The UHJ's clear hypocrisy : Abolishing the Extremes of Poverty and Wealth!?

One of more than 12,000 golden tiles custom-made
to cover the dome of the Baha'i shrine on
Mount Carmel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
Was just thinking today about what the turning point for me was as a Baha'i, the point of no return as it were. The starkness of the reality that there is something profoundly wrong with the Baha'i Faith rudely woke me up when my mom was visiting us in Creston BC. The local Baha'i community had paid for a full page ad in our local paper which bragged about the great 'accomplishment' that Baha'is had rendered humanity by spending a quarter of a billion dollars on their terraces project. My mother obviously felt a great deal of pride but all I felt was dismay and a deep sense of embarrassment that this was the best contribution to humanity that Baha'is could come up with. Had it been a desalination project to provide fresh water for those thousands of Palestinians that survive without sufficient fresh water daily instead of a vanity project which wastes thousands of liters of fresh water daily I would have rightly felt some pride. When I later read Peter Khans excuse for my religion's focus on this extravagant Baha'i prestige project I knew my initial feelings of misgiving were well founded: "It gives us also insight to Baha’i strategy. For example, consider the Baha’i strategy to spend a vast sum of money on beautifying Mt Carmel at a time when the world is crying out for hospitals, for schools, for more effective means of agriculture, for scholarships for bright kids to get a good education. If you and I were running the world, the beautification of Mt Carmel, a construction of an elaborate series of terraces and a bunch of marble buildings would not be our highest strategy at a time of inadequate material resources.

The children of Palestine and Congo drink
contaminated water, while thousands of liters of
clean water is used by the Baha'i administration for
the maintenance of its 12 hectares tourist gardens
in Haifa, Israel.
Yet this is the Baha’i strategy; it is best appreciated, can only be appreciated, from a spiritual perspective. If you look at it from a material perspective, it’s either megalomania or some distorted sense of priorities. From a spiritual perspective, it is none of those things, it is the fulfillment of the millennia-old prophecies of the establishment of the seat of God’s administrative order on God’s holy mountain and all the spiritual forces that are attracted by that accomplishment. So, my point is that the most pressing need before us all over the world is that of acquiring a heightened spiritual consciousness." ***** So the "Baha'i strategy" is to spend liberally on Baha'i prestige projects while ignoring humanitarian concerns in the here and now? All the while putting the rest of humanity down for it's materialism???? IMHO the most spiritual actions a person can engage in is in helping out ones fellow human beings in the here and now. Peter Khan's excuse rang so hollow and so loud for me the din woke me from my deep slumber; I learned how indoctrination can cloud the eyes and the mind. It was at that point I knew I had to escape the cult that is the Baha'i Faith.

Complete Talk of Peter Khan : 

By Larry Rowe
Source : TRB!topic/talk.religion.bahai/rsOgcGpzQJA

'Baha'i Cultists' throughout the world celebrate Ayyam-i-Ha

The Baha'i Community of Carranzas Celebrating their Holy Days

An open letter to Patrick O'Mara by a Concerned Baha'i (Part 2)

An Open Letter
Mr. Patrick O’Mara
National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of the United Kingdom
27 Rutland Gate, London SW7 1PD
Tel: 020-7584-2566
Fax: 020-7584 9402

Subject : State of Bahá’í Faith – Serious Introspection (II)

Dear Patrick,

This is second of my communication in a series in which I would like British Bahá’ís that matter to introspect. In the previous letter I had highlighted the growing influence of Persians and how the Bahá’í Faith in UK is left more as gossiping club than a progressing Faith. In this letter I wish to bring to attention the impersonal approach of Assemblies and Institutes in Britain and here again how the Persian shadow looms large.

When Naomi Long MP, the Member of Parliament for Belfast East, spoke of “shocking treatment of the Baha’i community in Iran”, I failed to understand that why these elected Member of Parliament have closed their eyes and ears to the treatment given to the Bahá’ís by the Bahá’í Administrative bodies in their own backyard. The Bahá’ís  of UK have experienced abandonment, shunning, excommunication, fear and everything one can imagine at the hands of certain individuals serving on assemblies and Institutes, which we are supposed to believe are Infallible. Baseless court cases are imposed on them to make them surrender to the Will of the Bahá’í Institutions.

