Examples of Beliefs, Claims and Orders by the Twentieth Century God

Bahá's claim to godliness and divine revelation to a friend. On page 179 of Mobin, Mirza Hossein Ali tells Alinaghi: "O, AN before Naghi (Alinaghi), hear my voice from the shores of existence in the red mausoleum which is the highest place, that there is no god but I." And in his Fatehat-ol-Ketab, he says: "I am a god the like of which is not but I, compassionate and merciful. I am a god the like of which is not but I, the great king. I am a god who created the beings."

Man's dignity as seen by Bahá’ism:

"Aghnamollah", meaning "Gods's sheep", is one of the commonest words in Bahá’i books, signifying that the Bahá’is consider all human beings, particularly Bahá’is, as Mirza Husein Ali's sheep, that is their god's sheep.

This fact is evidenced by the name of the Bahá’is' community, where they hold their prayers and meetings, which is "Hazira" meaning "stable".

The Sanctity of number 19

Since Báb and his companions numbered 19, the Bahá’is sanctify this number, so much so that each Bahá’i year has 19 months of 19 days each. They fast 19 days of the year. Their essential inheritance is 19 sheets of paper and 19 rings. The women's marriage portion, too, is 19 mesqals (19) of gold or silver.

Urban and rural women's marriage portion

According to the verses descended by the Bahá’i god, Mirza Hossein Ali, the urban women's marriage portion shall be 19 mesqals of gold and that of the rural women 19 mesqals of silver - Bahá’u’lláh's holy book.

Burn him alive

Bahá’u’lláh's Holy Book, p. 18, line 5: "Burn alive whomever burns a house intention­ally."

Nothing to women

The pertinent section on page 118 of the Holy Book reads: "We ordained that the residential house and clothes (bequeathed by the dead) shall be for male offsprings (men), and nothing (of this property) shall go to women.

Strange pronouncement on a point of religious jurisprudence

The Bahá’i holy book entitled "Bayan", chapter 16, item 6 reads:

"If someone is forced to travel, or his house is entered into without his permission, or he is evicted from his house without his consent, his wife will be forbidden to him for a period of 19 months."

According to chapter 9 of the 4th book of the Farsi version, it shall be incumbent upon all the women to stay all night with the omnipresent (the 18 special companions of Báb) in order to save God's companions from loneliness and misery.

Political pronouncements:

1. "As of the sunset on the 4th and the beginning of the eve of the 5th day of Jamadi-ul-Ula of the lunar year 1260 A.H. (26.6.1844) being the beginning of rallying of Babism, anyone who disobeys him (Báb) shall be considered a rebellious pagan, and his blood may be spilled."

2. According to Chapter 4 of the 6th book of "Ahsan-ul-Qisas", in the five regions of Mazandarn, Khorasan, Fars, Azarbaijan and Iraq, no one but the Bahá’is has the right to reside.

Economic Pronouncement:

"God (Báb) has ordained that men and women adulterers should pay a fine to the House of Justice, the fine comprising 9 mesqals of gold in the first instance (being progressively raised in the subsequent instances)" - p.15, Bayan.

Particulars of the Bahá’i ideology

The following issues generally make up the basic principles of the Bahá’i ideology:

1. Lack of belief in the home-land and the country where they live. This issue has provided the premise for any treachery, espionage and betrayal of the home-land by the Bahá’is.

2. Non-participation in political parties.

This provides a cover for operations of sabotage.

3. Collaboration with oppressive, instrumental rulers. According to the holy book "Aqdas", page 201, no one has the right to object to, or protest against, those who rule the people.

(This very belief explains their collaboration in the crimes committed by the Zionist regime as well as the sinister Pahlavi regime).

4. Obstinate enmity with Muslims and belief in annihilation of all Muslims throughout the world.

5. Formation of an anti-Islam government of parallel faith in occupied Palestine (Holy Land).

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