The following site claiming to be a neutral religions discussion forum is in fact controlled by the interests and agendas of the HAIFAN BAHAI ORGANIZATION and its Bahai Internet Agency. Neutral non-Bahai observers, beware:
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Wahid Azal

The Experience of Larry Rowe with
I was banned from All Beliefs for supposed misrepresentation. My misrepresentations? Referring to the Baha'is who have their world centre in Haifa as Haifan Baha'is. For referring to the Baha'i World Faith as Baha'ism. For putting up a link to Karen Bacquets web page and then being accused of putting up an antibahai link, lol! Anyone who knows Karen knows she is anything but antibahai, she is anti fundamentalism as it concerns the Baha'i Faith but apparently liberal Baha'i views are considered to be antibahai on All Beliefs. When I pointed out that Baha'is refer to themselves as the people of Baha' as well and that therefore Baha'ists and or Baha'ism are legitimate terms for those that refer to themselves as: the people of Baha', it was ignored.

It is quite apparent that the only Baha'i point of view which is allowed to be expressed on All Beliefs is the Haifan Baha'i POV. Sad. I communicated with the site owner and he seemed like a fair minded person it is too bad though that he has allowed the Haifan Baha'i clique to take control over the supposedly 'all beliefs' agenda of his site and to force him into banning those who express views which are not approved by Haifan Baha'ism or in any way critical of Haifan Baha'ism. To be honest he needs to remove the all from all beliefs.


Larry Rowe

My Experience

I started discussing about the various Baha'i sects and was Banned.


  1. You are on a one week restriction, not banned.
    This is an example of the amont of truth in the posts you have made here. You were cited mulitple times for violating forum rule snd have expressed a desire to not change your level of participation.....that is YOUR choice. Read AB mission statement, read the rules, all faiths will be protected in a such a manner. Your level of understanding of the owner is minimal, SHE would really like to help you maintain positive participation at AB. Your agenda cannot dictate the function of that forum.

  2. You broke about half of the rules on the site so it's more than the couple of trifles you bothered to mention. The half you didn't break are ones that nearly no one breaks anyway but that forums have to have to cover their legal derrieres.

    For Heaven's sake, the site owner is Luciferian and hardly has a vested interest in protecting opinions of either you or the Baha'is on the site.

    As it stands now the owner is willing to discuss the situation with you and see if it's possible for you to participate within the same rules everyone is expected to.

    Your next action will determine your true intentions when it comes to participation there.

  3. Discussing Sects of Bahai faith is a crime within the bahai community and the Supreme Body can declare you as a covenant breaker if you insist on discussing. So they do not discuss.

  4. Sure, George. Since the forum in question is not an arm of the Baha'i Faith, but is owned and run by a Luciferian, good luck making a claim that it's the "Baha'i Community" in charge here.

    On that forum the Baha'is there wouldn't even be able to refer to people as Covenant Breakers even if they wanted to, because the rule of Respect is pretty simple: Everyone calls everyone else by the names people use for themselves, whether they like it or not.

    Once the Baha'is there realized that Yahoel303 called himself a Bayani and not an Azali, they stopped using the term Azali. The mod staff didn't have to tell them to use the term Bayani -- they just did it because it's the polite thing to do.

    But hey, don't let the facts get in the way of a good story...

  5. George, All Beliefs is not a Baha'i community. Have a look at it for yourself. There are Baha'i members but there are also Christians, Muslims, Pagans, Luciferians, Atheists, etc. I'm the owner and I wouldn't even know how to get in contact with the "Supreme Body" much less have any idea what they want. Furthermore, as a Luciferian, I have very little interest in the rules of other people's religions.

  6. Yes All Beliefs is just like
    Baha'is working in the name of Muslims.
    Good work.

  7. Thank you Dr. Azal, I have been observing your debates with Haifan Baha'is at many places. I like your points, you have excellent reasoning. May god bless you.

  8. The thought police over on 'All' Beliefs have arbitrarily tacked on another 3 weeks to my 'temporary' ban, lol. Heck I didn't even get a chance to post, lol!

    Boy those Haifan Baha'is must really be upset that I clued people into the fact that their Haifan Baha'i sect is only one out of several other Baha'i sects. For this 'misrepresentation' and for linking to pages which outline the differences between the beliefs of those differing Baha'i sects the thought police at All Beliefs saw fit to
    extend their 'temporary' ban.

    The moderators/owners at All Beliefs have proved once again that either they are in the pockets of Haifan Baha'is or perhaps even Haifan Baha'is incognito. Which would make perfect sense after 'Laura' posted here out of the blue having never posted to TRB before.

    I won't be surprised if these Haifan Baha'i cronies find another excuse to extend my ban three weeks from now, not at all.


    Larry Rowe


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