Baha'i women are conditioned to flirt with any possible potential convert around.

Can you believe a persian Baha'i lady (even if she is obese) would marry a colored man if he is poor ?

The Baha’i Administration never fails to propagate about their plagiarized 12 principles, which are never practiced by the Baha’is. The only principle which the Baha’i administration and the Baha’is practice very religiously and effectively is the 13th unwritten principle of the Baha’i Faith and that is the use of Baha’i women in attraction of potential converts to the Faith. In a comment on Mr. Dale Husband's video "A Big Lie of the Baha'i" one user named "taeril1" (probably an ex-Baha'i) states:

“I got sick of seeing how women are conditioned to flirt with any possible potential convert around. For the Baha’i administration, most worthy of women values are their bodies - which are conditioned to attract new followers to Baha’i faith”.
The Baha’i Study Circles are arranged by "charming Baha’i teachers" in order to attract non Baha’is. We can see the innumerable Baha’i love stories doing rounds on the Internet ( where such love affairs of Baha’i teachers are exposed. The case of Sama Sabet ( and Dilavara Mihrshahi ( is not unknown to the Baha'is of India. The Baha’i women are programmed to trap wealthy, influential, capable non-Baha’is to the Faith. This is the prevalent culture worldwide and Baha’i Administration doesn’t think it bad. In fact Baha’i women successful in implementing this 13th unwritten principle are awarded by rise in the Administration.

Abusing women or women offering themselves for Baha'u'llah, part of the 13th Principle, is deeply embossed in the Baha’i Administration. Top administrative body of the Baha'is prefer unmarried ladies to work for them. The eligibility of a lady Baha’i volunteer to work at the Baha’i World Centre is to be unmarried, so she can serve the staff working at the Baha'i World Centre (UHJ & ITC). Once these ladies pass the prime of their age they are returned back to their places where they live a miserable horrifying unmarried life for the rest of their life. Baha’i Administration calls this abuse of Baha’i ladies as "Service at the World Centre".

Baha'i ladies are motivated to use their charm to make people believe their inflated census, false notion of injustice in Iran, narrate fake incidences to influence the people of higher standing in the society and obtain benefits like approval of cemetery, manipulate media reports on human rights, heritage status for their temples, minority rights, unnecessary benefits in Educational Institutions and so on. They have done this in almost every country where they exist.

Mr. Peter Khan the former UHJ member along with Hands of cause Mr. Aziz Yazdi use to kiss young girls in full view of the public. Many of the counselors are divorce/e and have had history of out of marriage relations. Mrs. Delafruz Nassimova was seen being very intimate to Mr. Omid Seiosansian during her visit to India in Delhi some years back. Mr. Omid is very often praised by UHJ not for his administrative capabilities but the amount of efforts he puts in helping the Baha’i women to implement the 13th principle. Baha’i culture is that young girls rock in presence of the aged parents and grandparents with suggestive pelvic thrusts which are appreciated by NSA members and counselors. Once Mr. Fatheazam fired a community because there was no vulgar dance by young girls in their NDF. He found that NDF boring.

A Baha'i "study circle" in Azerbaijan

Again, the purpose of sending young unmarried Iranian girls to different parts of the globe is to see the implementation of this 13th principle effectively as Iranians Baha’is are good followers of Baha’i Administration.

Till today no Baha’i has been reprimanded by Baha’i administration due to sexual misconduct.  However the administration never fails to threaten a sincere Baha’i if he were to go against the wishes of UHJ. A Baha’i not following the 13th unwritten principle will be marked as faithless and will not be taken into Baha’i Administration if his wife is not willing to follow the 13th principle.

Looking at the Baha’i culture one can easily understand that it is not a Faith but a social club with a very specific and dangerous aim. A deep study into the Baha’i Faith will reveal Abdul Baha and Shoghi followed the same principle which the UHJ is implementing it with their counselors.

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Baha’u’llah claims that he was reincarnated age after age into many different people...

Even though Baha’is vehemently deny that they believe in reincarnation, there are explicit writings in the Baha’i corpus that show the contrary. In the current article we will mention three of Baha’u’llah’s Tablets where he expresses this meaning. Unfortunately, to date, none of these tablets have been officially translated by Baha’i authorities.

