Baha'is making fool of Pakistan and Pakistani people.

Baha'is sowing the seeds of Baha'ism in the innocent hearts of Pakistani Children and Pakistani government is awarding them with more money!

Grant, scholarships announced for Baha'is!!!!!!?

Islamabad : The Bahai community celebrated their festival of Eid-e-Rizvan here on the Pakistan National Council of the Arts premises, where Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Sardar Muhammad Yousaf was the chief guest.

Greeting the followers of Bahai religion on the festival, the minister expressed joy at the presence of prominent personalities of other communities, including Muslim, Hindu, Christian and Parsi.

He said minorities were enjoying equal rights in the country as Islam was a peaceful religion giving equal rights to all communities.

He announced Rs500,000 for the welfare of Bahai community, besides offering scholarships to its students.

MNA Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankvani said five per cent quota reserved for non-Muslims in government jobs should be enhanced. According to information available, Eid-e-Ridvan is a 12-day festival in the Baha'i faith, commemorating the religion's founder, Baha Ullah's, declaration that he was a divine manifestation. It begins at sunset on April 21 and continues until sunset on May 2.

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  1. Yo family Bahai's arenot making a fool of anybody, we got much Love & Respect for all, that's it.


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