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  1. Wahid Azal, as a "Bayani" will not be happy about this.

    He has turned against me and even got me suspended from reddit this weekend. See the following:



    I got this message Friday, Nov. 22, 2019:

    {{{Your account has been suspended from Reddit for posting personal information. The suspension will last 3 day(s).


    This is an automated message; responses will not be received by Reddit admins.}}}

    It was not made clear to me what personal information I posted. Next I will post what got me in trouble so you can see for yourself.

    1. Part one:

      Posted by u/Dale_Husband_HS
      2 months ago
      Wahid Azal addresses his critics

      After Wahid Azal was banned from this subreddit and he responded to that with a YouTube podcast, I made a blog entry expressing my fury at what I saw as his betrayal of me.


      He saw it and made a comment on my Wordpress blog, and it was thrown into its SPAM folder automatically, which may give you an idea of how credible his attitude is. In any case, I also found it in my email and have decided to share it here. If the moderators find this inappropriate, they may delete it. Did I mention how ANGRY I am about all this?

      {{{Neither you, nor Christian ex-Bahai, let alone the dodgy moderators of that place, have correctly addressed a single indictment of your duplicitous behavior. I stand by what I said, and others seem to agree about your lot over there as well https://www.reddit.com/r/BAYAN/comments/cycea7/lets_talk_about_exbahai/ (not that consensus changes anything since facts stand on their own regardless who disagrees or agrees with them). You and Christian ex-Bahai are especially blind to what you say and do. But that goes with the territory of being self-righteous WASPs, so kindly stop playing the violin. Then again, white victim-playing when called out on white duplicitly always plays by the same playbook: reverse narrativization, victim blaming and gaslighting. Also, Christian Ex-Bahai still doesn't understand what gaslighting means.

      Now, let's look at your particular kind of white duplicity and dishonesty, one that people of color deal with 24/7 in a multitude of contexts with always the same reactions from you people: DENIAL and gaslighting.

      You brown-nosed on the very first comment of this post https://www.reddit.com/r/exbahai/comments/cxhzog/measures_to_restore_civility/ . It was after your stupid comment which I got rid of you from the moderation of realexbahais because at this point you have demonstrated that you are an asshole not to be trusted. So you have yourself to blame, and the facts demonstrate that the betraying was all your own -- not mine. I cut weak links and don't keep them.}}}

    2. Part two:

      {{{As I have maintained for years, the superstructure and bases of Bahaism is rooted in the white Anglo-Saxon global imperial project with its capitalism. I began the podcast by offering the quote from De Tocqueville that speaks to precisely what is driving people like you, Christian Ex-Bahai as well as Scott Hakala. Then I offered social psychological analyses showing that people like you and Christian Ex-Bahai are really spiritual tourists and how what you people understand by "pluralism" is merely free market ideology masquerading as something else. I offered the link to Joseph Massad's latest book that addresses these very same issues. All of these points you and your Evangelical Christian friend have ignored in almost exactly the same kind of terms that Baha'i cultists ignore points.

      Which leads me to this point: indeed, while it is not enough to merely "bash Baha'ism", without addressing the base and superstructure from which Bahaism subsists, this "bashing" is only telling a part of the story. I agree. But you are not interested in the other side of the story because it indicts your entire society and way of life as being what fuels the Haifan Baha'i cult because your interests (per your UU adherence) lies with perpetuating the white middle-class Anglo-Saxon imperial fallacy in its "liberal" form via the UU packaging. In other words, you are peddling Americanism, which is the real enemy here with Bahaism merely being one of its many colonial franchises, hence why my approach to these questions makes people like yourself unconformable and thus makes your own approach to "bashing Bahaism" ultimately irrelevant, only playing into the system's hands, and more of the same.

      Repeatedly you have made Islamophobic statements and asides. The fact that you now call me an "extremist" also now reinforces the fact and goes to the very heart of the white racism that animates your thinking about literally all of these issues and why you cannot be an ally to what I am about. Be that as it may, there is no such thing as reverse bigotry or reverse racism. Here is why. Learn something https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dw_mRaIHb-M . }}}

    3. Part three:

      I'm not going to waste my time answering most of his charges. But I will say this:

      He has no business accusing anyone else of duplicity after what he did with me weeks ago! He was only angry at me because I did not abandon this subreddit after he was banned from it......and he should have known I would stay here from the beginning.

      And then I discover this:

      {{September 22, 2018

      I, Nathan Abookire, aka Nate Abookire, independent theology student and comparative religionist, go on record as having fallen afoul of a certain [name omitted] aka Wahid Azal. This man has consistently libeled me, violated my copyright on my personal photographs and used such to abuse and defame me. He is a cyberstalker and a cyber bully.

