Baha'is arrested in Uzbekistan for deceptively preaching and converting the children and Junior Youths

by Ravian Bilani

Baha'is arrested in Uzbekistan for deceptively preaching and converting the children and Junior Youths

Tashkent - The Security department of Government of Uzbekistan while on routine Check arrested 15 Baha'is for preaching Baha’i Faith to the children and junior youth below 16 years. These children, from different cities were taken to Baha’i centre in the name of moral teachings without the consent of their parents.

The children were then taken to a Rehabilitation Centre from where they were handed to their parents. The Police recorded the whole proceedings in a camera. Recently the CIS countries are tightening the grip on this very deceptive sect whom they accuse of having links with Israel and destroying the moral fabrics of the society. The Christian priest have also objected to their deceptive propaganda and warned them not to impart any so called moral teachings to Christian children.

There has been news from different countries that Baha’is are trying to convert the Junior Youth and Children by their deceptive four core activities.

1-Devotional Meetings
2-Study circle
3-Children classes
4-Juniour Youth

1-Devotional Meetings
Baha’is are supposed to collect their friends Neighbours relatives and Co-workers and have a prayer meeting. These devotional meetings are nothing but cheating in the name of God as the purpose of these meetings is to get POTENTIAL CONVERTS for the next stage which is of STUDY CIRCLE. It should be regarded as the gravest BETRAYAL OF THE HUMANITY in the Name of God.

2-Study Circles
After Baha’is have got sufficient contact with the deceptive devotional meetings they are supposed to start with them Study circle. Study circle is a seven books course called as Ruhi Books. In these books moral teachings are taken from different religions and given the name Baha’i Holy writings, attributing these teachings to Baha’u’llah .During the Course of these seven books the contact changes his Faith to Baha’ism.It is certainly not study circles but a process of conversion by deception.
The Baha’is have realized that mobilizing Baha’is to do preaching in large numbers will attract the attention of non-Baha’is, especially governmental agencies therefore a Ruhi class is a better way.
After seven books are completed he is a Ruhi Graduate and supposes to teach these books to the other people i.e. to gain conversion by deception. Naturally a chain deception reaction. A majority of the people who have accepted the Baha’i faith is not due to the believe in Baha’u’llah but due their sheer ignorance.

Some points from Ruhi books

Ruhi Book 2

1-Imparting knowledge about the Baha’i faith

2-‘Walking the path of service’ That is going to every individual and teaching about the Baha’i faith

3-“Service to other” is nothing but teaching them the Baha’i faith and converting them.

4-“The first act of service” is making the new convert stronger by visiting the homes of the newly converts

5-Third unit is introducing Baha’i beliefs

6- Teaching the writings of Baha’u’llah is our special activity

7- Sacrifice means “teaching the Baha’i Faith.”

Very surprisingly this bounty of teaching is not there for Israelis.

3-Children’s classes
(A way to increase Baha’i population without any hindrance)

Baha’is are emphasizing too much on starting moral classes with non Baha’i children.
It is clear that the children cannot understand the hidden agenda behind these courses and they will become Baha’is easily without any protest. More over the parents call also be approach to accept Baha’ism.

Some points from Ruhi Bk 3
1-The students should acquire spiritual qualities i.e. he should accept Baha’u’llah.

2-Teaching children “Baha’i way of life.”

3-Try to form habits which are part of Baha’i way of life

Every lesson starts with Baha’i Prayers. It is nothing but Baha’i teachings, Baha’i prayers and Baha’i writings at the top of it; it is made for the children’s of the neighbour’s friends, relatives and co-workers.

Why non Baha’i children should be taught the sayings of Baha’u’llah and Abdul Baha and memorize Baha’i prayers. Yes it is because the Baha’is believe that everybody is A Baha’i or not yet Baha’i.

4-Junior Youth classes
For children of age 11 to 15 years, Baha’is have Jr. Youth classes. Here also they propagate about Baha’ism in the name of Moral teachings and convert the youths.

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  1. The articles on your website are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. I found your weblog very clear and very useful in Bahaism. I would like permission to use your articles in my weblog, for the people who are interested to find and to read more about bahaism .

  2. Hi Bipasha!
    Thanks for your comments.
    You can copy whatever you like.

  3. I have seen the curriculum for both the Junior Youth groups and the Ruhi Study Circles. The Junior Youth curriculum does not have any explicit Baha'i content other than a brief quotation at the end of each lesson. These clases are precisely for the purpose that is claimed for them, namely to empower young people to make good moral choices. Ruhi study groups, on the other hand is aimed at adults over 15 years of age. It does have an explicit Baha'i content. Where is the deception here?

