Baha'i administration is banned in China.

Baha'i burial program in a Baha'i Cemetery in Iran.

Just like the Israeli and Iranian governments, the Chinese government also want the Baha'is to STOP their teaching and administrative activities inside China. Hence the Bahá’í community claims that it has disbanded all Bahá’í administration inside China. All community life is run by a committee in Macau, and they communicate with the UHJ. Foreign Baha’is are limited with their contact with large numbers of Chinese Baha’is. Foreign Baha’is can have gatherings of their own and Chinese Baha’is can have gatherings of their own. Foreign Baha’is can meet with Chinese for Bahá’í activities, but only in small groups (under ~10). Foreign Baha’is shouldn’t meet with other foreign Baha’is’ Chinese contacts.

Recently the restrictions against the Baha'i Cult have tightened, I heard recently through friends that the Baha'i Publishing Trust that was in Wuhan has stopped publications due to government orders. There are still many Chinese Bahá'ís in China including higher profile famous ones such as the CEO of Soho and her husband, and a couple of singers too.

Bahá'ís from Mainland China who visit the world centre (Israel) effectively as pilgrims must do so under the condition that they are separate (to some extent) from other Bahá'ís and as long as they are referred to as "special visitors" instead of pilgrims. And they indeed are special visitors. They are invited to the homes of the House of Justice members to meet them personally.

For anyone interested, the Baha'i administrative framework exists with no restrictions as do all activities and community life in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan - which have their own NSAs, ABMs and counselors. I have visited Baha'i Centres in all three and there is even a Baha'i-inspired school in Macau that teaches Baha'i writings, prayers and children's classes.

Iran and Mainland China are the only countries I'm aware of that have Bahá'ís but no formal administrative framework. Interestingly, Baha'is only publicize their non-recognition in Iran but they are absolutely OK with Chinese restrictions and Israeli agreement of not teaching the Baha'i Faith to the Israeli citizen!

Video : The Bab is not Mahdi

"Enemies of the Faith" are glad to announce the publication of this booklet on the occasion of the 200th birthday of the Bab.

The booklet is FREE, download it from here.

This booklet is shared by friends having similar interest.

On 200th Birth Anniversary of the Bab, here is a gift for the Baha'is.

Finally the sketch has been found.

Dead bodies of the Bab and Anis

Once I told him that it appears from the Maqalih that following the martyrdom of the Bab, the Russian Consul arrived and sketched a portrait of the Blessed Body. I asked [Monsieur Nicolas] to investigate through the Consul and see if that portrait had survived.

[Monsieur Nicolas] volunteered to investigate. He went to the Russian Consulate and found two documents related to the Blessed Cause. One was a report about the day of the Bab's martyrdom and the other concerned the martyrdom of three persons: Aqa Mirza Ahmad Khurasani, Mirza Mustafa Kashani and one dervish.

...[Monsieur Nicolas] failed to find the portrait of the Blessed Body.

The Russian Consul told him: "This portrait belonged to someone and he took it with him."

We forgot to enquire about the name and birth place of the [Russian] Consul at that time. It may have been possible to obtain the portrait from his family.

Note :

Above picture has been copied from the Russian book, that can be purchased from here.

The book can be downloaded free from here.

The 'Pen of the Most High' learns calligraphy in his childhood!!

Calligraphic exercises by Baha’u’llah in his childhood

Baha'is believe :
Where we must acquire learning, the manifestation possesses innate knowledge. Here we are not referring to knowledge of the revelation itself, which begins at a particular point in the life of a prophet which we have come to associate with some outward sign, such as Moses’ seeing the burning bush, Buddha’s experience under the Bo tree, Christ’s baptism in the Jordan, Muhammad’s visions in the desert, the Bab’s vision of the Imam Husayn, and Baha’u’llah’s vision in the Black Pit of Tehran. Well before they begin their ministries, even during childhood, the prophets demonstrate that they possess a knowledge they have not acquired from any earthly source. In effect, their education is acquired before birth into this physical reality.

And this is what Baha'u'llah's sister says about him :

The Mirzā (meaning Bahā’u’llāh)...., from the beginning of his life to when he came of age—because the means were at hand and because of the gathering of the companions—was engrossed in studying and endeavored in homework. He wouldn’t disengage from learning the rudiments for a moment. After studying the rudiments of Arabic and literature he inclined towards the science of philosophy (ḥikmat) and mysticism (`irfān) so that he might benefit from these. It was such that he would spend most of the day and night socializing with high statured philosophers and the gatherings of mystics and Sufis. When it was blown in Seraph’s Trumpet of Appearance (meaning when the Bāb made his claims), he (meaning Bahā’u’llāh) was a man who had seen most of the words and phrases of the mystics and philosophers and had heard and understood most of the signs of the appearance (of the Mahdi) . . . after returning from Badasht and after the Shaykh Ṭabarsī Fort war was over, he was engaged day and night in socializing with great Islamic scholars and followers of mysticism . . .
-'Izziye Khānum (Khānum Buzurg), Tanbīh al-nā’imīn, pp. 4–5

Mishkin Qalam - A Baha'i who attained a higher level of 'Spiritual Comprehension'!!!

There are those who have attained to the highest levels of spiritual comprehension (a`la marátib-i `irfán) while others are different therefrom. For example, one person envisages the Unseen the Transcendent, the Inaccessible One (God; ghayb-i maní` la yudrak) in the Person (haykal) of the Manifestation (of God; zuhúr) without making any distinction (fasl; or division) or connection (between them; wasl; or union). Others there are who recognise the Person (haykal) of the Manifestation (of God, zuhúr) as the Appearance of God ([Himself] or theophany, zuhúr'u'lláh) and consider the commands and prohibitions of the Manifestation (of God, zuhúr) to be identical with such as originate with the one True God. These two positions (maqám) are both acceptable before the throne of God. If however, the supporters of these two positions should contend and quarrel with one another in their exposition of the two perspectives, both groups are, and hath ever been, rejected.

