Video : Countering the Baha'i Propaganda part1 - By Wahid Azal


  1. Hello, to make comments about any religion you should know all about it. I have never heard the word bahaism, the religion is called Baha'i Faith.

  2. Hi there !
    If you are talking about Wahid Azal, then you must first listen all his lectures on your cult then say anything.
    Listen here :
    Please listen all the parts, then come back here and we will discuss further.
    About the word Bahaism, this is not new. May be you are very young and your elders did not let you know about this. Just search this term in the Archives of New York Times and Washington Post and you will find many old news item with this word printed by Bahais themselves.

  3. You are wasting your precious time and life in a kind of anti propaganda. Why don't you invest your time and money in any cause that is worthwhile for humanity?

  4. Why are you wasting your life in Baha'u'shaitaan?


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