    1. Fuck the Bahais - Zionist Cult led by a criminal. Trust me: The world WILL shut your asses down.

  4. Susan Read this :

    Making New Baha'is

    1. Everyone to strive to memorize “Anna’s presentation” from Book 6 in full, thereby to raise his or her skills and abilities of direct and effective teaching to a new level.
    2. The team will directly teach a total of 123 people using “Anna’s presentation” and the teaching album based on this presentation and to invite them to enroll in the Faith.
    3. It is expected that 70 of these people will enroll in the Faith.
    4. The newly enrolled believers will be asked to register themselves using a special form “New Believer Registration” and will be invited to join institute programme and other core activities.
    5. The new believers and seekers who expressed desire to participate in Ruhi Institute Courses, will be registered using the form “Registration for Institute Courses” and the study circles should commence as immediately as possible. Intensive courses and study circles can be organized during the campaign so that by the end of campaign at least a number of people would have completed Book 1 and joined the team members in their teaching efforts by practicing their newly acquired knowledge and skills.
    6. Those junior youth, both Baha’is and seekers, who expressed their desire to participate in the junior youth group activities, will be registered using the form “Registration for Junior Youth Programme” and the junior youth group activities should commence as immediately as possible. Intensive junior youth group activities can be organized during the campaign to proceed through several lessons of the first book for junior youth and a special gathering can be arranged for parents of these youth, at which the junior youth can share what they learnt and perform. The parents then will be invited to join the Faith and core activities.
    7. Those children, both Baha’is and seekers, who expressed their desire to participate in the children’s classes, will be registered using the form “Registration for Baha'i Children’s Classes”. The classes can begin as immediately as possible and they can be held intensively during the campaign so that the children proceed through several lessons. A special gathering can be arranged for parents at which the children share what they learnt and perform and the parents are invited to join the Faith and core activities.
    8. Make a series of visits to the newly enrolled believers, who have not yet entered the institute process, with the purpose of sharing with them deepening themes so that by the end of the campaign, at least a few themes have been shared with them.
    9. Make a list of new believers, seekers who registered and began to participate in the core activities and make a plan of consolidating them and accompany them in their path of search and service.
    10. The vision is that in this particular neighbourhood by the end of the cycle a new 'pyramid' will be raised among the new believers and seekers.

  5. A non-biased reader would immediately spot an excessive use of a word "deceptive" in the article above. However, anyone who is somewhat familiar with Baha'i Faith would know that there is nothing deceptive about this religion and facts are always presented in a straight forward manner. In fact, members of Baha'i Community are some of the most sweetest and kindest people I've ever met. By the way, this article was originally posted on website (a very biased source in nature toward most non-islamic religions). The government of Iran in fact tortures and executes Baha'is even in this day an age simply for their beliefs, the fact that is condemned by United Nations and most human rights organizations.

  6. I don't know why IPW did not reported such an important incident?

  7. I would prefer that my children study the Baha'i lessons which include encouragement to be honest, respectful, generous and reverent rather than some other religious materials that teach prejudice, hatred and even violence.

  8. fuck baha'is...bunch of assholes

  9. That is what I mean by wrong and negative education.

  10. I don't think that such impolite and non-constructive comments should be posted. There should be some control posting.

  11. Those of you with bias,this is all because you do not have faith in yourself and you think so cowardly that you won't even dare to deeply study about this religion which is the most known religion in the world for promoting and bringing unity and peace between even other religions. You just are another stereotype, So what if the Baha'is teach other children or adults about their faith and principals. Don't Muslims try to teach their own religion, even worst since their social laws does not apply at this age and time. Look what fanatic people like yourself have brought down to the world, misery and sadness. come on wake up. This is 21st century. People want peaceful world. They need to start from their young children to give them moral education to change the world to better place for the next generation. I am so glad that I let my children to be with Baha'i people and find out about their beliefs. Look at the number of the Baha'i wrong doing kids. Yes, there are some troubled children even in Baha'is but look at the statistics and see the difference.

  12. as followers of Bahá'u'llah we Bahá'í's try to bring in action whatever Bahá'u'lláh has instructed us. the activities mentioned in this article are nothing more or less than the realisation of the following Words of Bahá'u'lláh: "He that riseth to serve My Cause should ...bend every effort to banish ignorance from the earth." (Tablet of Wisdom)

  13. The purpose of our invitation to join the four core activities is not to make people Baha'i... the purpose of our core activities is to assist in the transformation and betterment of society..

    in another word, the purpose of our four core activities is to enable us to serve society and help “translate that which hath been written into reality and action”....

