The Baha'i founded US defence contractor

One seeker after reading above pages, commented :
Are the Tayebis involved with the Administrative Order or are they individual actors who have enriched themselves in the arms trade?

You can find many individuals of various religions who engage in activities contrary to the precepts of their professed religion.

On the other hand, there are Bahá’ís who have actively paved the way for conflict with the blessing of the Administrative Order. The weapons inspector David Kelly comes to mind.
Masood Tayebi
Saeid Ghafouri, Massih Tayebi
 Answer by N. Wahid Azal

No Haifan Baha'i can so much as lift a finger or let out air without the nod and blessing of the Haifan "Administrative Order." If they were acting against the interests of this cult's politburo, they would be sanctioned, publicly humiliated and thrown out. As it stands the Tayyebis have neither been sanctioned or thrown out so it would appear that the "Administrative Order" views these things with complaisance. The Tayyebis aren't the only ones either. However, this particular family also happen to be related to a Sangsari Iranian Baha'i clan whose corruption under the Pahlavi regime as a cosa nostra crime syndicate was one that the "Administrative Order" then did nothing about since it appears that the "Administrative Order" under the tutelage of Habib Sabet-Pasal (the Iranian NSA's secretary-general from 1953 after the coup against Mossadegh to 1978) was in business with these very same people.

Given this, and numerous other examples, the claim that "individuals of various religions who engage in activities contrary to the precepts of their professed religion" is a non sequitur which does not really fly in the case of Haifan Baha'ism since Haifan Baha'ism is not really a religion at all but a cult which has for over a century masqueraded itself under a belief system when it is really a shady business engaging in arms dealing, espionage, and similar. After all Baha'ullah himself is documented to have engaged in such underhanded shady business activities while operating as the don of a mafia during the Baghdad period (1853-63). This was also one of the reasons why the Ottomans decided to move them from Iraq to Turkey on the Black Sea.

That aside, why don't you write your NSA and ask them about the Tayyebis and Kratos, and post the answer here when they respond.

Also ask them about this woman who is a contractor for the US departments of Defense as well as Homeland Security.

Another point to mention is that many of these aforementioned people also have direct, established and intimate ties to the "regime change" crowd in government and the private sector. In the case of the Abedians of Australia this is also due to their close business relationship with the royal family of the United Arab Emirates (particularly Dubai's) whose underhanded attempts against the Islamic Republic of Iran is well documented. This crowd of people are also linked closely to assorted anti-Iran Israeli lobbies and think-tanks, in the United States as well as Australia and elsewhere, and they are among the same crowd of Baha'i business people reaping the most benefits by Donald Trump scrapping America's role in the Iran Deal and attempting to position the US, Israel and their regional allies for possible regime change and war against Iran.

Those with money and those without it are treated completely differently within this cult. This is because Bahaism from its inception has always been a criminal kleptocracy. So while this system keeps rank-a-file plebs in line by keeping them preoccupied with the smokescreen of Bahaism qua "religion", the actual elite of the system make business and sells arms -- as well as many other things.

Source :

Guardians of the Iranian American Scholarship Fund, extreme right Masood and Haleh Tayebi, they collect money then use it for Baha'is.

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