Baha'i administration is banned in China.

Baha'i burial program in a Baha'i Cemetery in Iran.

Just like the Israeli and Iranian governments, the Chinese government also want the Baha'is to STOP their teaching and administrative activities inside China. Hence the Bahá’í community claims that it has disbanded all Bahá’í administration inside China. All community life is run by a committee in Macau, and they communicate with the UHJ. Foreign Baha’is are limited with their contact with large numbers of Chinese Baha’is. Foreign Baha’is can have gatherings of their own and Chinese Baha’is can have gatherings of their own. Foreign Baha’is can meet with Chinese for Bahá’í activities, but only in small groups (under ~10). Foreign Baha’is shouldn’t meet with other foreign Baha’is’ Chinese contacts.

Recently the restrictions against the Baha'i Cult have tightened, I heard recently through friends that the Baha'i Publishing Trust that was in Wuhan has stopped publications due to government orders. There are still many Chinese Bahá'ís in China including higher profile famous ones such as the CEO of Soho and her husband, and a couple of singers too.

Bahá'ís from Mainland China who visit the world centre (Israel) effectively as pilgrims must do so under the condition that they are separate (to some extent) from other Bahá'ís and as long as they are referred to as "special visitors" instead of pilgrims. And they indeed are special visitors. They are invited to the homes of the House of Justice members to meet them personally.

For anyone interested, the Baha'i administrative framework exists with no restrictions as do all activities and community life in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan - which have their own NSAs, ABMs and counselors. I have visited Baha'i Centres in all three and there is even a Baha'i-inspired school in Macau that teaches Baha'i writings, prayers and children's classes.

Iran and Mainland China are the only countries I'm aware of that have Bahá'ís but no formal administrative framework. Interestingly, Baha'is only publicize their non-recognition in Iran but they are absolutely OK with Chinese restrictions and Israeli agreement of not teaching the Baha'i Faith to the Israeli citizen!

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