Robert C. Henderson and the misuse of Baha'i National Fund

NSA-US 2019

Robert C. Henderson was/is (don't even know now) a member of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the U.S. Has been for over 35 years I think. For decades he served a Secretary of the NSA-US, meaning the only paid full-time position on the NSA-US. Everybody should know that the power base is not with the President or Chairperson but with the Secretary. He is the guy who writes the checks, has control of the funds, works at the National Baha'i Center in Evanston Illinois every day and has a full-time staff, paid apartment, utilities paid, travel expenses paid.

Anyway, way back in 1998 I discovered that Henderson was using "National Baha'i Fund" to finance a young black women, who was not his wife, with an apartment and travel expenses. She worked at the Baha'i Office of Public Affairs in washington D.C. Now, what is that? Sounds like a Baha'i PR office right? What is was, she was the political liaison. Meaning, her job was specifically to advance CEDAW which was a project of Planned Parenthood International, to make abortion on demand worldwide. So, these young attractive black woman, was being paid an excellent salary, apartment, travel expenses, to travel around with the leader of Catholics for Pro-Choice and to "lobby" Democratic congress members to support CEDAW, which sought to overthrew any and all legal restrictions to abortion, worldwide. She was funded out of the Baha'i National Fund, thanks to Dr. Robert C. Henderson.

Of course, I was attacked horribly for revealing this, and Henderson's office called various Baha'is saying "This man is a covenant-breaker" which in fact THAT WAS A BIG LIE, because only the Universal House of Justice can declare someone a Covenant-Breaker, and they never did! So, Henderson sent out a smear campaign, which worked extremely well. Of course, when the other Members of the NSA-US discovered that Dr. Henderson WAS in fact using the Baha'i National Fund to financially support his "pet" and their "pet project" (a Democratic Party inspired pro-choice international treaty), funds which were supposed to go elsewhere, they were not happy.

Unfortunately, the NSA-US decided not to fire Henderson from the NSA-US, but to simply vote him out of office as Secretary of the NSA-US. He remained a member of the NSA-US, but without control of any funds. It was decided it would be "best for the Cause in America" that the facts regarding all this be covered-up, but that Henderson was "out of power" and no longer had direct access to any Baha'i Funds.

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