Former Indian Baha'i writes an open letter protesting deceptive conversion of children to the Baha'i Faith.

The Baha’is are conducting children moral classes across the country, as if improving morality of the society is their patented right.

Baha’is dispatch tutors to housing colonies to collect names of children in age group between 5-12 years. The tutors convey to the parents that at a convenient location moral classes would be conducted, absolutely free. The parents, at times with little or no verification of credentials, agree to send their wards.

The classes are conducted at the house of a committed Baha’i, who stays close-by, and under the direct patronage of the Baha’i local assembly. As the tutor takes the innocent children through the course with songs, prayers, games and so-called value upliftment stories, the message of the Baha’i Faith penetrates as a hidden agenda. After building a good-will, the parents are invited to parties in the moral classes, where after a few rounds of songs and prayers, parents are given some feedback of their wards. Here again a few glimpses of the Baha’i Faith are conveyed. At times, the parents are encouraged to attend classes conducted for the elderly. These classes are called as Ruhi Classes. Since parents are busy and cannot devote time, the Ruhi Classes are conducted at a frequency of once or twice a week – mostly on weekends.

The Baha’is, thus in a short time of say two months, have two or three patrons from a family. Soon an invitation comes to attend special functions held at the Baha’i Local Assembly Centre. As you would have guessed, the exposure to Baha’i Faith here to gullible children and unsuspecting parents increases.

There are cases where within a year, the parents are offered change of faith option by the same tutors who had approached with an innocent request to conduct moral classes. This is how the Baha’i Faith discreetly carries on its propagation activities. The conversion is so low key that the individuals are given the facility to retain their names.

Such classes are spread across India, in all metropolitan cities and certain smaller towns. Working parents who have little time to spend with their children find such classes useful to take care of their children. Little do they probe of the background of the tutor or why would such service be available free. Unknowingly the patronage of Baha’i Faith increases in the country.

1. In India, Baha’is have been caught with sensitive Government information. Some have been apprehended for having duplicate passports and travel papers. Attached herewith a newspaper report to validate my findings.

2. Baha’i education institutes have been previously under government scanner and had to face temporary closure due to public outcry.

The seemingly innocent but certainly deceptive ‘social activity’ if left unchecked, would have alarming repercussions. There are several questions that we as responsible citizens must ask ourselves:

1. Is our school and college syllabus on moral studies not adequate, that we need support of such religious groups?

2. Why do religious groups have to venture beyond their community to other communities? Can this responsibility not be undertaken by each community and religious group within their community?

3. Are these tutors conducting courses under government overview? Should these classes not be conducted with government knowledge?

4. At the tender age of 5-12 years, children are left under tutelage of unknown persons. At this age, any idea conveyed gets acceptance. Should the citizens of India not be alerted of this silent activity which is happening in our major cities and towns?

5. Is the Hindu religion, society and culture lacking of moral concepts, that we leave our children at hands of persons following little known religious beliefs which have come to India from foreign lands?

A. UHJ asks Baha’is to Start Baha’i Children Classes

The Universal House of Justice, the Baha’i Apex Body situated at Haifa, Israel, believes that by conducting Baha’i children classes and by inviting non Baha’i children to it the Baha’i Faith will penetrate into the local population and this way the roots of Baha’i Faith will strengthen in the society.
1) “Classes for the spiritual education of children and junior youth serve to strengthen the roots of the Faith in the local population.”

(Message from Universal House of Justice, The Baha’i Apex body, 27 December 2005)

2) “Aware of the aspirations of the children of the world and their need for spiritual education, they extend their efforts widely to involve ever-growing contingents of participants in classes that become centres of attraction for the young and strengthen the roots of the Faith in society.”

(Message from Universal House of Justice, The Baha’i Apex body , Ridvan 2008)

3) “Let them never forget the imperative to tend to the needs of the children of the world and offer them lessons that develop their spiritual faculties and lay the foundations of a noble and upright character.”

(Message from Universal House of Justice, The Baha’i Apex body , 20 October 2008)

4) “… The steady multiplication of core activities, propelled by the training institute, creates a sustainable pattern of expansion and consolidation that is at once structured and organic. As seekers join these activities and declare their faith, individual and collective teaching endeavours gather momentum. Through the effort made to ensure that a percentage of the new believers enrol in the institute courses, the pool of human resources required to carry out the work of the Faith swells. When strenuously pursued in a cluster, all of this activity eventually brings about conditions favourable for launching an intensive programme of growth.”

(Universal House of Justice, 27 December 2005)

5. “Drawing on the wealth of experience now accumulated in this area of endeavour, institutes will have to provide their communities with a constant stream of human resources to serve the process of entry by troops… Study circles, reinforced by extension courses and special campaigns, have shown their ability to lend structure to the process of spiritual education at the grassroots.”

(Universal House of Justice, 9 January 2001)

B. Baha’i Administration wants to expand the children classes of different age groups as young as 5 years.

The International Teaching Centre(ITC) another important Baha’i administrative Body wants to expand the children classes in various countries of different continent and trap kids as young as 5 years.

“As you know the International Teaching Centre has been asked by the Universal House of Justice in the Ridvan 2010 message to give special consideration to the implementation of Baha’i children’s classes and to provide an “analysis of the experience gained in a few selected clusters this coming year, representative of diverse social realities” that “will shed light on practical issues which will make possible the establishment of regular classes, for children of every age, in neighbourhoods and villages.”