The influence of Persian Bahá’ís is increasing day by day and the local Bahá’ís are supposed to fall in line with these super elites of our community who claim to be superior just because the Bahá’í Faith emerged from their homeland and it is left to their whims and wishes to impose on anyone they wish, Administrative sanctions or outright declare them as covenant breakers. The UK Bahá’ís community is terrorized to remain subdued.

Patrick, the UK Bahá’í community is sitting on a volcano and it is a matter of time when it erupts engulfing just not the UK Bahá’ís but neighboring countries also.

Patrick I have, through my service here at the National Assembly, witnessed cases of flagrant immorality and harm here in our community, intentionally and unintentionally at the hands of Bahá’ís and Bahá’í Administration. I have been at the receiving end of persecutions and threats. It gives me immense pain when I realize these injustices are being meted out to me and my family in the full view of Universal House of Justice. Some of the members of the UK National Assembly were and are in constant contact with the members of Universal House of Justice and it is with their full knowledge that one after another court cases are being slammed. My family is constantly being spied upon and their movements are constantly being watched by the ABMS, Counselors and professional/private detective agencies. It seems that spying in Bahá’í Faith has become a law rather than exception.

Where are the empathy, loving assistance and guidance of the institutions and community in accordance with the counsels of the Pen of the Most High before such punishments are meted out? Where is their love and guidance and aid when a family is left on their own, ostracized by the community?  

It is for the local and national institutions to cater for spiritual and emotional well-being of the community and to shower upon them love and encouragement.  It is for the institutions to be transparent, in their decision-making procedures and to clearly share their reasons for their decisions and to give an opportunity to clarify their stand and remedy their mistakes (if so) and errors. I had the greatest desire for unity and have spent countless days in silence in prayers in the hope that doors will open.  

Patrick, our institutes are so drenched in hate that all other realities get a back seat. Patrick, the day is not far when the fate will be full of hypocrites (read Persians) and others will be side-lined. Patrick, has the time not come to call a spade, a spade? For the sake of our future generations, it is important that we stand-up today and make our opinion count.

A Concerned Bahá’í

Source : TRB

Bei Dawei, "Zlaod Dawoud," or the Pentagon

In 2005, under false pretenses, a character writing under the alias Zlaod Dawoud subscribed under that pseudonym to several Haifan Baha'i related lists as well as my Bayan19 group on yahoogroups. He also posted on TRB. He claimed to be a non-Bahai and some kind of researcher in religious studies (specializing in NRMs) affiliated with a university in Taiwan. Yet immediately he allied himself with the talisman9 Baha'i platform and pushed some very explicit pro-Bahai positions, including casting hubris at anyone who underscored the corrupt nature of the Haifan Baha'i organization. This attitude is evident in his article.

In 2011 this character published an article on
> under the name Bei Dawei, which was recast here,, and several other places, including here:

This individual as Bei Dawei is said to be a tenured faculty member of an unknown university in Taiwan as well as a member of the Taiwan Association for Religious Studies, see here: (scroll down). However the AAR (American Academy of Religion) have never heard of him nor has he ever presented at any of their conferences, nor is it apparent what institution he is actually affiliated with.

It has now been brought to my attention by a reliable source that this individual, whose real name isn't Bei Dawei as it turns out, actually works for the US military. FYI

Please refer to the following articles for evidence that the US military engages in such black propaganda tactics online:

Dispute in the Baha'i Community of UK.

According to the latest census of the United Kingdom, there are no more than 5000 Baha'is in the UK. Like every other country, the disputes are arising in the little Baha'i community of UK also. The remote controlling of NSA by the Baha'is of Persian Background is unbearable to many but a very few dare to speak due to fear of 'Administrative Rights Removal'. I found this letter addressed to Patrick O'Mara (Paddy) posted on TRB by a concerned Baha'i of UK.