      The following photos he has abused against my will were taken by myself and I own their copyright:}}

      After what I have experienced, I believe him. I don't believe in Wahid Azal anymore. I've been backstabbed so many times in my life that I can just add him to my list of personal traitors. I never want to see or hear from him again.

    4. Just before my suspension, I confronted one of Wahid Azal's sycophants here:


      Which in turn led me to this:


      {{{Recently Naser Emtesali, who writes under the alias MirzaJan on reddit, produced a very silly anti-Babi screed on Youtube.....}}}

      So now he is an enemy of YOU too!

      {{{However, what is interesting is that right after Stephan Beyer posted on Reddit claiming the piece regurgitates Baha’i lies on the subject, UU exbahai gatekeeper DaleHusband made an underhanded comment tacitly supporting the video which reveals what I have said about that place such that white liberal American exbahais are in an open alliance with fundamentalist anti-Babi Muslims connected to the regime in Iran in pushing an anti-Babi narrative. As I have also maintained, this tactic seeks to help none other than the Baha’is themselves maintain their false narrative over the entire subject. So it was quite revealing for Dale Husband to immediately jump on Stephan Beyer’s poignant criticism, as this reveals the disingenuous nature of that place which, despite pretensions to the contrary, is openly serving none other than the agendas of the Haifan Baha’i cult itself.}}}

      My response to that bullshyt as posted in reddit:

      [[What is so underhanded about asking someone to support a claim that is made?

      What the hell is a "gatekeeper"?

      How was I supporting the video?

      The rest of that is such convoluted word salad that I literally can't make sense of it.

      Wahid Azal was expelled from this subreddit for a damn good reason: His repeated attacks on people who should have been his best allies made ALL OF US look crazy and ridiculous. It gives support to the claim by Baha'is that this subreddit is full of hateful scumbags that have no genuine principles.

      If I were as paranoid as Wahid himself, I'd be accusing "StephanBeyer" of being a sockpuppet of Wahid himself. But I assume no such thing. Their writing styles look different to me.

      Wahid went from being one of my best allies to being an enemy in only ONE MONTH, a clear sign of insanity that may one day get him completely destroyed if he picks a fight with someone in power that can really take him down.

      {{{Be that as it may, I suggest in the future you criticize from a place where you actually correctly source such canards rather than come out half-cocked and be revealed for an intellectual fraud just like your racist southern Baptist friend Dale Husband.}}}

      Wahid, look in a goddamn mirror, you wretched @$$hole! You are even less credible than most of us and always have been so!]]


  2. Why Dale Husband is a racist

    Dale Husband is a Baha’i Troll Working for the BIA

    If it weren't for Baha'u'llah, no one outside the Middle East would know or care anything for the Bab and his legacy.”

    Dale Husband and the Trolls of TRB: Gifts that keep on giving!

    Further notes on why Dale Husband is a racist

    Dale Husband AGAIN, and the alliance of convenience against the Bab by Haifan Baha’is, WASP “liberal” ex-Bahais and hawzavi anti-Baha’i Muslims

    1. I was beginning to wonder if you would dare to show up here after you so viciously slandered both me and the owner of this blog on YouTube.

      You really are a shameless bastard, Azal.

    2. You've redefined shameless bastardhood, Gomer, while proving yourself the insider shill I have maintained you are https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/talk.religion.bahai/ZzmTJW-x-nc

      On top of that, you have revealed your own idiocy by yourself better than anything I ever said about you. See,

      Is Dale Husband retarded? Part 1

      Is Dale Husband retarded? Part 2

      That stated, Michael Zargarov has offered himself to you, seeing how you finally admitted to being gay https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/talk.religion.bahai/aK_nkjMoQQk

      Go to him and chill the fuck out, Gomer! If you can't do that, then do the world a favor and commit suicide.

    3. {{{That stated, Michael Zargarov has offered himself to you, seeing how you finally admitted to being gay.}}}

      When did THAT happen?

      {{{do the world a favor and commit suicide.}}}

      Is that how the Bab and Sub-i-Azal would curse their enemies? No wonder they have almost no followers today!

      This meme is all about you:

      Why should anyone ever take you seriously after you totally disgraced yourself last year in the exbahai subreddit?


      {{{u/samanwilson: User WahidAzal66 has been given a permanent ban for making personal threats against the moderators. Specifically,

      [[It won't change the fact that you, your duplicity and that of Wison's have already been outed publicly, which is why the traffic to this place is daily coming to a grinding halt. Ban me, and, one way or another, I will have this entire subreddit shut down and publicize your real identity, Saman Wilson's as well as MirzaJan's all over the internet for the trouble.

