"You have to believe in the Baha'i Faith in order to believe in the Baha'i Faith."

Baha'ism is a highly manipulative cult. It brainwashes its new members by convincing them that the world peace can only be established by the Baha'is and that they have to work for establishing the Baha'i New World Order for this. Below are my findings about Baha'u'llah and his cult:

Baha'u'llah took on the title "Him who God will make manifest" a title that he claimed could not be challenged and the Bab said that his (The Bab's) rule would last at least 2000 years, just like what Baha said, Baha says that god changed his mind. There is an Arabic word for "God changing his mind" that was used for the 2000 year reign of the Bab. The Bab's laws and religion never got implicated as the Bab pronounced many times. Was God's manifestation wrong? Obviously, according to his jealous, religious, Messiah freak Baha'u'llah, who changed his own name, I will not look up his original name, but you can... it certainly was not "the light of God", "The Glory of God", "The Lord of Hosts" come on people. I could say my name is "Love" and every time you see it in the Bible, it is a direct reference to me... I am God according to the Bible. Using translations and the changing of one's own name is garbage. Baha'u'llah had multiple wives at the same time... do you approve of that? It could not be covered up, search for it, it is just explained away by non-sense, brainwash material. YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN THE BAHA'I FAITH IN ORDER TO BELIEVE IN THE BAHA'I FAITH. This is not a play on words. One has to believe this non-sense to continue to accept any non-sense that YOU WILL RUN ACROSS... but it's from God and all disbelievers are fools and bereft of understanding. WAKE UP. READ, really read the Aqdas, why did it take until the 1990's before "The Most Holy Book" was translated in English when myriads of time and money were spent on other books. I will tell you. There were so many unfulfilled prophecies and contradictions within it's own texts that the UHJ put off the English translation until it could be corrected to where the brainwashed Bahai's could accept it. there are older English translations, 2 that I know of, that have entire chapters and paragraphs that were removed from what the UHJ released in the 1990's. These translations were made by very devout believers that had no reason to add or mistranslated any portion of their sacred scriptures... so my question is: Why change the words of God? Answer, they would not appeal to the general public, even though a few things fell through the Baha'i filter. There is an organization that makes sure anything in print gets an approval or not, it may sound good... nope, it's censorship, another thing that any "liberal" thinking Baha'i would be ready to fight to the death to eliminate. You Baha'is are your own worst representatives of hypocrites. There is no Unity, only if you follow like a Baha'i robot, all the rules and a very unhealthy fast... no water, are you kidding. it is hard on your kidneys and does not flush out any of the toxins that a fast would do for you... Baha didn't know this, he was not God. He was an ignorant Messiah complex lunatic that lived during a period similar to the time that the Jews were expecting a Messiah, I am not even going to address Jesus. But The Babi Faith and the 2000 year too quickly, Baha'i Faith all came at a time when another prophet was expected in the Islamic world. These people were ego maniacs, nuts, not messengers for God. Wake up, read, study and open up your eyes to the possibility that you have been deceived! It's just as possible that you were deceived as you were delivered this blessed gift from God. It's a lie, don't trust me, look at the facts my fellow human friends.

I became aware of each of the inconsistencies within my first two years of becoming a Baha'i. This is all true and much, much more. There are reputable news items of brutal murders to cover-up Baha'u'llah's claim to be the successor of the Bab. Mirza Ya Ya was clearly and plainly named by the Bab as his successor. Baha figured out that he could get no where with that title, so he switched tracks and took up the title, "Manifestation of God", and was able to get away with that one. The Baha'i faith is full of lies, changes in doctrines, rewrites of entire "infallible books"... it's sickening I have to just stop. I am embarrassed to had been deceived by this man-made cult by Islamic nut cases that had the messiah complex to the most extreme degree, to lie, kill, My God, it is sickening. Leave this garbage cult, ASAP!

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  1. The Bahá'i Faith is Not a Cult at all. It's a Respectable religion that promites Truth & Peace. I'm so happy to be a Bahá'i my brother, i have nothing but Love for everybody! Love & Respect baby! 💙🙏


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