Mr. Patrick O'Mara
National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United Kingdom
27 Rutland Gate, London SW7 1PD
Tel: 020-7584-2566 Fax: 020-7584 9402

Subject : State of Bahá'í Faith - Serious Introspection
Dear Patrick,

Introspection is such a priceless activity that it is sufficient to wake one up from a slumber of complacency. And the Bahá'í Faith today is in that slumber. Through this letter I would like to unravel hard realities, so that we understand that much as we would like to think grand about ourselves, the facts are different. Also, it would emerge how we get indulged in worthless activities based on vested instigations, leaving aside priorities.

Lets visit History of Bahá'í Faith in the UK, to set the ground for introspection.

One hundred years ago, 'Abdu'l-Bahá, the son of the Founder of the Bahá'í Faith, arrived in the United Kingdom for the first of his two visits. He was 66 years old. He wasted no time in taking His Father Bahá'u'lláh's message of peace and religious renewal to western societies. His visits were crucial in the establishment of the Bahá'í Faith in the UK. In London, 'Abdu'l-Bahá gave public lectures at City Temple, St John the Divine in Smith Square, and elsewhere. At City Temple, he said that, “The gift of God to this enlightened age is the knowledge of the oneness of mankind and of the fundamental oneness of religion.” At St John, the translation of 'Abdu'l-Bahá's remarks was read by the Archdeacon of Westminster, Albert Wilberforce.

There are many stories of 'Abdu'l-Bahá's activities in Britain. His acts of charity at homeless shelters and for the poor; His audiences for hundreds of well-wishers and questioners; His constant emphasis on political reconciliation in the pre-war period; His call for racial harmony and an end to prejudice; all of these episodes set for Bahá'ís an enduring example of a life dedicated to the service of humanity.

In response to such services of Abdul Baha, The British Government honored Abdul Baha with a Knighthood, which he accepted as a gesture of honoring formally by a just king.

Abdul Baha wrote a letter of gratitude “O God, the tabernacle of justice has truly been erected on this holy land, and we thank and praise Thee. O God, may Emperor George V, Ruler of Britain, be assisted in his divine achievements, and May his shadow over this realm be everlasting.”

Abdu'l-Bahá's visits were seen by Bahá'ís as a blessing, as inspiring today as they were a century ago. In celebration of His visits, Bahá'ís in the UK are rededicating themselves to the service of others.

Patrick, despite such a glorious background of the Bahá'í Faith in the UK and a massive investment of resources over the years in form of planning of Bahá'í administration for implementation of  MASS TEACHINGS and RUHI BOOK curriculum, the Bahá'ís and the Bahá'í Faith has failed to gain acceptance in the British Society.

The programme of Moral classes for children and spiritualizing the Jr. Youth and thereby attracting the parents of these children and youths has failed miserably. The official census of UK of 2011 states that there are only 5021 Bahá'ís. The figure is not subject to inaccuracies as can be expected in some other countries, as publishing false census is a punishable offence strictly enforced in the country. Why is then, that Bahá'ís of  UK keep claiming since 2004 that there are 34,000 Bahá'ís in UK? Is it not deceiving people and going against the laws of the country? Have we in an endeavor to advertise our success forgotten the very principles of the Master? Would the Master endorse this, if he were alive?

The figures clearly speak that despite the impetus provided by the Master, we have not able to sustain it. Rather we have regressed. Rastafarianism another religious cult, whose founder died in 1974, is better accepted in British society as they have more followers then Bahá'ís .They have  7,906 adherents, more than the Baha'i Faith.

The stock of Bahá'ís that we have today are involved in lip service. They are more conscious of their appearance and popularity than the interest of the Bahá'í Faith. They would spend hours pondering on how to impress a member of UHJ and rise up the ranks, than dedicate time in sincerely spreading the Faith. Our gatherings are so filled with gossips and envy that qualities like sincerity are being viewed as outdated. Our administrators talk of implementation of management principles to demonstrate their corporate status rather than service to Faith. Even our website, instead of conveying local news, situation and priorities focuses on anti-Iran propaganda. It says almost nothing about Bahá'ís of UK and almost everything about Bahá'ís of Iran. Mr. Kishan Manocha has no time to think about the status of Bahá'ís in UK, as he is preoccupied with writing open letters to Iranian authorities and visiting different countries on pretext of activating the External Affairs Committee of that country.