- Baha'u'llah's tablet to Jamal-i-Burujirdi

The new film "Dawn of the Light" is everything wrong with the Baha'i Faith!

by trident765 (a Baha'i who is shadow-banned on /r/bahai)

Last night I went to Feast, and they played this new video commissioned by the Universal House of Justice called "Dawn of the Light". A few months ago they played another video called "Light to the World", which was extremely boring. When "Dawn of the Light" started playing, I realized it is was the same style of video as "Light to the World". And yes, "Dawn of the Light" was more of the same boring shit. Here is a link to the "Dawn of the Light" video:

"Dawn of the Light" is a video that has no point or substance. None of the speakers say anything important or interesting - it's just empty lip service to the Baha'i Faith. The reason none of the speakers say anything of importance is because what they say is not the point of the video. The point of the video is to convey an image of the Baha'i Faith, and the filmmakers do this primarily by appealing to the senses: Visuals of nature, architecture, and scenes of young people playing the ukelele and singing about harmony. The substance of what the speakers say is an afterthought.
Instead of making a thought-provoking video that would encourage people to take the action to improve the Baha'i community, a pointless video is made of people talking about unity and harmony. I think Abdul Baha would have hated the video, because Abdul Baha hated the sort of pointless idle talk that was abundant in the video. Abdul Baha says:
All over the world one hears beautiful sayings extolled and noble precepts admired...But all these sayings are but words and we see very few of them carried into the world of action.
If we are true Bahá’ís speech is not needed. Our actions will help on the world, will spread civilization, will help the progress of science, and cause the arts to develop. Without action nothing in the material world can be accomplished, neither can words unaided advance a man in the spiritual Kingdom. It is not through lip-service only that the elect of God have attained to holiness, but by patient lives of active service they have brought light into the world.
Today the Baha'i Faith is a religion of purely lip service and zero action. Baha'is talk about how great the Baha'i Faith is - that's all modern Baha'i communities consist of. All talk and no substance. Baha'is never take action to build the Baha'i Civilization outlined in the books. Baha'is do not even THINK about how to take the action to build the Baha'i Civilization.

Indian NSA begs for funds.

17 September 2019
All Regional/State Bahá’í Councils in India
Dearly loved Friends
Greetings to you from the National Spiritual Assembly. It is heartening to note the great progress that is being made in the achievement of the goals of the Five Year Plan. Some regions/ states have not only achieved their goals but have also taken up extra goals, seeing the potential for further growth. As a result the goal for the number of clusters where a program of growth has become intensive is now increased to 706 in India. It is also gratifying to note that as a result of the tireless labors and many sacrifices of the friends everywhere, there are now a good number of clusters which have reached the third milestone in their stage of growth.
Friends, as you all know, these much cherished developments have great financial implications, with budgets of Councils and the various agencies of the National Spiritual Assembly increasing substantially over the years. Inflation has also impacted expenditure leading to increase in the budget. As a result, the annual budget of the National Spiritual Assembly for 2019-20 has seen a 19% percent increase.
The National Spiritual Assembly has always been striving for financial self sufficiency and in order to continue to be self sufficient, the flow of contributions to the National Fund must also see a commensurate increase. Therefore the National Spiritual Assembly in it’s recent meeting decided to request all the Regional/State Baha'i Councils to encourage the Local Spiritual Assemblies in their region to contribute a part of their Funds regularly to the National Fund so that we continue to achieve self sufficiency at least in the administrative expenses.
The beloved Guardian emphasized that "As the activities of the Indian Bahá’í community expand, and its world-wide prestige correspondingly increases, the institution of the national Fund, the bedrock on which all other institutions must necessarily rest and be established, acquires added importance, and should be increasingly supported by the entire body of the believers, both in their individual capacities, and through their collective efforts, whether organized as groups or as Local Assemblies. The supply of funds in support of the National Treasury, constitutes,.........the Life-Blood of those nascent institutions which you are laboring to erect. Its importance cannot surely be overestimated.....".
It is the ardent hope of the National Spiritual Assembly that the believers across the country will arise sacrificially to support the National Fund. Every believer should have confidence that his spiritual progress in the World Order of Baha’u’llah will largely depend upon the measure in which he proves in deeds to support materially the divine Institutions of the Faith. Contributions to the Fund constitute, in addition, a practical and effective way whereby every believer can test the measure and character of his faith and prove in deeds the intensity of his devotion and attachment to the Cause.
In the light of the above, the National Spiritual Assembly anticipates that with your loving encouragement, all the Local Spiritual Assemblies In India will sacrificially and generously support the National Fund on a regular basis and will help the National Spiritual Assembly in it’s efforts to achieve and maintain financial self sufficiency. We look forward to receiving your plans in this regard.
Be assured that untold blessings shall no doubt crown your every effort directed to this end.
The National Spiritual Assembly will offer prayers at the House of Worship that your devoted endeavors may draw Confirmations of the Blessed Beauty.
With loving Baha'i greetings,
Dr. Nayson Olyai

An open letter to Kenneth Bowers from a Persian Baha'i

Mr. Kenneth E. Bowers
National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of the United States

I have just read your letter/warnings regarding the activities of one Ms. Bahareh Moghaddam, who you feel is trying to deceive and misguide the Baha'is of Iranian descent by sowing the 'seeds of discord'. Well, you may or may not be right in your analysis, but as a sincere and third generation Baha'i, I wish to mention that before breaking into pen please follow the principle that Ignorance sometimes is a Bliss (i.e you could have ignored her). Now I am sure many Baha'is will take a chance to connect themselves with the 'misguided soul'.

Having given my advice to you regarding the Enemies of Faith, I have some very rough and tough questions to ask. You may forward it to Beloved Universal House of Justice for its explanation.

We, Persian Baha'is are concluding that PERSECUTION is something which is destined to us. We face persecution in the country where we pioneer, we face persecution in our own country and now we are facing persecution in our own Faith by fellow Baha'is.

Dear Secretary, we see a very systematic persecution of Persian Baha'is in the Baha'i Administration. It looks like there is systematic cleansing of Persian Baha'is from the Baha'i Administration.

The representation of the Persian Baha'is in the Universal House of Justice has gone down tremendously, and they are being replaced by unskilled, ignorant Baha'is.

The ITC has been cleansed of many Persian Baha'i except Muna Tehrani. The number of Persian Bahai's as counsellors have come down drastically and the story is not different for the ABMs.

They were asked to leave their place of pioneer where they had established themselves, gained respect, involved themselves in Teaching of the Faith and then asked to settle in some other parts of the world. This is nothing but humiliation and harassment.

The case of Baha'i Scholar Mr. Ahang Rabbani has not been forgotten. After working for 15 years at the World Centre, he died Heart broken.

The way Mr. Ali Nakhjavani was hunted for his misunderstood statement resulting into ignorant Baha'is daring to ask him that why he gave such a statement?

A sincere Persian Baha'i in India was threatened by one of the members of UHJ that he should come in line with the UHJ or face severe consequences.

Jamshed Fozdar and Firoz Anarki were on the brink of being declared Covenant Breakers but some better reasoning prevailed on the UHJ and they stopped from doing such an atrocious act.

There are some misguided Baha'is who are making fake sites in the name of sincere Baha'is for defamation.

