amr Hosny meet at the Baha'i Center located at 7035 Oakey Blvd., in Las Vegas on June 10, 2014. (Jeferson Applegate/Las Vegas Review-Journal)

The Article on


has some inaccurate information regarding the Baha'i cult. The "most great hypocrites" try to play with innocent people by presenting good talks and feel-good slogans. Here is the truth for all such innocent people.

For a religion that thrives without clergy and prohibits proselytizing, acquiring new members can be tricky. Individuals have to respond to word of mouth — or the random billboard — and convince themselves that the religion is right for them.

The truth is :

Here in Sin City, that can be a tough sell. The Baha’i Faith prohibits alcohol, drugs, premarital sex and, yes, gambling. Daily prayers are mandatory.
The truth is :

...religion that is based on racial and gender equality, peace and harmony, equitable distribution of wealth and a consultive approach to decision-making.
The truth is :
No women in UHJ

Peace and Harmony ??

Equitable Distribution of Wealth ??
The food served in Baha'i NDF
Billionaire Baha'i Sahba Abedian

The living standard of Shahriar Razavi (UHJ Member)

The members of Tahira Justice Centre

While the phrase “new world order” is included in Baha’i writings, the faith has no political agenda.

The truth is :

Unlike other messengers of God, the direct writings of Baha’u’llah and his designated interpreter, his eldest son Abdul’l-Baha, are available to the Baha’i Faith.
The truth is :
This is only an example. There are many such cases. Interested readers can write a Comment and I will provide more evidences.

Local differences of interpretations may be appealed, with the Universal House of Justice in Haifa, Israel, holding the final decision.
The truth is :
There is no such concept. The Baha'i Covenant means "Complete, Unconditional and Unquestionable submission to the so called Infallible UHJ"

Today, the Baha’i Faith is among the fastest-growing religions on the planet with more than 7 million followers across every continent. About half of Baha’i followers are in Asia, with U.S. memberships estimated at fewer than 400,000.

The truth is : 

Two core principles would seem to make Baha’is easy targets for oppressive regimes. Baha’is believe it is their obligation to follow the rules of governments....
The truth is :
Baha'is are prosecuted in different countries for "Not following the Laws of the Land".

The unusual architectural design reflects the Baha’i principle....
The truth is :

Youth programs explore questions of ethics and justice....
The truth is :

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