On 200th Birth Anniversary of the Bab, here is a gift for the Baha'is.

Finally the sketch has been found.

Dead bodies of the Bab and Anis

Once I told him that it appears from the Maqalih that following the martyrdom of the Bab, the Russian Consul arrived and sketched a portrait of the Blessed Body. I asked [Monsieur Nicolas] to investigate through the Consul and see if that portrait had survived.

[Monsieur Nicolas] volunteered to investigate. He went to the Russian Consulate and found two documents related to the Blessed Cause. One was a report about the day of the Bab's martyrdom and the other concerned the martyrdom of three persons: Aqa Mirza Ahmad Khurasani, Mirza Mustafa Kashani and one dervish.

...[Monsieur Nicolas] failed to find the portrait of the Blessed Body.

The Russian Consul told him: "This portrait belonged to someone and he took it with him."

We forgot to enquire about the name and birth place of the [Russian] Consul at that time. It may have been possible to obtain the portrait from his family.


Note :

Above picture has been copied from the Russian book, that can be purchased from here.

The book can be downloaded free from here.

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