Patrick, the faith is passing through a dominating Persian influence, which tends to typically cover hard realities with appealing formalities and diverting issues. The Persians are so obsessed with their country and culture that any other thing, including the Bahá'í Faith is secondary.

Patrick, the British culture is different. If we have to see results, the Persian influence in thoughts, words and deeds needs to go. We are used to seeing those in authority admitting lapses and foregoing positions, conscious of their role, than divert issues and use public relation skills to continue gaining prominence. Lets push the Persian influence off the British Bahá'í ship.

A Concerned Bahá'í

Well over 10000 hits on this website documenting the exploits of one Soheil Mehrab-Khani, a Bahai who entered this country (Australia) as a refugee, and who feels it's fine not to pay Tradesmen (or even his own lawyers) for work done, build whatever he wants to without or irrespective of building permits, inflict misery on neighbours and to issue threats including threats of murder and serious injury to anyone who stands in his way.

The latest visit on 5th December is by the Tasmanian Government, who spent 30 minutes going over the blog:
See :

Let's hope a little more interest in Mehrab-Khani is shown by the Tasmanian Government, because Hobart City Council has shown itself to be lazy and incompetent and unable or unwilling to ensure compliance with Planning Tribunal Orders.

Neither does the Council seem prepared to act to deal with harm being caused to the city's tourist industry by the 'Harrington 102' Accommodation Facility (to call it an Hotel would be inaccurate).

The interesting thing about this visit is what was typed into Google by the Tasmanian Government-- "161 Bathurst St". It seems there is some interest in this property, which was the impetus for the blog being in existence in the first place.

Posted by Tom Berger

Baha’i Presence in Sandy Hook Event and How It May Influence Our Future

Posted on February 13, 2013 by lynne0312

I happened to come across an interview with Dr. John Woodall from the evening of the shootings.  I didn’t recognize his name and didn’t understand what his significance was in all of this at first. He is a psychiatrist and former faculty member of Harvard Medical School. He described how he had spent some time consoling some of the victim’s families that afternoon.

After researching this a bit I discovered that he and his wife said the prayer when Obama was in town giving a speech at the Newtown High School.  Woodall is a Baha’i. I didn’t know anything at all about this religion so I spent some time investigating it.  It appears that Bahais are big time globalists.

The article continues......

Source :

The "UHJ SPRING" has begun !

Former UHJ member attacks 'Ruhi system' in his unique Persian style.

Ali Nakhjavani - Voice of alienated Persian Baha'is
Since the establishment of Universal House of Justice in 1963 at Baha’i World Centre, at Haifa the Baha’is cannot make any departure from the norms and the procedures laid down by the UHJ. No amount of failure or development of progressive ideals can supersede whatever is written in the Messages/letters of UHJ.
There is a wide divide between the democratic ideals of equality and freedom, rights of citizens, individual liberty and pluralism cherished by Baha’u’llah, Abdul Baha and the rigid format of governance envisaged by the Self-centric and anti-pluralistic Universal House of Justice.
As a result, most of the Baha’is have remained isolated from the Baha’i Holy writings of Central figures of the Faith. The widespread and disproportionately higher level of intolerance shown by Universal House of Justice for all other ideas and thinking and fear of excommunication have made the Baha’is to examine the claims of other Sects of Baha’is and to take solace in them especially the one having Universal House of Justice.
The terrible failure of Ruhi curriculum and humiliating court case defeats resulting into NSA attorney Mr. Christopher Dolan begging the Sects leader to have a compromise and to find a way out for such a humiliating situation has put further question mark on the UHJ claim of infallibility.
The dissatisfaction amongst the Baha’is is brewing up against the policies of UHJ. The Baha’is worldwide are thinking that Ruhi curriculum has arrested the growth of Baha’i community worldwide because of its useless Ruhi Books and Ana’s presentation. The Baha’is think that the world requires Holy writings as the mean to affect the hearts of the people rather than a jumble box prepared by a former NSA member and counselor of Columbia. In fact Dr. Arbab did not resign but he was sacked by UHJ for forming a group inside UHJ to control and manipulate it. Lately this group is given the name of ‘Ruhi brigade’ comprising of Arbab himself, Firaydoun Javaheri, Payman Mohajer second seeded Mr. Shahriyar Razavi, Paul Lample and Gustav Correa.

