Tahirih's blessings in the conference of Badasht!

By former Baha'i Darrick T. Evenson

There are mountains of letters, books, manuscripts, in Farsi, some in Arabic, from the Central Figures, and from the Companions of the Central Figure, that have never been published. Mountains. The Universal House of Justice tries to gather them up, for "safety" and "research". But not to published. You will find in them a few tidbits such as:

*At the council of Behdasht (sorry, forgot the name, winging it today) Tahirih would expose both her breasts, pour henna on her naked breasts, and invite Babis to come up and she'd rub her henna covered breasts on the faces of the males, saying she was bestowing some sort of mystical wisdom on them. Quddus was so upset that he took a sword and was going to murder Tirhirih, but Baha'u'llah talked him out of it. This was, allegedly, the reason why one of the Babis cut his own throat. Her breasts were too much for him (I've been there).

*When the Maid of Heaven appeared to Baha'u'llah in the Siyah Chal, Baha'u'llah took out one of her breasts, and admired it in his hand. I realize, that many Baha'is interpret the Maid of Heaven as "only a metaphor" and that She never really appeared to Baha'u'llah, but is used by him as a "poetic fictional character". Still, that was a pretty strip club kind of thing to do (not condemning Baha'u'llah for being a man and admiring a nicely shaped female breast). Some Baha'is intepret Maid of Heaven as the "spirit of the Bab" (WTF????). The Bab visits Baha'u'llah in drag?

*The sister of Baha'u'llah, one of them, accept Subh-i-Azal as the true successor of The Bab, and wrote a book titled "Awaking the Sleepers" where she claimed that her brother, Mirza Husayn-Ali (Baha'u'llah) ordered the murder of at least 80 followers of Subh-i-Azal, and that the Euphrates River (or is it the Tigris?) "turned red" from the blood of all the Babis who had their throats cut and then were thrown into the River. I am NOT suggesting this is true, but that is what she wrote. She may have known that as a fact, or Azal may have told her a lie in order to get her from supporting Baha'u'llah. Either could be the case.

Unfortunately, I don't have sources to show you. I used keep notes, which I had to abandon long ago. But I'm being truthful in that is what I read. Perhaps this is one reason that the Universal House of Justice is gathering up all the original letters, books, writings, and not publishing or translating every one per cent of what they've gathered. They're placing all this stuff in the Archives, and throwing away the key.

Source : https://www.reddit.com/r/exbahai/comments/cv1rek/tihirih_and_her_naked_breasts/

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  1. Most of the content posted by the person in question in the ExBaha'i subreddit was deleted after it caused an uproar there. Both "Mustagath" and Wahid Azal were banned from it after they got in a fight with each other and with the moderators.


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