A Norwegian Baha'i sent to India made the life of Persian pioneer miserable in India. He was an arch enemy of Persian Baha'is.

Wife of a well-respected former counsellor wanted to attend a Baha'i programme but was refused permission. It was well evident that she was accused of being siding with Persian Baha'is.

The Late Mr. Hasan Sabri along with Isabella Sabri made fun of Persian Baha'is and use to call them KHAR (donkey) and used to say that Persian Baha'is are misguiding other Baha'is.

Many sincere Baha'is were asked not to enter any other countries else face consequences!

We see that if a non-Persian Counsellor retires from his post, he is immediately offered another post in his own country, but if the counsellor is a Persian, and that too a pioneer, never this opportunity of service had been offered to him or his experience used for promotion of the Faith.

A retired counsellor wanted to attend a conference in a foreign country at his own expense but was denied permission by the NSA of that country.

I don’t understand how just for expressing one's feelings about injustice, is categorized as 'sowing the seeds of discord'?

Source :

This is how the Baha'is believe in "the independent investigation for truth"!

September 17, 2019

To the American Bahá’í community

Dearly loved Friends,

The history of our precious Faith has been shaped by a continuing interplay of crisis and victory, where every onslaught of hate, enmity, deceit, and calumny has been followed by strengthened unity, triumph, prestige, and growth. Over the past few years, campaigns of misinformation against the Faith have continued in what are futile attempts to distort the message of Bahá’u’lláh and misrepresent the Bahá’í community.

The National Spiritual Assembly has learned of recent, subtle activities on the Internet of an individual opposed to the Faith who introduces him- or herself as “Bahareh Moghaddam.” This person attempts to present him- or herself as a Bahá’í sympathetic to the Plans of the Universal House of Justice, then subsequently questions the Supreme Body’s authority and tries to sow the seeds of doubt in the hearts of believers of Iranian descent. In messages to individual Bahá’ís and in posts on social media, this individual gives the impression of being very familiar with the institute process and praises the Bahá’ís for their involvement in it, and then gradually shifts the focus to that of questioning the House of Justice, attempting to invalidate its guidance and undermine Bahá’í institutions.

Falsely posing as a Bahá’í, this individual has sought friendship with Bahá’ís on social media platforms. He or she is most active on Facebook and Telegram, while some posts have appeared on Twitter and Instagram.

The National Assembly urges the believers to ignore any posts by “Bahareh Moghaddam” or any attempt on his or her part to connect with them. It is not inconceivable for individuals such as this to appear using a different identity to deceive and misguide the friends. We have full confidence that the beloved friends are keenly aware of such tactics used by enemies of the Faith and will act appropriately by simply ignoring their vain attempts to promote doubt and suspicion within the Bahá’í community.

Should you have additional questions, you may contact our Persian Public Information Office at

The prayers of the National Assembly accompany you always.

With loving Bahá’í greetings,

Kenneth E. Bowers Secretary

National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of the United States

Source :

Baha'i administration wasting Huquq'u'llah on proprietary software!?

Recently i received an e-mail about recruitment for the Baha'i World Centre, which concerns me a lot:


Executive Assistant

The two primary roles of the Assistant are to support the project manager and to serve as the office administrator. Work includes direct communication with local consultants and contractors, tracking project schedules, documentation of progress of the projects, drafting memos and reports, general secretarial duties and basic accounting. Knowledge of MS Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint is necessary, as well as experience in secretarial, administrative, and or project planning roles. Strong organizational abilities, confidence in decision making, creative problem solving skills, and interpersonal skills required.

"Knowledge of MS Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint is necessary"? - it's really weird Bahá'í World Centre asking for knowledge about software from Microsoft, and shamefully without any mention to alternative libre software (and better) like LibreOffice or OpenOffice - are Huqúqu'lláh funds wasted on crappy, obscure, expensive and proprietary software like from Microsoft, when there are lots of far better options? i really can't understand this situation...

This is also about very basic ethics principles - in my oppinion, a religion and community against oppression must be against the opression from proprietary software developers, simply boycotting them.

I hope, in a close future, the whole Bahá'í community, administration centres and alike, Bahá'í schools, etc., could see the importance the software libre is, for the freedom and flexibility they provide, and how they help users on being far more skilled and productive

From my viewpoint, and from what i readed from him, i truly believe that Bahá'u'lláh would be a truly software libre enthusiast these days, and would be very ashamed on seeing any single Bahá'í place using these obscure proprietary software from Microsoft and alike. Surelly he wouldn't allow any kind proprietary software on a Bahá'í institution.

What do you all think about this? And how soon everyone thinks this situation be reviewed and fixed?

And seeing that transparency is very important in situations like this, how can we verify that no Bahá'í place are using proprietary software, paid from the Huqúq'llah from each Bahá'í member?

Source :

Why NGOs and Unions Should Use OpenSource?

IMDB User Reviews : "The Gate - Dawn of the Baha'i Faith" (2018)

Read the reviews here:

Robert C. Henderson and the misuse of Baha'i National Fund

NSA-US 2019

Robert C. Henderson was/is (don't even know now) a member of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the U.S. Has been for over 35 years I think. For decades he served a Secretary of the NSA-US, meaning the only paid full-time position on the NSA-US. Everybody should know that the power base is not with the President or Chairperson but with the Secretary. He is the guy who writes the checks, has control of the funds, works at the National Baha'i Center in Evanston Illinois every day and has a full-time staff, paid apartment, utilities paid, travel expenses paid.

Anyway, way back in 1998 I discovered that Henderson was using "National Baha'i Fund" to finance a young black women, who was not his wife, with an apartment and travel expenses. She worked at the Baha'i Office of Public Affairs in washington D.C. Now, what is that? Sounds like a Baha'i PR office right? What is was, she was the political liaison. Meaning, her job was specifically to advance CEDAW which was a project of Planned Parenthood International, to make abortion on demand worldwide. So, these young attractive black woman, was being paid an excellent salary, apartment, travel expenses, to travel around with the leader of Catholics for Pro-Choice and to "lobby" Democratic congress members to support CEDAW, which sought to overthrew any and all legal restrictions to abortion, worldwide. She was funded out of the Baha'i National Fund, thanks to Dr. Robert C. Henderson.

Of course, I was attacked horribly for revealing this, and Henderson's office called various Baha'is saying "This man is a covenant-breaker" which in fact THAT WAS A BIG LIE, because only the Universal House of Justice can declare someone a Covenant-Breaker, and they never did! So, Henderson sent out a smear campaign, which worked extremely well. Of course, when the other Members of the NSA-US discovered that Dr. Henderson WAS in fact using the Baha'i National Fund to financially support his "pet" and their "pet project" (a Democratic Party inspired pro-choice international treaty), funds which were supposed to go elsewhere, they were not happy.