In this system a highly successful Professor in a University or a Baha’i from a respected Family who served the Faith with distinction for the whole of his life whose two family members have served as Counselor are supposed to go through the rigorous courses of Ruhi Book where a 15 year Old Persian girl appointed as Teacher will teach you the tenets of Baha’i Faith. Any disagreement from this system will make you a recipient of a warning letter from the House of JUSTICE. The language used in the letter will make you further reflect that whether the letter is written by the custodians of the Faith or an international Terrorist organization threatening you to come in line with the UHJ or get ready to be declared as Covenant breaker.

Mr. Nakhjavani who represented the Voice of Persian Baha’is spilled the beans when in his speech he mentioned his observations while visiting different countries and finding out the same thoughts which cannot be attributed of being a rumor.

Mr. Nakhjavani said:
“I want to tell you, friends, that unfortunately I have seen in the Baha'i community in recent years things that have surprised me. I went to the United States. I saw the problem there. I went to Japan. I saw the problem there. I went to Canada. I saw the problem there. Recently I have been traveling for three months. When I came back from my travels I was so weak I could not eat. I had lost my appetite. What was the problem? The problem was that because the House of Justice has given us the institute process that is the only thing we have to do.”

That is wrong. That is where the mistake is. Dear Friends, the House of Justice has never said that the core activities are the only things we have to do. There is no such thing in the writings that instead of having firesides we have study circles; that the idea of firesides is an "old stuff", this is the "old method". The new method is study circles. This is wrong. There is no such thing in the writings of the House of Justice. Never!

Mr. Nakhjavani, if House has not said, then how come the thought was prevalent in every country you went? Moreover you accepted that may be the Assistants of ABM have said it. How it is possible that Assistant of ABMs of all those countries which you visited have said a wrong thing? Mr. Nakhjavani let us not beat around the bush, let us accept the reality and the reality is, It was UHJ’s idea, but because it has failed you want to put the blame on Assistants of ABMs.
In order to ensure an objective examination of the issues involved and promote a healthy discourse the UHJ should act on the following and let its former member gain his appetite and free him from insomnia. It is quite clear that Mr. Nakhjavani was representing Persian Baha’is who are getting alienated due to this Ruhi curriculum.
1. Baha’is should be free from institutional obstacles and fear of Ex-communication to the harmonious co-existence of Baha’i Administration with Baha’i Intellectuals groups across the globe is the need of time.

2. UHJ should come out clean in it electoral process which is rigged from International to National levels.  

3. UHJ should leave class system and treat Baha’is of every country as equal. There cannot be more than one member from any country.
4. They should come out with a clear and exact census data of Baha’is from each country. There is no point is admitting that we do not have his data or otherwise we will be forced to believe that either census is exaggerated or UHJ does not want to disclose it.
5. UHJ should appoint morally high Baha’is as counselor of continental Board and International Teaching centers. Baha’is with dubious character, morally bankckrupt Baha’is, divorced Baha’is, eloping Baha’is and Baha’is involved in economic bungling should he kept out from any elected or appointed Posts.
6. Ruhi'i'zation of Baha’i community by Universal House of Justice should stop from immediate effect.

7. The Ruhi brigade should own up the responsibility of Ruhi’s Failure and either they should resign or be sacked. The next election of the UHJ in April 2013 will be very crucial for the Baha’i Faith.

Source : TRB

Rockefeller Foundation and The Baha’i Faith

Dr. Farzam Arbab a Zionist servant
The Rockefeller Foundation pumps the money, the FUNDAEC provides the manpower, the Bahai Faith provides the required Administration and Religious Camouflage. The Ruhi Study Circle, the ISGP, JYSEP, the Children classes all provides the mean. The Sacrificial Goat of this unholy alliance is the innocent Children, Junior Youths and Women of Other Faiths.

It is time the World wakes up to the Baha’i and Jewish-Zionist connections and how they are spreading havoc in the world and deviating the innocent children and youth through the RUHI INSTITUTES.

