UHJ call for 95 Youth conferences is in fact SOS for Bahá'í Faith

The Bahá'í Faith Titanic is about to be archived to the annals of history. 

The Captain of Titanic has given a signal of distress to the Bahá'ís of the world in the form of organizing 95 youth conferences across the globe. The UHJ will pump dollars to make these conferences a success. As usual, the youth will come to make merry and play music, as at the last moments of Titanic people aboard were singing and dancing.

So threatened is the faith with danger of extinction due to Bahá'í Faith's administration being infiltrated with pretenders and gangsters who 'claim' to be Bahá'ís, but lack faithfulness in their hearts. Their aim is to keep the ark 'motionless' and focus on 'fancies' such as over-administration, a social-club-like mentality, backbiting, passing time over trivial issues, more importantly, ridiculing those who lack it, instead of effectively teaching, sharing & reaching the highest realms of the spirit. 

The Bahá'í Faith is suffering from Ideological and Administrative and social turmoil. 

Baha'is or Hippies ?
Ideological turmoil

Ali Nakhjavani (Former UHJ Member and Staunch opponent of Ruhi Curriculum)
While the matter of Guardianship sprang-up many other issues surfaced like:
a.   authenticity of Will and Testament of Abdul Baha,
b.   who was the real successor of Bab - Subh-e Azal or Baha'u'llah?
c.   Baha'u'llah's sister Aziziya (or Izziyih) Khanum disclosing viceful personal life of Baha'u'llah.
d.   The Unitarian Bahá'ís bringing all sorts of Holy writings against Abdul Baha.
e.   number of ideological questions were raised by the Knowledgeable Ex Bahá'ís, who were shown the gate, over the internet. They launched a full attack on the History of Bahá'í Faith. The Ex Bahá'ís proved that the Pen is mightier than sword (Excommunication).

The UHJ found itself incapable to give any logical answer to these questions and went on damage control mode asking NSA to take back all the Bahá'ís whose voting rights were taken. They absolutely erased the concept of Sanctions of Administrative Rights. And now, finally, 95 conferences are being arranged as a part of damage control strategy.

Administrative turmoil

The Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Beverly Hills (2013).
Fred Jafari, Keyvan Khadem, Farid Holakouee, Behzad Faridian, Parsa Zadeh, Payam Afsharian,
Annie Pirmoradi, Hamid Mashhoudy, Malihe Jafari (100% Persian)
On the other hand there were many Administrative questions surrounding UHJ regarding its legality, its infallibility and the extra ordinary higher percentage of Iranian Bahá'ís on it. The Bahá'í scholars have been openly objecting to the high level of intolerance shown by UHJ, use of derogatory languages for respected Bahá'ís, threat of excommunication, election process of UHJ and its interference in election of the other countries.

Even the various methods of propagation are so frequently being changed that it gives a sign of uncertainty. Earlier it was fireside and then Mass teaching. The Social Economic Development has failed to give any serious acceptability to the Bahá'í Faith.

The worst failure was Ruhi curriculum which divided the Bahá'í Faith diagonally into the Persian and Non Persian Bahá'ís - finally resulting in outburst of a former UHJ Member against not just the Ruhi curriculum but the UHJ itself. Certain reactions are indeed eye openers, e.g. after a deepening session by a so called Bahá'í scholar, a Persian Bahá'í remarked that let us congratulate UHJ for successfully confusing the Bahá'ís.

The Volunteers who served on the world centers in the prime of the youth age, when asked to return as they had lost their youth, started openly criticizing the UHJ members

The attack of former UHJ member on Ruhi curriculum and a humiliating court case defeat has instilled shame in every Bahá'í. Bahá'í now care a damn about the claims of UHJ asking Bahá'ís to be patient that it is doing everything to reverse the case. 

Moral Turmoil

Since the advent of Ruhi system, the deepened Bahá'ís who were always ahead in activities felt betrayed by the UHJ for side tracking them in every field. Capable Bahá'ís having knowledge of Bahá'í Faith and Holy writings were left for job of travel teachers and useless and incompetent Bahá'í who did not know the difference between Baha'u'llah and Allah'u'Abha were made counselors.

Bahá'í culture can hardly be called as a Religious culture. The ultra modern culture resembles MTV pop culture and not at all a sober religion.

