House of Baha'u'llah in Baghdad destroyed

Very often we hear that the Baha’is have been deported from certain countries, and then are banned in many countries. There has been arrest of Baha’is, There has been violence against them because of their deceptive Proselytizing of children of other Faiths. Their properties have been destroyed; they have been accused of immorality, elopement, document forgery, financial scams, high rate of divorce, etc.

Earlier Baha’is were even involved in Murders of Azalis, Opium Trade, Killing and Shunning of those not believing in Baha’u’llah and Abdul Baha.

Today, the Baha’is and the Baha’i administration preaches that they are the most peace loving people on earth, so much loving that they fail to realize the immorality of their own community but wants to engage themselves in refining the other communities especially the children, the youths and the women of other religions.

Baha’is also preach that they do not take part in Politics but then every where we see Baha’i demonstrations asking for confiscated properties, release of leaders, meeting every political leader even if he has slightest power to exercise. Recently the UHJ, the apex organization of the Baha’is have come out with a decree and asked all the national assemblies and the local assemblies to keep a close relationship with all the political leaders of their countries and cities so that the cloud of doubts and mistrust may not creep in the minds of these influential people. This is in accordance with the principle “not to offend the political susceptibilities of someone or some government”.

It is hardly enough to say that Baha’is are ‘non-political’ - after all; Baha’is do plan to bring into being a series of Baha’i states and, in the end, a Baha’i World Order - no less extreme than the aim of every Marxist. And, in the same way that not everyone jumps with joy at the thought of his country becoming Marxist, so we can hardly expect that there will be universal rejoicing at the news that the Baha’i faith is becoming a threat to the established political system.

Now, with the destruction of House of Baha’u’llah in Iraq an ordinary, uninformed, innocent Baha’i will be sad and depressed but the cunning Baha’i Administration, the Universal House of Justice will be rejoicing and celebrating at a grand scale because they have now one more point to discuss in their “external affairs committees” other then Iran and Yaran. They will make this as excuse for collecting funds, meeting the political leaders, an opportunity for propagation of Baha’i Cult. It is a real blessing for the 'nine infallible members' of house of justice sitting in Haifa, Israel.

The sooner the world realizes the Origin and the Aims of this ‘man made’ religion, earlier the Baha’i Faith will become History.

Baha'is Lied About Human Rights Violations in Iran circa 2004

In 2004 in a series of the editorials in several Western language newspapers, the Baha'i International Community claimed:

1) That a Baha'i holy site in the town of Barfurush, Mazandaran, namely the grave of Mullah Muhammad 'Ali Barfurushi Quddus (d. 1849), had been desecrated and destroyed.
- What these editorials failed to mention was that this gravesite in Mazandaran was at no time, whether now or in the past, a Baha'i holy site nor the holy figure interred a Baha'i.

The Baha'i International Community claimed this grave had been destroyed as a matter of fact. No evidence of such destruction was ever furnished to any human rights body yet it was repeated again and again.


The grave of Siyyid Mulla Muhammad 'Ali Barfurushi "Quddus" is situated in an all girls school in the hamlet of Barfurush outside of the town of Sari. This grave has been there since the murder of said individual in the summer of 1849 by a mob incited against said by Sa'id al-Ulama, the Usuli mujtahid of the town. During the early part of 2004 routine repairs were conducted upon the structure of the school, and during these reparis a wall some several yards away was partially damaged. This wall was nowhere near the grave nor has the grave been damaged. This was therefore no desecration ordered by the IR regime but a repair.

In the New York Times, the London Times, et al, the Baha'i International "cult" community had claimed this desecration as a matter of fact. To date they have not furnished a single leaf of documentary evidence to any human rights body regarding this incident or any such desecration.

2) Shortly after this incident they claimed that the house of Mirza Bozorg Nuri, situated in the old Arab quarter of Tehran, had been destroyed as well. Once again, no documentary evidence was provided for this claim, and the house still stands at this time.

3) Towards the end of 2004 the Baha'i International Community then began claiming to be victims of "cultural genocide" by the Iranian nation as a whole, without specifying the IR but rather Iran en toto. This claim was first articulated by Moojan Momen on the Tarikh list and shortly thereafter a journal article by one Friedrich Affolter appeared making this same claim.
- This claim was immediately questioned by a sting of professional human rights academics, amongst them Associate Professor Reza Afshari.

All of these items were taken to the former United Nations Commission for Human Rights (now desolved) as petitions for egregious human rights violations by the Islamic Republic towards their community, and all were rejected as unsubstantiated by the former body in early 2005.