Dr. Farzam Arbab has been serving as member of Universal House of Justice (UHJ) since 1993. Prior to this he was a member of the International Teaching Centre (ITC) since 1983. He is the controlling force behind the UHJ elections and present activities of the Baha’i Faith. He is instrumental in implementing Zionist Agenda throughout the world through Bahai Faith.

He was a member of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Colombia and a Continental Counselor before being appointed to the International Teaching Centre (ITC). It would be very interesting to know where he was serving before being inducted/planted into the highest body of the Baha’i faith.

Dr. Farzam Arbab, born in Iran, obtained his doctorate in physics at the University of California, Berkeley. He was the representative for the Rockefeller Foundation in Colombia (1974 to 1978) and the president of the FUNDAEC development foundation there. Since 1993 he is a member of Universal House of Justice of Bahai Faith. Where he is implementing the ideas of Zionism (gained by him through Rockefeller foundation) in Bahai Faith through RUHI STUDY CIRCLES and FUNDAEC courses.

It is interesting to note that Rockefeller Foundation had opened a field office in Cali, Colombia and Dr.Arbab was there from 1974 onwards and interestingly the office closed on Dec 31, 1983, the same year in which Dr.Arbab was posted to the ITC.

Rockefeller Foundation
The Rockefeller Foundation is a prominent philanthropic organization and private foundation based at 420 Fifth Avenue, New York City. It was established by the six-generation a prominent Jew family the Rockefeller family, it was founded by John D. Rockefeller.

Its central historical mission is "to promote the well-being of mankind throughout the world.” But what is that the foundation is all about?

It is a Jewish Foundation and “mankind” is nothing except the JEWISH COMMUNITY. That is the reason why the maximum funding from Rockefeller foundation goes to “JUSTICE FOR JEWS”.

What is Rockefeller foundation which they claim?

The Rockefeller foundation is also widely known for cavorting with the Maoist Shining Path Communist organization (Sendero Luminoso), a bonafide terrorist organization under its former leader Guzman. People who recall their recent South American history will note that - even after the capture of Guzman - Sendero Luminoso was several times implicated as acting within courier capacities for the Colombian drug cartel. Apparently Guzman was a personal friend of Mr. Arbab's and it is a well known fact that the Bahai RUHI Institutes were pretty much modeled on the pattern of the Shining Path indoctrination cells.

The Rockefeller foundation has been involved in all sorts of scams across the years and it’s still going on. The Rockefeller family control, and have controlled, more NGO groups than any other one on the planet. Rockefeller foundation also looks after the Carnegie Trust now or the Ford Trust (one of them or probably the Carnegie). So the same board controls both. There’s not a single University in the United States or in Canada that does not get a grant from Rockefeller along with a say in the policies, what should be taught, what should perhaps not be taught. And money talks, as we all know.

When we talk of Rockefeller another name which pops up is that of Maurice Strong. This is a man of many colors and seasons, an old-dog professional UN bureaucrat who has not set foot in the US ever since he got implicated as an "Iraq oil for food" profiteer. This was the UN program during the '90s sanctions regime against Saddam that was designed to help average Iraqis with bare necessities which turned into a massive international scam-fest. Nowadays Strong is hiding out in China. He's got long, well-established connections to the Rockefeller foundation and few other assorted big-whigs of the moving and shaking who's who of the global glitterati elite. Although the online Baha’i hacks deny it (or misdirect regarding his affiliation), Maurice Strong is a devout Baha’i.

It is time the World wakes up to the Baha’i and Jewish connections and how they are spreading havoc in the world and deviating the innocent children and youth through the RUHI INSTITUTES.

Farzam Arbab and Bahai Faith
Dr.Arbab was thus groomed as per the Jewish-Zionist culture and then planted in the Baha’i apex body. He is the brain behind the RUHI BOOKS and RUHI INSTITUTES which the Baha’is uses for spreading their belief among the innocent children and youths.

Since his election/selection/plantation in the Bahai Apex Body, the so called Universal House of Justice, he went of cleansing the Bahai organization from the Iranian Bahais having Mullah’s culture.  Like Hushmand Fatheazam and Ali Nakhjavani.

