There has been no persecution of the Baha'is in Iran.

Dale, in America when a group of prominent people in, let's say, Alabama swindle the state and people of millions under a previous state administration and get prosecuted and go to jail under the subsequent one, you call it a scandal and justice. You never characterize the crooks as being persecuted or question the narratives around it. But when it comes to countries like Iran and the same situation, even liberals like you buy into the "persecution" myth, which is why I am generally critical of your stance on Iran, Islam etc as being biased and largely uninformed.

There has been no persecution of the Baha'is in Iran. Those 200+ Baha'is who were executed via revolutionary justice between the years of 1979-1985 got exactly what they deserved because of 1) the close proximity of the Baha'i administration and community to the previous regime with its gangster cronyism, 2) the guilt of those people in a litany of economic crimes under the previous regime, 3) the intimate ties and proximity of the Baha'i administration and individuals with the governments of Israel, the United Kingdom and the United States, 4) continued espionage by the Baha'is against the interests of the Iranian state and 5) failing to disband the Baha'i administration with its public activities when they had made unequivocal undertakings to do so.

Now, the Haifan Baha'is claim that there are 200,000 to 300,000 Baha'is in Iran. They have claimed such a number since 1979. How do you have persecution when not even 1% of that number has been officially tallied as persecuted? Please use your head and quit repeating parrot tales and swan songs of yesteryear the Baha'is may have gotten your sympathy with at the time. Kindly bury this persecution myth.


  1. bahais as a global organization support israel and saudi arabia for geopolitical reasons, and saudi arabia officially uses rape as a weapon of war, in the battlefield, in prisons, and in europe. in case you didnt know there is a saudi supported and israeli orchestrated organized effort to send rapist terrorists to europe disguised as "asylum seekers". saudi arabia and UAE use rape as a torture method, even on their own soldiers in yemen, and of course we all know about ISIS. the Bahai leadership is part of their grand scheme and they work together on this.

    the whole point of all this is bahais are zionists and they are with israel and saudi arabia is a strong ally. Bahais support the MEK, alqaeda, ISIS, al nusra, etc. anything to help israel or hurt the iranian people.

    thats the geopolitics of the bahai organization.

  2. The conversation the above quote from Wahid Azal came from is here:

    Meanwhile, things got interesting on one of my YouTube videos for a short time:


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