The rate of divorce, rate of elopement, infighting amongst the Bahá'í officials and an emerging trend of resignation of Bahá'í officials from Administration and their refusal to take up any responsibility whether it is paid or voluntary, are all signs of steep downfall.
Preoccupation with Iran

The UHJ's preoccupation with Iran is not proving to be a good omen for the Bahá'ís. The Bahá'í sites of every country contain more anti Iranian material than Holy writings. It seems that it is made for the purpose of instilling Anti Iranian feelings.

The Universal House of Justice is discussing how to contact the political leaders to defame Iran (in the matter of Yaran) and at the same time utilizing the meeting for Bahá'í propaganda by gifting some Bahá'í Books.  The UHJ members are openly talking with the Bahá'ís that Persecution of Bahá'ís in Iran is a blessing for them as it gave them the opportunity to meet different political leaders. In fact one of the UHJ members remarked that 'if the Iran problem is solved, then what?'

Further, it has antagonized many Persian Bahá'ís as nationalism is more important for them than faith.

This obsession with the Anti Iran Govt propaganda leaves little time for other activities. A typical Bahá'í LSA member apart from anti Iran propaganda has local politics, defaming other Bahá'ís, gossiping and merry making in the agenda. No wonder the faith has lost whatever spirituality it had.


It is clear that turmoil in the faith is deep. Relating the situation to the Titanic is not uncalled for. Most Bahá'ís can now see through the deception. Only hindrance is that they can't find a better social club to give allegiance. The current UHJ message is understood by many Bahá'ís as:

Message of 'Universal House of Justice'
Ground Reality
Within communities of every size and strength, we are glad to see the processes of the Five Year Plan kindling the spirit of service and stimulating purposeful action.
Examples appear every day of how the act of reaching out to touch individual hearts, acquainting souls with the Word of God, and inviting them to contribute to the betterment of society can, in time, tend to the advancement of a people. This collective movement becomes discernible when the Plan's elements are combined into a well-coordinated cluster-wide effort, the dynamics of which are becoming increasingly familiar. Such a cluster becomes the setting for experienced believers as much as those newly introduced to the Faith, whatever their age or background, to work side by side, accompanying one another in their service, enabling everyone to participate
in the unfoldment of the Plan.

From the panorama of the Bahá'í world engaged in earnest activity, one phenomenon strikes us especially: the decisive contribution made by youth on every continent. In this phenomenon we see the vindication of the hopes the beloved Guardian invested in them "forthe future progress and expansion of the Cause" and of the confidence with which he laid upon their shoulders "all the responsibility for the upkeep of the spirit of selfless service among their fellow-believers". We are struck, too, by the number of youth who, after only a brief association with the Bahá'í community, commit themselves to meaningful acts of service and quickly discover their affinity with the Faith's community-building Endeavour. Indeed, in contemplating both the Bahá'í youth and their like-minded peers, we cannot but rejoice at their eagerness to take on a measure of responsibility to aid the spiritual and social development of those around them, especially ones younger than themselves. In an age consumed by selfinterest,in which even spiritual affiliation is weighed in the scales of reward and personal satisfaction, it is heartening to encounter individuals from their mid-teens to their twenties— those upon whom the sights of an aggressive materialism are decidedly trained—who are galvanized by the vision of Baha'u'llah and are ready to put the needs of others before their Own. That such high-minded youth, by dint of their own exertions as well as the momentum they lend to the whole community, should be contributing so effectively to efforts everywhere under way bodes well for the anticipated acceleration of these efforts.

What has been accomplished in the past two years will, surely, be far surpassed, not just
in the concluding years of this present Plan but in the remaining years of the first century of The Formative Age. To spur on this mighty enterprise and to summon today's youth to fully assume the responsibilities they must discharge in this fast-contracting interval, we announce the convocation of 95 youth conferences, between July and October, planned for locations that span the globe:
There is no community of Bahá'ís. Bahá'í Faith is an NGO, which pays its officers to work

The Bahá'í contribution for betterment of society is NIL.

There are no believers in Bahá'í Faith only officers and workers. And they are paid for it.

“Guardian”, please explain which Guardian? there are multitudes of Guardians in Bahá'í Faith

If it is selfless service, stop the remuneration given to counselors, ABMs, NSA members and to the Bahá'ís for attending the conference. Ask them to pay for their lodging and boarding then see the attendance

It is a great lie.

You have accomplished some statistics which are falsely written by Persians

When the officers and workers get together, in language of NGO is called as PARTY, and in Bahá'í Faith it is called as Conference


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