Slowly and steadily took control of UHJ by introducing Ruhi culture and by backing of Zionism. He made sure that any one opposing Ruhi agenda is shown the way out of the Bahai Faith. These tentacles of Ruhi culture spread out throughout the world and resulted in expulsion of many devoted Bahais like Feroz Anaraki, Jamshed Fozdar, Fredrick Glaysher, Juan Cole etc.

Mr. Arbab went to launch his own Ruhi brigade with Firaydoun Javaheri, Payman Mohajer and very recently Shahriar Razavi; these three Iranians are well known for the pro Ruhi culture and his own son in Law Mr. Gustavo Correa.
Today Bahai Faith is nothing but a way of implementing Zionist agendas through the money of Rockefeller Foundation by means of Bahai Faith through the Ruhi brigade.

Mr. Arbab after hijacking the Bahai Faith finally ruined a massive Baha'i Encyclopedia that cost the faith several hundred thousand dollars; He introduced inaccuracies, and delayed its publication indefinitely.  Arbab is not a professional editor and knows nothing about making an encyclopedia, and never even bothered to learn Persian. The Baha'is got extremely annoyed at him for putting his fingers into something he knows nothing about and ruining it, wasting enormous amounts of money and bullying and insulting the previous devoted Baha'i editors as crass materialist humanists?

Mr. Arbab introduced spying and shunning culture in Bahai Faith. He shamelessly bullied and threatened Bahais Due to his arrogant behavior many bahais were hearted broken and left the faith?  Lives were destroyed over this idiocy.

FUNDAEC was created by Dr. Farzam Arbab in the early 1970s within a worldwide program called at the time “Education for Development.” As a Bahá’í-inspired organization, the founders were engaged in the constant study of the writings and their application to development issues, a process that lead them to define their purpose as a social and economic development institution in this way: to make it possible for the masses of humanity not only to have access to information, but to participate in the generation and application of knowledge. A rigorous study of the social reality in which development related processes are immersed made it clear to them that the way knowledge flows in society has to be re-examined.

Fact remains that neither Baha’u’llah nor Abdul Baha said anything about Social and Economic development. These claims of Dr. Arbab is to give a Bahai color to the so called Social and Economic development project otherwise it is just implementing Zionist/Rockefeller agenda.

According to Farzam Arbab: "The Rockefeller Foundation agreed to support our first efforts to create a private foundation, FUNDAEC, to consolidate our group, and to begin certain educational programs. Fundación para la Educación Superior (FES) was the first Colombian institution to offer us help. Later on, a number of other agencies, International Development Research Centre ODRQ the Interamerican Foundation, Private Agencies Collaborating Together (PACT), Volunteers in Technical Assistance (VITA), Appropriate Technology International, as well as the Colombian Ministries of Education, Agriculture, and Planning, contributed to the expansion of FUNDAEC and the consolidation of its work in Norte del Cauca where all of its activities during the first 7 years were concentrated.

According to Gustavo Correa, director of FUNDAEC in 2002, it was originally inspired by a quotation from Bahá'u'lláh - "Baha'u'llah talks about man as 'a mine rich in gems of inestimable value.' He says that 'education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit therefrom. 

Farzam spoke lies that FUNDAEC was a private Foundation and decided to support it. It was all the way to delink FUNDAEC from Rockefeller Foundation which finally took control of Socio Economic development in Bahai Faith (OSED). Not surprisingly the OSED is headed by Haleh Arbab Correa, a sister of Farzam Arbab.

FUNDAEC is, of course, only one in the network of Bahá’i inspired institutions, all of which are trying to address some aspect of the social and economic development of specific populations throughout the world. The watchword is again learning, and the Universal House of Justice has given the task of fostering, facilitating and systematizing this learning to the Office of Social and Economic Development.

Today Bahai Faith is controlled by Ruhi Study circles, OSED and FUNDAEC
The Bahai ideology is nothing but self-interest. The long-term self-interest of this cult is to implement Zionist agendas. Their leadership and elite will actively cavort with all sides of the spectrum - right and left.