The first table that we will cite is called the Tablet of Visitation (Ziyarat). Baha’u’llah claims in this tablet that he was reincarnated age after age into many different people including: Able who was killed by Cain, Abraham who was thrown into fire by Nimrod, Moses who suffered at the hands of the Pharaoh, Jesus who was put on the cross, Muhammad who suffered at the hands of Abu-Jahl, Imam Husayn who was martyred and beheaded, the Bab who was suspended in the air and then killed, and finally as himself who was imprisoned and banished:

This is a book from the wronged one who is referred to in the Kingdom of Existence as Baha; and in the Most High majesty as the Most Exalted; and in the Sky of Concealment using all of God’s most beautiful Names; and in the Land of Creation as Husayn, but the majority of the people are under a great veil and delusion. Things happened to him in every era that only God the Greatest Exalted King can enumerate.

Once he was afflicted at the hands of Cain and was killed in God’s path and ascended to Him oppressedly and this is what happened in the past and God was witness to this and well aware of it.

Once he was afflicted at the hands of Nimrod (Abraham’s enemy) and was thrown in fire and God made the fire for him a light and mercy and He certainly protects his close servants.

Once he was afflicted at the hands of Pharaoh (Moses’ enemy) and things happened to him that would burn the hearts of the sincere.

Once he was put on the cross and ascended to God the Mighty, the Beautiful.

Once he was afflicted at the hands of Abu-Jahl (Muhammad’s enemy) and those hypocrites that stood up against him with dissension and things happened to him that cannot be expressed through words. The Merciful is well aware about the things that happened to him and witnessed them.

Once he was killed innocently in the land of Taff (Karbala). Those that God associates with His Illuminant Sacred Self were martyred alongside him. Then they beheaded him and took his family as prisoners and paraded them in the lands and this is what reached him from the armies of the Devils.

Once he was suspended in the air and was martyred in the path of God the Dominant, the Mighty, the Most Capable.

Once he was imprisoned in the Land of Ta (Tehran) for forty well known months and the pen of the worlds cannot enumerate the things that happened to me. After that they freed me from prison and banished me and my family from my land until we reached Iraq and dwelled there.

In that land, people who were created by my order, did things to us that no one can enumerate. They acted towards us with hypocrisy at every chance they got, but we concealed the affair and gave glad tidings to the people and preached for God the Dominant, the Beautiful. (Baha’u’llah, Athar-i Qalam-i A`la, vol. 2, no. 91, p. 607-8 [Canada: Association for Baha’i studies in Persian, 2002])

In another Tablet, called the Tablet of Pilgrimage to the House in Baghdad (Hajj-i Bayt-i Baghdad), Baha’u’llah repeats the same statements about himself:

“Wasn’t this (meaning himself) from the signs of God and wasn’t this youth His servant and beauty and then His splendor and light and then His order and luminance. And he shone with the lights that eclipse all suns when they shine, and how is [the state] of these oppressors? Say by God, he descended from the sky of commandment while in his right hand was the kingdom of splendor and power. He invites people to the Garden of Holiness and he fears no one even though the polytheists from among these infidels have surrounded him. Say He appeared once with the name of the First Badi` (Adam or Able?), then another time with the name of Khalil (Abraham), then with the name of Kalim (Moses), then with the name of the Spirit (Jesus), then with the name of Habib (Muhammad), then with the name of Ali (the Bab) with truth, and then with the name of Husayn (Baha’u’llah) in this holy, illuminant, brilliant, beauty.” (Baha’u’llah, Athar-i Qalam-i A`la, vol. 2, no. 84, p. 518 [Canada: Association for Baha’i studies in Persian, 2002])

Yet again Baha’u’llah repeats similar statements in another of his writings called Surat ad-Dam (Surah of Blood):