Shortly thereafter the item below appeared on the Baha'i International community's own website. At this time the Baha'i International "cult" community is questioning the former body's resolve in refusing their petition, and even denying that their petition was found to be unsubstantiated. Yet to date no independently verifiable, documentary evidence has been provided for the allegations noted above by the Baha'i international cult community.

In short, in 2004-2005 the Baha'i "international cult" community lied to the general public as well as the human rights community regarding human rights violations, and as such were told where to go by the former UN body. And still no evidence has been forthcoming on these claims, regarding:1) The destruction of the shrine of Quddus
2) The destruction of the house of Mirza Bozorg
3) Or "Cultural genocide"

Nor for that matter have the Baha'is explained:
1) Where the evidence is for the uhj's follow-ups on the disappeared NSA of Iran circa 1979?
2) Or, where is the IRI's official statement on the fate and final whereabouts of these individuals is?
3) Or, why is there an official Baha'i body in Iran today sanctioned by the Islamic regime today known as the Ma'arif and why a Mr Khanjani who represents this body is left unmolested by the Islamist regime?

Source :!topic/talk.religion.bahai/fTetLf4H8RI

Beyond and Behind Ruhi Classes there is Moral Bankruptcy of the Baha’i Faith

Ruhi'i'zed Youth

We recognize that all Human beings are sinners; however, there is a disproportionately high rate of moral failure among the Baha’i teachers of Ruhi Children Moral Classes. We also recognize that there may be a few of these kinds of teachers in every faith, but our concern is that almost ALL the most famous Baha’i Teachers have been disgraced their moral lives.

Moreover it is the Baha’i Faith which thinks that it is the monopoly of them to spiritualize and moralize the children of other faiths through these Ruhi Books. The Ground reality is that beyond and behind these ‘Ruhi Curriculum’ there is absolute immorality of Baha’is and Baha’i Teachers.

The most important question now is that, only saying is enough that there should be morality and spirituality, among the people OR it should be practically applied by the people in their life?

Morality is not a product that any one can buy or hire from market by paying some money. It is a matter of human value. It develops through lots of passion, compassion and disciplined life. The word ‘Morality’ may look simple, short, not codified in law but is continuously applying in all the cultures. It will not come by signing a declaration card or by meeting some political leaders and asking them to give a statement against Iran

The Ruhi Classes are place of Fashion Shows where the scantier dress you adhere the more spiritual you become. It is a place of meeting the lovers and the loved ones. It is a place where the Baha’i teacher/facilitator can prey on the young ones ditching the eyes of the parents and guardians. It is a place where sexually disoriented people find their soul mates.

Yet with only a cursory look into their personal lives and lifestyles one quickly sees how fraudulent their claims are. Every counselor has a divorced life. Most of the NSA members are involved in sexual misconduct, some might want to say "these people do not represent the Baha’i Faith" or that I have "stacked the deck." The sad TRUTH of the matter is that these people are KEY PEOPLE in the Baha’i Administration. These are the acknowledged LEADERS. If what they promote does not work in their own lives why should anyone else believe them? It is totally waste to discuss until and unless people don’t realize, recognize, apply the Importance of morality and spirituality in their own life.

In Canada, Dr. Danesh was banned from treating patients. Despite being discredited in a sexual misconduct scandal he is on Canadian NSA. Mr. Payam Shoghi another counselor was involved in document forgery.  Justice Nelson was found for economic bungling.

Going down the lane there are innumerable reports of such misconduct and thanks to the Internet it is all getting exposed.

But for the Baha’is these are the signs that Baha’i Faith is coming out of obscurity, still the Baha’is are not matured etc. Lets face the truth, the Baha’is will be forgiven for everything which they do whether it is sexual misconduct, adultery, child molestation, homosexuality, elopement or financial frauds or extra marital affair etc.

But for the Baha’i Administration, if he repents and then brings some new converts to the faith, pays Huququllah regularly and does not backbite against the institution of Faith, it is very likely that the UHJ will give him a better promotion. Once a diamond is chipped, it may be reground, but it will never be as large as before.

What place do moral issues have in Baha’i Faith? Should we speak out loudly and often against those things that offend? Or do we remain silent believing that giving no offense is the better approach? I believe the answer is not ‘silence’ as the children and Jr. Youths and our whole society is involved in it.

Baha’is are commanded to cry against the moral sins of others. They are commanded to use harsh words for the establishments where the Baha’is are imprisoned, even if they may be imprisoned for their economical bungling or sexual misconduct but the Baha’i Administration will shout Help Help they are persecuting the Baha’is.

An article by Ex-Baha'i of India
Source :

بابی بہائی جھوٹے نبی - اردو کتاب

Thanks to Mohammed J. S. for sending this book.

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