The Israeli Zionist War on Palestinian people and the role of Baha'is

I have changed the title of this post. The original title of this post is "The Israeli Jewish War on Islam in Palestine" and it is located here :

Why I changed the Title ?
•  The Israel is a safe heaven for Baha'is. Baha'is enjoy total freedom while Muslims and Christians are suffering.
•  The holy places of Baha'is are Tax Exempted and protected by the IDF. While the holy places of Muslims and Christians are being damaged.
•  Lands of Muslims and Christians is being confiscated by the Zionist regime but the lands owned by Israeli Military are being awarded to Baha'is for their holy places.
•  The Baha'is do not involve in politics but they condemn Human Rights violations. Where are the statements of UHJ condemning the Human Rights and International Laws violation by the Israeli Regime?
•  The unconditional support by the Israeli Zionist regime to the Baha'is and the visits paid by the Israeli leaders to the Baha'i holy places is a proof of their co-operation with each other.
See this :
•  The Baha'is involve with all types of evil politicians but they do not involve in politics!!!

Conclusion :

The Baha'is are the most deceptive people on this earth. So they are banned in many countries. They do not condemn the atrocities done to Muslims and Christians by Zionist Regime. They say they believe in 'separation of religion and state' but they fully support the Jewish Zionist State. They also want to bring a totalitarian Universal Government (NWO) ruled by the 'infallible members' of the UHJ sitting in Haifa. They want to rule the whole world!!! and the Zionists also have the same agenda! And they both support each other. SO THEIR ACTIVITIES MUST BE SEVERELY MONITORED in each and every country.

Now, please read the article

by Khalid Amayreh on 12/24/2011

As Israeli Jewish terrorist attacks on mosques in occupied Palestine are assuming a phenomenal frequency.

Israeli Jewish SettlersIndeed, with the Israeli government and security establishment doing next to nothing to put an end to this wanton and unprovoked terror, a huge fire is being started in the region.

In religious wars, all sides are usually variably culpable and blamable. However, in the occupied Palestinian territories, Jewish fanatics bear nearly 100% of the blame.

Their attacks against mosques are not provoked by similar Palestinian attacks against Jewish religious places. In fact, Jewish terror groups readily admit that arson attacks against mosques are meant to embarrass the Israeli occupation army.

The attacks are perpetrated under the slogan “Price Tag” every time the Israeli army moves to dismantle a Jewish settlement outpost.

So why is it that the Palestinians and their places of worship are attacked, not the Israeli army?

Well, it takes a thoroughly sick mind to rationalize, even glamorize such attacks, but the Israeli settler camp never faces a shortage of virulence, mental depravity and mental sickness.

We are talking after all about the worst of the worst that racist, Talmudic Judaism could breed, people who view the rest of mankind as subhuman.

The practical implications of such a venomous ideology are enormous and absolutely nefarious. If non-Jews are subhuman, then their lives must be worthless, have no sanctity and expendable.

Think not I am making an exaggeration as it is difficult to exaggerate the evilness of these racist thugs who spend a lifetime demonizing and dehumanizing humanity as they celebrate their Chosen-people or Master-race status.

Unfortunately, the Israeli government and security establishment are giving these criminal-minded thugs a free rein to gang up on virtually unprotected Palestinian civilians, torch mosques and churches and vandalize olive groves throughout occupied Palestine.

It is very hard to buy the Israeli government’s argument that these terrorists are a marginal group. But even if they were a marginal group, this wouldn’t minimize the gravity of their terrorist actions.

The Nazi Hitler Youth was once viewed as a marginal group. However, the world saw what that “marginal” group was able to do during Kristalnacht in November, 1938.

Hence, the question begs itself whether the Israeli government should wait until the so-called hill-top “troublemakers” morph into a Jewish Hitler Youth.

Unfortunately, the Israeli government, the most fascist ever, can’t be given the benefit of the doubt.

In the final analysis, the suspected connivance and obvious leniency with which the Netanyahu government treats these despicable criminals, along with the mind-boggling reluctance to prosecute them raise many hard questions about the nature of that government.

One Israeli writer, when asked recently why the government didn’t exercise its legal authority to arrest and try Jewish terrorists who attack Muslim and Christian holy place, said a venomous snake wouldn’t bit its own tail.

There is another worrying dimension to this obscenity, namely the virtually complete absence of real condemnations of these terrorist acts by Jewish leaders in Israel and abroad.