Unfortunately, the NSA-US decided not to fire Henderson from the NSA-US, but to simply vote him out of office as Secretary of the NSA-US. He remained a member of the NSA-US, but without control of any funds. It was decided it would be "best for the Cause in America" that the facts regarding all this be covered-up, but that Henderson was "out of power" and no longer had direct access to any Baha'i Funds.

Baha'is are not following the commandment of Baha'u'llah!

African Baha'is specially coming to Israel to visit the resting-places of Baha'i figures.
It is not necessary to undertake special journeys to visit the resting-places of the dead. If people of substance and affluence offer the cost of such journeys to the House of Justice, it will be pleasing and acceptable in the presence of God. Happy are they that observe His precepts.


Video : A day will come when the 'Universal House of Justice' will rule the mankind! - Adib Taherzadeh

What caused you to leave the The Baha'i Faith?

Lisa Armstrong 
By Lisa Armstrong

I hope this doesn’t get to be too long, but I was a Bahai for more than 40 years before I withdrew from the Baha’i faith in March 2019.

I was a seeker of religion from the time I was 12 years old when upon taking communion for the first time at a Methodist church. At that point while I was kneeling I gazed at a stained-glass figure of Christ. Just as I took the wafer and grape juice, I heard a voice that said “I am not in the Church.“

Although I didn’t search actively for an alternative to Christianity at that time, I was aware that there were many issues within what I had witnessed within a small Southern church, so I began to I visit different services and even wanted to attend a Jewish synagogue!

Later, as a teenager within a household that had long been headed toward divorce, I retreated to the local library and read books on religion, witchcraft, astrology and other metaphysical subjects.

Then in the summer of 1973, I heard the soaringly beautiful music of Seals and Crofts. After buying a couple of albums, I realized that their music included lyrics taken from the Baha’i writings. I rushed back to the library to search for Baha’i.

It wasn’t long until I found some very old copies of Baha’i books including This Earth One Country by JB Esslemont, and other books including one titled the Baha’i World Faith. These books are no longer in print, but at the time, helped to satisfy an 18-year-old’s curiosity about the basis of Baha’i teachings.

Within a few months of reading on my own, I called the local Baha’i Center and attended my first meeting with a friend. I was very nervous and scared because I thought perhaps it was a Middle Eastern cult, and that I might see people smoking water pipes or doing other strange things.

However, everything I heard and experienced seemed to fit my every need at the time and I signed a declaration card on August 26, 1973. Since my parents were in the middle of a divorce they simply didn’t have time or the emotional energy to try to talk to me about what I had done, and I went on my merry way hanging out almost exclusively with other young Baha’is, teaching the Baha’i faith on the college campus and spending almost my every waking moment either reading, studying, praying or listening to the music of Seals and Crofts.

I began to date a talented Baha’i musician who it turned out was the nephew of the producer of Seals and Crofts. We married two years later, almost immediately had a child, and also homefront pioneered to a nearby town. Suffice it to say that although the local community where I declared had been a warm and welcoming cocoon to heal after my parents heated divorce, subsequent years with Baha’is and the larger Baha’i community became more and more disillusioning,

My disappointment was especially strong in 1982, when the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the United States disbanded the local assembly where I had declared. I felt that the individuals within that Assembly had been unjustly wronged, saw their families practically destroyed, as well as that they were never the same.

This began a couple of decades of trying to right the wrongs that I had seen in that previous community, as well as for me to become the “best Baha’i” I could be, serving on local assemblies, coordinating teaching efforts, co-sponsoring a performing arts youth workshop, and many other activities.

Yet in my heart I knew that something was rotten at the core of the Baha’i faith. I saw it becoming more and more political, more emphasis placed on wealth and power, as well as a vast difference in the approach of the national administration in the 80s 90s and 2000s as compared to the 1970s. I begin to withdraw more and more especially around 2000 and finally in 2008 was accosted by a couple of individuals who suddenly visited my home came from the community where I had declared.

I was in total shock at the revelation from these people from that Assembly. They had never asked to meet with me in over 20 years time, and yet declared that there had been “problems” with me for years - that individual Baha’is and even other institutions had asked that Assembly to place sanctions on my behaviors.

There were so many parts of this final blow to my belief that were wrong on so many levels, but the biggest flaw was the fact that an assembly had decided to hold onto so-called wrongs for decades before having any connection with me either in writing or in person with a Bahai who was supposedly “causing problems.”

It took me almost a decade to officially withdraw my belief in the Baha’i faith, but I finally did, and I have felt so much better ever since! I am currently a student of metaphysical teachings and pagan beliefs, and host a monthly women’s Moon Circle at my home.

I feel much more my own true self, and do not miss any of the restrictions, judgments and imperious behaviors of many within the Bahai Faith and _ especially_its tragically flawed so-called administration.

I’m very thankful for the opportunity to be able to share a portion of my experience on this forum.

Thank you!!

Source :

Testimonial : Why and How I left the Baha'i Faith?

I was a Bahai for 30 years. I first found the faith in a library book at a very low point in my life. Looking back, I now see that I was in a very vulnerable place and that many vulnerable people can be easy targets for religions or cult like groups. The warm friendly firesides went on for over a year and I genuinely felt nurtured by them. There was lots of cake too!! Once I declared, I started to attend feasts which in contrast felt cold and formal. I was more of a hippy, liberal socialist, laid back and not really at home in a very formal religion with prayer books, scriptures and a seemingly authoritarian culture. I had fallen in love with its teachings (not so much the founder, who had a strange sounding name and didn’t really move me in the way Jesus would have) . But I really did believe that this was the Love and Peace that the hippies had been singing about a decade before. Fortunately, there were others of a similar nature, without whom I may not have stayed so long.

Over the years I brought up two children in the faith and we did all the children classes, summer schools, conferences etc. Some of which they enjoyed. As they got older they started to rebel. I carried on regardless and was on LSAs and then a teaching committee. I did the Ruhi thing and supported lots of devotionals and study circles. I prayed a lot and couldn’t quite understand why none of the enquirers were declaring. Two years before finally leaving the faith, the inner conflict started. I found I just could not remember to say my obligatory prayers. It was such a battle. The emphasis on teaching and Ruhi was becoming really time consuming and just draining. I remember doing Book 8 on the Covenant with lovely Bahai friends but being bored to death with the content. I kept thinking that this amount of my time was being eaten away with stuff that didn’t spiritually stimulate me, excite me, or even challenge me.I wasn't really contributing anything to the world and my own calling which was art, had no time to develop. There was just a huge pressure to get through books and develop core activities..

