Baha'is Marketing Martyrdom

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Martyrdom has intrigued mankind since ages. The concept of martyrdom has raised levels of courage and sacrifice. While in many cases heroic sacrifice has been for a higher purpose, in certain cases it has been a case of confusion and being deceived.

Take the case of Al-Qaeda inspired volunteering for martyrdom. Here the noble concept of martyrdom is tweaked to serve a political purpose. While such examples are clearly understood, inspiration for martyrdom sometimes comes smartly packed – typical Bahai style!

The Bahai faiths supreme body – Universal House of Justice (UHJ), has strategized the subject of martyrdom for serving its political masters. In the present modern age, any administrative body is interested in protecting lives and interest of its members. But UHJ has discreetly been marketing martyrdom to its members in politically sensitive countries like Iran, Uzbekistan and Egypt. Through camouflaged messages, UHJ instead of advising its members to run to safer havens, encourages and at times even threatens its followers to stay back.

Although the faith publicly propagates that it never gets politically involved and advises its members to comply with laws of the land, through its discreet messages it provokes its members to take propagation activities even in such sensitive countries. Certain of inviting tough action against its members, the UHJs next advice to its members is to be steadfast. UHJ then infuses stories of martyrs of past and concept of martyrdom. While this goes on at level of its members, UHJ starts its global propaganda parallely. It floats stories of severe punishment and suppression to its members in their country of residence. This is the political agenda of their Zionist masters.

Such a dual strategy forces regimes like Iran, Egypt and Uzbekistan to become more reactive. These governments now start viewing members of the faith as spies and become more vigilant towards them. Thus a vicious sequence of event emerges, each complimenting the other.

Such propaganda also helps in drawing sympathy in countries across the globe. Smart Bahai Faith members use this sympathy to get more facilities for their faith in different countries. In India, we can see the Sorabjees, Rowhanis, Wahedis running around meeting Members of Parliament, Members of Legislative Assemblies and Municipal Counselors under the pretext of taking up the cause of the oppressed faith members.

The UHJ thus cleverly scripts a political story (in contrast to its official stand of not being involved ever in politics) serving its masters at the cost of misery to its members.

Martyrdom is marketed nowadays - neatly packed!

Baha'i man arrested for illicit relationships in Iran

(Reuters) - An Iranian Baha'i missionary has been arrested in northern Iran for allegedly having an illicit sexual relationship, the semi-official Fars news agency said on Monday without giving a source.

The man, identified by Fars only as P.P., is accused of seducing women to have illicit sexual relationships with him, the agency said, a punishable offence in Iran which implements strict sharia, Islamic law.

"The man is an active Baha'i missionary ... His case is being investigated by the judiciary," it said. Judicial officials were not available to comment.

The Baha'i faith was founded in Iran in the 19th century and activists say more than 300,000 adherents live in Iran today. Iran's Shi'ite government considers the faith a heretical offshoot of Islam.

Tehran - A man belonging to the Bahai religion was arrested in northern Iran, accused of pushing women into having sex with him, a newspaper said Monday on its website.

The man, identified by the Javan daily only as PP, was arrested in the Caspian Sea province of Golestan, where he was allegedly known for missionary work.

Bahaism, a monotheistic creed promoting the unity of all religions and mankind, is not recognized or allowed to be practiced in Iran, whose official religion is Shia Islam. Bahai missionaries are arrested and detained, unlike Christian, Jewish and Zoroastrian missionaries, whose faiths are recognized and protected by the government.

Javan said PP was accused of seducing women and girls and having sex with them.

Extramarital sex in Iran is forbidden, and if the two people are unmarried, they could face a death sentence of stoning.

No further details were given by the conservative daily, and there had been no official confirmation of the report by the judiciary.

TEHRAN, Sep 06, 2010 (AFP) - A Bahai missionary has been arrested in northern Iran for indulging in "illicit relationships," hardline newspaper Javan's website reported on Monday.

It identified the detainee by only his initials, P.P., saying he was arrested in the Islamic republic's northern province of Golestan.

The newspaper which is close to Iran's Revolutionary Guards did not provide a source, but added that the case was being investigated by the judiciary.

The Bahais, who are barred from higher education and government posts in Iran, are regarded as infidels and have been persecuted both before and after the country's 1979 Islamic revolution.

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