  14. افرادی هستند که فکر میکنند این فعالیتهای جهارگانه برای آوردنِ افراد بیشتری به جامعۀ بهائی است در حالیکه نمی دانند که این فعالیتها همه برای ساختن تمدن و مدنیتی پیشرفته و خلق جدید است که برای بهبودی و اصلاح جامعۀ کنونی خواهد بود... مقصود اولیه و اصلی این فعالیتهای جهارگانه برای تقویت توانائیها و ارزشهای است که برای خدمت به اجتماع بکار برده خواهد شد ...پس این کلاسهای روحی کمکی است برای تغییر و تبدیل و اصلاحِ اجتماعی آقای عزیز

  15. Hi everybody

    check this link

    By order
    Universal House of Injustice

  16. جراغی را که ایزد برفروزد هرآن کس پف کند ریشش بسوزد !!!

  17. The peaceful process of the spread of the Bahá'í teachings (what people do with those teachings is their own business) is in stark contrast to what some other religions do to those who do not subscribe to their beliefs. In many Muslim countries, for example, non-Muslims are routinely discriminated against, persecuted, harassed, and even prevented from practicing their own religion in spite of contrary advice in the Qur'an. In Iran, a Bahá'í woman died recently and they are preventing her from being buried in a Bahá'í cemetary, which government thugs destroyed 18 times over. Nice! It may seem like the study circles and children's classes are for the purpose of making converts, but that is really a side effect. People are never pressured to join the Faith. They are completely on their own as to whether or not to accept it and never criticized if they don't. So if they do decide they believe in Bahá'u'lláh, what is that to anyone else? It's their decision arrived at through whatever means they found necessary to decide. I was never pressured to join this Faith and never pressured to stay either. We try to get along with everyone no matter what faith they are and let them make their own choices as to which religion to accept. But we can all learn to be more caring, considerate, cooperative, loving, truthful, trustworthy, accepting, etc., the promotion of which virtues is the main purpose of all our activities. In this world, it couldn't hurt.

    1. I am a Baha'i and I've done the children classes and the junior youth group and I finished all the Ruhi books. It's a 21st century and everybody is free to accept any religion.
      I respect all the religions and I grew up in a Muslim country and all my school knew that I am a Baha'i and everybody respected me. If you want to know about the Baha'i faith just go on this link
      Baha'i faith is NOT a sect, it's a World Religion :)
      I am a Baha'i and I'am proud of it.

    2. For the Baha'is this is the Second Century. The 21st Century belongs to the Christians. Everybody is free to believe in whatever he / she wishes. Some people choose to believe in devils. Some people choose to believe in Same Sex marriages and so many believe in so many weird things. Who cares!
      You said you respect all the religions? Do you respect "Covenant Breakers" and their religion? Why? What is taught to you regarding the CBs is Ruhi book 8? Please upload the book 8 and let the world see how you Haifan Cultists teach about peace and love.
      At one place your cultist UHJ says that you are being persecuted in Muslim countries. You say everybody respected you in Muslim Country? Who should I believe, you or your UHJ?
      Baha'i faith is a deviated cult. It is divided into many more sub-cults and it is not a world religion. Some people scattered here and there does not make a cult a "world religion". Read my post regarding Baha'ism being a cult. Come on that post and put your thoughts there, we can discuss further.
      And there is nothing to be Proud for believing in that "Most Ugly Manifestation". Have you seen his picture? Are you still proud? ;)

  18. Never seen before pictures of ancient Bahais.

  19. Just start arresting the fucking Bahais.

    Ship their asses off to Afghanistan if you catch them in your country and let the Taliban deal with them.

  20. Just one mentioning of Uzbekistan tells everything about this web-site and I am sure it is likely sponsored by the Iranian regime.
    I'm Kyrgyz who lives near Uzbekistan and have Uzbek friends who hate the Uzbekistan's president who has transoformed their country into the family mafia business. It is not actually Baha'is who suffer in Uzbekistan as they are well-known to be abiding by the law but mostly and the only Muslims who suffer from the repressive regime. There are spies everywhere and in every single mosque in Uzbekistan. Go to any mosque in Uzbekistan and you will be afraid of speaking of a being even a descent Muslim you are protecting here.
    Those Baha'is were freed whereas thousands of innocent Muslims suffer in Uzbekistan prisons, and thousands of them left the country with many of them for Kyrgyzstan where, you will be surprised, was the 2010 inter-ethnic conflict between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks. Uzbeks afraid more of their regime than Kyrgyzstan which is a democratic country where there are different religions including Baha'is who are considered as the most peaceful religion in the country by authorities.

  21. just fuck all the bahai they are brian washed and sick peopel


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