I went on Pilgrimage thinking that that would really get me back on track. It was beautiful and the shrines and gardens were so lovely. But something niggled about the presentations from the teaching centre. As well as an overheard conversation, from volunteers at Bahji visitor centre about not saying anything negative in front of the pilgrims who must be looked after at all times. It kind of felt a bit like a theatre facade where all the performers were in place to create the beautiful illusion. When I got home things didn’t get better. They were worse. My obligatory prayers were becoming few and far between and the guilt and conflict was growing. I started to really take a much more universalist view of the faith which seemed a little out of step with Ruhi and the teaching projects. I had never been happy about the ruling on no women on UHJ and the ban on homosexual marriage, just seemed cruel. I questioned the idea of ‘infallibility’ as it seemed to me no human being or institution could ever be infallible. Then I started looking things up online and found an article by Eric Stetson on why he left the faith. I was so relieved to find someone identifying all the areas that also felt wrong to me. From there I read a lot more and started to see that there was a completely different narrative about the History of the Bahai Faith to the one I had been taught.

I stopped going to feasts. I never enjoyed them anyway. I took more of an interest in politics as at least there was now a popular politician motivating people to work for social justice. He seemed to be what I had always though a good Bahai should be. A person of compassion and integrity, who treated people from all the different faiths and cultures equally, not corrupted like the majority of politicians. So I joined up and let my LSA know, so they could remove my voting rights. No such luck, they just put my letter to the bottom of the pile for months. In the end, I managed to make my decision. I was no longer a Bahai and I wrote to NSA to ask to have my name removed. When the confirmation finally came through, my whole being was just flooded with gratitude and love. It was such a powerful experience. I knew that I was still loved. That God was still going to be in my life and that everything was fine.

Now I was free to attend different meditation groups without an ‘agenda’. I met people from different faiths mostly Christians, Unitarians, Buddhists and Sufis. Meeting new people and seeing spirituality in new and different forms, was so confirming. God really is everywhere and in all things. Oneness, isn’t confined to any one religion. It is in all religions and it is beyond religion. So much to learn from each other and from other spiritual traditions. The idea that people from other world faiths or spiritual paths don’t have access to the same spirit as the Bahai’s or that the older world religions are dead, is complete untruth. The principal of diversity has to mean that there are many spiritual pathways because people have different needs. All religions are corrupted by human beings including the Bahai Faith. Plenty of examples crop up on this page. But the spirit is there for all who seek it, regardless of whether we have a religion or not. Its our birthright. Not something to be sold, packaged and marketed as the latest edition! One year since I officially left the faith I am now so happy to have escaped that narrow, constricting box, which had become a prison for my soul.

Source :

Tahirih's blessings in the conference of Badasht!

By former Baha'i Darrick T. Evenson

There are mountains of letters, books, manuscripts, in Farsi, some in Arabic, from the Central Figures, and from the Companions of the Central Figure, that have never been published. Mountains. The Universal House of Justice tries to gather them up, for "safety" and "research". But not to published. You will find in them a few tidbits such as:

*At the council of Behdasht (sorry, forgot the name, winging it today) Tahirih would expose both her breasts, pour henna on her naked breasts, and invite Babis to come up and she'd rub her henna covered breasts on the faces of the males, saying she was bestowing some sort of mystical wisdom on them. Quddus was so upset that he took a sword and was going to murder Tirhirih, but Baha'u'llah talked him out of it. This was, allegedly, the reason why one of the Babis cut his own throat. Her breasts were too much for him (I've been there).

*When the Maid of Heaven appeared to Baha'u'llah in the Siyah Chal, Baha'u'llah took out one of her breasts, and admired it in his hand. I realize, that many Baha'is interpret the Maid of Heaven as "only a metaphor" and that She never really appeared to Baha'u'llah, but is used by him as a "poetic fictional character". Still, that was a pretty strip club kind of thing to do (not condemning Baha'u'llah for being a man and admiring a nicely shaped female breast). Some Baha'is intepret Maid of Heaven as the "spirit of the Bab" (WTF????). The Bab visits Baha'u'llah in drag?

*The sister of Baha'u'llah, one of them, accept Subh-i-Azal as the true successor of The Bab, and wrote a book titled "Awaking the Sleepers" where she claimed that her brother, Mirza Husayn-Ali (Baha'u'llah) ordered the murder of at least 80 followers of Subh-i-Azal, and that the Euphrates River (or is it the Tigris?) "turned red" from the blood of all the Babis who had their throats cut and then were thrown into the River. I am NOT suggesting this is true, but that is what she wrote. She may have known that as a fact, or Azal may have told her a lie in order to get her from supporting Baha'u'llah. Either could be the case.

Unfortunately, I don't have sources to show you. I used keep notes, which I had to abandon long ago. But I'm being truthful in that is what I read. Perhaps this is one reason that the Universal House of Justice is gathering up all the original letters, books, writings, and not publishing or translating every one per cent of what they've gathered. They're placing all this stuff in the Archives, and throwing away the key.

Source :

Baha'i Peter: George Ibrahim Kheiralla

By former Baha'i Darrick T. Evenson

Kheiralla and his American followers.
The man that 'Abdu'l-Baha once called "Baha's Peter" was from Beirut, Lebanon, named George Ibrahim Kheiralla, the son of wealthy Maronite Christians in Beirut. Very rich family. They sent him to the Presbyterian College of Syria (American University of Beirut), where he learned good English. He went to Egypt after college, and there met a Baha'i. The Baha'i thought that the Baha'i faith taught reincarnation, so, he taught that to George. George should have went to Akka to meet the Baha'is, and find out what they really taught, but he didn't. George was an inventor of gadgets, like a spring-loaded "boots" that made it easier for soldiers to march longer. None of his inventions had any practical value at the time. Armies forced soldiers to march as long as they wanted them to march, or whip them or shoot them. So, no armies were interested.

George sailed to America to make his fortune. He was supported by something like a trust fund. By 1890 he found his way to Chicago, and fell in with a cult called "The Universal Temple". It was based on reincarnation, mystical healing, and offered people an "M.D." in "Doctor of Mysticism". George attended, got his 'M.D.' in Mystical Doctor (i.e. healing by a form of mind-over-matter Reiki), and started giving lectures at U.T. meetings. They met at a Masonic Temple (which rented out lecture halls to anyone willing to pay the fee). George did not have one Baha'i book. The Egyptian who taught him the Faith, probably never read any Baha'i book or Tablet. All George had was stories, some true, some not, some distorted, names, approximate dates, and some teachings (often distorted). There is also evidence the George was involved in at least on Rosicrucian Order, and Freemasonry.

