Ficicchia's book forced Baha'i cultists to register themselves as an NGO in West Germany!

By Wahid Azal

Ficicchia's book is actually quite well written and extensive in its scope with the German Council of Protestant churches getting behind Ficicchia himself during the period. The German Council of Protestant churches is Germany's most powerful religious lobby. The Baha'is attacked Ficicchia and his book relentlessly, mobilizing their big guns here such as Udo Schaeffer and Nikola Tawfigh who wrote up an 800+ page Baha'i-style refutation that consists of pure bunkum and propaganda. This so-called refutation was later translated into English as Making the Crooked Straight. However, the damage inflicted on the reputation of these cultists in West Germany as a result of Ficicchia's book was decisive, wide-ranging and shattering. Only one or two years after its publication in 1981, the West German government of the time withdrew the Haifan Baha'i organization's "religion" status as a result of the book. The Haifan Baha'is were then forced to register themselves instead as an NGO until 2012-13 when they regained their religion status due to an administrative technicality. This book definitely deserves a translation. His most recent book on the Baha'is ( ) is also worth translating.

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