Social and Economic Development
The Baha'i Office of Social and Economic Development, an agency of the Baha'i World Centre in Haifa, Israel, monitors the progress of development programs worldwide, provides advice and support, and facilitates collaborative undertakings with like-minded organizations.

Efforts to promote social and economic development play an important role at the local and national levels of the Baha'i community. Most of these take the form of small-scale educational, health, economic and environmental projects.

These projects range from simple tutorial schools to college-level courses and from village agricultural and health education projects to participation in major reforestation programs. The majority of these projects operate at the grassroots level, relying on local resources and coordination.

Baha'i communities have started more than 1,500 such development projects during the last decade. Baha'is operate more than 600 schools and seven radio stations broadcasting educational, health and agricultural programs as well as information about Baha'i community activities.

They represent a global effort to learn about approaches to social and economic development that harmonize the scientific and technological aspects of development with its spiritual and moral aspects. In Reality if one visits there programmes, projects and centers he will realize that all these are lip services, the main agenda is BAHAI FAITH.

Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity (ISGP)
The Bahais say that there should be a dialogue of Science and Religion, and their Relationship. It was precisely with these thoughts as they claim that the Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity, known as ISGP, took up as its initial task the promotion of a discourse on science, religion and development.

Very surprisingly Dr. Haleh Arbab Sister of Dr. Farzam Arbab is the Director of the Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity. (ISGP)

She was born in Iran, educated in the United States, and lived in Colombia, South America from 1982 to 2005. In Colombia she worked with the Foundation for the Application and Teaching of the Sciences (FUNDAEC), and from 1995 to 2005 served as Rector of Centro Universitario de Bienestar Rural, a Colombian university she helped found in 1988. Currently Dr. Arbab-Correa lives in Haifa, Israel, where, since June 2005.

The Similarities in the Aims of Rockefeller Foundation, Ruhi Study Circles (Bahai Faith) and FUNDAEC

Rockefeller Foundation
Ruhi study Circle
Farzam Arbab is the representative

The Foundation sought to relieve basic human needs by
1-Establishing rural and community development programs,
2-strengthening disease research facilities, and
3-revitalizing universities that they might become more responsive to local populations.
4-The RF approach to development involved the training of local personnel and the strengthening of local institutions through exchange programs with American universities and fellowship support for Colombian scholars

Farzam Arbab: Member of UHJ and implementor of Ruhi programmes

The Ruhi programmes is controlled by UHJ of which Farzam is a member

The Ruhi Institute's main sequence of courses aims,

1-providing insights into spiritual matters,

2-imparting knowledge about the Bahá'í Faith,

3-Helping to develop specific acts of service

4-to assist in the transformation and betterment of society
Farzam Arbab is Founder.

FUNDAEC is headed by Gustavo Correa who is member of UHJ and son in law of Arbab

According to Gustavo Correa, director of FUNDAEC in 2002, it was originally inspired by a quotation from Bahá'u'lláh - "Baha'u'llah talks about man as 'a mine rich in gems of inestimable value.' He says that 'education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit therefrom'. Its founding ideals included:
centered around a goal that rural populations should not only benefit from higher education, but should also actively participate in creating and generating knowledge and technologies, to improve their quality of life and standard of living FUNDAEC sought to dispel the image of the poor farmer whose life must be planned and managed by more privileged members of society.


There is a very specific aim in all the activities of Haifan Bahais, whether Ruhi Study circles or Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity (ISGP) or activities of the Office of Social Economic development (OSED) etc and that is development and expansion of Bahai community by means of DECEPTION.

These activities also provide a cover for the espionage activities of Rockefeller Foundation and Bahai Faith in other countries and escaping the scanners of Intelligence Agencies of other countries.

The Rockefeller Foundation pumps the money, the FUNDAEC provides the manpower, the Bahai Faith provides the required Administration and Religious Camouflage, The Ruhi Study Circle, the ISGP, ISJP, the Children classes all provides the mean. The Sacrificial Goat of this unholy alliance is the innocent Children, Junior Youths and Women of Other Faiths.

A caution by the Intellectuals of every Faith, the Intelligence Agencies of every country and Society at large will spell doom for the Ruhi Study Circles of Bahai Faith, the results of which is becoming more and more visible.

Source : TRB
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