George developed an esoteric religion, based upon reincarnation, secret doctrines, degrees, that he called "The Beha'i Religion". He started to invite members of the Temple of Universal Law (also called U.T.), and they got hooked. George was a magnificent orator, and left people wanting more. Secret names. He told them that the Father and Jesus had returned, first to Persia, but they were now in Palestine (oh my!) and ALIVE! Although Baha'u'llah died in 1892, George did not know that then. George wrote a long letter to Baha'u'llah c/o Acco, Palestine, Governorate of Syria, and, eventually, somehow, it eventually got to 'Abdu'l-Baha, who, of course, living in Arabic countries since he was 11, could read and write and speak Arabic just fine. 'Abdu'l-Baha, of course, had no idea that George was teaching "Behaism" which was a major distortion of the Baha'i Faith, but George did not know that. All 'Abdu'l-Baha knew was that some Lebanese man in America was making converts to the Baha'i Faith hand over fist, and that the converts wanted to know to what bank they could wire money (donations). To 'Abdu'l-Baha, it must have seemed like God was raining money on him.

At the time, 'Abdu'l-Baha was in terrible dispute with his young brothers, Mohammad Ali Effendi, and Badi'u'llah. The entire family of Baha'u'llah, except for a couple, sided with Mohammad Ali and Badi'u'llah. 'Abdu'l-Baha started to get money wired to a bank in Haifa. He started to get letters from Americans written in English, a language he did not know. But, lucky for him, one of the Baha'is in Haifa had lived in Cairo a number of years, and studied some English there. Also, Akka and Haifa had a few "physician missionaries to the poor" who were from America or Britain, who could read and write in Arabic as well as their own native language. At about this time, the Turkish courts ruled that 'Abdu'l-Baha had the right to inherit 100% of his father's estate (being the eldest son). So, poor Mohammad Ali Effendi and Badi'u'llah, and Diya'u'llah, had to get real jobs for the first time in their lives! No more trust fund babies! At least they could read and write Farsi and Arabic. But, oh, poor Badi'u'llah. He had a terrible time supporting his family. Horrible time. None of them had any useful skills. All their lives, black slaves had done everything for them, and the Baha'is supported them, paid for every morsel of food, but NOW, 'Abdu'l-Baha took away their "shares" of the Baha'i Pie. Oh my! Badi'u'llah was literally facing eviction and starvation for himself and his family. 'Abdu''l-Baha offered him financial help "if" he sided with him, and against Mohammad Ali. So, he did, got the help, then finally found a job, and switched allegiances again. Diya'u'llah got so malnurished that he caught a disease and died. His widow had to beg Mohammad Ali for help. So, yes, 'Abdu'l-Baha won everything in the Turkish courts, and also, George Kheiralla was converting dozens of Americans a week with his "Behaist Lectures" at a Masonic Temple in Chicago, and those people were making additional converts, and they were wiring 'Abdu'l-Baha money every month! Just as God had "blessed" Baha'u'llah but "cursed" Subh-i-Azal, God was "blessing" 'Abdu'l-Baha but "cursing" his younger brothers who thought they were defending the Revelations of Baha'u'llah.

(continued in Part II)

N. Wahid Azal's podcast with Dale Husband

Confronting Scott Hakala on Quora

Posted on
Quora is a social media site where people can pose questions on all sorts of subjects and get answers from others. One of the most frequent posters on it is Scott Hakala, a Baha’i apologist.

Before I tell about my fight with him there, I must supply a bit of background.

For more than a year and a half after I made an account on reddit, Hakala, using the pseudonym “DavidBinOwen”, would often invade the ExBaha’i subreddit and relentlessly attack its members with counter arguments to things they would write. Then after wreaking havoc for a few days or weeks, he would disappear only to return weeks or months later. Things got so frustrating that Wahid Azal decided to do something to force the admin of that subreddit to deal with Hakala once and for all. So he posted these:
I knew this might lead to Azal being banned from the subreddit, so to prevent that, I sent private messages to all the admin, playing “good cop” to Wahid Azal’s “bad cop”. My efforts paid off; nothing was done to Azal, but Hakala was FINALLY banned permanently from the subreddit.