“Oh people! I am definitely Ali (the Bab) who has returned again after the first return and I manifested for you things that are greater than what I had manifested before . . . Oh Lord! I praise you for the novelties that you have destined and all your calamities. Once You put me in the hands of Nimrod (Abraham’s enemy), then in the hands of the Pharaoh (Moses’ enemy) and they inflicted upon me what You have enumerated in Your Knowledge and have encompassed by Your Will. And once You placed me in the Prison of the infidels for I narrated to the Blind people a single letter from a dream that You had revealed to me by Your Knowledge and had made me understand by Your Majesty. And once you beheaded me by the hands of the infidels and once you crucified me because of what I had expressed from the hidden Jewels of your splendid Oneness and the novel remnants of your everlasting Majesty. And once You afflicted me in the land of Taff (Karbala) such that I was alone among your servants and abandoned in Your land until they cut off my head and raised it on top of spears and paraded it in all lands and brought it to the sitting place of polytheists and the position of infidels. And once they suspended me in the air and hit me with the bullets of enmity and hatred until my limbs were cut off and my body was torn apart. The times passed until today in which the foes have gathered [to take] my life and are always planning to turn the people into my enemies...” (Baha’u’llah, Athar-i Qalam-i Ala, vol. 2, no. 75, pp. 396-7 [Canada: Association for Baha’i studies in Persian, 2002])

In case you’re wondering why there is no mention of Buddha, Krishna, and etc: Being brought up in nineteenth century Iran, Baha’u’llah probably didn’t even know that these people existed. These figures were added to the so called Baha’i “manifestations” years later when Baha’u’llah and Abdu’l-Baha came into contact with followers of these individuals in Palestine. In fact, there is no reference whatsoever to Buddha in Baha’u’llah’s writings.

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Ali Nakhjavani is a liar.

Shame on you Ali Nakhjavani. You were a member of UHJ for so many years - Baha'is call you a Scholar and you fool them !

Aghsan is the broken plural form (Jam-i-taksir/mukassar) of Ghusn. In Arabic it refers to 3 and more branches not 2 as Nakhjavani claims in this video. If Baha'u'llah had intended 2 branches he would have stated "Ghusnaan" or "Ghusnayn". Furthermore, Baha'u'llah had more than two male descendants (e.g. Muhammad Ali) and Nakhjavani is acting as if these people didn't existed - in a failed attempt to justify his false claims about "Aghsan" meaning two.

One more scandal unfolds in the notorious Baha'i community of India

Dilavara Mihrshahi (Right) a mother of 3.
Eloped with a young boy whom she was teaching the Baha'i religion
Panchgani (India) has always been a centre of learning with many schools and academies around. But due to Baha'i Community, Panchgani has lost it's shine and is turning dull due to the many scandals unfolding.

There is one place which no one can miss in Panchgani i.e. Lucky Stores. The Mihrshahi family have been running the same since many years, but what the owner’s daughter-in-law has done is indeed a matter of great concern.

Mrs. Dilavara is the beautiful wife of Mr. Nemat Mihrshahi, son of Mr. Amin Mihrshahi, the owners of Lucky stores. She is a mother of three children still she eloped with a boy much less than her age.

Mr. Mihrshahi is the Treasurer of the Local 'Spiritual' Baha'i Assembly of Panchgani and also teaches at the New Era High School, a Baha'i School.

Mihrshahis have been notorious for their secret ways of converting the simple minded local people of Panchgani especially the children and youth to Baha'i Faith. Some time back, Mr. Mihrshahi himself was caught by the local people, and was given a tight slap by a local leader who received complains about the conversion activities and warned not to lure the children of Hindus to the Baha'i Faith.

Click to enlarge

It must be noted that both Mr. Mihrshahi and his wife are teachers in New Era High School and the members of this Faith claims that we are making the children morally strong. Unfortunately, such incidents are occurring wherever the Baha'i community is located such as Panchgani.

It’s time that these so called educational institutes like New Era, Baha'i Academy and NEDI are shut down completely otherwise the harm they will bring to society is irreparable loss of morality. Moreover the Baha'is should concentrate on refining their own society and not bother much about children of other faiths. This incidence has tarnished the image of New Era School further.

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More Bab (s) and Baha'u'llah (s) in making...

This guy is new Mullah Hossein Boshru'i who went to Iran to spread the message of "New Manifestation". Listen to his story... and try to guess what happened during 1844 with Bab and Babis and Why ? You can also understand the miracle of Bab that he performed at the time of his execution.