Jewish leaders in Europe and North America wouldn’t wait a minute to condemn the slightest anti-Semitic attack on Jewish targets, even if this target happened to be a lone Jewish grave in an isolated village in Eastern Europe .

Even remarks or even slip-of-the-tongue jokes are castigated and people are made to pay a price.

However, when fellow Jews carry out outrageous acts of terror, arson and vandalism against mosques and churches, we see that these same Jewish leaders become speechless as if the acts of terror took place in a different galaxy.

The Jewish leadership must realize that the orphans of Kahana and thuggish terrorists of Gush Emunim are more than trouble makers. They are in fact criminal fire-starters whose pyromania could burn Jews as well as non-Jews.

Hence, Jewish leaders must have the necessary courage and rectitude to admit that Jewish terrorism is a two-lane street and that Muslims won’t stand idle if their peaceable holy places continue to be torched and vandalized in the most blatant and unprovoked manner.

Of course, it would be naïve to expect verbal condemnations by Jewish leaders to stem the tide of Jewish settler terror against Muslim and Christian holy places.


( / 25.12.2011)


  1. Baha'is are hypocrites they will not utter a word if any injustice is committed to any non-baha'i.

  2. You're a lying anonymous coward. Baha'is are defenders of human rights for all humans, not just people of one ethnicity or religion.

    "Baha'i International Community calls for release of Christian pastor facing death sentence

    Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, left, pictured with his wife, Fatemah, and their two young sons. Photo credit: Christian Solidarity Worldwide.
    4 October 2011

    GENEVA — The Baha'i International Community has joined the call for the release of Youcef Nadarkhani, a Christian pastor from Rasht, Iran."

    1. How many such Christians are given death sentences in Iran or any other muslim country? How many really executed? Was this pastor executed? Baha'is knew that very well that this is not going to happen. But due to the hypocrisy and political gains, they do engage in this types of condemnations. Now tell me when it was the last time the BIC condemned the Israeli Government for violating the very basic Human Rights of Palestinian people? How many Palestinian people are killed by the Zionist state since its inception? How many International Laws the Zionist state violated? How much land usurped? How many Palestinian kicked out of their houses? How many children bombed? Where are the statement of condemnation of Baha'is? The Baha'i faith if its alive, it is because of the bread and butter provided to it by the Zionist Regime in lieu of the services it is offering for this apartheid state.

  3. In response to this entire article or post and in response to the person who left the Anonymous comment.

    First off Baha'i's are ALL FOR Human Rights, we do pray for ANYONE who is treated with injustice no matter what religion they are, secondly, ask yourself, do christians or some muslims care how Baha'i's are treated? 3rdly theres talk about the Zionist New World Order and the Baha'i' New World Order, here is the difference, Baha'i' believe that Baha'u'llah is prophecy of Jesus being fulfilled cause Jesus said "I will return in the "Glory of the Father by way of the Gate" now some take this literal while others symbolic, Baha'u'llah literally means in arabic "Glory of God" and the Bab in arabic literally translates to the "Gate", Baha'u'llah and the Bab were both sent together as messengers of God, we as Baha'i' believe Baha'u'llah is the fulfillment of Jesus prophecy, he is the Messiah in which the Prophet spoke about who would come but Muslims think it will LITERALLY be Jesus returning but its not. Jesus himself did not say he would return as himself, he said "I will return in different form with a different name", NOW what the ZIONIST's are ushering in is the FALSE MESSIAH, they are bringing in what the JEWS are expecting and waiting for because they rejected Jesus as the true Messiah, the ZIONIST's are ushering in a New World Order with a micro chip, false worship, materialism, injustice etc.... The treatment of the Palestinian people is because of the ZIONISTS are allowing and making happen, while the Baha'i's are praying for them and wanting to teach them about the Baha'i' faith but are unable to because of the ZIONIST control, so tell me how it is that right? Tell me how Baha'i's are unjust except for with other Baha'i's if Baha'i's are praying for the palestinians and trying to teach them about the Baha'i' faith? Baha'u'llah wants a New World Order that doesnt involve a micro chip, or injustice, it involves more of Human Rights and equality.

  4. Who's to say that Zionism and the world order of Bahá'u'lláh isn't the exact same order?

  5. Who's to say that Zionism and the world order of Bahá'u'lláh isn't the exact same order?


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