Later, another member posted this:
Never one to let something go unchallenged, Scott Hakala addressed this on Quora.
Baha’is have open minds, but a Baha’i should never accept the assertion implied in the question since it is not true. Baha’u’llah proved He was the Promised One (Him Whom God Shall Make Manifest or Man yuzhiruhu’llah in Arabic) of the Persian Bayan, and provided such independent evidences and proofs that there is no such realistic argument.
The Bab in a number of places in His Writings referred to Baha’u’llah and Baha and anticipated the imminent appearance of Him Whom God Shall Make Manifest after year eight and His declaration around the nineteenth year of the Babi Dispensation (1844–1863). This is discussed at length by Professor Nader Saiedi (UCLA) in Gate of the Heart, 2008, throughout the text but particularly in Chapters 11, 12, and 13 and is also discussed in Taherzaden,The Revelation of Bahá’u’lláh, Volume 2, Chapter 17.
For these and other reasons, the followers of the Bab generally expected the imminent appearance of another Messenger of God relatively soon after the Bab’s martyrdom (which He also anticipated in His Writings and recorded statements). Consistent with this expectation, according to Dr. Momen in the Cyprus Exiles (The Cyprus Exiles), more than 90% of the followers of the Bab (Babi’s) that remained faithful and survived the persecution became Baha’is and recognized Baha’u’llah as the Promised Messenger of God mentioned throughout the Persian Bayan. Moreover, the Bab’s surviving maternal uncles and other relatives also recognized Baha’u’llah as the Promised One in the Persian Bayan.
Baha’u’llah, Himself, addressed this issue in the Kitab-i-Badi. (See Kitáb-i-Badí’ – Wikipedia; this is addressed at length by Professor Nader Saiedi (UCLA) in Logos and Civilization, 2000, Chapter 6 and by Adib Taherzadeh, The Revelation of Bahá’u’lláh, Vol. 2 Adrianople 1863-68 (Oxford: Ronald, 1972), Chapter 17 The Kitab-i-Badi) Regarding this issue, Adib Taherzadeh writes:
“But the major part of the book [Kitab-i-Badi] is devoted to the exalted theme of ‘Him Whom God shall make manifest’, Bahá’u’lláh, the Promised One of the Bayán. Bahá’u’lláh quotes numerous passages from the Writings of the Báb in which He extols the station, the glory, the transcendental majesty and the authority of ‘Him Whom God shall make manifest’. It suffices to quote only a few passages from the Writings of the Báb all of which Bahá’u’lláh quotes in the Kitáb-i-Badí’. It should be noted that the Báb’s Writings are replete with similar statements about Bahá’u’lláh:
“I have written down in My mention of Him* these gem-like words: ‘No allusion of Mine can allude unto Him, neither anything mentioned in the Bayán.’…Exalted and glorified is He above the power of any one to reveal Him except Himself, or the description of any of His creatures. I Myself am but the first servant to believe in Him and in His signs, and to partake of the sweet savours of His words from the first-fruits of the Paradise of His knowledge. Yea, by His glory! He is the Truth. There is none other God but Him. All have arisen at His bidding.”5
The study of the Kitáb-i-Badí’ makes it clear that the purpose of the Báb in revealing Himself was none other than to prepare His followers for the coming of Bahá’u’lláh. There are many passages in the Writings of the Báb in which He makes a firm covenant with His followers concerning ‘Him Whom God shall make manifest’.” Taherzade, The Revelation of Bahá’u’lláh, Volume 2, Chapter 17
The Bab, Himself, confirmed this indirectly in the Tablet to Mullá Muhammad Báqir-i Tabrízí wherein the Bab promised Mulla Baqir that the the Mulla would meet and recognize the Promised One and moreover alluded to Baha’u’llah’s name and the timing of His appearance. (See An Introduction to Tablet of Mulla Baqir.) The fact that Mulla Baqir did meet Baha’u’llah in Baghdad and recognized Baha’u’llah as the Promised One of the Bayan before Baha’u’llah’s Declaration in 1863 is both fulfillment of the Bab’s prophesy and proof that Baha’u’llah was the Promised One of the Bayan.
“He [Mulla Baqir} received a letter from the Báb saying he would attain “Him whom God shall make manifest” in the year ‘eight’ (1268 AH). Soon after Bahá’u’lláh’s release from the Siyáh-Chál of Tihran, Mullah Baqir obtained His presence and quickly became a believer and teacher of the Cause. Most of his teaching with was based in Adhirbayjan.” Letters of the Living – Wikipedia
Given a full and fair reading of the Writings and warnings of the Bab, I believe that it is impossible to believe in the Bab as a Messenger of God and not logically accept that Baha’u’llah is the Promised One (Him Whom God Shall Make Manifest or Man yuzhiruhu’llah in Arabic) repeatedly foretold of in the Bab’s Writings and Who is the focus of the Persian Bayan. Indeed, so clear are the Bab’s proclamations and warnings, to reject Baha’u’llah is to violate the Covenant of the Bab set forth in the Perisan Bayan (as He warned in that text; see Taherzadeh, Revelation of Baha’u’llah, Volume 1, Chapter 19 Him Whom God Shall Make Manifest).
Baha’i scholars (and even many scholars who are not Baha’i) unanimously recognize that Baha’u’llah is the Promised Messenger of God (Him Whom God Shall Make Manifest or Man yuzhiruhu’llah in Arabic) mentioned throughout the Persian Bayan. In a recent course in the first half of 2019 on the Persian Bayan (provided by the Wilmette Institute, one of the instructors, Shahrokh Monjazeb) additional provisional translations of the Persian Bayan were provided that demonstrated that much of the Persian Bayan was addressed to the Promised Messenger of God (Him Whom God Shall Make Manifest or Man yuzhiruhu’llah in Arabic) mentioned throughout the Persian Bayan. It was furthermore demonstrated that the Bab referred to Baha’u’llah in that text and in other texts (including in the Arabic Bayan). Moreover, the Persian Bayan explicitly warns the followers of the Bab to not dispute with the Promised One or contest any claimant and explicitly indicates that only the Promised One would be capable of fully understanding the Bayan. (Prof. Nader Saiedi, Gate of the Heart, p. 64, also footnote 60 to Chapter 1).
The false interpretations and assertions regarding the Persian Bayan were made by followers of Mirza Yahya (aka Azal). Contrary to Azali/Bayani assertions, Mirza Yahya made his own claim to be the Promised One but later withdrew that claim when it became apparent to many that Mirza Yayha lacked the abilities required. These false assertions and interpretations are addressed at length in the Kitab-i-Badi (Kitáb-i-Badí’ – Wikipedia) written by Baha’u’llah (discussed by Professor Nader Saiedi (UCLA) in Logos and Civilization – Spirit, History, and Order in the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh (2000). “Chapter 6: The Kitab-i-Badi’: The Promise Fulfilled”, pp. 175–210.; also discussed by Adib Taherzadeh as discussed in Revelation of Baha’u’llah, Volume II, p. 373.
This was noticed and commented on here:
Which prompted me to go after Hakala.
All you are doing in quoting from the Baha’i Writings you already blindly accept as true. That is a non-starter.
If you constantly take at face value the CLAIMS made by religious leaders and propaganda writers, you will always blindly follow what they teach, which is exactly what they want you to do, even if they are outright con artists. That’s why there are so many religions and divisions within religions.
Claims are all you have EVER posted with regards to the “history” of the Baha’i Faith. Remember, Baha’is are under strict orders to shun “covenant breakers”. Since Baha’is of different factions are not allowed to talk to each other, that creates a situation in which they can live in their own universes created out of nothing by the propaganda writers that wrote all sorts of stories about Baha’u’llah, Abdu’l-Baha, Mirza Muhammad Ali, Mirza Yahya, Shoghi Effendi, and numerous others. Truth is meaningless in this context.
He responded with this:
I made a comment in response and then made a copy of it in reddit, only to discover later that Hakala had my answers DELETED from where they were originally posted!  THE COWARD!
Anyway, here is that response:
“Therefore, if I believe in the Bab (which I do) then the Bab’s own interpretation of His own Writings should be decisive in this matter. There are, in fact, numerous allusions to Baha’u’llah found in the authenticated Writings of the Bab.”
Name ONE.
“I am entitled to give the most weight to those documents and testimonies that are credible and not the incredible or proven false. Everyone does this according to their understanding and beliefs.”
Truth and falsehood are not based on anyone’s biased “understanding and beliefs”, but on what one can see directly from reality itself. So far, you have given us nothing real to accept, only tons of dogmatic talking points.
“There is an internal consistency in the Baha’i Faith’s position throughout that is missing in the positions of the various covenant-breaker groups.”
My own research on the Faith has blown apart its credibility forever. And having done that, I see no “ internal consistency” to any of it.
“Baha’is can read and understand what the covenant breakers are saying, contrary to your assertions.”
What I said was, “Baha’is are under strict orders to shun ‘covenant breakers’.” By shunning them, you deny their basic humanity and thus make it easy to read anything they write and dismiss it without really thinking about it. And BTW, if you can do that to covenant breakers, why can’t I do that to YOU?
“When a person breaks the covenant of Baha’u’llah (or even more extreme apostacy) I have found that person will be stripped of the moral and spiritual guidance and often hate the light and attack it.”
“the anger, spite, hatred, envy, and deviousness among those attacking or disaffected from the Faith is quite clear.”
These are personal attacks that are fallacious on their face. Again, I could call you a bigoted, lying, scumbag who is extremely disrespectful and hateful towards anyone who rejects your claims and that would be just like what you did to us. Stop being a hypocrite!
“Mirza Yahya, by his own behavior, discredited himself in numerous instances.”
Yet you claim to believe in the Bab, who appointed him to be leader of the Babis after him and NOT Baha’u’llah? That’s an obvious contradiction. Why not admit the Bab made a colossal mistake and then deny his Prophethood?
“Baha’u’llah anticipated the end of the Aghsan (male descendants of Baha’u’llah in good standing) in His Writings.”
No, he didn’t. He did appoint both Abdu’l-Baha and Mirza Muhammad Ali as leaders of the Baha’is after him, but that’s it. He said nothing about his descendants all being thrown out of the Baha’i Faith like what Abdu’l-Baha and Shoghi Effendi did to their own relatives. So you stated a clear falsehood.
“The members of ‘Abdu’l-Baha’s family were similarly warned, including in the Will & Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Baha. It was made clear to them to not associate with those that violated the covenant.”
Except at some point, most of them must have figured out that
  1. Shoghi Effendi was unfit to be Baha’i leader.
  2. They had been lied to about the followers of Mirza Muhammad Ali being “covenant breakers”.
which is why most of them rebelled. You can’t hide fraud and hypocrisy forever!
“They resented the fact that Shoghi Effendi married someone from the West instead of a related person or someone from Persia in the Faith.”
So they were RACIST?! You realize that means Abdu’l Baha and his daughters sucked at being teachers of Baha’i virtues, right? Yeah, keep insulting Baha’u’llah’s descendants. That looks very appealing to seekers…….NOT!
BTW, you and Ken Ammi, a Christian apologist who has written an entire book against the Baha’i Faith, should compare notes. You both look equally ridiculous to me.
Then the axxhole made this:
Knowing he could merely have any more comments of mine deleted, I returned to slam him in reddit. And others joined in the bloodletting.
So once again he asserts that he takes at face value sources that tell him what he already assumes to be true (confirmation bias) accuses me and other critics of the Baha’i Faith of what he does (projection) and finally attacks us personally with regards to our opposition (ad hominem fallacy).
Hey, liar! I’ve seen clear cases of dishonesty from Baha’is online. Do I need to show the proof again?!