We look forward to having a rigorous discourse with all the Boards of Counsellors during this year about the systematization of children’s classes and as a first step, we wish to begin with an initial basic survey of a few selected clusters in each continent which would provide us with the practical context in which to clarify the current realities and issues.

•Age of the children participating in these classes to be categorized in at least three levels.

Level 1,   5-6 years,
Level 2,   6-7 years,
Level 3,   7-8 years.

First level can have different age groups. In subsequent levels all should try to normalize age groups of the children.”

C. Baha’i children classes will attract many families to Faith

(Letter dated 9 October 2007 written on behalf of the Universal House of Justice to an individual)

Dear Bahá’í Friends,

Your email letter...regarding children’s classes…has been received by the Universal House of Justice, and we have been asked to respond as follows.

Your heartfelt concern for the education of Bahá’í children and your desire for a national Bahá’í curriculum which follows a well-conceived and systematic program of learning are appreciated…

Should you have suggestions to make about the nature of the program that is being developed at the national level, you are encouraged to share your ideas with your National Assembly.

With regard to neighbourhood children’s classes, this is a most promising development which will undoubtedly attract to the Faith many families concerned about the spiritual and moral education of their children, and the friends should not underestimate the power of their children becoming involved in them. Indeed, many stories have been received that describe a strengthening of Bahá’í identity as Bahá’í children participate in classes with children from the wider society.
We are to assure you of the prayers of the House of Justice in the Holy Shrines that your efforts to advance the Cause of God and to further the spiritual and moral education of children will attract the confirmations of the Blessed Beauty.

With loving Bahá’í greetings,

Department of the Secretariat

D. The purpose of Baha’i Classes is to reach out to greater number of children of the wider society (Non Baha’is)

(Letter dated 22 November 2009 written on behalf of the Universal House of Justice to an individual)

Dear Bahá’í Friend,

The Universal House of Justice has received your email letter dated… seeking clarification regarding Bahá’í children’s classes. Your concern for the effective education of Bahá’í children is warmly appreciated. The House of Justice feels that the issues you raise should be considered in the context of current developments in the Bahá’í world and, in this connection, we have been asked to provide the following comments, acknowledging with regret the delay in our response.

The establishment of children’s classes, one of the core activities of the Five Year Plan, is intended to address young people’s need for spiritual education up to about age 11. An outward-looking orientation in this sphere of service has enabled Bahá’ís across the world to reach out to greater numbers of children than could ever have been contemplated heretofore. In particular, Bahá’í communities have increasingly come to conceive of the education they offer as being for all children, without distinguishing between those that come from a Bahá’í background and others. Clearly, this has implications for the organization and coordination of classes. It also has a profound impact on the conception of the Bahá’í community in terms of its interactions with wider society.

All this does not necessarily imply the redundancy of centralized children’s classes. Rather, in each locality consideration must be given, with a humble attitude of learning, as to how best to provide a spiritual education for ever-growing numbers of children. In this light, the issue of neighbourhood and centralized classes should not be understood as a dichotomy of mutually exclusive approaches, but as a question of the practical means by which the necessarily limited resources of the community can best be applied to the priorities at hand. In a letter written to you on behalf of the House of Justice dated 9 October 2007, it was observed that neighbourhood children’s classes are a most promising development and that in many instances they have led to a strengthening of Bahá’í identity as Bahá’í children participate in classes with children from the wider society. The past two years have offered further proof of the potential they hold. It is expected that, through experience and consultation with the relevant institutions, the classes held in neighbourhoods will continually improve until they equal or surpass the standard of any centralized children’s classes that previously existed.

It is hoped that the above comments will be of assistance to you. Should you have further questions on the subject of the Bahá’í education of children in your community, it is best to refer them in the first instance to your National Spiritual Assembly.

With loving Bahá’í greetings,

Department of the Secretariat

What has to be done?

Since Baha’i Faith is not a Faith or Religion but its sole purpose is to be against the revealed religion, spread immorality and to gather information’s of targeted countries. We have some solutions to offer. As Baha’is betray humanity the suggestions are not country or any group specific but they are universal. It is the duty of every one of us to save their children, their society , culture and their country. I am sure every sane and responsible world citizen will take these suggestions seriously as it is the need of the hour.

1. Put activities of this faith under scanner – how do funds come, what are the foreign connections.

2. Advise all police stations in metropolitan cities and towns to convey to housing colonies about being on alert of such invitations of the children classes being conducted.

3. Encourage all communities to start such activities for its members.

4. Review government grants and support extended to Baha’i institutes.

5. Prevent government servants and ministers from attending Baha’i invitations for any ceremonies, functions or programmes.

6. Baha’is should conduct the classes only with Baha’i children and they should not invite non Baha’i children.

I had unknowingly come in close contact of the Baha’i Faith through volunteering to send my daughter to such children classes in Hrishikesh Nagar area of Delhi. It was only after a close relative, who had a better understanding of what lied in store alerted me, that I became aware of where I was headed. I am lucky of having been alerted well in time. But what about the hundreds of other citizens who fall in the trap?

A responsible Indian Citizen
(Hrishikesh Nagar, Delhi, India)



1. Hrishikesh Nagar (Delhi)


2. Sangli (Maharashtra)


3. Panchgani (Maharashtra)

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