Baha'i Hypocrisy : Unity of Mankind, Unity of Religions!

Prominent Indian Baha'i Vikas Dubey gets sanctioned (punished) for ignoring Baha'i Marriage laws. Ironically sitting beside him is Sama Sabet (LSA Member) who has also violated Baha'i Laws by keeping illicit relations with a prominent Indian Journalist, but she was never sanctioned! RIP Baha'i Justice

Baha'is apparently proclaim the Unity of Mankind and Unity of Religions. Now check the ruling of the UHJ's about those Baha'is who marry according to other religious laws.

A different case arises when a believer dissimulates his faith solely for the purpose of getting married under another religion. Such an action merely in order to evade the requirements of Bahá’í law and to enable him to have the ceremony of the other religion is not permissible and would usually lead to the imposition of administrative sanctions. In addition, if the parents actively take part in facilitating such a marriage, they would be subject to the same sanctions as would apply to the child.

You also seek guidance with regard to whether parents could attend the Muslim wedding of their daughter, who is seeking to convert to Islam for the sole purpose of marrying under that religion. In such a case, the general principle regarding believers attending weddings of Bahá’ís who are marrying contrary to Bahá’í law would apply. That is, if it is known beforehand that a believer is violating such laws, it would be inappropriate for the friends to attend the ceremony, out of respect for Bahá’í law. This same principle would apply to attendance at a reception celebrating the marriage. Nevertheless, the concern and care that the parents have for their child would naturally be unaffected even if she lost her administrative rights as the result of such a marriage.

(From a letter dated 20 July 2009 written on behalf of the Universal House of Justice to a National Spiritual Assembly)

Thanks to Rahul D. for sharing the news.

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