As always: Only quantity, but no quality in his large as usual messages.
Your comment I can’t see on Quora. The professional propagandist let it be deleted, because he is afraid of good written refutations.

I’m fully convinced that Scott is a fucking imbecile. I also find it impossible to not see fascist undertones fully throughout Baha’i censorship and shutting-down of Bayani (or “Babi”) views on the matter. Baha’i’s cannot tolerate those who only accept the Bab, which is really telling to how thin the string they’re hanging on it.
All I see is conjecture in their comments, and as I posted a few weeks ago, it’s impossible to rationalize Bahaianity. It has no credibility and no spirituality, it’s literally the most empty (not in a Zen way, btw) religion there is. Aside from that, it put the Bab’s teachings through a shredder, it’s despicable imo.
Your quote from Scott is loaded full of intolerance, really, I’m appalled (angry face emoji)

Did you see where Scott actually claimed Shoghi Effendi’s relatives resented his marrying a non-Persian? You know why I know that’s a damned lie? Because Shoghi Effendi himself put out a message to the Baha’is of the world attacking his own brother (who he had already thrown out of the Baha’i community) for marrying a “low-born Christian girl in Europe”, and called that a “disgraceful alliance”.

{{{ For these and other reasons, the followers of the Bab generally expected the imminent appearance of another Messenger of God. }}}
LOL. I think the only reason SOME Babis thought that was out of desperation. The revolt led by the Bab had failed and with the Bab being martyred, it was thought that only the coming of another Prophet would revive the fortunes of the Babis, which is exactly what Baha’u’llah promised once he declared his mission in 1863. Babis should have been asking themselves why the Bab was not as successful as the Prophet Muhammad was in overthrowing the pagan Arabs.
It was the influence of Christianity, with its depiction of the heroic martydom of Jesus by crucifixion, that led to the idea of the Bab’s own martyrdom being a heroic event too; if he was willing to die for his teachings, they must be worth living and fighting for, even with him gone. And that should have been enough. The Babis didn’t need Baha’u’llah, since they already had Mirza Yahya for their leader. If the Bab had intended for Baha’u’llah to be “Him Who God Makes Manifest”, why wouldn’t he have appointed Baha’u’llah to be the actual next leader of the Babis to give him crediblity from the start? The more you think about it, the more things just don’t add up.
OMG, he DID have my comment deleted. I’m so glad I saved a copy of it here before he did that, the damned coward!
wahidazal66, what do you think of that?
HYPOCRITE, if you really didn’t want to stir up “conflict and contention”, you shouldn’t be invading places you are not welcome to and repeatedly defending a false religion!
News flash: Assuming that sources are true because they are Baha’i and denying them because they are not Baha’i is absolutely no way to find real truth. You could do the exact same with any religion or ideology and get the same useless result.
Assuming that sources are true because they are Christian and denying them because they are not Christian is absolutely no way to find real truth.
Assuming that sources are true because they are Muslim and denying them because they are not Muslim is absolutely no way to find real truth.
Assuming that sources are true because they are Communist and denying them because they are not Communist is absolutely no way to find real truth.
Assuming that sources are true because they are conservative and denying them because they are not conservative is absolutely no way to find real truth.
Assuming that sources are true because they are Nazi and denying them because they are not Nazi is absolutely no way to find real truth.
Assuming that sources are true because they are atheist and denying them because they are not atheist is absolutely no way to find real truth.
I refuse to be intimidated by Scott Hakala’s long winded statements. His many, many, MANY claims can never make up for this:

If the actual FACTS are on my side, entire novels worth of rhetoric can never make those embarrassing facts go away!

And I will end the blog entry with this:
 Source :
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