      You have been warned, and you should know by now that I am not one to be trifled with.]]

      This is absolutely unacceptable behavior. He has been given multiple warnings to stop this. Here is the new rule:

      When WahidAzal66 apologizes for making slanders and threats against the moderators and promises not to repeat this behavior, his ban will be removed. That can be in 10 minutes from now or 10 years. Whenever he decides. There is no conspiracy or gatekeeping. The rules apply to him just as much to anyone else.}}}

      {{{samanwilson: komorikomori, it's not an issue of fake politeness. He blatantly threatened another user (it's in the text of this post) and threatened to shut down the sub. He starts throwing absolutely juvenile tantrums the second he doesn't get what he wants. No one, not any Baha'i troll, no one has been as nasty and toxic as he has. And he's been making fake accounts on a daily basis and posting comments telling various people to go eff themselves.

      I've tried politely addressing his concerns. I responded to him multiple times, such as here: https://www.reddit.com/r/realexbahais/comments/bgiiti/online_bahai_gatekeeping/. Why does he not simply respond?

      You disagree with the moderating style? That's fine. But no one can start threatening other users and try to get their way by acting like a thug. The only times discussion is 'shut down' is when he starts threatening.

      He can come back if he apologizes and makes a pledge to stop spreading conspiracies. By conspiracies I mean 20 page long copy pastes about how some people are Haifan Baha'is or that other users are Orientalists or whatnot. If Wahid is sincere, he can do that. If he wants to play some roleplay some spy novel, he can do that elsewhere.}}}


      Wahid has had multiple flagrant offenses. We have given him several chances in the past. Furthermore he outright threatened a mod, which Mustagath never did.

      If Wahid apologizes and commits not to repeat himself, it will be removed. He could be back tomorrow.}}}

      And to this day, you have never apologized for all the lies you have told or all the hateful abuse you have thrown at me and others, nor have you given me any reason to think you can ever be trusted again. Your promoting your false Bayani cult makes you as much of an enemy of the exbahai community as the Baha'is themselves.

    4. Finally, the fact that you waste so much of your time spamming crap in this group, which hardly anyone bothers with, is proof of your profound mental collapse:

      I went back there to confront you once more after you posted a shyt comment on my blog threatening me with the coronavirus. I just needed evidence that you were the one that did it, and I got it!


      {{{O God, I beseech Thee by the Reality of Thy Justice that Thou may infect the totality of the People of Hot Air with the coronavirus so that their pestilence may be wiped off the face of the earth completely by thy power, by thy strength and by Thy Force! Verily Thou art the Compeller of all compellers for verily Thou art the Purifier of all purifiers}}}

      Which was also found HERE:

      I documented your madness here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1frGDkhqmVo

      I also demonstrated other issues (like making a wrong statement and then retracting it once you proved me wrong with credible documentation) that make me a more honest and fair-minded person to you than you have ever been to anyone else.


      {{{Dale Husband: Well, I stand corrected. There was indeed an actual invasion of Iran by British and Soviet troops during World War II. I only assumed otherwise because I am so used to Wahid Azal constantly lying about absolutely everything else.

      One correct point does not make up for all the bullshit you and Stephan Beyer have vomited at me and other exBahais in the past, however.}}}

      I actually knew from my teen years about the occupation of Iran by the Soviet Union and the British during World War II, but I pretended to be ignorant about it. Why? Because I have said over and over again that the only way to prove me wrong is with FACTS. Not rhetorical bullshit you are so notorious for. If you stuck to facts all the time, I'd still be your friend, even if we have disagreements.


      {{{Because I am honorable, I sometimes willingly concede points made by my opponents in debates with them. This should never be seen as a sign of weakness. When I know I am right about something, I will fight to the bitter end to support my case and discredit my opponent because in some cases I do see my battles as a struggle between light and darkness, good and evil, or ignorance and knowledge. But I am also willing at times to listen to my opponent and consider his point of view, especially if that person is known by me to be honorable. If we do not listen to others, how can we ever grow in knowledge?}}}

      And THAT is what makes me very different from, and far better, than YOU, Wahid! I do not claim to be infallible. But you do because you claim to be a "mirror" of God and the return of Sub-i-Azal....and that makes you a fraud.

    5. {{{Ban me, and, one way or another, I will have this entire subreddit shut down and publicize your real identity, Saman Wilson's as well as MirzaJan's all over the internet for the trouble.}}}

      Don't make empty threats, Azal, because it only makes you look ridiculous. The exbahai subreddit actually became a safer place for discussions with you gone from it.


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