Desparate Baha'is cunningly teach Baha'i faith to innocent people through PSA Programs / seminars.

Non-Baha'i participants of PSA program in Africa

About PSA Program, One Baha'i claims :

The Preparation for Social Action (PSA) program seeks to empower youth by making math, science, language, community development, and technology applicable to their everyday lives. Its curriculum is both theoretical and action-oriented, integrating study with community-building activities. To date, PSA has reached over 500 community members.

PSA was originally developed by The Foundation for the Application and Teaching of the Sciences (FUNDAEC) in the 1970s. Its success in rural communities throughout Colombia sparked the interest of the international community and its curriculum has since been re-written to suit a global audience. In its early years, the Kimanya-Ngeyo Foundation received direct support from FUNDAEC in the form of startup costs, learning materials, and tutor training.
I've started the first book called "properties". It's a mix of simple yet advanced scientific concepts. It's really engaging and I can totally see the parallels between science and the Baha'i teachings.

I encourage all of you to try find a group near you. There are so many units. It's like the Ruhi institute but more tailored towards science, language, technology, management etc.
In India, Hindus are deceptively being converted to Baha'i Faith through PSA Seminars.
In the Ridvan 2010 message, the Universal House of Justice mentioned that, all social action seeks to apply the teachings and principles of the faith to improve some aspects of social or economic life of a population however modestly”. 

In another message the Universal House of Justice reiterated, “The work advancing in every corner of the globe today represents the latest stage of the ongoing Baha’i endeavour to create the nucleus of the glorious civilization enshrined in His teachings, the building of which is an enterprise of infinite complexity and scale, one that will demand centuries of exertion by humanity to bring to fruition. There are no shortcuts, no formulas. Only as effort is made to draw on insights from His Revelation, to tap into the accumulating knowledge of the human race, to apply His teachings intelligently to the life of humanity, and to consult on the questions that arise will the necessary learning occur and capacity be developed”. 

PSA Seminar in Vietnam


  1. "In India, Hindus are deceptively being converted to Baha'i Faith through PSA Seminars."

    Why do you assume that all efforts to teach the Baha'i Faith to outsiders are "deceptive"? What exactly are these teachers lying about?

    I am asking that question because I know most Baha'is seeking converts don't think they are deceiving anyone.

    1. Hi Dale,

      This is deceptive because the participants are told that they are working to build a new civilization. Baha'is in China deceive the Chinese people under the banner of English Classes. In Bahrain (a Muslim country) Baha'ism is not known as the "Baha'i Faith", it is known as "The Baha'i Social Society". Baha'is don't teach their religion with "clarity" to others like Muslims or Christians do. They always hide behind something to teach their religion, then they also claim that they don't proselytize!


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