Indian NSA begs for funds.

17 September 2019
All Regional/State Bahá’í Councils in India
Dearly loved Friends
Greetings to you from the National Spiritual Assembly. It is heartening to note the great progress that is being made in the achievement of the goals of the Five Year Plan. Some regions/ states have not only achieved their goals but have also taken up extra goals, seeing the potential for further growth. As a result the goal for the number of clusters where a program of growth has become intensive is now increased to 706 in India. It is also gratifying to note that as a result of the tireless labors and many sacrifices of the friends everywhere, there are now a good number of clusters which have reached the third milestone in their stage of growth.
Friends, as you all know, these much cherished developments have great financial implications, with budgets of Councils and the various agencies of the National Spiritual Assembly increasing substantially over the years. Inflation has also impacted expenditure leading to increase in the budget. As a result, the annual budget of the National Spiritual Assembly for 2019-20 has seen a 19% percent increase.
The National Spiritual Assembly has always been striving for financial self sufficiency and in order to continue to be self sufficient, the flow of contributions to the National Fund must also see a commensurate increase. Therefore the National Spiritual Assembly in it’s recent meeting decided to request all the Regional/State Baha'i Councils to encourage the Local Spiritual Assemblies in their region to contribute a part of their Funds regularly to the National Fund so that we continue to achieve self sufficiency at least in the administrative expenses.
The beloved Guardian emphasized that "As the activities of the Indian Bahá’í community expand, and its world-wide prestige correspondingly increases, the institution of the national Fund, the bedrock on which all other institutions must necessarily rest and be established, acquires added importance, and should be increasingly supported by the entire body of the believers, both in their individual capacities, and through their collective efforts, whether organized as groups or as Local Assemblies. The supply of funds in support of the National Treasury, constitutes,.........the Life-Blood of those nascent institutions which you are laboring to erect. Its importance cannot surely be overestimated.....".
It is the ardent hope of the National Spiritual Assembly that the believers across the country will arise sacrificially to support the National Fund. Every believer should have confidence that his spiritual progress in the World Order of Baha’u’llah will largely depend upon the measure in which he proves in deeds to support materially the divine Institutions of the Faith. Contributions to the Fund constitute, in addition, a practical and effective way whereby every believer can test the measure and character of his faith and prove in deeds the intensity of his devotion and attachment to the Cause.
In the light of the above, the National Spiritual Assembly anticipates that with your loving encouragement, all the Local Spiritual Assemblies In India will sacrificially and generously support the National Fund on a regular basis and will help the National Spiritual Assembly in it’s efforts to achieve and maintain financial self sufficiency. We look forward to receiving your plans in this regard.
Be assured that untold blessings shall no doubt crown your every effort directed to this end.
The National Spiritual Assembly will offer prayers at the House of Worship that your devoted endeavors may draw Confirmations of the Blessed Beauty.
With loving Baha'i greetings,
Dr. Nayson Olyai

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