Baha’i Representative Appointed to Canada’s External Advisory Committee on Religious Freedom

Members of the External Advisory Committee (EAC) for Religious Freedom . © DFATD
Toronto, Ontario, 24 July 2015 (CBNS) — The Honourable Rob Nicholson, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, recently announced the establishment of an External Advisory Committee on religious freedom. The committee is comprised of 23 members from a variety of Canadian faith and belief communities, including the Director of Government Relations for the Baha’i Community of Canada, Corinne Box.

The Baha’i member was appointed by the government to serve as the vice-chair of the Advisory Committee. Father Raymond J. de Souza, a Roman Catholic priest from Kingston, was appointed chair and Malik Talib, President of the Aga Khan Council for Canada, was appointed as a second vice chair.

The Committee will advise the Office of Religious Freedom on the exercise of its mandate to promote and defend religious freedom internationally as a central element of Canada’s foreign policy. The inaugural meeting of the Committee was held at the Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada building in Ottawa in late June with Minister Nicholson and Dr. Andrew Bennett, Canada’s Ambassador for Religious Freedom. The Committee will meet semi-annually.

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How Baha'is use their women ?


The year 2016 began with sizzling rumor (later confirmed to be fact) of outgoing young Sama Sabet having unusually close friendship with middle-aged international correspondent R. Gandhi. Sabet knew the theory well that, "Happiest moment of a man is his weakest also".

Well versed in the art of baiting men, Sama is well known for the several boyfriends she has. This ability was nurtured by the Baha’i background to which she owes allegiance to. Baha’i Religion is a miniscule cult whose female adherents have a determined intent to convert or influence by hook-or-crook, this is a part of their culture, to be shamelessly appealing to kindle interest in the opposite sex.

Gandhi was just another victim.

Delhi based Gandhi, married with two children and an influential correspondent till recently associated with CBC (and now with a prominent Indian News Media), was another target.

Sama, based in Kashmir, had come to Delhi for service to the nefarious Lotus Temple. Gandhi on a visit to temple was trapped by Sama. Was it just a beginning of another illicit relation, or was it planned? For answering this we must refer to the history of the faith in past 75 years, and we find several rich and influential Indians ending into an affair with Baha’i girls (like Soonawallahs, Sorabjees, Gandhis, Motiwallahs, Gaurs, Jindals and….) only to get weakened from their inherited religion and sucked into the Baha’i cult. Needless to say their wealth, influence and progeny are gifted to the Baha’i Faith.

Statistically today, in India the Baha’i Faith members have highest per capita income. No one has perhaps bothered to analyze the reason. Had such illicit relations and love stories been read more seriously, the truth would have been exposed.

Sama has and is using Gandhi to access International Media, to showcase the Baha’i Faith. Gandhi has opened his heart (and wallet) for continued companionship of (not so) beautiful Sama. Gandhi has further obliged by going against his profession ethics, to give free hand to Sama (read Baha’is) to propagate her religion.

Sama Sabet trapping innocent Indian boys to join Baha'i cult.

Gandhi has been cheated (in return of favors shown by a (not so) beautiful Baha’i lady) but Journalism has been dealt a severe blow. Alas, a tool for exposing injustice has taken a corrupt turn.  Will fellow journalists keep silence?

In fact going a step forward the scam has to be further exposed before other journalists like Gandhi fall in trap.

Pls. Note : Above article has been edited by the blogger. Original can be read at the following link

Baha'i cult in a nutshell

Department of Pilgrimage (Haifa) issues travel warning to Bahá’ís

Baha'i Pilgrims

Dear Bahá’í Friend,

We acknowledge receipt of your email letter of xxxxx 2016.

With respect to your enquiry about staying in other parts of Israel for personal reasons, we are able to inform you that in general pilgrims are permitted to spend a total of 38 days in Israel and brief visitors are permitted to spend about two weeks in Israel. In general, you are encouraged to follow any advice issued by your government or other appropriate sources about travel within Israel.  Given the current circumstances in the country, you are asked not to visit Jerusalem until further notice.  In addition, you are asked not to visit Gaza or the West Bank - which includes Bethlehem and Jericho.

With loving Bahá’í greetings,

Department of Pilgrimage
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